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Sean Paul - My name lyrics

Chorus:] Sometimes I hear you calling out my name, And I hear you deep down inna mi brain, If I'm a fool I've only got myself to blame, Well I can see the sign 'cause I'm not blind, Although you're not mine from time to time, I've got to let you know you are my s

Sean Paul - Sean paul - infiltrate lyrics

Chorus:] Woman nuh waan nuh bait Dem nuh guh feel violate if yuh accelarate pon a date Dem wha yuh infiltrate Woman dem wha yuh tear down them wall and dem gate Yuh nuh hear whey mi state [repeat] [Verse 1:] Woman nuh wha nuh coot, from a knock boots Whey yuh

Sean Paul - Sean paul - strategy lyrics

Intro:] Dutty Yo ! Fi di gal dem again yuh know Buss di world ! Buss di world Dutty yo ! Dutty dutty dutty shot a fall again Because di gal dem a hackle mi [Chorus:] Follow back a mi dem wah tackle mi dem well wah saddle mi Dem a walk wit a str

Sean Paul - Sean paul - run di world lyrics

woojaa wooja woojaa Dede woojaa wooja woo Dede woojaa wooja woojaa Dede woojaa woo Dede woojaa dede woojaa woojaa wooja dede woo Dede woojaa dede woojaa Dede woojaa wee You run di world explicit girl I wan tek mi time and get wit it girl any hour and a eve

Sean Paul - Esa loca lyrics

Intro: R.O.B.B.] Yo you remember Tony from Capicu? And carribean chicks be like papi chu All you haters out there can't stop me dude I got niggas out there dem shotta you Y'all not ready for R-R-O y'all not ready for Se-an-Paul Y'all not ready for Tony Toca Ladies, esa loca

Sean Paul - Sean paul lil jonjay sean do you remember lyrics

Jay Sean Yeah! Sean Paul Let’s go ahh! This one right here is for all the ladies Ladies who want to take it back (i don’t know what Sean Paul said) Holler at them Jay I’ve been thinking about you And how we used to be then Back when we didn

Sean Paul - Sean paul - deport them lyrics

Yo!!! K. Licious (?) Yeah yeah, yeah yeah Dutty yo! Yo yo yo yo! Sean Paul a mek di whole world know Chorus: From a gal nuh up tp date wi deport dem Can't keep up wit di trends wi report dem If I nuh di modeling type wi nuh court dem But if I di big beauty quee

Sean Paul - Sean paul - how deep is your love ft. kelly r.. lyrics

Sean Paul] Yo yo, Well ooman ah lovin' you ah do it You ah bubble it bubble it Ah you know say that me sit Do it trouble it trouble it Don't put it 'pon repeat my girl Ah you weh me need inna me world Girl, you ah the hottest thing round here One thing me want you know me well

Sean Paul - Sean paul ft. faydee - she doesn't mind (remi.. lyrics

I got you so high And I know you like So come on push it on me if it feels alright When the drop get low and breaking off Noo She doesn't mind She doesn't mind She doesn't mind Girl I got you soo.. I got the fire that you're looking for I got the wh

Gipsy - Sean paul lyrics

com is Offering Glitter graphics, Graphics comments, Layouts, Page codes and other cool stuff to decorate your profile or comment your friends on Hi5, Myspace, Friendster, Orkut, Tagged, Flixster, Friends blog, Your website or any other place., glitter graphics, te

Faydee - Sean paul ft. faydee - she doesn't mind (remi.. lyrics

I got you so high And I know you like So come on push it on me if it feels alright When the drop get low and breaking off Noo She doesn't mind She doesn't mind She doesn't mind Girl I got you soo.. I got the fire that you're looking for I got the whole club

Boyfriend - My lady lyrics

lady my lady i’m your’s. I love you My lady my lady i’m your’s. I miss you My lady my lady i’m your’s. I always think of you Lady sora no karata karasa Sutto sagashite ita Bokuga umarete kita sono imi o Lady kogoeru yoru mo boku ga Sou at

Babyface - Lady,lady lyrics

if you care for me Then let me know That you care for me sweet lady And that you'll care for me the rest of your life That's what I'd like to hear I don't mean to be a bore but I was hoping you would know what Just what you feel girl, what you feel inside And th

Mac Miller - My lady lyrics

records hard to find, so I thought I'd start this rhyme witha couple bars and lines of leavin' it all behind. I've had all the dimes and all are fine but now I need the one to call her mine. Ya know that girl that everybody wants but can't have fat ass

Kirko Bangz - My life ft. paul wall lyrics

Hook - 4x] Y'all don't know a thing, about my life (my life) my life (my life) [Kyle Lee] In my life, a lot of haters talking shit And I might, expose you hoes you out this bitch And I ride, with the nine I won't fall or slip If I die, they still will not get off my

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - My lady story lyrics

lady story My lady story My lady story Is one of annihilation My lady story Is one of breast amputation My lady story My lady story I'm a hole in love I'm a bride on fire I am twisted Into a starve of wire My lady story My lady story

Little River Band - My lady and me lyrics

Lady and me fought our way free from a shanty town, Parades of the blues were in every night, We slipped out of town with the morning's light. My Lady and me wanted to see if we'd settle down, We're still on the make with a one man show, Gets harder to take everyday we go

Kevin Lyttle - My lady lyrics

Lalala, Lalala, Lalala Hummm, Hummm, Hummm, Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Ladyyyy You want me, I want you Go some place, just us two You touch me, I touch you Undress me and I… Turn you upside down Spin you round and round And I make you moan So why don’t you come be

Mountain - My lady lyrics

her sailing on her silver wings With hands that move like little trees Alive and bending in my raging storm To a heartbeat, my lady lives for me To a heartbeat, my lady lives for me Out of the country to my city life All wrapped in dreams she wears like pearls She d

C-clown - My lady lyrics

meonjeo neoege dagagalge nae nunsoge deureoon neoneun imi My Lady (My Lady) meolli isseodo han nune deureowa heeo naolsu eobseo imi algo itjanha Ma Baby salmyeosi naege dagawa nado moreuge naeson kkok jabajwo neoman chyeodabogo inneun namjadeul cheoeumen eosaekhalji molla na

Exo - My lady (chinese ver.) lyrics

my baby zai chun bai ru xue zhi jian rong hua diao de chocolate You’re walking into my door~ Oh yeah~ She’s my lady zai yi man guang cai chun bian wo shi nu li, zao yi lun xian I’m running into your heart~ Oh yeah~ Rang wo duo kan ni yi yan don’

Exo - My lady (korean ver.) lyrics

my baby saehayan geu son kkeute Nogabeorin syokollatte you’re walking into my door, oh yeah! She’s my lady nunbusin ni ipsure Ppajyeobeorin naneun noye i’m running into your heart, oh yeah! Jom deo neol naege boyeojwo (don’t lie) Soljikhaejindamyeon (it’s

Cross Gene - My lady lyrics

il banbokdwehn naye haruneun neoreul mannan geu narihuro tallajyeo-ga-go Bal-gil ganeun gos songil dahneun gos nae-ga boneun sesang modeun geo-shi neoreul talma-ga Yeah feel-s like a nice dream i want more just like ice cream You so sweet ma-ge me beg for more from your head t

Scribe - My lady lyrics

yo This ma girls song Its called my lady Lets do it! More than all my kicks More than all my clothes More than all my friends More than all my flows More than everything Cuz you were there for me Just like you said you'd be (Just like you said it) Thru my darkes

Iron & Wine - My lady's house lyrics

is light in my lady's house And there's none but some falling rain This like a spoken word She is more than her thousand names No hands are half as gentle Or firm as they like to be Thank God you see me the way you do Strange as you are to me It is good in my

Nervy - My lady lyrics

обижаешься на всякую е-рунду, Ну что ты паришься, ведь я никогда не уйду. Но, ты обиделась и снова закрыла дверь, Отключен телефон и домофон, но поверь, Пять киловатт звука и на десятку герь, Готово, готово, окей! Моя леди, ты мне нужна, Твои соседи, шли они на... Вру

Sean Paul - Gimme the light lyrics

Busta Rhymes] Ay yo Sean Paul!!! [Sean Paul] Yo yo [Busta Rhymes] A Busta Rhymes, listen up [Sean Paul] Wah gwaan [Busta Rhymes] Pass me the blow torch let me light up this big head nigga [Sean Paul] No doubt [Busta Rhymes] Bring dat com

Sean Paul - Hot gyal today lyrics

Vegas & Sean Paul (Sean Paul) Hey me and you cyann guh nuh wheh yu kno Shut up yu moooout A my gyal dat my yute My boo Yow, a whappen to yuh? Seana Paul and Mista Vegas again Dutty yo (Vegas) Chilalalalalala boomboom shi laay I an I

Sean Paul - Head to toe lyrics

Don't pretend you don't need me...Daily monthly and weekly Sean da Paul...Pon the girl them...intermediately Don Corleone...deh ya fi make the girl ride pon the pony... Sean Paul no phony..Hear me tell the girl them say.. Chorus: From head to toe.. Y

Sean Paul - Break it off lyrics

Sean Paul] Break It Off Breakin it off And settin it off in da real way Makin da girls dem chill dey mind Makin dem have a good time Ya man SPZ long side RiRi Come down now Rihanna Tek it to dem Tek it to dem girl [Refrain] Break it off boy Cuz ya g

Sean Paul - Change the game lyrics

The Game" (feat. Looga Man, Kid Kurupt) [Intro:] Hey yo we flip the script now the game done changed Dutty cup music drive dem insane Worldwide, yard ain't been the same Jigzag zigular come bring the pain.. Hey yo Sean Paul...bad m

Sean Paul - Fire links intro lyrics Sean Paul..This one ya is hot, It is a next Dutty Rock, Dah one ya gone...It gone now..It gone clear, Cuh deh, Cuh deh, Cuh Deh....The Trinity..see it, The Trinity Oney One..Triggy Three..Goverment! What dem say..Sean Paul a come lock back

Sean Paul - Dutty rock intro lyrics

the gal them international dj comin' Through, so yow!Respect due to all the man Them inna the street but the gal them inna CHORUS Woman you physique concrete Can't delete you fat because you buff up complete 24 hours seven days of the week. Want you listen to me voice when i

Sean Paul - Shout street respect lyrics

Intro] Hear you shout Dutty then a tell them once again yow! Sly them a tell them once again hey yow! Sean Paul and we a tell them once again Taxi haffi set the new trend Yow! [Verse 1] Kick up the bass up and make I bun up the place up Make i pi

Sean Paul - Uptown haters skit lyrics

. hmmm hmm hmm hmmm.. (hmming continues) (phone rings) hello hey wats up man? big rave goin on tonight and u rollin wit me? matthew? there are no raves in jamaica matthew, what are u talkin about? naa they carrying dis guy from a biza, man a guy from a biza?

Sean Paul - Baby boy ftbeyonce lyrics

quality a dat da girl dem need and dem not stop cry without apology buck dem da right way - dat my policy sean paul alongside - now hear what da man say - beyonce dutty ya, dutty ya, dutty ya beyonce sing it now ya baby boy you stay on my mind fulfill my fant

Sean Paul - Hold my hand lyrics

oh whoa oh whoa oh oh whoa oh. Hold my hand, Girl, you know I care. Yo yo yo, Hold my hand, Alright then. So make me tell you this. Girl, you know I care, So if you ever seem to lose your way, don’t have no fear, Hold my hand, I’ll be there, girl,

Sean Paul - Gimmie the light remix ftbusta rhymes lyrics

Intro] [Busta Rhymes:] Ay yo Sean Paul!!! [Sean Paul:] Yo yo [Busta Rhymes:] A Busta Rhymes this yuh know [Sean Paul:] Wah gwaan [Busta Rhymes] Pass me the blow torch let me light up this big head nigga [Sean Paul:] No doubt [Busta Rhymes:] Bring dat come rudebwoy [Sean Paul:]

Sean Paul - International affair lyrics

Sean Paul] Well in come di ting dem a call di ol' to di new Dun know a say Sean-A-Paul a get it fi new Mike Ranson and Debbie Nova pon di track Dutty haffi bring it come back A Dutty Yeah! [Rakim sample] - "With the record that was mixed a long tim

Sean Paul - Bubble lyrics

Intro: Sean Paul] Well it's my girl, child caw dem cyaan Spend time an pon di style an yun dun kno Yuh haffi get wild, wuh me say Easy, Sean-A-Paul bun di fire Yuh dun kno Fahrenheit elongside di Neptunes Bring di tunes again Shake ya bubble gyal Roll ya bubble gyal

Sean Paul - Can you do the work lyrics

Intro:] [Sean Paul:] Bwoy Ce'cile, I see it clear yuh know, mi need ya yuh know [Ce'cile:] Pleeeaaaaseeee!!! I got a man ok [Sean Paul:] Yeah but mi neva hear yuh seh nuttin bout him, mi talk bout mi and you now [Ce'cile:] Well he's there so I gotta l

Sean Paul - Ziggy marley ft. sean paul - three little bir.. lyrics

Sean Paul) Well easy dont worry all yuh life away Yuh sayin a lot a prayers to the devil I say I say Jah live, Jah live So den mi go so den [Chorus x2: Ziggy Marley & (Sean Paul)] Dont worry (easy yuh brain), about a thing ( do yo

Sean Paul - Police skit lyrics

Pull ova man, pull ova, pull ova Stop right here so Lock off your car Step out the vehicle wit you documents, please Hmm, You know why I pull yu ova? Sean Paul: Ahh, officer bwoy,me ina rush Officer: Did I give yu the right to blow trough di stop light like that

Matoma - Paradise (feat. kstewart & sean paul) lyrics

[Intro: Sean Paul] Bless them when there ain't no stress there You know it go, when we flow Straight to the girl don't ya know A lot of beautiful ladies in the place tonight I just wanna say, "baby" [Verse 1: Sean Paul] My girl if you tell me what you want

Sean Paul - Blue cantrell feat. sean paul - breathe lyrics

Cantrell Feat. Sean Paul - Breathe [sean paul] Sean paul and blu cantrell remix that gona make ya head swell yo yo hey yo yo hey yo so what's that supposed to be about baby gall free up ya vibe and stop actin crazy reminisce 'pon all the goo

Pachanga - Pachanga ft.sean paul-como estas lyrics

estas my lady lets go Como estas mueve tu culo Is the way you show up tonight Start the party come on inside VERSE 1 Bring somebody on this night, make them feel what’s on your mind si sientes conmigo esta cancion, escucha y presta mi atencion When you

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - Hair (ft. sean paul) lyrics

Sean Paul:] When you drop it low, and shake it girl Your wild bump Switch it up, switch it up And then you set them definitely wrong So tell me baby, am I still your number one? Cause I'm Sean Paul and I'm the man Let's get it done Let's go I

Mark Ronson lyricsMark Ronson - International affair (feat. sean paul & tweet.. lyrics

in come di ting dem a call di ol' to di new Dun know a say Sean-A-Paul a get it fi new Mike Ranson and Debbie Nova pon di track Dutty haffi bring it come back A Dutty Yeah! With the record that was mixed a long time ago Don't worry baby I'm a naturalist I got ya livin in W

Sean Paul - Running out of time lyrics

yo, yo, girl, yeah, yeah, yeah Yo, yo, yo ohh, yo, yo, well 'Cause I need you an you need me (Yo, yo, yo) Together girl is how it must be (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Well, I need you an u need me (Yo, yo, well) Becah you're ever inna up in my tought

Sean Paul - Cherish (f/ sean paul of the youngbloodz) - d.. lyrics

(f/ Sean Paul Of The Youngbloodz) - Do It To It Ay ay ay ay ay ay Ay ay ay ay ay ay Ay ay ay ay ay ay Ay ay ay [Verse 1] Step out the Caddy Deville It's on a base of steel Them boys checkin us out Know when we dress to kill Struttin in the club, it's dark

Lucenzo - Wine it up feat sean paul lyrics

to di gal dem we do it all wild Sean a Paul ah mi kill dem wid di style yo Up inna di club she wine rubba dub Bokkle a di bob Henessy inna mi crop yo Up inna di club She wine rubba dub Yeeeeeh... Dis ah one ah dem Wine it pon meee Do it slow motion whole it well tigh

Sean Paul - Punkie lyrics

Chorus] Hot sexy punkie, me punkie Gal me see say that you want me, you want me And it no matter wa you man a say, man a say Cause you know say that we haffi link up one day [x2] [Verse 1] Cause me sit down and watch you every day And me know say th

Sean Paul - I'm still in love with you lyrics

Paul and Sacha talking] [Chorus] [S] I’m still in love with you boy… Well I’m a hustler and a player and you I’m not a stayer That’s the dutty dutty love [S] I’m still in love with you boy… Say girl, try to understand that a man is just a man T

Bob Sinclar lyricsBob Sinclar - Bob sinclar sean paul tik tok lyrics

: Bless up and there aint no stressing ! You heard it clear!Sean Paul longside Bob Sinclair! Buaaaa Yow Tik Tok Tik Tok Yow Tik Tok Tik Tok Yow Tik Tok Tik Tok Yow Gal if you give me the sexiest wine Gal if you move your body pon time Gal if you give me the sexie

Dua Lipa lyricsDua Lipa - No lie (ft. sean paul) lyrics

your eyes, they all over me Don't be shy, take control of me Get the vibe it's gonna be lit tonight Baby girl yuh a carry ten ton a fatness, gimme some a dat Mixed with the badness, look how she act Shaped like a goddess, but turn up, don’t stop It's a good piece of mentals under

Sean Paul - Carlos santana feat joss stone, sean paul - c.. lyrics

Santana Feat Joss Stone, Sean Paul - Cry Baby Cry [Verse 1:] Going back to the memories Reminiscing 'bout you and me Thinking how it used to be It's plain and clear I treated you bad But girl you know that I care Every relation(ship) have wear and tear.. Just draw

Jay Sean - Make my love go (ft. sean paul) lyrics

It's Sean Paul 'long side The mandem called Jay Sean Fi di gal dem Tellin' 'em again what we tell 'em Pass me a drink to the left, yeah Said her name was Delilah And I'm like, "you should come my way" I already surrender Damn gi

Sean Paul - Head in the zone lyrics

Intro] yeah well everything nice you know pass two crate a Smirnoff Ice you know alright sean paul, inna di club, get crunk, blaze it up inna di club ladies willy bounce inna di club yo yo... [Chorus 2x] woman just get you head inna the zone get prop

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Break it off (with sean paul) lyrics

It Off Breakin' it off And settin' it off in da real way Makin da girls dem chill dey mind Makin dem have a good time Ya man SPZ long side RiRi Come down now Rihanna Tek it to dem Tek it to dem girl Break it off boy Cuz ya got me feelin' naughty I wanna know boy If I c

Clean Bandit lyricsClean Bandit - Rockabye ft. sean paul & anne-marie lyrics

it love and devotion Call it the mom’s adoration (foundation) A special bond of creation, hah For all the single mums out there Going through frustration Clean Bandit, Sean-Da-Paul, Anne-marie, sing, make them hear She works the night, by the water She's gon

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