Am I Out Of My Head, Am I Out Of My Mind. How Could I Have Ever Been So Blind You Make Things Complicated lyrics

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Fastball - Out of my head lyrics

I feel Like I am drunk behind the wheel The wheel of ... possibility However it may roll Give it a spin ... See if you can somehow factor in You know there's

The Hellacopters - How could i care lyrics

could I care about getting a day job How could I care ... about having a plan If you get hit by a car you won't make it far So I'm just playin' in a rock'n'roll band How could I care about what's goin'

Minnie Riperton - How could i love you more lyrics

love is bigger than the sun How could I love you more Darling it can’t be done My love is stronger than the tide How could I love you more No one could

Oleander - How could i? lyrics

and silence fills each room overwhelming ... heavy as the tidal waves consume buried ... underneath the dust & gloom relics are reminders ... of my family of two pictures of a happy bride and

Dave Edmunds - How could i be so wrong lyrics

all good times we've had After all you ... ve done for me I must have been crazy to let myself believe, ... You'd been cheating on me After all I put you throw, I was still not sure of you And you've been so

Simply Red - How could i fall lyrics

could I fall for someone so superficial? Funny how the ... things that you can never have Needle you more Tired of ... standing in the rain Praying for sunshine again I

Next To Normal - How could i ever forget? lyrics

(humming) DAN (spoken) What are you doing? DIANA (spoken) ... What is this? DAN (spoken) Where'd you get that? It's nothing, an ... old music box. DIANA (spoken) It's the first

Jamie Lynn Spears - How could i want more lyrics

Underneath the blue sky Looking at a good man Wanna be the ... right guy? He's got that kinda heart that Any girl would ... die for So, how could I want more? How could I want

Keaton Henson - How could i have known lyrics

could I have known You were the one for me? How could I have known You were the air I breathe If I don't believe in love? How was I to ... know I couldn't live without Your arms around me? If you

Queensrÿche - How could i lyrics

you were like a ghost from my early days, staring straight ... ahead at me. How could I ever guess, from that moment on, ... just how everything would change. How could I know? I recall something

Ill Niño - How could i believe lyrics

father. You make our bed in suffering. You want it all, ... It's all for you. So make us weak, It's what you do. ... The violence for your show, The promise you could never

Simplyd4rk - How could i lyrics

could I make you understand? Words that I hid under my steps Behind my ... smiles there was a heart that ... slept How could I change this moody fate?

Cold Kingdom - How could i know lyrics

words we chose That part of me is taking over Hold on ... to what you have Let go of the things you hold That ... part of me is taking over I wanna believe This will be

Cynic - How could i lyrics

could I forget such a revelation To love without fear and ... learn without question How could I regret the meant occasions ... I must begin this day again Freedom and reason shine

Of Montreal - I felt like smashing my head through a clear .. lyrics

day long I felt like Smashing my face through a clear ... glass window. But instead, I went out And smashed up a ... booth around the corner. I never had a chance to choose my own parents, Id never know

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - How could i be such a fool lyrics

I won your love, I was very glad Every happiness in the world belonged to ... Then our love was lost and you went away Now I shed my ... tears in lonely misery I know now that you never ever

Marc Anthony - How could i lyrics

was a coldest day in december a day i will ... always remember i looked into your eyes and faced my ... deepest fear i had drifted too far far from you my ... dear Chorus so how could i turn away from the one i

Neverending White Lights - How could i survive lyrics

quot;How Could I Survive" Couldn't she write ... the song of my life I feel it today it all goes away I ... we can't pretend to go on Taking her time not to realize

Mario - How could you lyrics

Verse:] It's kinda crazy baby, How I ... remember things, (like where you came from and how you had ... nothin) I went and made you fly, Put extras on your ride

Dina Carroll - I didn't mean to hurt you lyrics

mean more to me than anything I swear to God you know ... that it's true You showed me how love could be so beautiful I ... can't conceive the thought of living through One night without you here Asleep next to

Just Jack - I talk too much lyrics

I don't say the right things to make you love me even ... more than you do. Though I try, I just can't apologize ... for all the things I'm putting you through I talk too

Taylor Dayne - I'm over my head lyrics

have I got myself into What kind of things has he been ... through It's only been one week long Am I already ... too far gone Next thing I'm calling him baby I think I

59 Times The Pain - So blind lyrics

took long for me to realize that I've been wrong I've been way out So much time spent in the wrong way Looking back I can't believe I've been so blind Time went by and finally

Eurovision Song Contest - Edsilia rombley - on top of the world (nether.. lyrics

been trying to let you go And I thought I was ... strong But your love’s got a hold on me And ... now I can’t move on Are we making the same mistake? Have we

Eurovision - Edsilia rombley - on top of the world (nether.. lyrics

been trying to let you go And I thought I was ... strong But your love’s got a hold on me And ... now I can’t move on Are we making the same mistake? Have we

N-dubz - I need you lyrics

need you I need ya I need you I need ya Baby, I need you ... I need ya I need you I need ya Last night was a ... blur, but all I remember is Black shirt, bare carats on

Jael - How can i tell you lyrics

see the sky turn grey as if it was pointing out my mood ... There is so much to say but I don't make a sound I was ... playing with a marionette but now the threads are

Backyard Babies - The mess age (how could i be so wrong) lyrics

ve been too crazy I don't feel that good Just ... breaking things around the neighbourhood Some people say you're walking on really thin ice ... But I don't care cause I ain't that nice Throw away the

John Denver - How can i leave you again lyrics

di di di di la la la la la la In a ... spaceship over the mountains Chasing rainbows in the ... setting sun Leaving heart and home for the City ... of Angels I feel my life is undone There are pathways

Gentle Giant - I lost my head lyrics

lost my head, it was not easy, unknown, ... unread, it wasn't easy, and each day, ... each night, wasn't wrong, nor right, ... I can't remember what I said I lost my head. What will I feel maybe tomorrow, but

Old Dead Tree, The - How could you lyrics

I try to realise that you are gone. Sometimes I think ... that I'll never, (Can't) go on alone. An ... endless fight, to look normal, to be ... funny. I can only paint deadly smiles on my poor

Neurosonic - So now you know lyrics

my home I'm looking hard for a higher road To ... take handful of stones I wonder how, how could my windows break? I'll never know ... the hurt I cause Or see things through your eyes Happiness can't come from home

Anita Baker - How could you lyrics

s right, it's real baby, it's true Yeah the sun and the ... moon Revolve around only you And the magic that you do How could I be blue, not around you Always on my mind, I need you

Barbie - How can i refuse lyrics

ve been bowing I've been scraping I've been lying like a rug And for ten long ... years I've had to pay my dues But today I am escaping ... For the last gold has been dug It was waiting there, so

Bic Runga - When i see you smile lyrics

I see you smile It feels like I'm falling It's not for ... anybody else to know The way your face could light the bitter ... dark of every street In every town I'll ever go It's not

Ben Harper - How could we not believe lyrics

so beautiful how could we not believe so beautiful how could we not believe we love ... we grieve then all seek our reprieve so beautiful how could we

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - I've been thinking about you lyrics

each other. For a long long time. But I never really noticed. All the magic in your ... eyes. I've been around you. A thousand times before. ... And you've always been a friend to me. But now I'm wanting more. I must have been so blind. I never realized. You're

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Have you ever been lonely lyrics

you ever been lonely? Have you ever been blue? Have you ever loved someone Just as I love ... you? Can't you see I'm sorry For each mistake I've ... made? Can't you see I've changed, Dear? Can't you

Lady Saw - Been so long lyrics

Intro: Talking] I Wait Up All Night, Now Its Morning U've Been Gone For So Long ... Didn't Even Try Calling If U Don?T Mind Tell Me Where Have U Been Is She The Reason Why

Ben E. King - How can i forget lyrics

know, know, know, know (How can I forget) I've got to ... know, know, know, know (How can I forget) How could I ... forget (Forget her) When I was lonely, she chased away

Planet Funk - Could i ever lyrics

I woke up today And thought of all the things You’d done I ... find myself here Feeling oh so overcome You gave Your life away for me Truly my heart

Blind Witness - Have you ever been lucky? lyrics

m telling you something right now Something that i ... should have yelled so many times before Just take a look ... at your past lover you whore They are still suffering from your insincerity You

K-ci & Jojo - How can i trust you? lyrics

whoo Im sitting here thinking about what you did Trying ... to figure out exactly what love is Baby, ... see I never knew that I'd be a fool And let you take

Hanson - Out of my head lyrics

I saw your face Suddenly I'm losing faith, yea The ... words are few to place Give up, give out, giving no big disgrace, yea Let's stop ... wasting time Let's stop wasting time Say your mind But you can tell me I'm out of my

Minecraft - "i'm a noob" - minecraft parody of fun's some.. lyrics

nights, I stay up building awful structures. Most ... laugh as they see. Most nights, I try to build an awesome castle. Even creepers take ... pity. But I try my best, I still build these awfully I

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - How do i tell her lyrics

do I tell her that I'm gonna wait? When I know ... that she'll be begging me to stay. And how do I ... tell her, that the time has come to part? When she ... s, she's gonna take it so hard. I don't wanna break

Sing It Loud - I've got a feeling lyrics

got a feeling you don’t care And everything I ... say you cannot hear So celebrate the time we have ... Cause I don’t think I can stay, for to long Oh

Heather Dale - My only my own lyrics

have you gone, My only, my own? How far have you flown ... from me? The work of our hands Built a beautiful ... ship. How could I begrudge you the sea? Alone, alone My

Dannii Minogue lyricsDannii Minogue - I don't wanna take this pain lyrics

don't wanna / I want you, I want you back I don't wanna ... / I want you, I want you back I don't, I, I, I, I don ... t wanna I don't wanna take this pain

Natalia Kills - You can't get in my head (if you don't get in.. lyrics

me Don't nail me Ravish me Just don't talk Ravish me In my love Ravish me ... In the night But not until you're deep inside Hold me ... tight But not until you go all night Can't get in

John Michael Montgomery - How was i to know lyrics

I hoped and I prayed I loved you from afar I cried, and I dreamed Wished on every star But ... nothin' I'd do Got me closer to you So I locked all my feelings inside

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - How can i stop lyrics

offer me All your love and sympathy Sweet ... affection baby It's killing me 'Cause baby baby Can ... t you see How could I stop Once I start baby How could I stop once I start How could I stop Yeah yeah How could I stop once I start You look at me but I don't know

Dannii Minogue lyricsDannii Minogue - I don't wanna take this pain lyrics

don't wanna / I want you, I want you back I don't wanna ... / I want you, I want you back I don't, I, I, I, I don ... t wanna I don't wanna take this pain

Luke Bryan - You make me want to lyrics

make me want to hold you like a hammock on a summer day ... Tell you how I'm gonna take your cares away You make me want ... to You make me want to roll down the river and around the bend Love you like a story with a happy ending You make me want to You

Ian Gillan - You make me feel so good lyrics

want to make you feel As if you want to let me make you tonight My head is saying yes My ... body tells me that it would be so nice Nobody ... gonna know about the things we're gonna do Oh baby I

M People - How can i love more? lyrics

enter the temple of holy love and shout your name to God above. I tell myself ... this is no game, I only hope you feel the same. They say ... that love's a two way thing and all of the pleasures it may bring. But our love will never be until you give yours

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Make my head go pop lyrics

don't know much about you, but I pretty sure I wanna be ... with you I haven't got a clue what is wrong, ... what is right, what is left to do I read a magazine I watch a TV-screen I dive into a dream only to find

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Airplanes in my head (new version) lyrics

me With your painted smile It's so clear you are not here ... anymore Your caress a machine's That's so painful to ... feel I can't tell when we started to

Matty B Raps - You make my heart skip lyrics

are the one i love you're the dream i dream and ... the one i'm believing in can't stop having fun ... and you make wonder when i'm gonna see you again you

Blue October - You make me smile lyrics

kind of light at the end When touching ... the edge of her skin Once so hard to speak Now so easy to ... play around Catching your eye you know That eye that

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