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Conflict - An option lyrics

is - I'm no saint, samaritan So here is my confession ... Frankly, I couldn't give a f*** ... Is certain groups can gob off, preach hate, killing ... here? Even in defense, we can't say a thing Without the

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - Happiness is an option lyrics

Why did I do it Someone want me not to But I still went ... remember, that happiness is an option) It is not easy But ... It is not easy Happiness is an option (But happiness is an

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Call that an option? lyrics

again Several hundred thousand deformations... Sink down ... disbelief that the meltdown and-the-leaks Are now perceived ... as historic/blips Call that an option? Whichever way, its

Chamillionaire - Failure's not an option lyrics

it baby Still here, how many years I've been doin this ... uh) Now turn the speakers up and the beat stay knockin (hold ... baby) Pull up to the curb and all the ladies they just hop

Beneath The Sky - Option for the lonely lyrics

return the favor. By putting an end to all of this. Living ... a lie is more painful than the truth. There are more ... things worse than death, And one of them is you. My

Fit For An Autopsy - The colonist (ft. ray mazzola of full blown c.. lyrics

rest? The darkest days come and go, They never seem to end ... Inhuman, inhumane, inane existence. Barely existing ... dead for years. Blood sweat and tears. Disinformation and

Between The Buried And Me - Option oblivion lyrics

the smoke? My last choice derange my voice Real eyes The ... breath What is this place? An alluring

Death Of An Era - These cities never sleep lyrics

In more hotel rooms, than a whore. Looking back has ... never been an option. Sometimes I run, ... ll show you now. What it means, to be afraid. This

Sodom - An eye for an eye lyrics

Spoken)Come on God, answer me If you really exist ... For many years, I am asking you why ... Why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive? Where is ... big is brewing You can see it in my eyes They burn

Crematory - An other...? lyrics

done over and over again Voices, heard ... over and over again Escape from one ... One word - one gesture and everything is over Long ... - empty thoughts Escape into another phase Escape from

Iamx - An i for an i lyrics

white light. Double bluff and figure: An eye for an eye. ... into the TV, To the motherland smile, Apocalypse and ... rapture psyche in: An eye for an eye. If you're

Luxuslärm - An dich lyrics

hab lange überlegt, wie diese Zeilen ... gibst, dieses Lied geht raus an dich, an dich, an dich, an ... das hier geht raus an dich an dich, an dich, an dich.

Runrig - An sabhal aig nèill lyrics

searrach agus òr thall aig an sabhal, an sabhal aig Nèill ... 's e siud an sgeul na Ath-mhòr thall aig an sabhal, an sabhal aig Nèill ... suas ga h-iarraidh thall aig an sabhal, an sabhal aig Nèill

Sabrina Setlur - An alle lyrics


Bran - An delienn lyrics

d'al Leger du Eflennoù hirvoan a-regennad O sevel uhel en ... krenañ en aezhenn. Gorre lor an dour : melezour splann O ... tameuc'h an daolenn : Deñved gwenn iskis

Bran - An hini a garan lyrics

hini a garan, gwechall bihan er gêr Pa oamp tostig an eil ... an eil ouzh egile Va c'halon ne ... gare, gare nemet unan Pa oan bihan er gêr an hini a garan

Made Of Hate - An eye for an eye lyrics

is the same: attack! An eye for an eye makes that ... world blind! An eye for an eye! Oh Can't you see ... life Family as wall, It is an obsession Release your

The Bravery - An honest mistake lyrics

People They don't mean a thing to you They move ... I still think of you And I just wanted to Just wanted you to know My old friend ... .. I sware I never meant for this I never meant...

Cubanate - An airport bar lyrics

here forever Killing time in an airport bar I see a ... face like a razor Eyes like an insect Body like cancer All ... here forever Killing time in an airport bar I watch the

Fink (d) - An dich werd' ich denken lyrics

aus'm glückskeks vom chinamann das ich noch nicht an der ... reihe bin aber sicher irgendwann die zeiten ändern sich ... nicht zu keiner zeit du kannst es an der uhr sehen sie

Runrig - An cuibhle mòr lyrics

cuibhlichean a' tionndadh an rathad deas agus tuath na ... cuibhlichean a' gluasad mar tha 'saoghal, ... cuairt Glaschu. Dùn Èideann. Inbhirnis. Sruighlea.

Runrig - An toll dubh lyrics

cùil an dorais - cha bhi grian suidh aig bòrd cha bhi ... 's cha bhi fìon taobh cùil an dorais - cha bhi grian cha ... ar n-èirigh às ar suain an Gàidheal 's a leabaidh an

Aqua - An apple a day lyrics

know an apple a day Won't keep the ... to the part Where we wanna finish What we can't start ... Come and get me Just don't miss ... to learn walking After you can fly Come and get me What

Billy Joel - An innocent man lyrics

from the door If there's a chance of it opening up They hear ... a voice in the hall outside And hope that it just passes by ... with the fear of a touch And the anger of having been a

Element Of Crime - An einem sonntag im april lyrics

Schulter klopfen will An einem Sonntag im April An ... auftaucht im Gewähl An einem Sonntag im April An ... dir hoffnungslos verfiel An einem Sonntag im April An

The Kelly Family - An angel lyrics

eyes Cause what they see`s an angel hive I`ve got to touch ... that magic sky And greet the angels in their hive ... Sometimes I wish I were an angel Sometimes I wish I were

Kitt Eartha - An englishman needs time lyrics

guessed I'm continental Romantic and sentimental And I ... look on love as something of an art But I've found that ... of the heart Now the Spaniard needs a soft guitar And

Donnie Munro - An eala bhàn lyrics

chridhe 'n sàs aig bròn bhon an uair a dh'fhàg mi beanntan ... àrd a' cheò gleanntannan a'mhànrain ban loch, nam ... bàgh 's nan sròm 's an eala bhàn tha tàmh ann gach

Celtic Woman - An angel lyrics

eyes 'Cause what they see's an Angel hive I've got to touch ... that magic star And greet the Angels in their ... Sometimes, I wish I were an Angel Sometimes, I wish I

Nina Hagen - An einem tag in frühling lyrics

wie niemals im Leben Was kann es schön 'res geben Als ... einmal ganz ohne Wunsch zu sein? ... sich bei jedem einmal ein! An einem Tag im Frühling Klopft

Jon Bellion - An immigrant lyrics

love in Brixton with both hands around your neck I'm back ... ecstasy So I feel like an immigrant in America Yes I ... am just an immigrant in America Cigar and

Kay One - An tage wie diesen lyrics

fehlt grad die Kraft, mein ganzes Leben lang wart ich dass ... eine Träne läuft über meine Wange bis zum Kinn, nein, ihr ... habt noch nie verstanden, was ich bin! Mein Handeln war so blind, denn ich

Kc Concepcion - An updated version of me lyrics

know I can be so awkward at times I can be insecure You can call me ... naive, you can say I'm a child You can say ... see I will prove somehow I can be so much more Someday

Kelly Patricia Maria - An angel lyrics

eyes 'Cause what they see's an angel hive I've got to touch ... that magic sky And greet the angels in their hive ... Sometimes I wish I were an angel Sometimes I wish I were

Marillion - An accidental man lyrics

s a price you have to pay An accident of gender An ... this point of view This time and place on earth This time and place on earth You ask me ... don't love you It's just I can't connect 'Cause I was

Puhdys - An den ufern der nacht lyrics

Last, die mich fast ausgebrannt. Wenn aus Stunden, die man abgestreift später man noch ... einmal nimmt, dann ist vieles, was zuvor war, ... neu erkannt. An den Ufern der Nacht zieht

Revolverheld - An dich lyrics

kann es nicht ertragen Was du ... Lass dich nicht lange bitten Geh` jetzt raus, ... sich Das hier geht raus an dich Bitte meld’ Dich nicht ... Das hier geht raus an Dich Geh’ bitte von meinem

Runrig - An ataireachd Àrd lyrics

ataireachd bhuan cluinn fuaim na h-ataireachd ... gainneamh na tràgh'd an ataireachd bhuan cluinn ... àird 's na coilltean a siar chan iarrain fuireach

Runrig - An ubhal as Àirde lyrics

rium a tha thu an dràsd mo shùilean dùinte, mo ... gach cnoc is gach tràigh is an sìol a dh'fhag thu ann a 'fas ... tha an gàrradh làn le craobhan

Say Anything - An insult to the dead lyrics

is angular It isn't circle shaped ... mistake I made when I abandoned her And with my wand ... on her La la la la la la Another wasted verse on her ... Allah I have made such an awful regret of today Oh

Silbermond - An dich lyrics

An dich ging jede Zeile die ich ... lieg ich im Bett Und kann nicht mehr Dich nicht mehr ... Heyey yeah yeah Und an dich werd ich noch denken ... Heyey yeah yeah An dich, an dich, an dich Es ist an dich

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - An inch an hour lyrics

want a book that'll make me drunk ... Full of freaks and disenfranchised punks No amount of ... make me feel the same way An inch an hour, two feet a day ... way There's this f***ing band you got to see They used to

Asia - An extraordinary life lyrics

so I say From where I'm standing This rollercoaster ride ... on the way The smiles And the frowns The ups and ... turning The twists and turns The lessons learned

Capercaillie - An eala bhàn lyrics

chridhe 'n sàs aig bròn bhon an uair a dh'fhàg mi beanntan ... àrd a'cheò gleanntannan a'mhànrain nan loch, nam ... bagh 's nan srom 's an eala bhàn tha tàmh ann gach

Capercaillie - An t-iarla diùrach lyrics

s ann 'gam mhealladh, a ghaoil, a ... bha thu, ma's ann 'gam mhealladh as dheigh do ... ni mi gu bràth, ma's ann 'gam mhealladh, a ghaoil, a ... mise tha gu tùrsach, gaol an iarla 'ga mo chiùrradh, tha

Dark Funeral - An apprentice of satan lyrics

the eternal death, Hung many victims chained lifeless. ... Witness her beliefs. She's an apprentice of Satan. The ... through the flames, To grant her with their wisdom wide.

Dezperadoz - An eye for an eye lyrics

sitting here in a death row And now my fear will start to ... I had my life Times are changed now I have to rise My ... story’s full of lost and missin’ There ain’t no need

Fair To Midland - An occurrence during the restoration process lyrics

Jesus, Held it in the mirror and he saw a picture of himself, ... into words They're polished and not felt. You might be ... the bush lies a rivertree, Hands cuffed and bound so as to

Fettes Brot - An tagen wie diesen lyrics

holen gehn Schalt den Walkman an, zieh die Haust�r ran ... Lauf die Stra�e entlang bis zum Kaufmannsladen ... Br�tchen weit und breit Kann am Tresen kurz mal lesen was

Angelo Kelly - An angel lyrics

Cause what they see`s aa angel hive I`ve got to touch ... that magic sky And greet the angels in their hive ... Sometimes I wish I were an angel Sometimes I wish I were

Kathleen Macinnes - An dà fheannaig lyrics

's mi là air sgrìob dà fheannaig bha ri bròn neo-bhinn is ... tè dhiubh gairm leis an dìth "cà 'n-diugh an ... ùr-chur chun a' bhàis 's chan fhiosrach aon gu bheil e ann

Mono Inc. - An klaren tagen (album version) lyrics

weiss ich nicht mehr Und an klaren Tagen weine ich ein ... das WEISS ich nicht mehr an klaren Tagen träum ich ... und der alten Zeit und an anderen Tagen sitze ich allein

And One - An alle krieger lyrics

wir hier Und alle krieger tanzen Unsere sonne, unser krieg ... Immer weiter Mit jedem klangkampf ein neuer tag Ein ... Befreien wir die sounds im ganzen land Feinde an die wand!

Armored Saint - An exercise in debauchery lyrics

never killed anyone but he hurt some Body's ... today They're ripe like low hanging fruit Keep dirty secrets ... tucked away or lie and Murder all with the truth

Atlas Sound - An orchid lyrics

they need To survive? An orchid inside me We will ... best ones For the ending An orchid survived It's dry ... I need What I need... An orchid dies Each time you

Demonical - An endless celebration lyrics

the pit A dynasty of lies and deceit Forever to be ... of a destined mutiny Dismantling an age of false beliefs ... Cold retorsion Let them hang, in front of the people Let

Aretha Franklin - An angel cries lyrics

Aretha, come by when you can I've got somethin I wanna ... say. And when I got there she said ... You know, rather than go through a long drawn out ... me explain Gotta find me an angel, to fly away with me

Gaelic Storm - An cailin deas rua lyrics

mar gath greine a dhul in eadan na gloinne is bhi sceimh ... i o bhaile go baile Chuir me an deoch ar mo caillin deas rua! ... is mo chaillin in mBaile an Luain. Thug me liom i o

Lisa Hannigan - An ocean and a rock lyrics

to put you in When you're an ocean and a rock away I ... wrap around your words And take the shape of games we ... gloves They're green and prone to fraying Thoughts

George Jones - An old love turned memory lyrics

George) I called you today, an accidental mistake And your ... Forgotten old feelings are brand new today 'Cause I'm right ... been. (Both) You're just an old love turned memory Now I

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