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And I’ll Testify To The Battles You’ve Won lyrics

Browse for And I’ll Testify To The Battles You’ve Won song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed And I’ll Testify To The Battles You’ve Won lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to And I’ll Testify To The Battles You’ve Won.

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Puscifer - The humbling river lyrics

nurture heaven and home Sum of all, and by them ... driven To conquer every mountain shown ... But I've never crossed the river Braved the forests, ... braved the stone Braved the icy winds and fire Braved and beat them on my own Yet I'm

Suede lyricsSuede - To the birds lyrics

your life cos your bicycle won't fly You may be going to ... heaven tonight Don't spoil the show for the love of some ... albino You won't be going to heaven alone I see her by the window waiting every night

Manowar - The power of my sword lyrics

on bended knee conquest by the rising sun I'll wait for ... thy command with flame and blood at hand glory and a ... broken sword. I'm the master of the world I have no

Hillsong Church - To the end of the earth lyrics

is lost In all you are And I would give the world to ... tell Your story Cause I know that You've ... good within Your promise I won't hide it I won't hide it

Hillsong United - To the ends of the earth lyrics

is lost In all you are And I would give the world to ... tell Your story Cause I know that You've ... good within Your promise I won't hide it I won't hide it

Lamb Of God - To the end lyrics

ve held the hand of God and I've sang the Devil's song And when it comes my time no ... fall But some will light the fire And some will mourn the ... one Left longing for the ire of their departed son.

Evergrey - The impossible lyrics

cross the dark side of the moon. I'll do the same with the rings of saturn. I'll stay ... away through the marsh of winter. But in the ... end what does it matter? And I'll look to the sky, for the

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The clansman lyrics

alone in the hills With the wind in your face It feels ... good to be proud And be free and be a race That is part of a ... clan And to live on highlands And the air that you breathe So pure and so clean When

Battlesoul - To the stars lyrics

ve broken oath but so have they, We summoned our wolves to the feast, The crows were the ... only victors, They lived long in those bloody ... Life being choked out of me, They enjoy the view, A thorn in their side for these many years,

Krokus - To the top lyrics

my beat you know it honey To make life easy They keep ... painting their fingers at me Just to ... terse me Oh my hands are tied And I'm up to my ... in work I've been comin' and join' Don't know which stake

Savage Garden - To the moon and back lyrics

s taking her time making up the reasons To justify all the ... inside Guess she knows from the smiles And the look in their ... eyes Everyone's got a theory about the bitter one They're saying: Mama never

Blaze Bayley - The clansman (acoustic) lyrics

alone in the hills With the wind in your face It feels ... good to be proud And be free and a race That is part of a ... clan And to live on highlands And the air that you breathe So pure and so clean When

Engel - To the end lyrics

here, it's fire in my eyes There is a distance here, I can't ... can't you see that I am here to make it real? Say what you ... will, I'll come to the end for you Lead me away; I

James - Go to the bank lyrics

go on forever Baby come back to me maybe we'll get Together ... Baby come back to me you're such good company ... Baby come back to me i don't expect you to

James Blake - To the last lyrics

re going to the last, you and I You're more to me than ... any any sons Never in a fore and only son And i wont have ... i see is what you've done To the last, you and I to the

Les Humphries Singers - We'll fly to the promised land lyrics

ll fly you to the promised land The promised land. We'll ... fly you to the promised land The promised land. And the answer will be When he gives ... us the key And the answer will be in the

Pennywise - The western world lyrics

are the dregs of the western world The steroid ... boys and video girls We are the viral internet stars And the ... anchor man can't stop crying We are the dead

Raven - To the limit / to the top lyrics

is the sun over the horizon Marching through the ... snow Freezing to the core Fighting back the pain, ... Marking out a trail Smashing the ice with muscle and hammer

Alela Diane - The snow lyrics

I close my eyes, I listen to the freeway As I close my eyes, ... I listen to the freeway As I close my eyes, ... I listen to the freeway I miss the days when

Andrzej Zaucha - The second time around lyrics

behind. Blue sky now fills the windshield. Open road to ... If I lucked out this time There's still a chance that maybe ... It's the second time around, I'm

Blitz Kids - To the lions lyrics

ve been waiting in the backseat, safe and sound and sleeping off Your difference ... on what's gonna make another million. We've been openly ... discussing how to bring you down a notch,

Emblem3 - To the moon and back lyrics

lay your weary head down And I'll fight off the monsters ... Underneath your-or-or-or bed And I love you To the moon and ... lay your weary head down And I'll fight off the monsters

Go:audio - Drive to the city lyrics

move around like the sound of a melody in my ... just you with your notes and your beat But you're ... missing C, and that's me And yeah, It's about that time

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - The natives(bonus track) lyrics

Seems like everyones got their beef But tomorrow we'll be ... [Funny Man & Deuce] And all the days come back to me ... Come back to what we used to be And in the end we'll find

Kiuas - The wanderers lamentation lyrics

walk on the burning sands I walk in the freezing cold ... I walk from the verdant woods to desolate ... rocks and stone air it speaks to me ... carrying me on my journey they call me the Wanderer i seek

Miguel - To the moon lyrics

got a rocket in my pocket And I'm ready to go I'm talking ... tic tic time bomb ready to blow Just one more time ... right First class flight to the stars Strap in pretty thing

Razorlight - To the sea lyrics

and away, over bridges and sighs And on and on, on and ... inside While up above, where the looking glass skies Go on and on, on and on She can't say ... word, she keeps it inside To the sea To the sea Oh down

M.o.p. - To the death lyrics

y'all M.O.P. up in this motherf***er You niggaz hear? [ ... Bill ] M.O.P to the motherf***in death [ Fame ] ... Straight from the streets gettin cash [ Bill ]

Michael W. Smith - (to the praise of his) glorious grace lyrics

us praise the One who chose us Let us ... thank the One who knows us Set apart, ... in His sight Through the Son, we have faith, we have ... life To the praise of His glorious grace

Mother Mother - To the wild lyrics

all your pages Set them on fire Take off your cage and Go back to the wild Take the new ages Throw ‘em on the ... take just that I’m made of And run into the wild Ooo…

Nightcore - The natives lyrics

Seems like everyones got their beef, but tomorrow we'll ... Chorus: Funny Man, The Producer And all the days ... come back to me, come back to what we used to be. And in the end well find the rest. The

Nokturnal Mortum - To the gates of blasphemous fire lyrics

day is (always) going away and (the) night covers the ... children of coldness and darkness by it's screen. The frozen flame (in) wrath tears ... the letters... The thirst is free and the rivers

Satyricon - To the mountains lyrics

lost touch with me I was and still am fire Ignite! To the mountains Live, breathe, ... move I know, it pains me too Ignite! To the mountains

Blackberry Smoke - Testify lyrics

was in the spring on a sunny day Saw a ... good boy turn and go the wrong way He was too busy ... being hard as stone To ever realize he was all alone ... Wanna testify about the things I've seen Wash my hands but they never come clean Testify, some win, some lose

Masters Of Reality - Testify to love lyrics

of me I call out your name then you come running A prayer ... can be answered you give me the power to Hold on hold on ... hold on Hold on hold on Testify to live another day Testify to love to live another day

Aranda - Testify lyrics

came to resurrect this body from the ... ashes of the grave To walk upon the road less ... I lose my faith I came to testify to the new king before you ... look away Just let me testify, I gotta testify Lord

Suzanne Vega lyricsSuzanne Vega - The queen and the soldier lyrics

soldier came knocking upon the queen's door He said, &quot ... for you any more" The queen knew she'd seen his ... face someplace before And slowly she let him inside.

Olympos Mons - The emperors return lyrics

heard the horns in the hills swords shone in the ... midday sun the north has obeyed his will ... countless are the battles he´s won an empire of a ... living God as was told in the tales of old will rise from

Anvil - The fight is never won lyrics

rage everyday, never going to stop Soon will come the ... final day when the bomb will drop Soon will ... come the judgement day when the bomb will drop Quest for

Coalesce - The purveyor of novelty and nonsense lyrics

am a merchant who fills this land with the novelty and nonsense ... that withers wills. My struggle is to ... keep with what country demands, and family deserves. I put

Planetshakers - The victory lyrics

is liberty, Cause You have won the victory, We’re living ... freedom We walk by faith and not by sight, Praise You ... We will sing it loud! Let the whole world know, That You

David Shankle Group - The tolling of the bell lyrics

TOLLING OF THE BELL The path to unknown glory, the ... road to unknown fate The never-ending story, a prophet ... or a snake Being doomed from the start, transgression a la

Epic Rap Battles Of History - Alexander the great vs ivan the terrible lyrics

de la Kremlin's arriving Try to serve Ivan: no surviving You ... re a land rover, I'm a land expander Here to hand you ... your first loss, Alexander I'll school you like Aristotle Smack you harder than you

Heavatar - To the metal lyrics

song is to the metal To the one I love We have seen a ... lot these years Though some of them ... were tough Still I always knew you won't leave me We have been many

Heather Dale - Bow to the crown lyrics

to the crown, Bow to the throne, And bow to the one ... s favour you own. Remember their eyes are watching the fray, ... Then bow to each other and fight as you may. Honour the crown and fight for their

3 Inches Of Blood - Battles and brotherhood lyrics

drawn we race across the sky Hunting down our enemies ... we will see them die A juggernaut of steel ... carries us to the end Unleash a bloody ... on that you can depend The way that we fight, with metal

Austin Mahone - The one i´ve waited for lyrics

my walls up high But now they're falling and you're the ... reason why And with you I'm not alone Cause ... you are the one I've waited for But my ... I'd feel safe I'll give in, won't be afraid Cause you are the one I've waited for With

Paula Abdul - To you lyrics

chrous:] to you, gonna give it all to ... you to you, gonna give it all to ... if it's pleasure you want and it's pleasure i've got baby ... i will give it all to you if you're lonely at

Bathory - The land lyrics

land is mine to the end of time none it shall ... claim or conquer the mountains high : the endless ... sky the forests and the sea Oh land rejoice : ... your son has sailed beyond the seas : adventurous trail

David Choi - Won't even start lyrics

you under my skin Its always there no matter where I've been ... So if ever see you on the street I'll pretend that I ... didn't see And turn my face No use in small

G.b.h. - The forbidden zone lyrics

desert with a bottle of J.D. The red pipe glows with lines of ... c. Things are normal but they won't be soon. Hairy ... monsters in the next room. Frogsheads and

My American Heart - The days i've died lyrics

a different shade of black And you to me are as dead as fall ... everything in this world The silence goes on and on With ... it back It leaves a debt to stay The price you'll pay

Passenger lyricsPassenger - The last unicorn lyrics

begins, We’ll embrace just to warm our skins. Ill think ... of her and youll think of him. And ... we’ll talk to keep the silence from our ears, And

Converge - To the lions lyrics

As she closes her doors to end this night This raging ... sea won't have you This weary grave won't keep you These tired arms won't hold you As she closes her

Matt Nathanson - Room at the end of the world lyrics

was leaving with the drunks Singing Sinatra loud ... But no one ever came to mark the spot So I got good at ... pleasure And started tying tighter knots ... now When it's all I used to believe If the sun don't

Aaron Watson - The honky tonk kid lyrics

wrinkled and gray but he’s still got the ... fire And he sings on the stage like a bird on a wire ... always did Everybody loves The Honky Tonk Kid He got his

Artension - The killing lyrics

cloud is covering the sky And I feel, now there is no end ... in sight Don't turn and run away You'll never know Won't let you leave this place ... No, not alive! Come and join the killing Not without

At Vance - The curtain will fall lyrics

I never knew that you're the devil in disguise The game ... you've played as far beyond the rules we've made Now that we ... through all your excuses are too late Getting closer right

B. B. King - Key to the highway lyrics

ve got the key to the highway Feel I got to go ... running Walking is both too slow I'm going back to the border Baby where I'm ... done nothing baby But draw the good man from home When the moon peeps over the mountain

Elbow lyricsElbow - The stops lyrics

can't undo the day It won't go, won't go under the rug ... I pull out the stops And you, you pull the plug These are sober days and I know ... can't be But I'll miss you the way you miss the sea Just

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