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Assedium - Ancestral + sacred vengeance lyrics

sing of an age forgotten Heroes' tales and wars divine of the dreams now dead and rotten of the youth of human kind For the nine Muses immortal for Apollo and for Mars I sing not of what is mortal but of what forever lasts! ........ .......... ......... .......

Rhapsody Of Fire - Sacred power of raging winds lyrics

oriel tarna. Majestic winds of the northlands protect our heroes from the deadly Naroth cover their tracks with snow rgae on with all your fury Naira carna oriel nirnaan Dark is the way to the mountains of grey Breath turns to ice in the air The journey i

Exciter - Sacred war lyrics

warriors -lead teh nation Striking with vengeance - the glory and pride Battle hymns are chanted - a thousand voices strong Divided by armour and weapons of steel FORBIDDEN - Sacred War FORBIDDEN - Sacred War Sacred... War FORBIDDEN - Sacred War FORBIDDEN - Sacred War Sacred... Wa

Sacred Gate - Vengeance lyrics

endless hours of torment, their black and evil souls The pain as I way dying, the fear of my demise is what I still remember before the darkness fell And then I felt a power, I was reborn again Vengeance... for the time I spent in the iron hell Vengeance... for the hours

Krisiun - Vengeance's revelation lyrics

burning unfolding a revelation As my body melts away in a sacred pyre Entering soul in the realms of forgotness Heritage from earth's pain Infinite blackness in the kingdom of death Black spirits screaming and driffiting Burned was my existance Burned was my body

Alice Cooper - Vengeance is mine lyrics

hated every part of me Expect me to forget it They tried so hard to bury me But I survived it every time Convicted of every crime Silently doing time But when I get outta here I wanna make it clear Vengeance is mine Vengeance is mine, mine, mine To forgive is divine

Enceladus - Ancestral venture lyrics

you ever wondered Why our past seems so unclear As if there’s something we don’t see or hear There is much more to you and I If you would just realize that Every glimpse of the night sky Holds an answer What if I told you that All you’ve been given is a lie But there’s a

Anvil - Vengeance to kill lyrics

hate the world and everything that's in it I want to kill them all, don't care if they know I did it I pack a gun I'm on the run And I'm not afraid to use it I hate the law and the justice system I think it's sad there's no shred of wisdom Turns my heart cold with hate

The Nipple Erectors - Vengeance lyrics

I remember the times you put me down before Spreading it around like a cheap little whore And now you’re finished with your fancy man Skinny little runt from Birmingham I want vengeance and I want it now I want vengeance gonna get it somehow I’m gonn

The Absence - Vengeance and victory lyrics

legions crush them to dust Forever turns black now frozen to rust Awaken, feel the bliss in reverse The weight of our struggle Hunger and thirst Triumph we seek Vengeance and victory Crush your enemies Vengeance and victory Legacies cursed to the wolves The beasts

Leaves' Eyes - Vengeance venom lyrics

and son Weak was their bond Dear to his mother Guileless and strong Feasting for you Guests from afar Come to the table Feast of the year Mysteriously Vanishes food The kings' blood creeping Fill up my drinking horn Fill up your drinking horns Hey Drink on brothe

Graveworm - Vengeance is sworn lyrics

Whoa The mighty horde With swords and shields For vengeance they ride They fight the lives Of innocent souls For kingdom and might Draw the blood Crush their lives The enemy shall pay Fire and light Enemies of kind Silence before the storm Shall bring the end To kil

Acidez - Vengeance lyrics

open your eyes To this f***ing reality You can see, all the world is doomed Vengeance, vengeance, kill the f***ing bastards Vengeance, vengeance, kill the f***ing boneheads Vengeance, vengeance, kill the f***ing fascists Vengeance, vengeance… f*** off Why are

Crom - Vengeance part ii lyrics

the north, ride, ride son of wrath to the north Proudly bear your father's sword, proudly bear your crest Proudly hold your head up high and stand up to the test Of skill at arms and courage against despair Of noble spirits bound to rise against the force of tyranny "For

Crom - Vengeance part ii ...and the effect lyrics

the north, ride, ride son of wrath to the north Proudly bear your father's sword, proudly bear your crest Proudly hold your head up high and stand up to the test Of skill at arms and courage against despair Of noble spirits bound to rise against the force of tyranny "For

Ring Of Fire - Vengeance for blood lyrics

day lonely day Fading to grey There's no getting away So tired of lying away Feeling my cold heart break There's nothing more I can take I know before morning comes I'll do what has got to be done I'm gonna make it right tonite Tonite I'm riding f

Signum Regis - Vengeance/liar (yngwie malmsteen cover) lyrics

what you want, the you'll get what you need Isn't that all that we're teaching Slowly but surely we're planting the seed Hey listen, there's no use in preaching All these years you've turned away Nothing left to say Vengeance You haven't a

Exousia - Vengeance lyrics

night is very close The time is over, there is not a way out It’s the time for vengeance Vengeance, vengeance... For justice... We are tired to see your acts We are tired to hear your lies We are sick to smell your presence It’s time to see your fall.

Ian Gillan - Vengeance lyrics

for eye Tooth for tooth You take one but I can take two Call it vengeance I'm seeking vengeance For my independence And I'm fighting with you If you burn my house I'll steal your car I'll knock you down And you won't get too far From my power I'm full of p

Zack Hemsey - Vengeance lyrics

I die alone I'll have my vengeance. Before I die alone I'll have my vengeance. Before I die alone I'll have my vengeance. Before I die alone I'll have my vengeance. Before I die alone I'll have my vengeance

Shakespeare's Sister - Sacred heart lyrics

my confession while it's on my mind One holy hour of your precious time Could save my soul Bitter memories could faid away You could make this fallen angels day If you'll be there, if you'll take care of..... My sacred heart Spare my sacred heart My sacred heart I give to you

Amon Amarth - Vengeance is my name lyrics

odds are stacked against me Outnumbered three to one These men are seasoned warriors But I stand my ground Waiting Let them come Ready Cut them down No chainmail for protection I don't have a shield Surprise my one advantage Keeping my sword concealed Hid

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - Vengeance on my mind ft. dana lyrics

Hook] I feel no pain Vengeance on my mind, all night, all day I feel my rage Once I get on and on, I'll say Yeah, yeah [Verse 1: G-Eazy] Yeah Clear visions with my eyes closed Where I wanna take this to is where my mind goes The road less traveled is the high roa

Lita Ford - Sacred lyrics

death do us part ain't long enough But the hallmark cards say all that stuff I just wanted to say you're so special So sacred to me Loves not a big enough word To tell you how I feel I'll spend eternity Showing you what you mean to me You so sacred you're so sacred to

Biohazard - Vengeance is mine lyrics


Deicide - Vengeance will be mine lyrics

Lead...] Vengeance will be mine, take what is yours and leave you to die, Fortune unachieved, riddled with spite, destroying your life, Liar that you are, facing yourself; you think you're a star, Backstab you will see, standing alone, and loosing your dream,

Dragonheart - Vengeance in black lyrics

pressure of darkness turns me insane A cruel madness domain my heart Everyone will pay, laying into the dark And from a cold flame I will let my mark A black and grey world will be your home Silent and pathetic creatures you are Akronis kingdom falls into a disgrace I will spre

Conorach - Vengeance descends lyrics

child of five I was when I saw my father die. Killed before my eyes, no apparent reason why. The time will finally come for I can’t let it go, I’ll claim my place in time for all the world to know. Vengeance will be mine! In my heart it burns, the pain that makes m

Diviner - Sacred war lyrics

of holy fire Save us from the eternal pain Ride with plain desire Bring us back the sacred flame Run for your lives for sanctuary Black horse arrives from Hades Came to release dark sorcery From all the deadly sins we cannot run Marching for the sacred war Th

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Sacred & wild lyrics

the dark of the night we are the demons in silence In the light of the moon we are the storm of the damned In the heat of the wild we are the bloodred horizon Stand anywhere we land In the call of the wild we are the thunder and lightning In the roar of the fight we

Revenge - Vengeance of hell lyrics

in the night is strange People can feel it in the air The ground opens itself And the power of hell attacks !!!! Ruthless demons assault the earth Destroying everything in their pace They Seek their most precious victims F***ing politicians

Living Colour - Sacred ground lyrics

many times must we tell them are they never gonna learn How many times must we tell them are they never gonna learn This is sacred ground, sacred ground How many times must we tell them are they never gonna learn This is sacred ground, sacred ground For all those trying t

Sodom - Sacred warpath lyrics

pacification The shadows will return Insidious conflagration When life begins to burn Awake that's sleeping deep inside Slumbering mercenaries Disclose the mass demise Forsaken generosities When daylight disappears into hell Unholy clouds of d

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Sacred trust lyrics

meant to fight it to the finish but you made me forget And though it's possible I'm dreaming, don't wake me yet You know I love you I can't see the day for night You know I twist around and turn around and then I give in You end up in control of me it's really

Queensrÿche - Sacred ground lyrics

over, close your eyes. Whisper the flame, it takes us higher. Seems our world is closing around. When I'm inside you, you bring me to sacred ground. When I'm inside you, you bring me to sacred ground. Now you're the one that I want, you know it's true. Let go of everything, ope

Nocturnal Rites - Vengeance lyrics

the void, an image of nothing is fading The venomous grey, dissolves into pieces of me The carrion calls, entices the pest, they're falling The Charon he waits But no one can see the flames at sea I'll have my vengeance My kingdom come I spe

Nuclear Assault - Vengeance lyrics

ve followed you For many years of my life For many years the sins that you Have done to me I've borne Always near to you I've been Regardless of the strife Awaiting patiently without fear For the time to strike Running through cities Not f

Ocean Jet - Vengeance lyrics

night Hard to get over The rising tide I'm down for another ride Deep inside, you're burning my rivers And maybe this night Is all about us Despite Of the killing delight I'm facing your love Pretty and dangerous Besides Playing it right You keep me alive

Crystal Eyes - Vengeance descending lyrics

Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Dahl, Götesson I've found a way back to my home at last A way that has been locked and cloaked until now It’s time to take care of my programmed past, find the answers, and then finally fulfil my vow Pre Chorus: I've learned from my ship’s secret f

Erasure lyricsErasure - Sacred lyrics

close our eyes and fantasise To see what dreams will come alive Our created energy runs through When we connect our consciousness Make our love a guiding light And I am there in every part of you Never feel that you're alone Hold on tight and I'll be strong In spite of all the

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Sacred lyrics

still awake for you We won't make it together We can't hide the truth I'm givin' up, for you now My final wish will guide you out before the ocean Breaks apart Underneath me Underneath me Remember To me you'll be forever sacred I'm dying, but I know Our love will live Y

Axehammer - Sacred waters lyrics

the waterfalls of the mind You find yourself trying to find Things that you know can´t be found Turn away fast and look around In my dreams I see your face What they said was a total disgrace Looking for someone To clean my soul I see my face it starts to unfold I st

Artension - Sacred pathways lyrics

crossed the jungle to the Nasca lines And found myself on ancient runways Sacrifice...abandoned by the Gods Human life...Who will remain? Who will remain? Sacred Pathways...oh Sacred Pathways...oh They're only visible from crafts in flight So who created all these

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Sacred lyrics

Holy To put it in words To write it down That is walking on hollowed ground But it's my duty I'm a missionary So here is my confesion It's an obsession I'm a firm believer And a warm receiver And I've made my decision This is religion There's no doubt I'm one of the

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Sacred worlds lyrics

realm's bleeding It suffers Old and weak No further arguing There is war at hand The system's failing Engines running Then after all I sense the end is dawning These lunatics deny the truth I know I will not fail There'll be War it's now or

Infinity Overture - Sacred fire lyrics

now that is it you the sound of calm in the air? This great land has joined together as one Gentiles and warriors living side by side Now the great flood has gone see the waters disappear And suddenly the birds began to sing was this a sign of hope? Showing them th

Primal Fear - Sacred illusion lyrics

one can take my dreams away No one will turn my night into day I was born individual I'm as unique as the holy wall My mind is as free as I want it My property since birth The leaders of society Are diggin' on my sacred illusion They won't take That my thoughts are

Sacred Steel - Sacred steel lyrics

into Metal, born into Steel Deep in the Heart of Darkness Metal is revealed Out of the Blackness to rule and to kill Those weak and false shall perish Taste the Sacred Steel See the Light, feel the Steel The mighty Power of the Iron Gods to wield Defenders of Sa

Apostasy - Vengeance lyrics

for vengeance he was Sold to a nation cold! Raised out of ashes and crime Stiff-necked and remorseless Futility's womb bears fruit again Burning like a cataract in those eyes Inhaled the strength of evil prevail A figment of the brain was what you were told Proc

Before The Dawn - Vengeance lyrics

voice is calling again to me with songs of suffering she sings to me from beyond repeats your name and the crime you've done with broken wings, lying six feet under her blood in your hands feeds my black burning core with flames aimed towards

Dream Evil - Vengeance lyrics

have worked for nothing, slaved in vain All those years that I've been pushed around They better watch their backs now, those who gave me pain 'Cause vengeance screams their names tonight All of you sinners You better run and try to hide You've all been dreaming So you better hid

Grave Digger - Sacred fire lyrics

heart is pounding, full moon is rising My brain is crying, my eyes are staring I know what will happen to my soul Insanity will taken control [Chorus:] Sacred fire Burning higher Sacred fire Is my desire I feel the hunger, I feel the pain I lick the b

Iced Earth - Vengeance is mine lyrics

now this story of the man that should not be A ghoul of blackened torment, sullen atrocity A kindred soul to the devils own, malignance personified Cast from his fire he molests the purest light Profaner to humanity menaced by flesh and bone Screams of the unknown yo

Ironsword - Vengeance will be mine lyrics

thousand years have past And long has been my quest To reach the kingdom past its prime Across distant lands Beyond the desert sands A palace lost in the midst of time By the hammer By the sword Vengeance will be mine Honour can be restored If blood drips f

Skeletonwitch - Vengeance will be mine lyrics

deep inside black heart beats Strong with desire Kill crush the weak and leap the dead Set their world afire Death seal your fate Remain and die Casualties grow higher Pain misery torment death Rule this world Seeking out my foes Take away their live

Agathodaimon - Sacred divinity lyrics

peaceful silence she lies there and sleeps Dreaming of secrets conceiled in the deeps Of our long forgotten history. Those who are devoted to her know that she keeps In her pure soul the key To our identity. I will guard your ancient dreams

Bonded By Blood - Vengeance lyrics

till you see what's coming from me You better prepare for the worst Off in the darkness and locked in a room Death is a part of my curse Pray to your god for hell never come down His existence has never occured Hang on to life by a small fragil

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Sacred life lyrics

Hoffman was so young Don't you know your king has gone? Mmm, well well River Phoenix was so young Don't you know your prince has gone? Hey, hey there sister What is holy in your life? Hey, hey brother Sacred in your life? Kurt Cobain was so y

Dark Tranquillity - Sacred reich [sacred reich cover] lyrics

fear in the hearts of men The war machine will leave you dead Rockets launching, lightning up the sky The end is near, it's your time to die Lightning war hitting fast and hard No time to act the world caught off guard The Fuhrer's troops invade the land To spread his t

Bruce Dickinson - Sacred cowboys lyrics

a sense of irony everyone you see is chasing their illusions Take a dive or sink or swim, but in the end you’re in the same pollution In your world escape is swift, the nonsense list is all you need to know In the land of dreams, you make the right connections, then

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