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Ambassador Of Christ Church lyrics

Browse for Ambassador Of Christ Church song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Ambassador Of Christ Church lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Ambassador Of Christ Church.

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The Dubliners - Christ church lyrics

::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental::::::::...

Kataklysm - The ambassador of pain lyrics

is only one guarantee... none of us will see heaven Test me ... .. I'm the ambassador of pain, I rule all those who ... oppose Test me... I'm the ambassador of pain, I crush all those

Beyond The Dream - Ambassador lyrics

well made land Under rules of god added to guide them In ... took a time away From the ambassador of God While he was lost she ... destiny will be to face The ambassador of God In the burning fire

Lord Belial - Burn the kingdom of christ lyrics

of christ and its false prophets ... through milleniums Kingdom of christ and its weak horde ... prophets Walk away from christ to embrace our true darkness

Acheron (usa) - F*** the ways of christ lyrics

not embellish or dress up christianity: it has waged a war to ... against this higher type of man, it has excomminucated ... all the fundamental instincts of this type, it has distilled

Astral Doors - Bride of christ lyrics

the chamber In the darkest of dark On the back side of ... foretold about the Glory of heaven, it's for now and ... forever; you and I The Bride of Christ Not evil, but afraid

Kari Jobe - The cause of christ lyrics

Is to be known for loving Christ To build His church, to ... all For the cause of Christ All I once held dear I ... joy is this Oh, the cause of Christ He is all my soul

Body Count - The passion of christ lyrics

the born again, the son of one, the Devils pain. You ... am one the only one, the son of God, If you believe, The ... fear of me is taught to those in need ... The sick and broke, The book of me, written by men,

Satan's Host - Of beast and men lyrics

lie Drowning in the blood of christ Hatred for all mankind Why ... Breaking down the walls of freedom Demanding sacrifice ... die Bleeding in the hearts of the men Psalms that feed the

Current 93 - Christ and the pale queens lyrics

comes forth i am the ancient of days to declare that i am a ... without end through wonders of my originality i have ... may revend and maintain song of praise for i have a voice

Mystic Circle - Church of sacrifice lyrics

rituals at a place of horror In satan's name ... were made On an altar of the dark side On the eighth ... day god created hell Church of sacrifice Reeks of

Acheron (usa) - Church of one lyrics

not, I rejoice in my sin Church of One, Church of One ... Satan is a part of me, I am the Devil you have ... has become my true wealth Church of One, Church of One Hail

Angra - Eyes of christ lyrics

of Christ Demian poor child was raised ... When your mouth is so full of promisse All i see is one ... neck I know bibles are full of fair words But nothing's

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - Church pew or barstool lyrics

slow There's only two means of salvation around here that ... t seem to run on either side of the fence People act like ... around Yeah, yeah In this church pew or bar stool kinda town?

Astral Doors - The last temptation of christ lyrics

t want to forget A serpent of lies or the last temptation of Christ Last temptation of Christ He will rise He's the ... washer of sins, a painter of the future Surrender to God

Deicide - Kill the light of christ lyrics

to the other side, Conscious of sin, from this hell we're in, ... to die, Kill the light of Christ, truth is ours to find, ... that lives will die Grace of god, drowning in my blood,

Belphegor - Fukk the blood of christ lyrics

Fukk - the blood - of christ The sabbath - of the goat ... Fukk - the blood - of christ Hellsperm - das Heilwerk des ... Fukk - the blood - of christ The sabbath - of the goat

Deicide - Bastard of christ lyrics

Strike fear preaching of his coming here Scriptures, ... god so great BASTARDS OF CHRIST - DIE!!!! He f***ed ... prophecized Revive the book of fiction - blasphemy, gluttony

At The Gates - Raped by the light of christ lyrics

suns, And the darkness of the end Now I surrender to ... And join with the pulse of the universe The world ... burns with worms of fire The world burns

Ludichrist - Blown into the arms of christ lyrics

Blown into the Arms of Christ Shot to hell the heathens ... Blown into the Arms of Christ For the good, it's

Danzig - Snakes of christ lyrics

to hide Holy war in the land of fire Never tempt the wrath of gods Gonna dance in the ... death of life Take the hand Enter ... Gonna give to you the kiss of life Serpents of the lord

Behexen - Celebration of christ's fall lyrics

the easter night celebration of victory and absence year by ... my heart delights the death of semitic Christ Gather the ... congregation of darkness witches and

Holy Blood - Blood of christ lyrics

Blood of Christ washes away sin, The Blood of Christ is poured out for you. ... Because he won on the cross of Golgotha Satan and all his ... But there will come day of retribution For Your Holy

Hour Of Penance - Frail as the flesh of christ lyrics

begins Frail - As the flesh of Christ Bring the dead god ... gets deep inside The call of a devious life Return the ... inside Serve the father of this whole race Against the

Saviour Machine - The bride of christ lyrics

bride of Christ awaits Fearless and ... mercy ... Behold the man of sorrows, the prince of peace ... Behold almighty God, the king of kings ... Behold the

Severe Torture - End of christ lyrics

inside This is the end of Christ Mockery, Jesus Christ, not ... the darkness To the place, of endless pain Blasphemy, ... the son of man, we don't need Killing

Slayer - Darkness of christ lyrics

Realizing that the strength of religion is the repression of ... knowledge All structures of religion have collapsed ... prays for death in the wake of the horror of these

Ancient Rites - Blood of christ (mohammed wept) lyrics

is near Declared 'criminal of war' This is my final hour ... The end)... But the start of my dream The start of my ... time The spear that tortured christ was mine! Oh eva! Hold me

Barathrum - Mother of christ lyrics

of Christ, you are boring You are

Black Messiah - Bury the lamb of christ lyrics

for war Hear the pure sound of the horns Voices, bright and ... call for a battle Against christianity They call for a fight ... - that's what I call you Christianity - the darkness for us

Blinded Colony - Legacy (slaves in the name of christ) lyrics

Creating slaves in the name of christ, scared to obedience ... Preaching from your book of holy lies you try to poison ... my disgust After 2000 years of a worthless legacy

Anata - Those who lick the wounds of christ lyrics

wine You lick the wounds of Christ The one of blessed memory ... your face And at the symbol of your feeble race This is the ... symbol of your feeble race This is

A Forest Of Stars - Prey tell of the church fate lyrics

onward through lonely valleys of pious pretense. No healthy ... inquisitor's eyes. No men of any monotone god we could ... proudly reduced to ashes of sweetest desecration.

Flow Of Voices - Temptations of christ lyrics

"If You are the Son of God ,if You are the Son of ... every word from the mouth of God" Jesus was led by ... day At the highest point of the temple the tempter came

Siebenbürgen - Of blood and magic lyrics

gathering of shadows From dimensions old ... from flames Great beast of dark Aschteia Incantation ... by stars Stillbron son of demon blood A pact of ... A shadow king, lord of souls Rider of the abyss

Marduk - Of hells fire lyrics

hear the evil calling of the spirits of the dark And ... see the beauty and the power of the devils mark The night ... my eyes and see the shadows of the flames Of hells fire

Macabre - Ambassador hotel lyrics

Went Down To The Ambassador Hotel With A Young Man That ... Laying Dead And The Thought Of A Suitcase Popped Into ... s Place With The Help Of The Driver Loaded The Man In

Inkubus Sukkubus - Church of madness lyrics

come the Christian knights Dressed in red ... alight Here comes a plague of idiots blinded by their faith ... at the stake Here comes the Church of Madness Bearing gifts of

Bethany Dillon - O church arise lyrics

your armor on Hear the call of Christ our captain For now ... God has given With shield of faith and belt of truth We ... the outcome is secure And Christ will have the prize for which

Matt Maher - Christ is risen lyrics

sin remain* Inside the lie of inward shame We fix our eyes ... Freely you bled, for us Christ is risen from the dead ... rise up from the grave! Christ is risen from the dead We

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Sex and the church lyrics

the idea of confession is said to be The ... union of christ and his bride The christian ... very puzzling Sex and the church Sex and the church Sex and

Evergrey - Ambassador lyrics

your soul for birth of freedom Leave the cold to ... bleeds Let me be your hand of guidance No more solitude ... Jesus God walking earth Ambassador Scattering all dark

Grave Forsaken - Mother of harlots lyrics

and ignorance often go hand in hand No ... violence against the lust of man But without war against ... be free The strongholds of the fleshly curse forever ... binding thee Mother of harlots Satan’s pawn The

Onslaught - Flame of the antichrist lyrics

of christ breeding hate the flame of ... the throne to slay the priest of lies 1,000 years was bound ... Burning flame the antichrist no mercy no repent ... Lightning strikes the knell of death panic runs below Holy

Fabolous - Church lyrics

s on fiiya You sittin in the church wit Reverend Charlie Murphy ... Rev.:] Preach to 'em Brother, Church [Fab:] Yea, Uh.. uh.. uh.. ... leech to my trap Tha Jesus Christ on my neck reach to my lap I

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - We take the church by storm lyrics

Lobet den Herrn We take the church by storm Wake up the ... servants of Christ Here comes the holy deceiver ... from the Ave Maria The power of Judas denied Ride in the

Scum Of The Earth - Pray lyrics

of sin church of ghosts , as I descend I ... ... Crucified by the tribe of the holy one serenaded by ... Crucified like Jesus Christ Dead not a soul post

Mistress - Glory bitches of doghead lyrics

let slip the leash By spears of longinus bled The glory ... bitches of doghead Havoc Unleash ... burn in the black The stench of sick as God lies befouled

Cradle Of Filth - For those who died lyrics

accused and have refused the Church's clemency, your wicked ... accused and have refused the Church's clemency, your wicked ... flame, their God a 'God of Mercy' yet in whose name I

Cradle Of Filth - For those who died return to the sabbat mix lyrics

before this court, accused of heresy and witch craft. How ... accused and have refused the Church's clemency Your wicked acts ... accused and have refused the Church's clemency Your wicked acts

Hour Of Penance - Misconception lyrics

led their sons to the path of the false salvation Dreaming ... your heads and obey to the church Prayers waiting for the ... Observants, unveil the layer of falsity to see an uneasy

Ferry Bryan - Soldier of fortune lyrics

a soldier of fortune An ambassador of pain I had the world on a ... it all away I’m a prince of illusions All spinning ... me insane I’m going out of my mind And I won’t be back

Audrey Assad - Spirit of the living god lyrics

Spirit of the living God, thou Light ... Fire Divine Descend upon Thy Church once more and make it truly ... righteousness and peace Till Christ shall dwell in human hearts,

Legion Of The Damned - Cult of the dead lyrics

s crown, my blasphemy Cult of the dead Curse the saviour ... Curse him until death Cult of the dead Curse the priest ... wine, the sacred lies Cult of the dead Curse the saviour

Shaggy - Church heathen lyrics

Then you really need some church Them feel say through them ... go a church their sins Don't need ... living Me ah boy no go church from how long Rather sleep

Ben Harper - Church on time lyrics

re gonna make it to the church on time We're gonna make it ... to the church on time Put on your Sunday ... We're gonna make it to the church on time We're gonna make

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Church in the wildwood lyrics

s a church in the valley by the wildwood ... As the little brown church in the dale. [chorus] (Oh ... come, come) Oh, come to the church in the wildwood, Come to the

June Carter Cash - Church in the wildwood lyrics

s a church in the valley by the wildwood ... As the little brown church in the dell Oh, come, ... refrain: Come to the church in the wildwood Oh, come to

Ben Harper - Church house steps lyrics

- I sat down upon the church house steps I sat down upon ... the church house steps I sat down upon ... the church house Down upon the church ... all my hopes and dreams All of my regrets Oh - I sat down

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