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And I’m Working Hard Pnb Rock lyrics

Browse for And I’m Working Hard Pnb Rock song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed And I’m Working Hard Pnb Rock lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to And I’m Working Hard Pnb Rock.

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Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Cross me (feat. chance the rapper & pnb rock lyrics

she need she can call me Don’t worry about her that’s my seed, dawg that’s all me Just know if you cross her then you cross me, cross me, cross me If you if you if you Anything she need she can call me Don’t worry about her that’s my seed, dawg that’s all me

Her Bright Skies - Working class punx lyrics

s hot any heavy getting loaded and ready for the rock show (get ready for the rock show) Just wanna dance and never care 'bout a thing except the tempo (tempo, tempo) And there ain't nothing to hide so put your cards on the table (dance on the table) And s

Lee Aaron - Rock the hard way lyrics

Rock the hard way) (Rock the hard way yeah) Lone runaway You feel scared but dangerous Who wants you Who needs you, who do ya trust Your back's against the wall (against the wall...) Too young to lose it all (lose it all...) You've got to fight to keep sight

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Hard rockin’ the place lyrics

Hard) rock this joint! (Hard) rock this joint! (Hard) rock this joint! (Hard) I put the world on my shoulder Don´t worry, I feel no pain Im down on the floor, but you can be sure Im standing up once again Don’t bother you with my troubles Just try to walk in my shoes

L.a. Guns - Rock candy lyrics

yes! When you need a friend through thick and thin Don't look to those above you. When you're down and out, ain't no doubt Nobody wants you. But you're rock candy baby. You're hard, sweet and sticky, yes. You're rock candy baby. Hard, sweet and sticky, oh yes. Hard

Sick Puppies - Rock kids lyrics

maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me That today's music's all about ME ME ME! Just show me your money give me the Honeys And I'll give you what I feel like buddy Pastel images are still giving us Everything we've heard before with some more

Bulletboys - Rock candy lyrics

alright Uh When you need a friend Through thick and thin Don't look to those above you When you're down and out And there ain't no doubt And nobody wants you 'Cause you're rock candy, baby You're hard, sweet and sticky 'Cause you're rock candy, baby You're har

House Of Lords - Rock bottom lyrics

won't know I'm there You won't hear me breathing Just like a ghost I live on your ceiling Two worlds away You won't see me leaving Slide down and out your door Just like it never was, you're like a dream And now I'm free ya now I'm free to know just wher

Paddy And The Rats - Working all the week lyrics

home early in the morning Cigarettes on the floor Weekdays are f***in’ boring Drink more alcohol Don’t listen to the Doctor’s warning I can hardly crawl As Mother Mary comes to me I just get another drink and I watch TV, yeah Working hard all night Days are passing by

Kix - Rock your face off lyrics

re out to spread the news, you people in the seats We're coming after you, gonna get ya on your feet Don't look back, we're right behind you You're gonna eat our dust, as we blow right by you I'm cornin' down, I'm cornin' down hard I've had it floored right from the

Annakin Slayd - Rock the sweater lyrics

rock the sweater We rock it proud Rock like Carrier We rock it loud Throw on that C-H Go And let the whole world know Go oh Habs Go Yeah come on Habs Empire Wanna raise that cup up high When I'm feeling like I wanna show the world what greatness is Red

Jethro Tull - Rock island lyrics

night on a misty island. Lights wink out in the canyon walls. Two old boys in a stolen racer. Black rubber contrails in the unwashed halls. And all roads out of here, seem to lead right back to the Rock Island. I've gone back to Paris, London, and even riding on a jumbo to

Lit - Hard to find lyrics

around, look around you answers (Someone tell me) Where can I, where can I find faith again (Can you help me?) Im running aimless just to Try to and find a place to belong I try explaining, but the words are Always coming out wrong There’s so much more to myself than this

Tim Minchin - Rock 'n roll nerd lyrics

doesn't have a problem with drugs He just doesn't get them He's fine that his mates have tattoos But he thinks they'll regret them He likes going to pubs But he hates when the music's too loud He tends not to go to rock concerts Cos he can't stand the crowd But all he's ev

Suzi Quatro - Hard headed lyrics

have burned your bridges And left the ashes in the distance You've been a long long way back home ou have crawled and you climbed And left the ones who care behind You've worked your fingers to the bone You used to say that you had found a way to have your cake and eat it to

Anti-nowhere League - Working for the company lyrics

we go again... I get up at 8, I'm feeling so mechanical I'm in a trance, I'm watching the time There's no need to think what kind of a day it it They're all the same, come rain or shine I go down to the gates, and into the factory I take my card, number 4

Saxon - Hard and fast lyrics

into the sunset Without a devils care Riding fast you lose yourself The wind is in your hair The road slips by beneath your wheels Rolling on and on See the world go flashing by Like a bullet from a gun Driving hard feeling free Moving fast at lightning speed Hard

Samson (gb) - Hard times lyrics

bar lean I'm looking mean, I need a drink I've gotta drink to think, You say I'm drunk but that's me in the mirror, Looking for a fight who says ‘.................‘ Come and hit me (falling to the ground) Knee me in the groin (won't make a sound) Head o

Ac Dc - Rock 'n' roll ain't noise pollution lyrics

there all you middle men Throw away your fancy clothes And while you're out sittin' on a fence So get off your ass and come down here 'Cause rock 'n' roll ain't no riddle man To me it makes good, good sense Good sense yeah let's go Heavy decibels are playing on my guitar We g

Corbin Bleu - Rock 2 it lyrics

to it rock to it Don't let the nice guy image fool ya See there's a lotta things that you didn't know What i'm about to do might be peculiar I tend to lose it when i step on the floor This is for the bad girls Let me see what you can do

Acϟdc lyricsAcϟdc - Rock 'n' roll ain't noise pollution lyrics

there all you middle men Throw away your fancy clothes And while you're out sittin' on a fence So get off your ass and come down here 'Cause rock 'n' roll ain't no riddle man To me it makes good, good sense Good sense yeah let's go Heavy decibels are playing on m

The Cramps - Rock on the moon lyrics

I built my rocket and we'll have a race We'll be the first to rock inta outer space I wanna rock on the moon, a-rock rock rock Well, rock on the moon, a-rock rock rock Well, rock on the moon, brother, rock and roll tonight Well, listen baby, pretty soon Take ol' Sput

Elisa - Rock your soul lyrics

more I think the less I see When I'm able to walk I'm queen of my world I let it rain on my skin I don't let myself down, I don't let myself down Just wanna be one with you, I wanna be one with you The more I think the less I do When I'm able to talk I'm queen of my

Run Dmc - Rock show lyrics

.. Dee... Jay... Run... DMC... Yeah...! What...? Who...? King...of...Rock...! I want to rock right now DJ Run, and I'm claiming my crown I be internationally known Even got chrome on my microphone I ain't stoopid y'all, outrageous Actin like Run can

Six Feet Under - Rock'n'roll ain't noise polution lyrics

there, all you middle men Throw away your fancy clothes And while you're out there sittin' on a fence So get off your ass and come down here 'Cause rock 'n' roll ain't no riddle man To me it makes good, good sense Heavy decibels are playing on my guit

Clutch - Rock 'n' roll outlaw lyrics

The North They Call Us Rebels, In The South They Call Us Yankees, Because Every Other Sucker's Born To Do The Hokey Pokey With The Skillet Lickin' Time Keepers, The Grinning Reapers Of A Missionary Rock Star. You Can Rock It Like Sir Sisyphus, But Even In It

Lynsey De Paul & Mike Moran - Rock bottom lyrics

are we? – Rock bottom Tragedies? – We got ’em Remedy? – Why don’t we Rub it out and start it again? Oh, with a sympathy – Oh, I get it Harmony – You said it Where are we? – Rock bottom Rub it out and start it again Now can you tell me? (Can you tell me?) Oh, I do

Pretty Boy Floyd - Rock n roll outlaws lyrics

me to the electric jungle where the animals prowl in the neon night. We're like rhinestones to rags. Like treasure to trash. Gypsies of the night. The mask in a masquerade. Rebels and renegades. We're breaking all the rules. The way we rock. Shock. Rock

Nerf Herder - Rock city news lyrics

t stop believin', that you can't do nothin', get yourself second-hand guitar, and set the world on fire, any old axe will do, anything but a squire, rock city news, you gotta pay your dues at the rock city news, if you want to sing the blues, living on a wing and

Dr.alban - Rock steady lyrics

steady Rock steady Rock steady baby come and give me the pupulala Rock steady baby come and give me the pupulala Rock steady baby come and give me the pupulala Sweet pulala Sweet pulala Settle down, settle down, settle down with me Settle do

Hanson - Rock 'n' roll razorblade lyrics

me Watch me Watch me bleed rock and roll razorblade Watch me bleed rock and roll razorblade Razorblade Rock and roll razorblade It cuts so deep they failed to say This rock and roll razorblade Well there's nothing left in this town For a rockerball rolling now Rocke

Jonathan Coulton - Rock and roll boy lyrics

a two, a one, two, three, four I want to be a rock star When I was born I was just a young boy Now I'm grown, I am a old boy I live in this town, I love it (loves to live in this crazy, crazy town) And there's nothing you can do to change it (nothing you can do to change

Bay City Rollers - Rock 'n' roller lyrics

get my kicks from rock and roll A 12 bar boogie gonna bless my soul Wanna dance to that rhythm Get down to that rockin' beat I don't wanna play no heavy jazz With high class music And its stuffed shirt nights 'Cos I wanna be a rock 'n roll star And make

Bay City Rollers - Rock & roll honeymoon lyrics

I'm a knockin' So you better get your rockin' boots on You better ask your daddy for the caddy And we'll motor on Drive on baby to an all-night diner Jive on baby we're in Carolina Baby we're rollin' on Wonderin' where we're gone Reelin' and a rockin' O

Blue Man Group - Rock and go lyrics

gonna rock And then we’ll go Gonna rock, gonna rock, gonna rock and go We brought the music We brought the show Gonna rock, gonna rock, gonna rock and go We came to kick it That’s all we know We’re gonna wind it up real tight and then we’ll let it go. Let’

Britny Fox - Rock revolution lyrics

people got a chip on their shoulder About rock and roll music They put us right aside 'Cause their one track minds They say we're loud and violent For this joke of a system But yet they air violent shows about death Rape and fighting too '

Dio - Rock and roll lyrics

they take away your song You can finally hear the voices Of the ones that don't belong In the face of the rising wind We all sing Gloria Is there flame without fire Most unlikely If you're there when the walls come down We all sing - warrior Is there

Eden's Curse - Rock 'n' roll children lyrics

was starting to rain On the night that they first decided It was blinding with snow On the night that they ran away They were found in the dark But they never returned Just like somebody slammed a door Bang, yeah She was meant to be wild He was nea

Elize - Rock your soul lyrics

more I think, the less I see when I'm able to walk I'm queen of my world I let it rain on my skin I don't let myself down I don't let myself down just wanna be one with you wanna be one with you The more I think, the less I do when I'm able to talk I'm que

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Rock dust light star lyrics

Rock Dust Light Star Rock Dust Light Star And it's coming at you baby yeah Coming at you baby I'm a man on the moon Hoping I come back to soon Am I the only one to see light No use to getting down Pull your knees tonight So dumped in love

Mac Demarco - Rock and roll night club lyrics

in the Moonlight, heading downtown Looking for some fast love, gotta get down Boogie Woogie woman looking my way So, if you want a good time you know just where I stay At the Rock and Roll Night Club, Rock and Roll Night Club Rock and Roll Night Club, Rock and Roll Night Club

Meat Loaf - Rock 'n' roll hero lyrics

sold my soul to rock 'n' roll When it didn't cost a thing Stacks of scratched up 45's And taught myself how to sing What does it take to be a rock 'n' roll hero Just like the king Living your life in a blaze of glory Burnin' it up in a smoke filled club Givin' your soul to

Pleasure - Rock bottom lyrics

Lil' Wayne [Intro - Pleasure:] This gone feel real nice I got my swagga back on this one Now this ones goin out to All the fellas that done F**ked up They relationship with they Old lady thinking This was a game Now you done walked into that bar Ordered one drink One drink done Turned

Pretty Boy Floyd - Rock and roll is gonna set the night on fire lyrics

say you wanna set the night on fire But there´s just one thing That you need to take you higher 1-2-3 let´s go! Rock n' Roll It´s Friday night We´re gonna hit the lights It´s you and me We´re gonna Rock n' Roll All night! It´s Saturday And there´s just no way We

Slade - Rock 'n' roll bolero lyrics

s ridin' homeward now little girl Comin' home to make you feel good now, little girl We're headin' for that rock and roll bolero Headin' for that rock and roll bolero Bandloeros need good lovin' too little girl Comin' home to give you so much ooooooooo, little g

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Rock 'n' roll lyrics

thought I'd have a worry for me to be alone Playing near or far too many times should have known It can lose you all sleep at night Twelve bar blues is now alright Now it's up to you to try and find the reason to Rock 'n' Roll and every song Rock 'n' Roll and everyone It's Roc

Gwar - Rock roll party town lyrics

and roll--Dyn-O-Mite!!!! Party all day....Party all nite!!! Hey there girl--Do you like my big dick? Hey there baby--suck it!!! Til it gets real thick! Rock and roll, party town. Rock and roll, gonna pary down!! Rock and roll, party down--She's a r

One Ok Rock - Rock, scissors and paper lyrics

s do our rock, scissors, and paper make your hands and let anything out now you get ready to go!! You know somebody to share? I wonder if you can bear what is the one you take care? bring them back!! Let's do our rock, scissors, and paper make your

Roy Orbison - Rock and roll (fais-do-do) lyrics

when I first got to Memphis... I was knocked out by those friendly people They all said "howdy, howdy, come on in we don't know the meaning of the word outsider" I said "people, you gonna play this kinda music wel

Marcy Playground - Rock and roll heroes lyrics

and roll heroes Keep me so mesmerized In the confines of my room I'm moving to the sound And rock and roll heroes They help me sleep through the night And in the morning wake up to that song That played the night before I may be a teenage rebel I live

Betty Blowtorch - Rock my world lyrics

came to check out an all-girl rock show I picked you up and said "Hey baby, let's go" Well I'm not reying to put you down You were the foxiest guy hanging around You really rocked my world Rocked, rocked, rocked, rocked my world Satur

Danger Danger - Rock america lyrics

have you heard the news People on the hill changin' all the rules The battle's just begun, stand up and fight Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind, it's OK Be who you wanna be cause it's your life We're not the chosen ones but we've got strength in numbers

Bif Naked - Rock star man lyrics

phones to yak and wack wack wack, this irritating boy. Step on a crack to break his back, for he brings to me no joy. He speaks too long I reply in tongues He doesn't understand. Can he not see I must be free, for me he's not the man? Dissatisfied, I hear his lies and reply ca

Krokus - Rock city lyrics

give me money You give me lovin' Sweet satisfaction Of the first degree You never need me When I'm away 'Cause there's somebody For you to play So close your eyes And stay with me In rock city And ease your worried mind In rock city... I love the lies It tells your sto

Babyface - Rock bottom lyrics

was sitting here thinkin' 'bout my situation Though I know you got reservations I was thinkin' we could have it out 'Cause if we had it out I knew that we could work things out I know the girlies gotta watch their reputations They like to know they

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - And it won't take long lyrics

it won't take long to forget you Time it passes fast Maybe all be over in a minute You'll be in the past You can lose a love of a life time In a cinereous You can gaine a fortune Hand it Instead Or you can lose your soul And it won't take lon

April Wine - Hard to believe lyrics

it's never ending True love could never last too long (long) To live your life without believin' You still live your life alone And I'm right here beside you This boy would never let you down And if you're ever feelin' lonesome You'll find comfort in

Brandon Flowers - Hard enough lyrics

let me in to your life unaware that there was magic and fire in the night And back then I was just a little boy I made mistakes that caused you so much pain All I know is that I'm older now Some people think that it's best to refrain from the conventions of old-fashioned lov

Kim Richey - Hard to say goodbye lyrics

talked it out And we've had our say And we both agree We're better off this way. Well, good for us We're so grown up And there's no hard feelings Sure, we'll keep in touch. Tell me why, tell me why Is it so hard to say goodbye Hard to say goodbye. A

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Hard way to learn (japanese edition bonus tra.. lyrics

should have walked away When I lost faith But I knew deep inside it was no disgrace You see, sometimes in life You have to know your place And it's a hard way to learn I thought I was in control And all I had was safe But there was no way I could know That the risk w

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