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And I Hope And Pray You Feel The Same Way lyrics

Browse for And I Hope And Pray You Feel The Same Way song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed And I Hope And Pray You Feel The Same Way lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to And I Hope And Pray You Feel The Same Way.

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Destiny's Child lyricsDestiny's Child - Feel the same way i do lyrics

You know, we've been spending a lot of time together and ... um, I was wondering do you: (Feel the same way I do) I can ... tell you, I know you need me to show you, but, it

Saigon Kick - Feel the same way lyrics

the fire light Had the same dream tonight Felt the fears ... of the endless light In the middle in the morning light In the middle of the morning light

The Prostitutes - I feel the same way too lyrics

Got The Same Problems Just Like You All Your Doubts And ... All Your Blues Everything That You Think I Think Too ... I've Got Nothing Left To Hide All My Thoughts And All

Ian Van Dahl - Do you feel the same lyrics

is something You should know Now I found you I ... won't let go All I'm asking Will you be mine Tell your feelings Cause life's too short ... for wasting time Tell me Do you feel the

Dondria - You're the one lyrics

don't believe, we were put together not ... to be together and i don't believe, there's anyone out there, ... that can love me better i don't believe, that you know

Hercules And Love Affair - Do you feel the same? lyrics

lesson for me Through the pain, through it all Was love is ... not possession I had to let you fall I know you have your ... needs But did you ever see? The fact I felt the need for you

No Mercy - You really got me lyrics

really got me You're the one in my fantasy So why do I even ... wonder When all I feel is thunder You really got me.. ... . You really got me You're all I see No other girl

Lee Hyori - Feel the same lyrics

omyeon maeil gateun gominhago Ttabunhan ohueneun ... dalkomhan mesejiro Bioneun georil bomyeon gateun siseoneul dugo Eorinaegachi ... hamkke useul su inneun neo Feel the same, feel the same, feel

Gary Moore - The same way lyrics

t want no evil woman Make a fool out of me ... My girl she's so sweet She's my ... honey bee She feels the same way about me She feels the same way about me She feels the same way Wake up in the morning

Goodbye Lenin - Feel the same lyrics

snows And I've just walked through the ... street I'm tired, really tired And my feet are sleeping When I see the same thing ... I feel strange and cold breath On my neck It's getting on your hours It's getting on your hours

Rie Fu - Feel the same lyrics

keshiki no naka ni tatte itai noni shikakui waku no soto ... de miteru dake nante So come on ... take a chance jiyuu ni naru toki wa ima It's just ... a one way road kono mune wa mada atsui kedo Go and get up now I will never feel the same tonight, even though it

Riot ( Usa ) - Feel the same lyrics

alone, sitting inside now, Are you waiting for ... me? I'm feeling just a little bit slower, Than I ... usually seem. If I'm gonna take some chances, Will you still remember me? And

Left Boy - Same way lyrics

feel the same way about you We're both going the same way This can't be true Liquor ... dripping of my lips Cigarette burns on my wrist ... Push to the sweat? Steps on my shoes Still felt like it was just us

Matty Mac - The proposal lyrics

me you want me, tell me to stay ... Tell me that you wouldn't have it any other way Tell me I'm all yours, tell ... me today Tell me right now before I turn and walk

Downset - The rush lyrics

me, hit me with something real Hit me cause I want ... to feel the rush Cause I want to feel the rush! ... Damn you see'em play styles out quick ... Absolute, expressive and nothing short of it! Magic passion

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Do you feel lyrics

you feel the way I do Tell me now oh tell me ... now I need to know that it's true Oh do you feel the way I do I need to know Do you love me the way I love you

A-teens - The name of the game lyrics

ve seen you twice in a short time Only a week since we ... started It seems to me for every time ... I'm getting more open hearted I was ... an impossible case No one ever could

Nolwenn Leroy - Feel good lyrics

don't know you very well I'll be the first to admit I ... don't recall the situation I just remember what I felt ... All you do is make me Feel Good In a way I've never

Abba lyricsAbba - The name of the game lyrics

ve seen you twice, in a short time Only a week since we started It seems to me ... for every time I'm getting more open-hearted I was ... an impossible case No-one ever could

Amanda Seyfried - The name of the game lyrics

ve seen you twice In a short time Only a day since we started It seems to me ... For every time I'm getting more open-hearted Your ... smile and the sound of your voice And the way you see

A-teens - The name of the game lyrics

ve seen you twice in a short time Only a week since we ... started It seems to me for every time ... I'm getting more open hearted I was ... an impossible case No one ever could

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You are not alone (rapversion) lyrics

you know what I feel And if you feel the same way too Just ... close your eyes You're not alone... C'mmon! C ... mmon! Wave your hands in the air! If I took the time to

Rozalla - You never love the same way twice lyrics

you made up your mind, You're telling him goodbye today ... You better take a minute Before you throw it all ... away Search your heart, See he's been there

Jessica Andrews - You're the man (that brings the woman out of .. lyrics

here all by myself With my heart up on the shelf ... This house don't feel like home to me I watch the ... clock up on the wall Time stands still that's all When you

Christina Perri lyricsChristina Perri - The words lyrics

of the lights land on you The rest of the world fades from ... view And all of the love I see please, please say you feel it too And all of the noise I hear inside Restless and

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - The reason why lyrics

time you see me walking in the room Can you see it in my ... face I've lost interest in all the things you do And I ... m feeling misplaced Can you tell me it's over I don't

Anna Graceman - The only one lyrics

me a sky of yellow and blue Let's fly high in a hot ... air balloon I get you and you understand me You make me ... laugh when we disagree We'll be together as the years fly by 'Cause you

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - The best things in life are free ft. luther v.. lyrics

Free, free, baby, Boy, when you look at me, Do you judge me ... by my cover? Got to be kiddin' me, to think that I'm that ... kind of lover I don't mean to disagree, sorry

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - You're the one lyrics

yeah, the boy Extra We right back at it like we left ... somethin' knaw' mean? It's the ROC, since 9 6, you know we ... get busy Got the young lady by the name of Rihanna

Nachtmahr - Can you feel the beat? lyrics

sweep across nations like a storm a force to reckon ... with was born We came and conquered what you thought ... safe We seek to rule and to enslave We're setting

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - All my life lyrics

will never find another lover sweeter than you, ... Sweeter than you And I will never find another lover ... More precious than you More precious than you Girl you are close to me you're

Harmony - Nothing remains the same lyrics

so long ago You became my friend How was I to know That ... that wasn't where it end Something changed Inside of me And whenever I'm with you I feel so good and

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - If you don't know lyrics

I don't know And it makes me scared Because I'm ... falling in love And I don't know if you feel the same I'm taking this time to write you this letter Cause what

Gandalf - You upset the grace of living lyrics

to your heart for my reflection Do your eyes stay with me ... when I say goodbye Listen to my changes in direction Follow me to feeling same ... as I I hope you feel the way I do I hope you feel my love

The Moody Blues - Hope and pray lyrics

see the headlights Shining on the wall It seems I've ... got a visitor Who is kind enough to call And I hope and pray, everyday I hope and pray It's you I thought I

Lionel Richie - Think of you lyrics

I know I been busy didn't get to talk But don't ... let your head play them games with your heart It's ... been a little crazy doing what I do But I just can't

12 Stones - The one thing lyrics

feel it getting closer I feel it taking over Do you feel the same Yeah I feel the same The waiting takes forever It's finally come together Now it's in my brain Making me insane

Chris Salvatore - It's you lyrics

La la la la la la la la I don't know how I found the ... sweetest thing around Please tell me ... where have you been It was long overdue My hope ... was gone In believing that two could be together

Crazy Town - Hurt you so bad lyrics

let me state it for the record I'm jaded but when you looked at me I couldn't ... escape it I really hate it when I'm out of control ... But baby after the show My mind just wouldn't

Norah Jones - Feelin´ the same way lyrics

sun just slipped its note below my door And I ... can't hide beneath my sheets I've read the words before so ... now I know The time has come again for me And I'm feelin' the same way all

Sinch - The silent acquiescence of millions lyrics

feeling so uncomfortable, and the situation tends to be ... predictable Hope slips through trained fingers, It's how it's always been I ... can't seem to tear myself away, been living in the past with my mistakes But I always find a way to numb the tension,

Olly Murs - This song is about you lyrics

is my confessional Pen and paper round gonna right this ... down Saying things you never thought That were on ... my mind, Let the truth pour out Cause I’m tired of the games I won’t lie,

Young Thug - The world lyrics

Intro] Now you might just sing But I know my eyes ain't tripping (nah) My momma told me I ... We got London On Da Track I know you don't feel another nigga You couldn't ever be me You're way too nice, lil' nigga

Negative - Loving you lyrics

are the one who makes me feel Like my life have a meaning ... It's hard to tell you that I care And all I want is that you kiss me One more time ... before I die I know it's early But tomorrow I fear

Caught In The Act - Forever friends lyrics

before Did i imagine I would be without your love ... Still in my mind, I live for hopesand dreams That I can´t ... leave your love behind. I don´t know what to say (To

Culture Beat - I like you lyrics

funky Mr. DJ Do that thing from a guy called Jay Jay ... Say you'll play that song There's a girl out there and she ... turns me on I feel for her Really feel for her

Orianthi - If you were here with me lyrics

I look in your eyes, I feel something I can't explain Like I've been searching my ... whole life for you, babe Completely lost in the ... completely lost sense of time There's no better feeling,

Ricky Nelson - The great escape lyrics

Look up) There's no man on the moon tonight Guess he's ... turned his back on me (once again) The ... wicked walls of this dead-end town are closing in ... and I can't breathe (Sail away) Down the river of shattered

Dj Jazzy Jeff - I'm looking for the one lyrics

i am looking for the one to be with me noware you ... looking for the one to be with you, now?i am looking for the one to be with me, noware you ... looking for you feel the same way too?come on, clap your hands, wind it up if you're feelin' alrightclap your hands, w

E-dubble - The dude lyrics

a hand in my pocket, my jambox is ... knockin' Sixteen spitter, no quitter, I'm locked in Get away with murder, you ... re Cochran Who plays OJ? I call not him Not lifeless -

Alexia - The one for me lyrics

come, come Oh baby, baby, I’m in love with you I really ... need you to feel the same way too Oh baby, baby, when I feel so blue (baby, baby you’re the one for me) I close my eyes and I know you’re the one for me

Leatherwolf - The way i feel lyrics

can't see you You can see me Tell me what's ... Or just set me free Nothing at all Will ever be the same When you need my touch ... Whoa-whoa-whoa-oh Night after night With your

Bonnie Raitt - I feel the same lyrics

goodbye, Well I know it's true. I know you're leaving me but I, I'm leaving too. ... You won't forget me, or the sound of my name. Please believe me, I feel the same. It seems so empty now. Clo-ose

Dondria Fields - Youre the one lyrics

don't believe, we were put together not ... to be together and i don't believe, there's anyone out there, ... that can love me better i don't believe, that you know

Brooks Elkie - You and i (are you lonely) lyrics

and I had everything You and I, we had the world A lifetime ... it seems We love and it's gone Now I have to start ... all over again Are you lonely Do you miss me too

The Beach Boys - The warmth of the sun lyrics

good is the dawn That grows into day The sunset at night ... Or living this way For I have the warmth of the sun ... (Warmth of the sun) Within me at night (Within me at night) The love of my life

Lil Rob - Lost in love with you lyrics

You Doing Sweet Heart? Hey You Know These Last Few Months We ... ve Been Together? They Happened So Right And Im ... Happy For What We Share, Im Just Wondering How You Feel.

Pandora - Crazy way about you lyrics


School Of Seven Bells - The night lyrics

light of day gives me no relief Because I see you in ... everything You've frozen my thoughts, you've ... frozen me out I'm in the same place you left me, baby Oh

Counterparts - The constant lyrics

will graciously accept that my life’s ... work, whether it be in the past, the present, or the ... future will be overshadowed by those ... around me with a different definition of “success.” Though I

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