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And The Promise Of The Truth lyrics

Browse for And The Promise Of The Truth song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed And The Promise Of The Truth lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to And The Promise Of The Truth.

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The Butterfly Effect - And the promise of the truth lyrics

the sea, the shining sea You were taken ... our good son set today Is there a better way? In these ... we'll be forever Safe from the world we'll see If we stand now together I'll give my

Matt Redman - The promise of your cross lyrics

in my heart And written on my soul The promise of Your cross I have no other claim I have no other plea ... The promise of Your cross The hope for every heart Where

Hecate Enthroned - The spell of the winter forest lyrics

as once again beneath the cover of the night sky we ... indulge in aliance of sathanas the infinity ... as dark envokes me i vow to thee for my enemies shalt suffer

Demonic Resurrection - The promise of never lyrics

darkened day, I did receive The letter did say, I must return ... be real In disbelief, my hands did shiver She feared the ... worst - I had to leave The promise I made, I would return The

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The madness of the crowds lyrics

the one who relys on promise Blind he who follows the ... path of vows Deaf he who tolerates ... words of deception But they who fathom the truth bellow ... Shout! Shout!The madness of the crowds hail insane The

Clawed Forehead - The promise of morrow lyrics

no lyrics iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

Nasum - The flames of the truth lyrics

Music & lyrics: Anders] Do you believe in ... you believe in equality? The flames of the truth... The ... flames of the truth Are licking your face

Paula Abdul - The promise of a new day lyrics


Dark Angel - The promise of agony lyrics

tell me what will become of us? Are the lines so drawn and the stage so set That as we ... looms in its visage is doom And it's speaking to me alone The years will unfold but what is

Heavenly - The face of the truth lyrics

I send you my words, Through the night to go home. This ... withouth sense, Thrown me to the ground Don''t want to stay ... your help, To pass through the storm. Carry out on my way

Katatonia - The promise of deceit lyrics

Coming through the crowd I hold my head high ... I hold my head high I see the wings behing your back Out ... I hold my head high I see the wings behind your back

Sacred Reich - The power of the written word lyrics

chance to manipulate Thier truth is simply what they create They'll put words inside you ... Have no chance to spit them out What you read What

Arsis - The promise of never lyrics

celebrate the guilt (the lies of whispering shadows) And ... tattoo their words upon your ever ... follow) To make believes there is no guilty, to wield the ... liar's dagger, And clasp his hand to celebrate the countless unborn bastards.

Impending Doom - The mark of the faithful lyrics

mark only seen upon the faithful, from the never ... ending truth with everlasting youth, we ... fall to our knees as the unveiling draws near. ... heresies, we are made the worlds enemies, no threats

Esoteric - The secret of the secret lyrics

Eternity Longing For The Keys Of Time To Wrap Me In ... Their Infinite Knowledge The Incongruous Symphony Crashes ... Through The Waves Of My Thoughts I Am Not Of

Jay-jay Johanson - The last of the boys to know lyrics

She's all i ever dreamed of And there's no reason why I ... s give it a try I was, The last of the boys to know The ... last of the boys to know The last of the boys to know, the

Absentia - The end of the line lyrics

fades when the morning sun is here again ... Today is just like another yesterday To forget and ... fulfill like the light in your eyes Deep in ... soul rest in peace Is this the end of the line? Is this the

Dark Miror - The eye of the storm lyrics

dream Is reality Look me in the eyes I am not afraid ... our dreams Now I’ve seen the truth never look back Always ... come true Now I see myself standing strong Heavy Metal or

Michael Crawford - The music of the night lyrics

sensation, Darkness, wakes and stirs imagination, Silently the senses, abandon their ... Helpless to resist, the notes I write, For I compose ... the music of the night Slowly, Gentley,

Aesma Daeva - The origin of the muse lyrics

sing of the muse I sing of the muse My oar strikes the sea ... I sing of the muse I sing of the muse My oar strikes the ... ran from me I'm facing the gods I'm facing the gods So

Nashville Cast - The end of the day ft. connie britton and cha.. lyrics

the bottle at the end of the day Want to be there for ... heaven Let it open the gate I'll give up the lying, ... gonna stay I'll be quitin at the end of the day. But don't

Forgive Durden - The parable of the sower lyrics

ve woken again in an ocean of salt, Drenched from ... recurring Dreams of such horror. They haunt my ... evenings. Nightmares of a future so absurd This ... fanasty of events could never occur.

Battlelore - The voice of the fallen lyrics

am the one who speaks the truth The only truth you will ... I am here You are worthy for the Eye Whose council is fear and agony I am his words The

Beyond Twilight - The kiss of the wind lyrics

wanted the truth for the taking Only to deny it for the right to let my demon roam

David Shankle Group - The magic of the chords lyrics

MAGIC OF THE CHORDS Her verse is formed ... by the light in her eyes She’s ... my soul with her bridge of sighs Her chorus is love’s ... Her song grows intense by the hour And her power is in the

Morgana Lefay - The operation of the sun lyrics

below, so above; and as above, so below with this ... work miracles (i know) and all things emanate, from the ... one who is the cause (fate) all things are

Game Over - The eyes (of the mad gardner) lyrics

00 a.m. of a coursed black night ... Silence's the ruler, town crystallized No ... trace of voices, no trace of life So far from danger and ... from daylight But in the shadow something await Two

The Agonist - The mass of the earth lyrics

I went far but got stuck there I picked up the pieces, I ... your vigilant soldier but the mass of the earth just ... too heavily on me How can truth be opinion? How can fact be

Iu - The age of the cathedrals lyrics

In Paris fair, this year of grace. Fourteen hundred ... eighty two. A tale of lust and love so true. We are the ... artists of the time, we dream in sculpture

Famous Last Words - The end of the beginning lyrics

stories told The truth unfolds Try to Remember My ... darling souls Look deep into the eyes of the soul that sits ... across the room And start to recognize their face

Mortifilia - The victims of the others lyrics

behind our money They pretend to buy our freedom ... They play another dirty game Life is a ... maze Of obstacles Suffering people ... With mad face - they feel high on top of things

Skyfire - The legacy of the defeated lyrics

once was so cold Is melting and vanishing The grand scheme ... has failed And the wrath has only begun Fierce and aggressive It's piercing ... Who will remember? The legacy of the defeated In the long run It's collecting

Crown Of Glory - The end of the line lyrics

we much too blind to understand? This is the only ground ... for living No other planet we can go to (or is there anyone you know?) Realize ... did it take so long to understand? Wake up! You fool! Look

Lacrimas Profundere - The gesture of the gist lyrics

.. And there is no sun not then and never again glossy ... nativity desirable perfume of light flavourless silence the beauty of the gist ... But ... what is the gist nothing or everything

London After Midnight - The beginning of the end lyrics

what is true. The clutton and the guilty, the ... me cold. You don't understand, you haven't won you've ... begun, it's begun The beginning of the end I

Scheepers - The pain of the accused lyrics

everyone. Never trought much of wrong pride I've helped ... loved everyone. But then I've made a big mistake and ... me I thought life is give and take - It's a one way

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - The age of the atheist lyrics

do you see depends of what you are looking for and ... do you believe depends on the idea planted in your mind, ... what type of seeds have been planted? ... are blocking our vision from the truth, the clear reality

Angela - The end of the world lyrics

Kono sora no iku hate ni Mada mienu mirai no nami ga ari Ikite iru ikutsu mono unmei o koete yuku Dare ni osowari dare ni koute iru no darou Hito wa tsukiru ...

Dark Fortress - The arcanum of the cursed lyrics

instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental......

Hellhammer - The third of the storm lyrics

days of absolute eclypse Introduce the evoked tribunal Hailstorms ... proof, they told us the truth Total destruction, mankind ... to hell Blind and insane the misguided repent But it's a

Iu - The night of the first breakup lyrics

Meonghani amu ilgo hal iri eopseo Ige ibyeorin geoni Jeonhwagi gadeuk chan neowaeui meshijiman Hancham ilda ilda Neoeui moksori machi deullin geot gata Juw...

Lorien - The island of the dragon lyrics

Island of the Dragon are away in time A land of wonders existed It was the center of everything. ... During ten thousand years The Empire reigned on Earth.

Root - The message of the time lyrics

by wind is the dust of the ruined Temples Skulls of ... long time it covers Above the pagan Altar an unknown song ... Stories he tells / ballads of lost times It was Him who

Big Boss - The end of the world lyrics

No place to hide, no placy to cry, no place for future, no place for presence, no place for war, no place for win, no place for sun, no place for moon, no place ...

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - The sign of the southern cross lyrics

t light when no one sees Then how can I know what you ... real Somehow must reflect the truth we feel, yeah Fade ... Fade away, fade away Break the crystal ball - OH! It's the

Domine - The bearer of the black sword lyrics

runes are singing the truth aloud, their riddle is now ... clear I'm just a pawn in the hands of a fate, finally ... deep inside my soul to find the reasons why But for all these years I always knew that I

Jag Panzer - The setting of the sun lyrics

like you All is well with the setting of the sun All is ... well with the setting of the sun Cause to fight, cause ... to die For the glory of truth Cause to rise, cause to fall

Mono - The remains of the day lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ...

Múm - The ballad of the broken birdie records lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not availab...

Múm - The ballad of the broken string lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (inst...

Mike Oldfield - The top of the morning lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental inst...

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