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Agent Orange - In your dreams tonight lyrics

your whole life feels incomplete learn this song and ... sing yourself to sleep anger turns ... to hatred - as the nights turn into days people disappoint me in so many different ways close your eyes

Arven - In your dreams lyrics

in the silent ocean High up in the sky Second to the right ... and Straight on till morning comes There is a place ... where you can find what you seek This path

Da Buzz - In your dreams lyrics

your dreams ... (x4) I know just what I want I ... wanna say how much I care When I'm waiting for ... you to call I wanna lay your hand in mine Before I'm falling apart I never felt this

Victoria Beckham lyricsVictoria Beckham - In your dreams lyrics

take one look in your eyes I can’t believe how perfect you ... are I fall in love every time You take a breath as you ... lay in my arms I’ll always keep you from harm

Stevie Nicks - In your dreams lyrics

night you You tell me everything Is going to be fine You ... my nerves when You hold my hands Yeah, it feels so fine ... Chorus: I'm just at the other end of your night I'm always in and out

Outkast - In your dreams lyrics

We spend so much dreaming when we could be leaving ... Woo hoo I get wild and don't give a f***, see you ... when the sun come up I guess i'll get you in your dreams (woo) (woo-ooo) (woo) I

4him - In your care lyrics

Mary sleep I will be there soon Entering earth ... through your precious womb My child oh My mother ... of earth Give Me the gift of birth Sleep Joseph sleep may you

Dream - In my dreams lyrics

Mellisa, Diana, Holly Dream, Bad Boy baby lets go Don't know what I ... To get through to you You aint - Tryin much to hard To ... get the message through I know cause I feel the same And it's drivin me insane Why do

Meat Loaf - Cheatin' in your dreams lyrics

see me now as large as life, but underneath you knew ... hollow shell, no spark of life Where once upon a time ... there beat a heart For you and you knew it from the start, and you went and blew it all away

Kiss - See you in your dreams lyrics

party's over, and baby's in the corner She's all alone ... for the night You pick up the phone, you want to ... go home Well dry your eyes, it's alright, it's alright See

Gene Simmons - See you in your dreams lyrics

party's over, and baby's in the corner She's all alone ... for the night You pick up the phone, you want to ... go home Well dry your eyes, it's alright, it's alright See

Blutengel - In my dreams lyrics

feel the coldness in my heart I wish that you ... could be with me I wish you could heal my deepest ... pain And take me away from all my ... fears But I'm trapped in my world of doubts I'm not

Scissorhands - Wake up in your dreams lyrics

. . . . . . . . in the starshine we shine, wake

Shawanda Crystal - In your arms again lyrics

two a.m. and I can’t sleep It’s been like this for me all ... another good man yesterday I close my eyes, I say your ... name It’s the only thing that keeps me sane I think

Hanson - With you in your dreams lyrics

wake up Please don't cry And if I'm gone when you wake up ... It's not goodbye Don't look ... back at this time as a time Of heartbreak and distress Remember me, remember

M2m - Girl in your dreams lyrics

was walking down the street one day ... Then I saw you I didn't know what to say You're ... eyes were shining You're smile was so kind When I saw you ... I wanted you to be mine Maybe I don't have the blonde hair

Buckcherry - Dreams lyrics

can't stay with you now 'cause I am so ... ashamed Didn't mean to let you down and ... run down my face Are you still in love with me? I need to ... know right now? 'Cause I'm still in love with you I want

Project Pitchfork - Daimonion (you hear me in your dreams) lyrics

- you close your eyes five - control your breath ... the warmth three - relax your mind one - now you are here ... two - do you feel safe it seems to be unreal the

Junior Doctor - Dancing in your dreams lyrics

so weird being here when you feel so distant Can you hear me, are we ... disconnected Are you there, ... anywhere, did I somehow miss it There might be something

Macbeth ( Ita ) - Dont include me in your dreams lyrics

day that goes by Is dead and gone Every step along the ... way Fades to grey Don’t include me in your dreams I’m ... dead and gone Every single moment dies Never

Donots - Your way home lyrics

wake you up I scream you to sleep I´m on your hands and I´m in your dreams don´t tell, don´t tell no ... tell take the next train or the ambulance take the

Jefferson - Baby take me in your arms lyrics

on and take me in your arms And make me love you Make me ... know how much I'm thinking of you Come along and do it There's really nothing to it Baby if you try Baby take

Jessica Sanchez - In your hands lyrics

stay with me Let me know that you'll ... leave You don't have to be alone Take my heart and let it be your own Cause I can't ... promise I'll be waiting If your mind might be changing Don't

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Be by your side lyrics

will B by your side. I will B by your side. If you ... love me tonight. Get out of this love, ... we can do it in style. Jam before the feeling, we are not

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - In your arms lyrics

the way I feel tonight You better wrap me up good and tight ... In your arms In your arms Just like a bee in a ... honeycomb I'm gonna make myself right at

Medina - In your arms lyrics

is filling me up I tried so many times to reach you ... But nothing is ever enough Still I'm ... get through Cause the distance is filling me Have this thrills killing me Caught

Clan Of Xymox - In your arms again lyrics

following me in my lonely hour You said you ... would like an honest child It's the way you are, you stay ... on proud and guilty of keeping quiet Stop judging me,

The Dandy Warhols - Be-in lyrics

my room, Alone in my room. I've been here for a while. And can't you see I'm holier ... when I, I'm feeling good enough to try? All ... the drugs that you bring, If they're antiquated beyind belief, Might just be good

Distorted - In your light lyrics

t feel you no more Dark pain within me To be in your light again I would give the ... world Pale all the colors without you Only shapes of ... despair Silent I will remain forever My joy will be kept

La Bouche - In your life lyrics

your life x8 In your life Like sitting on a ferris wheel ... Watching the world go around and around it goes Maybe that's ... how lovers feel Up and down, where it stops nobody

Adam Faith - In your life lyrics

when the rain is fallin' down I wanna be there in your life And when someone's ... not your 'round I wanna be there in your life And ... when i hear you say to me you love and i love you too And when

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - In your arms tonight lyrics

head on To things that knock me down Over ... again He picked me off the ground And I ... wasn't strong enough to fight Anymore, but in your arms ... tonight Hold me close and tight In your arms tonight In your arms tonight In your arms

Josh Ritter - In your arms again lyrics

oh, what a thrill it was To be in your arms again And oh, ... what a thrill it was To be in those arms And all those ... plans I had, all they did was hold me down Those

Noisuf-x - Beatz and bass (blast in your face) & effeccc.. lyrics

and bass, Blast in your face. Beats and bass

Bat For Lashes - In your bed lyrics

more Somehow that scene can be such a bore I don't even ... want to paint the town red I don't want to waste my time ... Putting on dresses and drinking wine I just wanna be in

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - In your corner lyrics

hear tell there's big fun tonight On the corner of Main and Dog-Meat-Bite Friday midnights would not be right Without Redd's hot party and a ... nasty fight But I'll be in your corner I'll be in your corner, if they do I'll be in your corner I'll be in your corner, if they do You

Chris De Burgh - In your eyes lyrics

people fall in love in rooms that are so dark, ... can't see where they are going, and they lose their hearts ... But when I saw your face, it was a light so strong, And I could see a long night coming

Garfield - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

got to hold on to your dreams, baby baby Hold on to your dreams, never let them go You got ... to hold on to your dreams, sweet emotion Hold on to your dreams each and every day

Ben Jelen - Baby girl lyrics

girl, time for waking for your love, we've been aching open ... up your eyes, dawn is breaking Find the whole new world ... thats been waiting In your dreams, be reborn Through your

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - In your wildest dreams (feat. antonio bandera.. lyrics

baby, oh baby The sun goes down and the ... moon comes up My heart is pumping for you, and the mad ... thing starts yeah Ohho..yeah, ... never in your wildest dreams did you ever get this feeling never in your wildest dreams, oh no never in your wildest

Dokken - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams--it's still the same Your love is ... strong, it still remains Toss and turn all night ... in the sheets I can't sleep Night after night don't know what it means

Mary J Blige - Let me be the 1 lyrics

50 Cent singing] MJ, 50 Cent. G UUUNIT! This is simple. I know you ... understand. Another man can't quite love ... you girl. Like I can. Your fantasies and your dreams. Believe in me. I will fufill.

Alice Taylor - In my dreams lyrics

can´t be wrong, Love that is so strong. In you I find ... so strong. You gave me this, it´s magic, think. I was ... waiting for so long. Ref: In ... my dreams I think of you In my dreams I feel so close to

Ghost Machinery - In your (evil) dreams lyrics

full of peoples, no familiar face Distorted images on ... the walls Kneel before the mask of the forbidden ... god Distant echoes in the halls Am I dreaming

Dio - In dreams lyrics

me Send a message to my brain before they take me How can ... I get through to you that wishes just come true In dreams ... t dare 'Cause the journey drives you mad before you get

Secret Discovery - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams I know I could be strong again In my dreams I ... defeat my enemies Then I walk straight on whatever ... comes but it's just a dream If we all ... wish it could be true... In my dreams I can walk on

Emmylou Harris - In my dreams lyrics

sun goes down on the other side of town tonight And the ... world is asleep dreamin’ in the deep moonlight I’ll slip away in the shadows out of your life You don’t want’ me

Ferry Corsten - In my dreams lyrics

have I have I guess someday I have I ... have I have I have a vision Of two lovers dancing I ... have this notion Of two hearts in motion I ... have, I have I have a vision Of two people fusing I

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - Be tender with me baby lyrics

got the right to tell me it's all over It isn't like ... me to be begging you Don't let go, don't ... let go Just stay with me another day When I'm ... not myself please understand me I'm so confused I don't

The Blood Divine - In crimson dreams lyrics

ve struggled to find the dimmest of candlelight Under which to scrawl these morbid ... words Through half-hearted and mortal innocent sacrifice To ... dreams of the rising snake, beneath cimmerian skies From

Six Feet Under - Killed in your sleep lyrics

Choked to death Vomit now filling Esophagus Killed in your sleep Murdered in your dreams Nightmares are now real ... Never to wake up again Gasping for air Lungs

Bob Catley - Dreams lyrics

even now your fate is sealed With the hound ... upon your heels, lie still Tremble and the jaws ... could kill, now How, in the terror that you feel

Robert Downey Jr. - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams you told me that you really ... really care In my dreams you told me it's a love that ... So hold me, hold me, hold me, and never ever let me go In my

David Crosby - In my dreams lyrics

at those dancers gliding around Seems if their feet ... the ground Look at them smiling Like they knew one ... another And they never would come down ... Turn around and hold me I'd like to see your face alone

Danny L Harle - In my dreams lyrics

Chorus 1] x2 I guess I'll see you in my dreams ... Together, or when I'm walking in my sleep Forever, until ... I see you in my dreams Together, or when I'm walking in my sleep Forever

Mud Flow - Your x lyrics

s so cool it's so cool to move you like I ... do I've got a supersense of ... pleasure baby Have no fear cuz it works In your mouth in your hand You ... ve got a supersense of shame And I like it like this I

Pulsedriver - In my dreams lyrics

you're next to me I feel that my love for you is real spread your wings and ... our love we can't deny Your right here to hold my hand ... take me to the promised land And your heart is like the

Abandon All Ships - In your deams brah! lyrics

But you have no clue what's in store for you. Sleepless nights and dreaming of you when dreams become nightmares. So blame ... me for what I'll do. What I'll do. F***. You've fallen

Aura Noir - Dreams like deserts lyrics

me with my tragedies, those who stick to me like wet leaves in the (dry) ... sunlight. My face is frozen, byt my eyes still ... see, for I am in your dreams and fantasies Leave me with my

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