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Nia Peeples - Faces of love lyrics

just a young boy Caught up in your dreams You think ... you've never been Tell me have you ever seen The faces ... Been through the desert I've been through the rain I

Placido Domingo - An american hymn lyrics

have seen a summer day that slowly ... opens like a rose along a quiet road that wanders by And I ... have smiled and wonder'd Where it ... goes I have stumbled through the night

Brad Paisley - American flag on the moon lyrics

do we honor those who have fallen and died for this ... dream? I'm sure of one thing, it's not with gridlock or ... bickering We're the children of explorers, that came

Ian Hunter - American music lyrics

have a dream-its only one dream But I know ... dreams can come true And I have a wish-its only one wish But ... I know wishes can too I wanna be-faraway from here With those honky tonk heroes

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Seen enough lyrics

lost my innocence over intolerance All the indignities heaped on the black man We ... they all prayed for the white man The cops and the ... preachers Were most of 'em in the Klan What's a kid s

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - My eyes have seen you lyrics

eyes have seen you My eyes have seen you My eyes have seen ... you Stand in your door When we meet inside Show me some more Show me ... Show me some more My eyes have seen you My eyes have seen

George Jones - These old eyes have seen it all lyrics

old man's hair was white and his eyes looked tired He drank ... his beer at the table all alone ... But he smiled when I spoke to him so I sat down ... for awhile I wound up sitting there the whole night long

Biohazard - These eyes (have seen) lyrics

many things these eyes have seen, People I've met and places ... I've been, Inconceivable how one maintains, In ... the game with the pain and the strain on the brain,

Destination Anywhere - All the things that we have seen lyrics

never wanted you to stay I wanted you to go away Now ... that you're gone it is too late To say I don't ... want you to hate Me now and I am so afraid My explanation

Pink lyricsPink - I have seen the rain (feat. james t. moore) lyrics

have seen the rain I have felt the pain I don't know ... where I'll be tomorrow I don't know where I'm going I ... don't even know where I've been But i know I'd like

Magnitude 9 - What my eyes have seen lyrics

saw the sun today in the usual way but there`s ... been an unseen change and we carry on with ... our lives, like we`ll live forever but the fact remains, we`ll continue this way,

Mortillery - Seen in death lyrics

beads sweat of chill my face as I lay awake ... steals my breath every night and holds me in place As ... the heavy air fills my lungs, I begin to fade I dread what is yet to come again, I fear I

Profane Omen - I have seen lyrics

Fear that lives in my heart for the rest of my ... life, emptiness of all that is, illusion of being alive, I ... have seen the fires of hell, felt them under

Mindy Mccready - Have a nice day lyrics

the counter before he takes his seat And slides the sugar ... closer to him she knows he likes it sweet And then she lingers with busy fingers waiting for his smile They talk

The Bravery - I have seen the future lyrics

are faster, faster than pain We are a nerve ending without a brain We have evolved ... we have no feeling at all It is a brave new world Raise a glass in salutation We

Demon Hunter - I have seen where it grows lyrics

all seasons reverse. A life inside out in a jet-black ... hearse. The feel of pain and the taste of dirt. A ... Lower me down under glorious green. Eternity waits on

Kingdom Come - Seen enough lyrics

me Can you hear me cry I've been bleeding I've been ... waiting Help me free my mind Finding you, is all to ... do [Chorus:] I have seen enough Need a soothing touch

Chava Alberstein - You may have seen the spirit אולי ראיתם את הר.. lyrics

כן ולא, ולא וכן ובוא ואל תבוא כן, ולא, ולא וכן אולי מוטב שלא. בוקר טוב ולילה טוב עוד יום אחד עבר בוקר טוב ולילה טוב ולא קרה דבר. טוב ורע, ורע וטוב ודאי אולי מתי אין ...

Prozak - American princess lyrics

around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going nowhere, going ... nowhere Their tears are filling up their glasses No

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - American remains lyrics

am a shotgun rider For the San Jacinto line ... The desert is my brother My skin is ... cracked and dry I was ridin' on a folk coach And ... everything was fine Till we took a shorter road to

Jefferson Airplane - Have you seen the saucers? lyrics

you seen the saucers? Have you seen the saucers? Do ... out there Who are unhappy with the way that we care or ... the Earth ... Mother! Have you seen the saucers?

Madonna lyricsMadonna - American life lyrics

I have to change my name? Will it get me far? Should I ... lose some weight? Am I gonna be a star? I tried ... to be a boy, I tried to be a girl I tried to be

Afroman - The american dream lyrics

Yes! Thank you for inviting me here for my final speech ... Ladies and gentlemen, homosexuals, ... lesbians, and transvestites, allow me to introduce ... Hungry Hustler, Afroman. I am the American Dream. Even

Counting Crows - American girls lyrics

comes out on Fridays every time Stands out in a line I ... could have been anyone she'd seen She waits another week to ... couldn't make another day I wish it was anyone but me I

Clare Maguire lyricsClare Maguire - Changing faces lyrics

walk these streets, a spotlight covers me It's getting quiet, I see no money I've seen ... a lifetime in this town Found love and lost my ... mind You have seen all my changing faces You have never put me down I want to

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - American jesus lyrics

don't need to be a global citizen, 'Cuz I'm blessed by nationality, I'm a member of a ... growing populace, we enforced our ... popularity there are things thet seem to pull us under

Simple Plan - American jesus (bad religion cover) lyrics

don't need to be a global citizen, 'Cuz I'm blessed by nationality, I'm a member of a ... growing populace, we enforced our ... popularity there are things thet seem to pull us under

Hank Williams - Pan american lyrics

have heard your stories about your fast trains But ... now I'll tell you about one all the ... southern folks have seen She's the beauty of the ... southlands listen to that whistle scream It's that Pan American on her way to New Or-leans.

Razor - American luck lyrics

out with nothing except the urge to play ... Just me and my big ego gonna make it big one ... day I never had the money, I didn't have a car I had to ... ass at work to save for my guitars Born a Canadian Didn

Talking Heads lyricsTalking Heads - Seen and not seen lyrics

would see faces in movies, on T.V. In magazines, and ... He thought that some of these faces Might be right for him And ... through the years By keeping an ideal facial structure

Suzi Quatro - American lady lyrics

lady Good old american child American lady Good old american child I've been around ... every single town - london to tokyo I've seen the world from inside

Phillip Phillips - Have you ever seen the rain lyrics

s a calm before the storm I know It's been comin' for ... some time When it's over, so they say It'll ... rain a sunny day I know Shinin' down like water I wanna

Anthrax - American pompeii lyrics

try to imagine the best place I've been Can I go back again ... my eyes, what was no longer exists, I can't go back again ... I like to pretend that nothing has changed And never

D12 - American psycho lyrics

Eminem] I'm the devil - if ever there was such a thing ... many drugs what you're seeing I'm a mindf***, completely ... dis-(gus)-ting I'm (white), a human mutt, f*** a being I'm a dog - f*** lambs, I

Misery Index - American idolatry lyrics

burn, Hollywood, burn... Fetishized, model-whores, images, ... airbrushed hardcore Harlots, Hiltons, egoistic, wanton waifs ... Plastic, paramours, skank pawns of

Chris Caffery - Evil is as evil does lyrics

know the faces, you have seen them on the wall 10 different visionaries begging ... for the call 10 different people, the criminally ... insane Countdown to extinction, but still you can’t contain A rotating force, pulling

Dave Pirner - Faces & names lyrics

was something in the air that day, like gunpowder or ... sulfur And soon a wild migration came from upstairs like a ... storm I was at a costume party and ... although nobody noticed I mingled there stark naked, all

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - American dream lyrics

see you on every T.V. Your smiling face looked back at me. I used to see you on every T.V. ... Your smiling face looked back at me. ... Then they caught you with the girl next door, People

Christian Kane - American made lyrics

....yeah..... Well down in Panama city They perfected ... the tan. And those Oklahoma girls They sure know why they ... call it Heartland. Well up in Seattle, boy they'll have

Cinema Bizarre - American beauty (bonus track) lyrics

a spider to a fly she sang I was tangled in her web I lived to see her smile until i ... saw the fangs Was i lost in a mirage or was it in me American beauty - just an illusion of

Mr. Big - Ain't seen love like that lyrics

ve been miles from nowhere Crossed ... and doubled back Time is a healer And I've done my ... time Cause I ain't seen love like that I've seen ... the light of freedom Dim and fade to black So many

Queensrÿche - I'm american lyrics

gotta have it, Gotta drink the high life. I'll buy a ... new suit, black skinny necktie. I'll mingle with elite and ... imitate And they'll never even ... get it 'til I hit 'em. I've got no fear 'cause I've

Innerpartysystem - American trash lyrics

ve got this planet in my hands You know I'll ... waste it if I can Come on let's give it a ... twist And if it all turns to shit- Oh wait, ... let's try that again. My life's too short to have a plan

Neon Trees - American zero lyrics

get my money in American ways Cause I'm all American I get my way because I ... talk a big game Eat me I'm American She wants her money quick, ... in physical ways Cause she's all American I think her talk is cheap

Alabama - American pride lyrics

pride something you feel inside Something you can't describe American pride Dad said, ... "Son I'm proud you won But the game ... than any toy" Mama said, "Now Son say sir and

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - American dream lyrics

hate my family, hate my school, speed limits and the golden rule. Hate ... they seem, more than anything else, American Dream. American Dream's gonna swallow you

Better Than Ezra - American dream lyrics

was a midwestern prom queen Got her ... boyfriend headed out West They ... ended up in the valley In a one room apartment A disconnected phone Yeah Now ... five years later she's single She's got two kids and a

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - American dreams lyrics

feels like, American dreams caught on fire We ... re tearing down the white picket fences A soldier bleeds, ... and a soldier dies Have you ever thought that war was

Don Mclean - American pie lyrics

long, long time ago... I can still remember How that ... music used to make me smile And I knew, if I had my ... chance That I could make those people dance

Elton John lyricsElton John - American triangle lyrics

him playing in his backyard Young boy just ... starting out So much history in this landscape So much ... confusion, so much doubt Been ... there drinking on that front porch Angry

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - American lyrics

house, put my favorite record on Get down, get ... Crystal Method on You were like tall, tan, drivin' 'round ... the city Flirtin' with the girls like, "You're so

Espen Lind - American love lyrics

m lying wide awake in bed My eyes are closed just ... like I'm dead My friends all think that I'm a bore ... But I don't need them anymore I ... don't get up I don't go out I have no life to speak about It feels so good to leave the

The Runaways - American nights lyrics

rock n roll Makes the midnight flow tonight now It's hot ... tonight Come on let's have a good time In the dark of ... the night We hunt for fun Chasing ... after the moonlight Hiding from the sun American nights You kids are so strange

August Rain - American jesus lyrics

heard the other day that I needed to pay for health and ... wealth and prosperity live my life served peaches and ... cream But then I took a look and opened a old

Maren Ord - American loser lyrics

There's too many people bothering me Who's there you know ... that you better stop clobbering me oh no I swear If you ... open your mouth I'll count to three I've

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - American valhalla lyrics

no plans I have no debts The mind is not the ... carefree set I'm looking for American Valhalla So if it passes by Give me a ... holler Please I've shot my gun I've used my

Rains - American dream the story of david lyrics

mind is lost in yesterday He's standing ... beneath a street light in L.A. It doesn't matter that ... I've lost everything I've done my best to give it ... all away I followed my American Dream To a life of

Skillet - American noise lyrics

words and honking cars Satellites and ... falling stars Distant dark blue radios that ... whisper down my boulevards ... Ghosts in chains rattle in attic Broken headphones

U2 lyricsU2 - American soul lyrics

are the bullies for one day they’ll have to ... themselves Blessed are the liars for the truth can be ... awkward It’s not a place This country ... around, around, look around, It’s a sound, look around, look

Aus-rotten - American ethic lyrics

work all day in a factory Making parts for bombs I'll never ... see I have to support a family American ethic will set me ... free I work in a forest cutting trees I work in a lab

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