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Loudness - We could be together lyrics

I got your real love, baby I got everything on my side I ... got your real love, baby I wanna keep you satisfied * ... * Can't you see I'm so true I'm crazy for you So spend

Agnetha Fältskog - We should be together lyrics

I close my eyes I can see us together, yeah, yeah You can hypnotize me Still I'll never forget ... him, no, no. I can hear him laugh As if he was so near,

Eli Young Band - We could be forever lyrics

will never fly you to heaven with a kiss on your wings And I ... may never break your heart and get to make up for it I may ... never see the stars in your eyes, from a lover's point of view I get lost in the

Jefferson Airplane - We can be together lyrics

can be together Ah you and me We should be together We are all outlaws in the eyes ... of America In order to survive we steal cheat lie forge ... fred hide and deal We are obscene lawless hideous

Freelance Whales - We could be friends lyrics

am convinced that we could be friends We have several interests in common In common ... And I am convinced that we have been friends Were you a ... Tahitian grain of sand In a past life? Please don't

Jeff Buckley - I know we could be so happy baby if we wanted.. lyrics

s no easy answer None to blame or forgive ... Two cripples dancing To the end we live I'm ... not with you not of you Not with you, not of you You are ... soft and young to me I am the ghost who comes and

Major Lazer - Be together (feat. wild belle) lyrics

me escape in your arms Baby I'm yours, baby I'm yours Love ... don't come easy at all I miss you so much, I miss you so ... much Tell me, is this freedom, baby? Chasing

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - We could be so good together lyrics

could be so good together Ya, so good together We could be so good together Ya, we could, I know we could Tell you lies I tell you wicked lies ... Tell you lies Tell you wicked lies Tell you 'bout

Tony Bennett - We'll be together again lyrics

tears, no fears Remember, there's always tomorrow So ... what if we have to part We'll be together again Your kiss, your smile are memories I ... ll treasure forever so try thinking with your heart We'll be together again Times when I know you'll be lonesome times

Anita O'day - We'll be together again lyrics

fischer / frankie laine No tears No fears Remember ... s always tomorrow So what if we have to part We'll be together again Your kiss Your smile ... Are memories I'll treasure forever So try thinking with your heart We'll be

Aneym - Together again lyrics

surround me you surround me and I believe that we will be together together together again together again together again together together again together again together again together

Christopher - We should be lyrics

we talk now? I need to tell you whats on my ... mind Im glad you picked up I havent been sleeping for a while I tried to make up I just ... need a little bit of your time Your time We dont even

Pia Mia - We should be together lyrics

should be together We should be together You should be with me in the shade, with the ... breeze blowin' free, life is easy for right now And I ... should be with you in the bed, sippin' Kool-Aid, no room

Keyshia Cole - We could be lyrics

yea yes Oh Can I talk to you For a minute ... There's something on my mind That I wanna say Oh ... reality is, takin control of me cause I know, ... baby I know that your loving me Oh loving you boy I

Sandra lyricsSandra - We'll be together lyrics

in blue An' nights in fever Fall in Chinatown ... Flames an' light A silent fire Not a single sound ... Who used to cry for love Time an' time again I used to

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - We could be the closest of friends lyrics

there you are And here am I We are what we decided Alone behind a wall of pride ... Hopelessly divided We had so much together baby ... What got into us How could we just call it quits We should

Powderfinger - We should be together now lyrics

are you looking for this time around Might need something to bring you to ground ... Everything turning me inside and out What are you looking for ... this time around It's coming in and over It's waiting

Manga - We could be the same lyrics

could be the one in my dreams, you could be much ... more than you seem Anything I wanted in life – do you ... understand what I mean? I can see that this could be

Lea Salonga - We could be in love lyrics

by Glen Burtnick and Sheay Peiken Performed by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane L: Be still, my ... heart Lately its mind is on its own It would go far and wide Just to be near you B: Even

Andy Grammer - We could be amazing lyrics

off your heart and take it for a spin I know it's been ... a while since love has been Why don't you come outside ... My arms are open wide And I'll be here until you realize

Bwo - We could be heroes lyrics

me to the roads where I used to drive Away from ... on bumpy roads To the life on silver screens Memories ... from a life escaping When the dark is closing in After storms have passed I

The Presets - Together lyrics

let's go out, You want me. I want you You want me So let ... out, You want me. Who do we think we are Running round ... all sweaty Baby I will wait for you if we could be together Such a lovely face Such an

Laura Branigan - I wish we could be alone lyrics

wish we could be alone So all of the world couldn't see How much we have together And how much you mean to me ... I wish we could put out the flame But oh, sweet baby, tell me would it be right? I take the subway and

Dbsk - When we'll be together lyrics

Geudaereur ddeonabonaego Dwi doraseor ddae Naeui eoggaewiro ddeoreojin Hayeon nuni ... Seurpeo boyeosseo Meoreojineun moseubi jagguman ... Heuryeojirsurog neomudo

Vonda Shepard - Someday we'll be together lyrics

we’ll be together (Oh, say it, say it, say it, say it again) Someday we’ll be together ... (Oh, yes we will, yes we will) You’re far away, baby

Aj Rafael - We could happen lyrics

Verse 1:] I'll hold the door Please come ... in And just sit here for a while. This is my Way of telling you I need you in my life. ... It's so cold Without your touch. I've been

Leon Jackson - Could do better lyrics

is a rose it grows when you feed it But ... just as we believed it The thornswere tearing at ... the skin A beautiful dream rudely awakened But ... this heart is vacant There's nothing left

Sash! - Together again lyrics

Chorus] I don't know where I don't know how, But I only know, That one day, We'll be together again And I don't know ... where, I don't know how, But I only know, That

Vonda Shepard - Dreamin lyrics

sit and wonder How my life would be If you were here ... with me What a beautiful fantasy Early in the morning I find myself with tears in my eyes From a dream that - Together lyrics

can be together We can be together Together, you and I! We ... can be together Let’s have a good time, baby ... We can be together Forever and ever! We can be together

No Angels - Be my man lyrics

me what's your plan Just be strong enough. If you can. If ... gonna do Don't you want to be my man I won't wait around. ... Understand. Understand Boy I need you. But not like a brother Boy I want you.

Joan Franka - You and me lyrics

was five, you were three We were dancing in the street And ... you looked just like an angel. You looked up a ... side the sky Saw the birds and wondered why They could fly

Eurovision - Joan franka - you and me (netherlands) lyrics

was five, you were three We were dancing in the street And ... you looked just like an angel You looked up and ... saw the sky Saw the birds and wondered why They could fly

Eurovision - Manga - we could be the same (turkey) lyrics

could be the one in my dreams You could be much ... more than you seem Anything I wanted in life Do you ... understand what I mean? I can see that this could be

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - This could be the one lyrics

ve been alone since I don't know when, and I don't need ... another lover I just don't know if I could follow again, it's ... been gettin' me down And I never dreamt we could be,

Tove Lo - Heroes (we could be) [feat. alesso] lyrics

go hideaway in daylight We go undercover when under sun ... Got a secret side in plain sight Where the streets are ... empty That’s where we run Everyday people do

Kenny Rogers - All that you could be lyrics

star up in the sky will never know How lovely is ... the light that shines below It's always there, it ... never fades Without its magic light How would we find our

Pink lyricsPink - We could have it all lyrics

were no black cats in our past I've been tied, ... stepping cracks in the pavement Everybody ... thought we would be the ones to have it all I could be the one, we could be the

David Gray - We could fall in love again tonight lyrics

There’s money to burn But I just can’t help from thinking ... If I had you by my side That we could fall in love again ... tonight What kind of existence? To want you so much And only feel the distance Each

Suzi Quatro - We found love lyrics

people living in this space and time Two bodies Bur still one soul and one mind. We ... ll be together even though we're apart We're connected by

Shaun Baker - Could you would you should you lyrics

La,La,La........ If you could be king Of all you survey ... just for one day Would it be good if you knew that you'd could? Change your world for better We all tend to dream

John Wolfhooker - We are lyrics

are travelers With packed bags but no destination We are mockingbirds singing for the glory We are ... scientists Trying to turn a sphere inside out

Ross Lynch - Who u r lyrics

girl, I really wanna let you know Your style, it's something that's so natural You laugh, and ... around you stops Your smile, I wish you knew just what you

Fragma - Time and time again lyrics

know we've got a little secret We hold each ... other close and keep it All to ourselves Your love ... is my protection You take my breath away I ... long for your affection everyday I feel you, see

A Reason To Breathe - We will be legend lyrics

woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets ... Promise Me that you'll never give up no ... matter how hopeless I promise Nothing could stop us We were invincible like an arrow

Everly Brothers - Stories we could tell lyrics

to myself again An’ wonderin' if this travellin' is good ... Is there somethin' else a' doin' We'd be doin' if we could ... And ah, the stories we can tell And if it all blows

Eighteen Visions - Last night lyrics

remember all the time you spent with me It broke ... my heart to see you go And I remember those times that you ... were there for me And I remember the drive home [Chorus]

Tyler Ward lyricsTyler Ward - That kind of love lyrics

watching me, In secrecy From the corner of ... my eye, I catch you walking by. Can you agree, That ... we could be, More than just a quick ... hello, If we don't jump, we'll never know That kind of

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - We had it all lyrics

can hear the wind a blowin' in my mind Just the way it use ... to sound through the georgia pines You were always there to ... answer when I'd call You and me, we had it all Remember

Anna Abreu - Be with you lyrics

don't know How I feel What is going on I ... had it all I was sure but you messed me ... up You made me lie you made me cry you made ... me breath again and I wanna be with you I just

Everly Brothers - That uncertain feeling lyrics

uncertain feeling That's with me today Walked into my life and tempted me away. You know I'm not free now And I'm ... ashamed to say That uncertain feeling is a game we have to

Francis Davila - We can be anything (ft. lnyx) lyrics

morning glowing TV screens Superheroes ... caped and captivating No one ever dreams of growing up to be Disappointing It's time to fight for some ... meaning To be worth the air that we're breathing I still believe yeah I still believe That we can be anything Who s

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - That i would be good (use somebody) (allanis .. lyrics

I would be good even if I did nothing, That I would be ... good even if I got the thumbs down, That I ... would be good if I got and stayed sick, That I would be

Dusty Springfield - I don't think we could ever be friends lyrics

end of our journey What can I do? Lonely together When I ... m alone with you Now that we've come so far It seems like ... the end We could be lovers We could never be friends I

Reba Mcentire - We're so good together lyrics

do two people like To meet I think about that Was the timing just right Was it that the ... night was so sweet I think about that Was it physical ... chemical, what was the deal Or did

Kumbia Kings - Together lyrics

Power, Roger (together baby) Let me get some flavor ... Kumbia Kings... This is for the ladies Oh yo, ... baby girl I got to let you know my purpose in this world And

Mark Owen - We could rule lyrics

tonight can't get enough of ... everything that is you so where is it that ... your love comes please take mine with you we could rule ... the world together oh yeah say it can be it will be hallelujah us forever

Pandora - This could be heaven lyrics

Heaven.Heaven. You never know what you do to me You turn ... me on then you let me be You make me feel so glad I ... wanna thank you for that But I gotta know 'cos I'm wondering

Selah Sue - Together (ft. childish gambino) lyrics

was lost on the dark side, till you crashed into my life We were scarred by the bright lights Falling stars through ... the night sky I know we're broken parts, but ain't that just who we are We should be together-gether, yeah We can

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - We belong together (remix) (feat. jadakiss an.. lyrics

you left I lost a part of me It's still so hard to believe ... back baby, please 'Cause we belong together Show your ... you hear me or see me This is the emancipation of Mimi

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