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Crematory - An other...? lyrics

done over and over again Voices, heard ... over and over again Escape from one ... One word - one gesture and everything is over Long ... - empty thoughts Escape into another phase Escape from

Bardot - Other side of love lyrics

other side of love There was another She took your trust and ... No one told you there was An other side of love God must ... I'm here) For you (for you) And always will be, yeah yeah

Poison Girls - Other lyrics

other You turn me on so strange You plunge me in so deep ... my made up mind You're such another kind You're so other ... You turn me on so strange Plunge me in so deep

Maria Mena - What's an other day lyrics

give this way more thought than it deserves You say when I ... I wouldn't know better than to get scared 'Cause since ... the both of us But I can't sleep... When you're gone

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - An easier affair lyrics

could be some kind of family man I told myself I was straight ... ‘Cos my Maker had a better plan for me And I’m dancing ... you reap now I’ll do my dance with everyone I’ve been

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - An american prayer lyrics

the lessons of the ancient war] We need great ... blood beast Guerrilla bands are rolling numbers in ... warfare on innocent herdsman who are just dying O

Rancid - Other side lyrics

Nananana, Nananana, Nananana, Nananana, Nananana naaaa. ... .... Nananana, Nananana, Nananana, Nananana, Nananana naaaa..... [Lars:] I ... was an atheist, You wore the

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - Other voices lyrics

your name in an empty room You brush past my ... hold I taste your scent Distant noises Other voices ... the sin Commit yourself And all the other voices said

Amoral - Other flesh lyrics

to die and become an image of those deeds No

Aretha Franklin - An angel cries lyrics

Aretha, come by when you can I've got somethin I wanna ... say. And when I got there she said ... You know, rather than go through a long drawn out ... me explain Gotta find me an angel, to fly away with me

Kt Tunstall - Other side of the world lyrics

the sea and far away She's waiting ... like an iceberg Waiting to change ... But she's cold inside She wants to be like the water ... in one embrace They're one and the same Just like water

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Living on an island lyrics

eye When your body say you wanna die Living on an island ... Looking at another line Waiting for my ... friend to come And we'll get high Hugh he ... Cruxie gonna be there soon And I just want to see his face

Chameleon Circuit - An awful lot of running lyrics

materialize He looked out and said to me "Run for ... he'd have told me the truth anyway But that's ok It's ... He said I was brilliant and I could change the world

Capdown - An a-political stand of reasons lyrics

always think that you can play the fool (Play the fool) ... existence For all to know and to feel the reasons why ... you're blinded by your arrogance Dismissing new ideas Sure

Dave Edmunds - Other guys girls lyrics

to look even better. Go out and get them other guys' girls. ... charming, so alarming! Why can't you be like those other ... girls so mesmerizing. Why can't you be like those other

Kurupt - Other shit (weird party) lyrics

that, poke that ex That ex and the sex and sex em Gimme ... to get it in The money any minute, how you flip? She ... bitch is on some other shit And I love it, I love and you

Lp lyricsLp - Other people lyrics

people You broke the spell and wanted something else Well, ... No more song, no more dance, no dance floor We left it ... all to chance, no encore We had a

Nazareth - Other side of you lyrics

side of you I say black and you say white I turn to the ... the other side of you I want to play but you like to ... yet so far Like north pole and south pole, we're oceans

Anne Murray - Other side lyrics

what if there's no lifeline and you're sinking or lost Just ... believe in your direction, and let your heart explore ... 'Cause you can't reach new horizons standing

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Other woman lyrics

will overflow Emotions I cannot control Let it go ... 'Fore I change my mind Is it over? Let ... wave goodbye to that other woman? Say goodbye to that other

Anastacia - Other side of crazy lyrics

of girl Where you've been and what kind of world Crazy, ... Let me show you crazy C'mon and meet me on the other side ... of crazy Kiss it, baby you can kiss it If you think I'm

Gob - Other way lyrics

Can't cut it Even if you get the ... Just the sort of tactics And the ignorance Lose the paranoia and your attitude Don't ... fill me with your crap And your insecurity Why can't

Lovin´ Spoonful - Other side of this life lyrics

a secret Just between you and me? I dont know where Im ... know where Im gonna be And theres another side to this ... life Ive been living And theres another side to this

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The - Other side lyrics

looked in my reflection and almost had to cry To think ... of you, when we were young and wild Soaked with this ... regret and the back of a lost goodbye ... rain clouds make their way And darkness blinds the sun

Anna Abreu - Other side lyrics

wanna take myself to the other ... side tonight I wanna break myself to the other ... stay Go wherever I go I want you to play This game I ... place It's something you can't replace I need you to

Hands Off Gretel - Other town lyrics

ran away from a real name and now i paint on a newer face ... in the other town i never wanna come down I ran away ... not the same where people dance in the acid rain i will

Kim Richey - Other side of town lyrics

On the other side of town. Anybody thinks to look they won ... other side of town. You can come out now the coast is ... other side of town. You can come out now the coast is

Since October - Other side of me lyrics

in the mirror, reveal the change A panic overtakes me ... ways I feel so locked up and defeated Am I alone in ... I feel like such a waste I can't go through this again,

A Life Divided - Other side lyrics

believe Miserable dawning And I'm calling out your name ... every single fight But you can't read my mind Something is ... coming There's a change in sight and you will be

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Other side of the hill lyrics

There's a jingle in my jeans, Short places inbetween; I ... leaving tennesee with a push and pull. Ten-four, buddy, ... Won't you turn the sound up and let's check the scan. Ten

Otherwise - Other side of truth lyrics

what you want cuz you know I can hear you now Say what you mean so you stand out among the ... the motherf***ing door in If anybody tries to keep you out

Sean Paul - Other side of love lyrics

say two words without a fight anymore How did we get here... ... love You tell me you hate me and I hate you more On the ... what you get with love Trust and good live with it So listen

Angus & Julia Stone - Other things lyrics

see ya later There's a plane in the sky There's a plane ... in the sky There's a plane in the sky If those people

Assemblage 23 - Other side of the wall lyrics

crippling anxiety A chasm between you and ... of the wall from me But I can hear you crying I'm on the ... side of the wall from you And a piece of me is dying

Before You Exit - Other kids lyrics

to look busy We're all just dancing up on a wire Running on ... other kids got it better than us But they're over there ... other kids are no different than us Just a little confused

Nightcore - Other side of the wall (assemblage 23) (night.. lyrics

crippling anxiety A chasm between you and ... of the wall from me But I can hear you crying I'm on the ... side of the wall from you And a piece of me is dying

Canned Heat - An owl song lyrics

have started runnin Evil woman Woman offered you my soul ... You ran it over hot coals Evil woman ... Woman, thought you were a best send ... I caught you messin' Well woman You ain't got no feelin'

Diabolical - An opposite law lyrics

unorganized, incomplete Wasted ... realize what is real Constant light - constant life - ... constant death See through the ... or hide in the past The answers came from believers

Jls - Other side of the world lyrics

your taxi is leaving And I'm here in the hall You ... you're leaving you've got plans to make Don't catch me ... 25th floor Above the city and sirens Cause it feels like

Julian Cope - An elegant chaos lyrics

To the rotting core Of man-vegetaton Now I sigh At the ... cool cool attitude to ignorance The look in your eye ... me on my guard In this elegant chaos I stand to one side

Mew - An envoy to the open fields lyrics

manner of malady come to be seen. ... All manner of malady come to be seen. ... ll stretch the sky in blue. And I'm thinking you're made for ... me, and I'm thinking of things you

New Years Day - Other side lyrics

of mine. Disturbing dreams, and haunted beings They ... the fire Suffocating I can't breath. Bet you'd love to ... did I end up addicted to pain and suffering? I have sealed my

Aldious - Other world lyrics

ni mukatteiku nara Watashi janai hou ga ii Nee... nandemo ... yaru yatsu nante omowanaide Seken ni kyoumi nado nai ... Mou nanimo shinjirarenai kara Uta ya

Bomfunk Mc's - Other emcees lyrics

for Bomfunk MC's, DJ Gismo and B.O.W., they been spotted as ... groovers rocking non-stop And we got a party zone, so come ... the higher speed But the meaning of all is just we can

Ray Davies - Other people's lives lyrics

it of you Name names and every line Is feeding their ... minds I'm not bitter or angry I'm only feeling sympathy ... queue Spread the news, scandalize Words cut like a thousand knives Take the cash, bank

Beach House - Other people lyrics

goodbye I know where no one can reach you No I don't mind ... ow-ow-ow Other people want to keep in touch Something ... happens and its not enough Never

Ciara - Other chicks lyrics

know you and her got something goin on,and I respect that,but you gotta ... . [Verse] Everything I want,you got it, And I must ... See I'm the type for you, And what I'd like to do is chill

Evil Masquerade - Other ways to babylon lyrics

seen Seven wonders of the ancient world I've been to ... of your life Take a chance, don't close your eyes If ... you're brave and if you're wise Then you ... to Hell Other ways leads to anywhere Scream when you die

Tarrus Riley - Other half lyrics

as I be your.. Other half. And got no shame and got no ... she gives to me makes me wanna settle for whatever, for ... as I be your.. Other half. And got no shame and got no

Screaming Trees - Other worlds lyrics

back into the world where I can stay Go away so I can see ... in my eye The world is a panic lost in time Other

George Watsky - Other cities lyrics

our Out in some other distant galaxy Among the stars ... Nothing like the feeling of plane flight homeward The way my ... stomach dips when the landing gear's lowered Because

Hed Pe - Other side lyrics

But, you forget to change your name But, when I get ... matter none of this will change Ten thousand miles and ... You are all grown up Wanting for the other side Just

Rites Of Spring - Other way around lyrics

way around The world it wants you weak Another way ... - I didn't know what it meant to be hurt and then to hurt ... stay still I was so young, and it's getting harder still

Bowling For Soup - Other girls lyrics

Pull out the stinger And then move on the the next ... little drama queen Then go and get some sleep And dream ... Yeah lay your head back and dream About the girl you

Mc Lars - Other peoples property lyrics

s predicated On a cut and paste identity, straight up ... of lost kids Who had stranger life than our parents ever ... The thin line between Eminem and Ali G Guess who just aced

Jonny Diaz - Other guys lyrics

re lookin for a rescue A valiant knight on noble steed Well ... that's not quite what you mean Girl you're lookin for a ... hero And what you're lookin for I've

Icon Of Coil - Other half of me lyrics

I'm here to claim my soul And the shimmering in your eyes ... The other half of me And all the pieces I left behind

Matt Pond Pa - Other countries lyrics

of getting out of here but change is not the same of hope or ... getting on with things you can't quit nothing we shed the ... to be sure they don't weigh anything like what you're worth

Finger Eleven - Other light lyrics

friends They’ll never understand Confessions only burn ... sentimental thoughts are strangled and tired See it in another light You’ll see it ... alright I know I won’t change any mind As long as

Screaming Trees - Other days and different planets lyrics

full Time slips into the hands of the wrong people (I ... Turns to go when you don't want it to, yeah She turns her ... head and never tells you who I'm

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