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Van Morrison - Ancient of days lyrics

you shining in the sun this morning Saw you shining in the moon at night Saw you shining in the sun this morning Saw vou shining in the moon at night Ancient of days, ancient of days, ancient of day a a a ays. Saw you standing by the winding river Saw you Standing by the shin

Remedy Drive - Ancient of days lyrics

of Days Ancient of Days Ancient of Days Ancient of Days Ancient of Days Ancient of

Insyderz - Ancient of days lyrics

and honor Glory and power Be unto the Ancient of days From every nation All of creation Will bow before the Ancient of days Every tongue in heaven and earth will declare your glory Every knee shall bow at your throne and worship You will be exalted oh God, and your king

Petra - Ancient of days lyrics

and honor Glory and power Be unto the Ancient of Days From every nation All of creation Bow before the Ancient of Days Every tongue in heaven and earth Shall declare Your glory Every knee will bow at Your throne In worship You wi

Imperator - Ancient rage lyrics

Gods of the stars are seven Their have their seven gates They are approached by seven seals And seven material essences The Zonei The seven deadly sins The curse of seven oaths The fear and seven names The pride of seven Gods For time is short a

Seals & Crofts - Ancient of the old lyrics

a crisp as bacon morning with the sunshine on my head, From the twilight of the dawning raised myself up from my bed. Fixed mine eyes upon a favor like no mortal eye behold, Then I chose to taste the flavor of the ancient of the old. On a chill as winter

Archspire - Ancient of ancients lyrics

Great galactic assembly congregate upon the plains long before the time of man, Where the species of all worlds collide in prayer in sacrifice, Where the altar fires burn infinite, They halt their feuds, and unite for the better of all creation. F

Gandalf - Days are only here and gone lyrics

with the morning sun it was our first day feeling love that had to be in the light of that day and as we watched the sun go down these words came to your eyes Days Are Only Here And Gone tell me why and you know it seemed as though the world was standing still

Another Life - The end of days lyrics

the rain and watch the sky This is what I give you Touch the skin and taste the lips This is what I have given you The sand is warm and so are you Swirl in the water that lick the shores I have no light to guide you So make your way by strife I have nothing else to give you But

Asphyx - Of days when blades turned blunt lyrics

to this calender nine thermidor, year two age of the national razor humane mass-murdering tool execurtioner's grinning as the axe comes down swift smooth separation off goes another crown thus kings and queens convicted like Marie-Antoinette her mug too in the bask

A Tribe Called Quest - Lyrics to go lyrics

Q-Tip] Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) uhh Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) ahh yeah, c'mon Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) yeah yeah Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) Goin on and on to the rhythmic variation Wakin in the morning I still represent the nation When

Abney Park - Ancient world lyrics

The ancient world is crumbling Replaced with synthetic blend If we don't do something soon Mankind's last beauty will end This palace withstood the test of time ...

Deinonychus - Ancient dreams lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Leif Edling/CANDLEMASS] [Published by Active records.] [Original version available on CANDLEMASS' "Ancient Dreams"Lp/Cd 1988.] Reach deep within where reality is hard to find Search in the corners of the winding mazes

Sara Evans - Three chords and the truth lyrics

a highway bound for nowhere I ran my fingers through my tangled hair As I pulled in for another tank of freedom With a hundred miles behind me And a million more to go I was tryin' to put some distance between us I turned on the radio And a voice came over swee

Michael W. Smith - You are holy (prince of peace) lyrics

are holy (You are holy) You are mighty (You are mighty) You are worthy (You are worthy) Worthy of praise (Worthy of praise) And I will follow (I will follow) I will listen (I will listen) I will love you (I will love you) All of my days (All of my days) (Guys) I wil

Avantasia - Master of the pendulum lyrics

the one who‘s stretching out his hand Is it it or is it me that won‘t lose hold Take on to the pendulum and sway Like a mistletoe I‘m clinging to the cold, yeah I am the trellis for those in need to twine around The rock of ages for those who‘re

Impellitteri - Kingdom of light lyrics

more tears, no more pain, no more crying in the rain No more sorrow, no more blame, in the kingdom of light No more fear, no more lies, no temptation, open eyes Finally found my piece of mind on the road to paradise The revelation of the word is rocking the ages Bringing sol

Athena - Twilight of days lyrics

of ancient kings let us understand, It's time to commemorate, time to claps our hands. Remember the pride we had, glories of our past, Don't forget we must defend the honour of this land! We've no more time to complain, let's unite and fight No mercy for enemies,

Current 93 - Christ and the pale queens lyrics

without origin and from whom every beginning comes forth i am the ancient of days to declare that i am a day by myself alone i am the day that does not shine by the sun rather by me that the sun is ignited i am the reason that it is not made percept

John Denver - Ancient rhymes lyrics

days before the moon was round, you felt the urge of sun's light beams. The muffled world of dolphin sound slipped down and back into your dreams. For nine full months that passed before, you learned of all life's ancient rhymes. Then mother sensed a farther shore and br

Domine - Ancient spirit rising lyrics

I. A Moment Frozen In Time] When I long for the truth When I search for my youth That's when I call out your name, inside myself Deep inside I know there's something to re-live Day after day, life can be so hard I need the strength to carry on That's when I wait for you to

Ancient Dome - Ancient dome lyrics

to live And living to thrash is the way to be Banging on stage Feeling the adrenaline while I’m playing Inside my head I want to scream just not to become mad Millions of words Cannot explain what’s the power I hold !!! Look deep in my eyes, there’s a fire

Folkodia - Ancient forest of elves lyrics

within the ancient forest of elves this secret sanctuary is filled with magic and mystery. A ray of light through the leaf. Reveals the pureness and beauty of Princess Elemire Time and nature have stopped their way in this lost Eden of Elves Deep within the anc

W. Michael Smith - Prince of peace you are holy lyrics

are holy (You are holy) You are mighty (You are mighty) You are worthy (You are worthy) Worthy of praise (Worthy of praise) I will follow (I will follow) I will listen (I will listen) I will love You (I will love you) All of my days (All of my days) I will sing to (You are

Necromantia - Ancient pride lyrics

glory of your love Is built upon our people's pain And your glory is painted red Of our noble blood you shed. You came and slaughtered Odin You came and murdered Zeus Our Gods became your Satan And Satan became our God The ancient pride Still burns within us Honou

Savage Circus - Of doom and death lyrics

I am, a journeyman In the dusk of time On barren land I'm walking burning sand With a gun in my hand On the scent for the man in black From a life so far away Night and day Again and again In the land where all begun For a living he's swinging the gun Something is calling

Between The Buried And Me - Augment of rebirth lyrics

Music & lyrics by Between The Buried And Me] [Prospect #2] Moving forward. Memories left behind. A new life, a new journey. I've built anew. For mankind... for my kind. The vessel stares back at me. From every angle, the menacing smile lat

Candlemass - Ancient dreams lyrics

deep within where reality is hard to find Search in the corners of the winding mazes of your mind Seek out the treasures that open doors that some keep sealed Believe in your dreams and a wonderworld will be revealed Come to the boundless land somewhe

Hecate Enthroned - Ancient graveless dawn lyrics

a place of ancient splendour I returned to moments night To catch the lightning in your eye And tame it with a lullaby Darkness falls upon thy face All figments of the human race It is as if I've always known For none but them the overthrown Deep in the shadows the

Andy Hunter - The wonders of you lyrics

alpha to Omega No Ones greater While your cutting the wax And cross up the fader You can cross the fade But can't fade the cross Divine blood drops Can set free the lost Love personified Makes seas divide Eyes of the storm Of the tempest ride Who can compare Who can da

Aesma Daeva - Ancient verses lyrics

there was myth and mystery. Now we destroy our ancient verse, our history. The eyes of my comrades watching, they haunt me. Dream a sinking ship in waters green; death down to fate; my sacrifice, sorrow fathoms deep. The vision of a golden country, it haunts me. Dome of fragile

Deinonychus - Ancient dreams (candlemass cover) lyrics

deep within where reality is hard to find Search in the corners of the winding mazes of your mind Seek out the treasures that open doors that some keep sealed Believe in your dreams and a wonderworld will be revealed Come to the boundless land somewhere inside your fantasies

Kiuas - Of ancient wounds lyrics

long ago, guiding them across the open steppe On their land the Sun God rose and set They ran and rode like the wind, their hearts and future open wide As free children of the Earth and sky Brothers rise and greet the pagan Sun So long forgotten in the darkness

Needtobreathe - Signature of divine (yahweh) lyrics

have tried in vain To show the image of your face. But we are, by your design, The signature of divine. We'll always sing your name. Forever and today. Yahweh, Yahweh... Great is your glory when you go before me Oh, we sing... Holy, Holy... Your ways are

Moonspell - Ancient winter goddess lyrics

pure veil of darkness. A mysterious fog. The Moon is full. And the Wolves you call. Red as my blood it is the sky above us. As I witness the arrival of the Winter Solstice. And I cry from the abyss with the legions of Lilith. Who grant me, son of Goat, the virtues if

Van Morrison - Youth of 1,000 summers lyrics

s the youth of a thousand summers He's the youth of a thousand summers Like a sweet bird of youth Like a sweet bird of youth In my soul. in my soul, in my soul In my soul. in my soul. in my soul And he looks so radiant And he shines like the sun And he looks so radiant And

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu - Days nights lyrics

could I breathe What can I do to you To know I feel the same I keep your name In my heart. Why does my heart feel so Why do I let you go I can't feel no more Dream no more I miss you. Nights & Days (I can give you) I just say I'm sorry I just need

Haim - Days are gone lyrics

I got back up When I lost control over it all, over it all And then I knew that I couldn't take no more Because I want it all, I want it all All the times said it All the times said it before Those days are gone Because you didn't know how And I know that now I want it all

Jakub Hübner - Way back into love - 'music and lyrics' lyrics

ve been living with a shadow overhead I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed I've been lonely for so long Trapped in the past I just can't seem to move on I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away Just in case I ever need them again someday I've b

Silent Voices - End of days lyrics

you feel it burning up inside? Can you hear the demons screaming in your mind The end is drawing near confront your darkest fears Blood will fall like black rain torment of souls-infernal pain Soon we will see the fall of the stars at the end of days

Jon Anderson - Day of days lyrics

does this radiance Light my eyes All colors radiate a feeling so How do we speak of a morn That burned so bright Seems only yesterday As a child I'd wake to find the reasures of the dawn Sleep in the sunlight How thrilled my senses so Then there in beaut

Pentatonix lyricsPentatonix - Dog days are over (florence and the machine c.. lyrics

hit her like a train on a track Coming towards her,stuck still no turning back She hid around corners and she hid under beds She killed it with kisses and from it she fled The dog days are over,the dog days are done The horses are coming so you better

Dirty Vegas - Days go by lyrics

You You You You You You You You You You Still a whisper on my lips A feeling at my fingertips That's pulling at my skin You Leave me when I'm at my worst Feeling as if I've been cursed Bitter cold within Days go by And still I think of you Days when I couldn't live my life without you

The Drums - Days lyrics

now days go by And I never needed you And now days go by And I never needed you And I worked so hard And I killed myself And I broke my bones And you sold my soul And now days go by And I never needed you And now days go by And I never needed you And I could've be

Eddy Arnold - Days gone by lyrics

days gone by are drifting through my memory The days gone by are shadding in my heart How often have I closed my eyes so I might see The days gone by that never quite depart Old friends hello I called to you across the years And then my heart I hear your soft reply

A Fine Frenzy - Last of days lyrics

causing fear to fly Rising like a dark night In silence Travels like a broken boat Heading for the sky And I'm an island I watched you disappear into the clouds Swept away into another town The world carries on without you But nothing remains the same I'll be lost without

Alter Bridge - Ghost of days gone by lyrics

misery I know Like a friend that won't let go Is creeping up on me now once again So I sing this song tonight To the ghost that will not die And somehow it seems to haunt til the end Do you feel the same For what was remained Yesterday is gone, we can't go b

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Days of 49 lyrics

m old Tom Moore from the bummer's shore in that good old golden days They call me a bummer and a ginsot too, but what cares I for praise ? I wander around from town to town just like a roving sign And all the people say, "There goes Tom Moore, in the da

Iced Earth - Days of rage lyrics

beat you black and blue You're fleeced, your anger's seething They turned their backs on you, betrayed! Fight or die, kill or be killed Society's collapsing You watch your world die and decay Days of rage Days of rage Days of rage Unhinged and full of hate A time bomb clearly

Richard Marx - Days in avalon lyrics

m nearing the end Or the beginning Whichever one finds me And I'm counting the tears And the blessings That I'll leave behind me I could not ask for more You were the one thing worth livin' for I will remember days in avalon I will rememb

Daysend - End of days lyrics

it a piece you want or is it peace you want? Is this your fatherland? Is it the holy land? Am I your enemy or a best friend to be? Will you meet up with me over the weekend? All they say Misconstrue Word of war without proof Can't you see I'm like

Magnum - Days of no trust lyrics

to they future, look to the past Face the accuser, freeze in our tracks When so many children have fallen from grace The doors should be open, no scorn or disgrace Keys have been stolen, treasure is lost Lesson is golden, hearts have been crossed So here's t

Ministry - End of days part two lyrics

the future unfolds in the end of days Judgment of our times in biblical ways Our man made gods, genocide is faith Idea warfare has been engaged Cannot trust your fellow man at all these days Sycophants out looking to get paid Images burned into my face Pangs of Dist

Skindred - Days like these lyrics

s going on with earth? Don't you know what a life is worth It's all getting wilder everyday No worldwide security No love there, it's plain to see And that's not the way it's meant to be We must be strong We got to get along Now look inside you

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Until the end of days lyrics

the end of days [2x] Fear is building lies like castles out of sand An age of ignorance that I don't understand Just hold on If you can bend you can't be broken You must hold on to your life All the hatred in the world can break you down Take

Arise - End of days lyrics

in a moment Everything's mine Wild for the evening Wild for the night I'm here to stay and you are my friend The blackout is coming But I won't fear the end This will be the end of days No tomorrow Nothing at all There will be no more light No more dawn No limi

Death By Stereo - This curse of days lyrics

can't take us down, you can't stop us now, You can't crush all my hopes, my dreams, my enemy is time, There is no silence now, you will not shut my mouth, My thoughts you will no longer oppress, my enemy is time And as I fight for breath, I w

Fozzy - End of days lyrics

happened to all of us? The things we say, our evil ways Who could we really trust? Our lies and betrayal is why we fail Can you believe in love? Lost in this world Can you believe in love? And it's not too late End of days, and there's a full moon

Nocturnal Rites - End of days lyrics

you seen the fall of the world How blood stains the ground at our feet Mankind kills in the name of God Holy vengeance, lies, and deceit Have you seen the fall of man How wounded he crawls through the mud Dust and bones still cover the soil While we measu

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