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And I Never Knew What I Was Living For Just Trying To lyrics

Browse for And I Never Knew What I Was Living For Just Trying To song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed And I Never Knew What I Was Living For Just Trying To lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to And I Never Knew What I Was Living For Just Trying To.

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Jethro Tull - Just trying to be lyrics

was a time when you were so young and ... walked in their way. They made you feel ... they loved you all-seeing they say. You're going ... wrong if their game you don't play And

Blue October - For the love lyrics

here.. babe why are you crying? Because I want to stay with you Oh baby,Your mommy ... you very much) ... Communication [?] I'll wait to see if we could ever get together and talk like we used to We get together and we we

Hudson Taylor - For the last time lyrics

how does it feel to get what you want? To get what you ... need for the first time? We came so far, you gave ... me a fistful of sorrow And a broken heart, too bad, to

Van Morrison - What am i living for? lyrics

am I living for, if not for you? Tell me what am I living for, if not for you? What ... am I living for, if not for you? Oh nobody else, nobody ... else will do What am I longing for each lonely night? To

Tom Odell - I thought i knew what love was lyrics

thought it was easy I thought you could choose I ... thought that if you tried hard Then you couldn't ... lose I thought it was pleasure I thought it was ... pure Oh I thought I knew what love was 'till I met you Oh

Firehouse - Trying to make a living lyrics

I woke up this morning, pulled myself out of bed ... I wish that I could sleep the day away Just a day like any other, same ... old thing, over and over I'm overworked and underpaid

Megan And Liz - Just friends lyrics

grew up in our state's best kept secret ... One road, one stoplight That turned off at midnight It's all we ever knew and ... that was alright We were young And

Donovan - Living for the love light lyrics

am I doing? Where am I going? What am I living for? Life would be an awful bore If it wasn't for the one I adore Living for the love light in your

Savatage - Living for the night lyrics

circles the winless fall Head trapped ... between the wall Sonic blast right through their ... ears Iron curtain the mighty will fall Visions on a ... tales of days gone past Living for the night Living for

Brendan Benson - What i'm looking for lyrics

I don't know what I'm looking for But I know that I just wanna ... look some more And I won't be satisfied 'Till ... there's nothing left that I haven't tried For some

Frankie J - What's a man to do lyrics see I got a lil situation right... You see my shorty ... she be trippin' sometimes... And I'm fittin to let ya'll know what it's all about Oh...Ladidi

Another Tale - Shelter from the storm lyrics

often did I ask my lifeline why I had to suffer just to ... find A shelter where it%B4s safe and warm In the neverending torturing storm I ... saw the house, couldn%B4t find the door And I never knew what I was here for Years I waited

Kevin Gates - Never change lyrics

Verse 1:] Pretty hair Puerta Rican shawty don't like thugs Baby mothers proud ... of me She think I don't sell drugs Nights without the rubber, emergency

George Strait - What am i waiting for lyrics

s six minutes until eleven The phone rings, ... but it's never you I won't walk the floor I'll just watch it Stood up, impatient and blue What am I waiting for She might never

George Strait - Living for the night lyrics

1 Everyday's a lifetime without you Hard to get ... through, since you’ve gone So I do the ... only thing I know how to, to get by I’m living for the night Verse 2 I’ve drawn

Phoenix - Trying to be cool lyrics

and desert coexist Depending on the things you’re wearing White lie binoculars Tell ... They’ll teach yourself not to resist Too much intention ... Presbyterian Mentulate testosterone Tell me that you want

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - You're just what i was looking for lyrics

little woman You're just what I was lookin' for today I ... needed someone And you're just what I was lookin' for today ... Good things seem to happen to you When you just happen to

Chumbawamba - I still havent found what i was looking for lyrics

love me, love me, love me I have climbed the highest ... mountains I have run through the fields ... Only to be with you, only to be with you I have run, I

Amiina - What are we waiting for lyrics

wonder, I wonder a mountain I wonder today I want to see ... all see clearly I wonder today: What are we waiting for? Just pick up your shoes and ... go What are we waiting for? Just pick up your shoes and

Nonpoint - What you've got for me? lyrics

smell of your bare skin The touch of your fingertips The ... sweet taste of your lips Your eyes that pull me in ... I dont wanna wake up if im not alive Everything i gave

Lil' Keke - What's it made for lyrics

m 'bout to make it rain, soon as I can change So ... you can show me what that p**** made for I'm here ... to spend this money, so take it off for me Girl, I want you

Lateeya - Trying to explain lyrics

stated our relationship as friends But deep inside I always ... had a crush on you Talking and flirting never ends Wishing ... that you were feeling me too Doing things for you to

Jessie Ware lyricsJessie Ware - Never knew love like this before lyrics

never knew love like this before Now I’m lonely never more ... Since you came into my life You are my lovelight, this ... I know And I’ll never let you go You my all,

Ja Rule - Never had time lyrics

JaRule) i just never had time its Lights and the ... cameras, the trips from New York to Paris It ... seems I never can manage to say that I, I never had time

Thomas Anders - Never knew love like this before lyrics

we cuddle by the fire And lying on the floor I never realized That i won't be lonely nevermore Since you came in to my ... life Oh, baby I never knew love like this before Now i

N-dubz - Living for the momen lyrics

s a bitch and then you die If you don't care then why ... should I Throwing both my hands up to the sky, I'm letting ... go Right now I'm just living for the moment Living for the

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Living with the ghost lyrics

me to the blue sky Bury me in that long last drop of hard ... rain Meet me where they stop time That's you to me on ... the shovel that's digging this grave Till I can waltz on a

Boy George - Mama never knew lyrics

early days Who said, patience never pays? It's a man's ... world you're living in But that don't mean You ... have to start giving in When he says, woman there's

Janis Joplin - To love somebody lyrics

a light, certain kinda light, Never ever, never shone ... on me, no, no. Honey, I want, I want my whole life To be lived with you, babe, ... That’s what I want oh, was to be Living and loving you.

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Never gonna give up lyrics

Him Was The First Thing I Had To To In Order To Move ... On Forgetting It Was Not As Easy To Do I Had To ... Teach Myself To Be Strong And Its So Easy To Be Scared

Meat Loaf - It just won't quit lyrics

I never really sleep anymore, And I ... get those dangerous dreams And I never get a minute of peace ... And I gotta wonder what it means And I gotta wonder what it means Maybe it's nothing and I'm under the weather

Quarterflash - Trying to find a new way lyrics

was '71 when I wrote our first song, Mom was still sleeping - Dad was still gone, So I ... out of bed - wrote down a line, I liked the words but ... they seemed out of... Time, time, time is the enemy, Trying

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - Just pretending lyrics

life it ends with a crash its over now way to fast You ... never knew that it was so short Your digging deep ... inside yourself You never knew your own wealth Youre digging deep to find some pity

Kenny Rogers - Living with you lyrics

been teaching me a lesson That I’ve never learned You never make it ... through a lifetime Without being burned Everything I ever ... you were You turned out to be Since you gave your love to me. When I met you on a

Atmosphere - Trying to find a balance lyrics

love the taste of blood Now I don't know what that means, ... but I know that I mean it Maybe they're as evil as ... they seem Or maybe I only look out the window when

Ivan & Alyosha - Living for someone lyrics

world is breaking down But we are marching forward My friends are breaking ... ground And loving one another We were not living for ourselves But we ... were living for someone else I might just

Karliene Reynolds - Never knew i had a heart - sherlock 2010 (joh.. lyrics

disconnection Alone was my protection Till you, You ... walked into my life Love was just a weakness 'till you ... left mme speechless Till you, Opened up this heart

N-sync - I never knew the meaning of christmas lyrics

JUSTIN] Mmm...yeah....mmmyeah... ( ... [ALL] falala...) Looking back on childhood days I ... can't believe my foolish phase I thought that Christmas only came from a store

Rakim - Living for the city lyrics

the city where life is animated with colors Contaminated with aggravated brothers ... who knows where the love is? Growing up swinging, ... through my upbringing My limits is the sky from the all eye

David Correy - Just fine lyrics

walk up in the room I feel it.. That kinda of feeling you ... cant beat it You got the kind of thing I want.. that ... sexy attitude that walk that overdose

Chelsea Grin - Never, forever lyrics

was nothing I could do to make you stay I just wish ... all this pain would go away I guess I never knew what ... happiness really was If i did, I'd choke it down, I'd

Mis-teeq - Just for you lyrics

are you ready for this one Gonna mix blend rip ... up the track New determination can you fell that We fly ... on virgin to countries and back Talk the talk as we

John Cougar Mellencamp - Theo and weird henry lyrics

at Sears or somewhere Theo did, too They both got ... themselves a van together Nineteen seventy-two, Ford ... Drove around all night long playing music very,

Deborah Cox - I never knew lyrics

was a cold day in December I remember it so well You ... captured my whole being And you left me in a spell ... You warmed my heart with passion Desiring all of you You

Double You - What did you do with my love lyrics

the love we shared but you never thought I was at your side ... Repeat Chorus I Remember all the love you ... gave but you never saw all my honesty You were

Mase - What you want lyrics

Total] Tell me what you want Tell me what you ... want Just tell me what you want Tell me what you ... want Tell me what you want Tell me what you ... want [1] - Tell me what you want for me Take a look

Good Weather Forecast - Living for you lyrics

for you living for you living for you living for you living for you living for you living for you living for you ... living for

Phora - What if lyrics

what if I met God, what would he say? Would he love ... me like his child? Would he look at me and ... Would he be ashamed? Cause I know I have my share of sins

Saint Asonia - Trying to catch up with the world lyrics

the weak accomplice, He knew he had a choice, He always ... startled easily, With the sound of ever voice, ... full of excess, They take and take and take, Left him with

Anya Marina - Cowboy lyrics

was a dive bar and a cowboy Well, not a cowboy ... really, but he wore the hat And there was someone who looked ... like me At least a little, but not exact He said

Eddie Cantor - I never knew i had a wonderful wife lyrics

used to roam, stayed away from home, ... He'd go out with the boys and leave his wifie all alone, ... But when the town went dry, Jones began to ... cry, "With no cafes or cabarets, I

The Fratellis - For the girl lyrics

she said I know but I just can't tell Everything you've ... just been saying Lucy was there as well in the dark And The kids in the band were ... playing And No-one can hear a word,

Heavens Gate - Don't bring me down lyrics

ve never been the man I meant to be There's a shadow on my ... face Always telling me the better things of life It's time for me to leave ... this empty place Never knew what I was waiting for Time has

Little Big Town - A place to land lyrics

dip my toe in the water Before I know it I'm in over my ... head I try and warm my self by the fire But ... i end up getting burned instead I sold my soul for a little bit of heaven Put my

Madness - Never knew your name lyrics

was very late in the discotheque I was feeling blue ... as I sometimes do I turned around it was time to ... go A face in the crowd a face I didn't ... know We got to talking for a little while You said it's

Alyssa Milano - What a feeling lyrics

had no reason to believe in love I never ever saw the ... stars above My world was empty and cold Never had ... somebody to hold I was alone and drifting out to sea I needed

Alyssa Milano - What a feeling 2 lyrics

had no reason to believe in love I never ever saw the ... stars above My world was empty and cold Never had ... somebody to hold I was alone and drifting out to sea I needed

A Change Of Pace - I never knew lyrics

is waiting, for you to come back, come home. ... Everyone is waiting for my bad habit to start. And ... matter how hard we try, things come and go and ... pass by. But not me, I’m not here To judge… You

Jason Chen - Never for nothing lyrics

see you in the crowd And I’m losing my mind, losing my mind trying to figure out. Tell ... me where do we stand now? Baby, I’m dying, dying just trying to figure out. So if we’re falling apart now and

Gary Barlow - Never knew lyrics

found the road to nowhere, The greener grass it turned to stone, Your ... shadowed face shines a rainbow now, The sign I found it ... pointed home. Never knew that I'd miss you this way, Never knew that pain could survive

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