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And In Time I Wait For You lyrics

Browse for And In Time I Wait For You song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed And In Time I Wait For You lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to And In Time I Wait For You.

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Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Wait for you lyrics

Verse 1: Chris Brown] If I asked to kiss ya Would you ... say yes or turn and walk away, oh baby See I ... must admit girl Cause all the crazy things ... Woahhh Oh oh No [Hook 1:] It seemed just like the perfect

The Hellacopters - Time got no time to wait for me lyrics

intension was to stand on my feet But i had to lay ... down i was feeling beat From a race i really ... thought i could win I was beat before i even had a ... chance to begin How could i evre believe i'd do fine Against my invincible opponent and

Lindsey Buckingham - Wait for you lyrics

passes by the window No one takes it as a sign ... No one cares which way the wind blows Someone's got to ... change your mind Every bone has been ... spoken Someone's got to set you free I'm going to wait for

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Wait for you lyrics

I'll wait, oh I'll just wait, wait, wait I'll just wait, ... wait, wait Feel your heart beating fast Hold me ... close, make this last We knew this day would

Bruno  Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Wait for you lyrics

your heart, beating fast, hold me close, make it last, we knew this day ... So take a breath, leave me and, was so scared, of you leaving, wish we could both just

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu - Wait for you lyrics

never felt nothing in the world like this before ... Now I´m missing you I´m wishing that you would come back ... through my door Why did you have to go? You could have

Nathan Sykes - Wait for you lyrics

three, oh.. There's something that you should know about ... me That I don't fall in love with every girl I meet, ... no I'll do anything to make you mine Cause I don't want to

7eventh Time Down - Wait for you lyrics

Verse 1] Everybody's tryin to tell me That we don't ... even stand a chance People act like ... they don't even hear me When I tell em that you’re coming ... back My friends say that I'm crazy For putting faith in

Nelly Furtado - Wait for you lyrics

know you're trying to get around me baby I ... know you've got me in your heart baby I know that you ... could love me If you only had a guarantee When I ... look at your face it's so empty I know I could fill you with love baby Your

Brenda Lee - I will wait for you lyrics

clock will tick away the hours one by one And then the time will come when ... all the waiting's done The time when you'll return and find ... me here and run Straight to my waiting arms If it takes forever, I will wait for you For a thousand summers, I will wait for you Till you

Armin Van Buuren - Wait for you (song for the ocean) - (feat. vi.. lyrics

my soul, I hide, chasing emotions Can't you see? If I let it go, will we reveal, a sign ... of devotion, all you feel? Sometimes there's a ... moment Sometimes we don't see Now we stand

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Wait for you lyrics

get it while the getting is good you do what you do No ... hesitation ain't no time for playing games Go head and ... take all you can and grab with both hands Do it big or

Ron Pope - Wait for you lyrics

farewells when I walked through the door I'm ... too out of breath for hellos anymore Been biding ... my time waiting on you to return I'm trying to ... learn how to live with regret Just too many times

Extreme Music - Wait for you lyrics

are the sun and I am the ocean We are one until We are broken in love Aah ... oh aah oh We are broken in love Aah oh aah oh You ... are the storm and I am the mountains We are numb

Yuya Matsushita - Wait for you lyrics

to onaji chikoku no oh densha ni yurarete ... kyou mo hitori kaeru no orenji no yuuyake ieji ni tsuku hitobito wo ... nagame nagara so over and over and over again mata

Artist Vs. Poet - Wait for you lyrics

you can find me locked up tight in my room tonight I'm ... reading warning signs, rewriting all my lines I won't be giving up, 'till you're giving in girl But you won't take my hand... So I'll be asking you,

Kevin Littlefield - Wait for you lyrics

to the day that we met The first smile, the first date, the ... first kiss And back to the times I remember Back to the times that I miss All that we, ... ever meant to be Was two kids falling in love The dream

Atreyu - Wait for you lyrics

started with a kiss and turned out something else. ... The blood coils in through my veins I think of ... no one else. I never believed in much but I believe in

Hadouken - Wait for you lyrics

Lalalalalalalalalalalala….) And I will wait for you And I will wait for you I don’t ... boy who’s always on he’s own I don’t wanna wake you up so I’ll sit here to dawn I’m on

Jj72 - Well wait for you lyrics

on a factory wall let out primative call oh love don't let ... don't let me fall from paris to syria from edinburgh, ... bogata girls cry cos boys die boys cry

Dannic - Dannic & shermanology - wait for you lyrics

my last breath Till nothing is left I will wait for you I ... will wait for you I will be here Till all the ... oceans run dry I will be patient I've got time I will wait

Gerry & The Pacemakers - I'll wait for you lyrics

ll wait for you through rain or shine I'll wait for you ... 'cause I know you're mine And though you're far away, you ... know I'll always say I'll wait for you 'cause I know you're

Crvvcks - I wait for you ft. tiffani juno lyrics

wait for you! Time it can't wait for no one I find it my own way You make it ... hard for me Could you make the mind of? Make it ... hard for me Make it mind of Make it hard for me

Moby lyricsMoby - I wait for you lyrics

m going to leave me right here now I'm going to ... leave me right here I'm going to look somewhere else now I'll never look anywhere I wait for you I break for you On

S Club 7 - Love ain't gonna wait for you lyrics

your heartbeat's taking over And there's nowhere you can go And the love that you discover ... Has finally taken hold When it feels like the beginning And the story will unfold There

Laura Branigan - I'll wait for you lyrics

time gets the best of me Moving on endlessly, when we're ... apart Faith, faith is the strength I need Faith is the inner key, the key to ... the heart Just a face in the crowd Is all that it

P9 - I'll wait for you lyrics

t rush it Just take your time I know that soon you'll be ... mine Yes it's alright We'll just settle down ... Not tonight, but please stay around ... When the sky begins to part I'll be standing here When you

Lost Witness - Wait for u lyrics

Witness - Wait For Me (Dj Prada G Remix) Lyrics ... Ringtone: Send Wait For Me (Dj Prada G Remix) Ringtone to your Cell Phone! In my life I've been pretending

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - You know it's for you lyrics

would die for you. I have cried for you ,believe me girl. ... Don't you think it's time you made up your own mind? All ... my love's for you. All I do's for you. Still I think it's time you made up your own

Cher - I will wait for you lyrics

it takes forever I will wait for you For a thousand summers I will wait for you Till you ... re back beside me Till I'm holding you Till I hear you sigh Here in my arms

Rebecca St. James - Wait for me lyrics

did you know that I I dream about you Waiting for ... the look in your eyes When we meet for the ... first time Darling did you know that I I pray about you

Moriah Peters - I'll wait for you lyrics

I met you when I was five years old On the seashore ... at a playground In an ice cream store Were we ever introduced Did momma make me ... talk to you Hey there, hello, hello,

All That Remains - For you lyrics

plane is boarding, got to cross the ocean all ... alone My heart is stone You need to figure out the things ... that plague you here at home I'll carry on Sometimes, it

Kris Allen - In time lyrics

like forever since I felt alive My whole world was shaken in the blink of an eye And ... s gonna take away the hurt And make everything alright But ... give me just a little while Cause in time In time I

Rainbow (korea) - I'll wait for you lyrics

tto bwado jakku bogo sipgo ni ape seomyeon jakku nan ... bulgeojyeo amureochi anheun cheok tto utneun neo ... jebal (chakgakhage hajima) jakku seollego naman

Bobby Darin - I will wait for you lyrics

it takes forever, I will wait for you For a thousand summers, I will wait for you Till you ... re back beside me, till I'm holding you Till I hear you sigh here in my arms

Michael W. Smith - I'll wait for you lyrics

Mr. Repo Man Give me one more week and I'll ... be gone It's been a long hard month of ... Sundays And still no rain Nothin' left around here but ... the dust and shame I know you know (hmmm) I know you know

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Time wont wait lyrics

time won't wait for you Keeps on ticking away Burning up every day She was ... sleeping at the bus stop Heaven away ... But our magic in her blue eyes Told me she

Vanessa Carlton - I'll wait for you lyrics

ll wait for you Till you come back Till you come back ... to me I'll wait for you and only you And love you ... constantly And when you pray I'll hear you And I'll

Glamour For Better - Ill wait for you lyrics

can make this just the two of us, Allow ... the world allow the crowds and all the fuss, I'll wait for ... you just like you taught me to. [Verse] ... Lets take it outside, I couldn't bring myself to

Haddaway - I'll wait for you lyrics

is the time at the end of the day When ... I need your smile and I long for your voice You're like a ... song in the air It's a tune I will always be singing I'm

M2m - Wait for me lyrics

re tired of longing And waiting by the phone And all you ... get from me Is a sappy love song But I'm ... tired of flying and hearing the busy tone Well, I sing for a lot of people but I'm also

Blessthefall - Wait for tomorrow lyrics

said that I can't change without you That I can't change ... without you That I can't change without you ... Those nights I can't sleep, I'm stuck here Lost in your

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - I'll wait for you (dialogue) lyrics

Ally & Jackson Maine:] Why did you come back ... here? Your friend brought me back here. I'm ... glad he did. Can I buy you a drink? Oh I-I-I got to

Keane - Back in time lyrics

ve got time to kill I'm not living for the moment anymore I ... don't wanna wake up I've got time to kill I'm not living for ... the future anymore I don't wanna wake I don't

Motopony - Wait for me lyrics

come to me in a dream, and I don't even know her name. A ... mark upon her breast to signify her from the rest. Her and ... I are just the same, Building bridges out of fame. She stands upon a dinner plate and

Egyptian - I´ll wait for you lyrics

on my mind In the middle of the night And you´re ... always in my head These days And ... as I recall In the centre of it all That it´s easier to say we´ve

Mary Beth Maziarz - Wait for me lyrics

mornings long ago, I would wake up first See the ... others sleeping still in the barely dawning light I’d ... quietly get up and try to tiptoe down the stairs To see

Nat King Cole - For you my love lyrics

you, my love, I'd do most anything, For you, ... my love, I'd do most anything, I love you baby, and I ... hope you feel the same! For you, my love, I'd swim the

Hymny - Barbadoská hymna - in plenty and in time of n.. lyrics

plenty and in time of need When this fair land was young Our brave forefathers sowed the seed From ... which our pride was sprung A pride that ... no wanton boast Of what it has withstood That binds

Baccara - For you lyrics

you, for only you I’d like to do so much I’d need a lifetime Time and space will ... thunder And then surrender to me for you ... With you, with only you You know it’s true I won’t survive without you. When I’m on

Roy Orbison - In time lyrics

and blue, waiting for someone like yu To come by in time This feeling is new, your love came through You came ... along in time In time to show which way to go For the answer to my prayer In time to give a reason to live And to know you'll always be

Collie Mark - In time lyrics

can hear what you're thinking, All your doubts and fears, ... And if you look in my eyes, in time you'll find, The reason ... I'm here. And in time all things shall pass away,

Enuff Z' Nuff - For you girl lyrics

lonliness and my hominess is For you girl. The times I've cried and the times I've died are ... For you girl. My worst fears and my first tears are For you girl.

Smile Empty Soul - For you lyrics

waited for you I died inside my own head And I'd die ... again for you I'm faded and tired Completely uninspired ... And I'd die again for you So kill me with the love

Elvis Costello - And in every home lyrics

Costello > Imperial Bedroom > 7 - .....And in Every Home You turn to the ... sinister when you get the boot Sliding down ... the banister in your Sunday suit Lying on a slag heap of

Insania ( Ger ) - For you lyrics

in the glare of the fame I stand every night on stage and I'm ... searchin' for myself I'd lose control - and you, too ... I'm sorry - now and forever I'll take it if you want to go

Converge - For you lyrics

i cannot stop shaking, you cannot stop shaking And ... these chords they are trembling because your words they are ... bleeding These holes in my hands are for you, just for you

Big Star - For you lyrics

I can't help but worship you I love you and all the things ... that you do I thought I'd sit and write this song just for ... you To let you know that I am thinking of you When I

Avatar (swedish Band) - I've got something in my front pocket for you lyrics

ve got something in my front pocket for you Why ... don't you reach on in my pocket and see what it is? ... There, grab onto it, it's just for you Give it a little squeeze and say, &quot

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