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Bentley Jones - Alpha dog lyrics

I'm the alpha dog Coz I'm the alpha dog I'm the one pulling the strings and manipulating things ‘n' things Give me an inch and I'll tear you out your jeans, your jeans I know I wanna do it, I know you wanna do it So come on baby we can find a way to get into it I always will b

Machine Gun Kelly - Alpha omega lyrics

We the age that mothaf***ers don't care about us We just let mothaf***as know we coming It's real, it's a real mothaf***in' movement Whether you like it or not We're supportin' a real mothaf***in' movement, man It's cleveland man MACHINE GUN KELLY: I am the a

Kilmara - Alpha lyrics

a hard day of work has been done all of my thoughts go straight to the one The one that awaits me that one that is so kind it wakes up my senses it powers my mind I jump in the car and I´m burning rubber I want to get home to my only lover That never betrays me, accepts who I am I f

Jones Bentley - Alpha dog lyrics

the one pulling the strings and manipulating things ‘n’ things Give me an inch and I’ll tear you out your jeans, your jeans [*] I know I wanna do it, I know you wanna do it So come on baby we can find a way to get into it I always will be the al

Moonspell - Alpha noir lyrics

the good men crush What they love It makes them feel alive Let the fair men build them crosses And crucify So let the wise men write Our death threats, in Bible paper Let their message be sent Throughout the thunder Throughout the underworld Throughout the Alpha

Alchemist - Alpha capella nova vega lyrics

capella nova vega, do you watch over me? Do you hear the words i'm speaking? Do you exist merely in my memory? Alpha capella nova vega, do you exist anywhere now? Alpha capella nova vega, you dreamed about looking down on us all. You reached your goal

King 810 - Alpha & omega lyrics

& gentlemen Welcome to the truth God made me in his image who the f*** made you You want my voice from me you can have it just know I sound like this because the Devil has my throat I make your insides shift that is my gift The sea parts and then comes the flood

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Alpha & omega lyrics

am the earth and sky I am the low and high I am the snowflake in the winter evening I am the birth and death I am your final breath I am the one that gave you life and freedom Choosing your own way Everything you've ever known Every seed that y

Scar Symmetry - Alpha and omega lyrics

behind a mask of revelations Truths denied, keep the world in duality Earth trapped in a massive scheme Caught deep inside within distorted dreams Blur the sight of those who try to see All that you believe was made to deceive you Waves of confu

Cake - Alpha beta parking lot lyrics

in the alpha beta parking lot watching the sun set I'll never forget watching all the reds and oranges slip away letting go of yet another dirty day breathing in the fumes from so many idling cars right beneath the sign w/ the dusty yellow stars watchin

Gaither Vocal Band - Alpha and omega lyrics

Heard a great voice out of heaven saying Behold the tabernacle of God is with men He shall dwell with them and they shall be His people And Almighty God will be with them He shall wipe away all tears from their eyes There shall be no more death Neither sorrow, nor cr

Huntress - Alpha tauri lyrics

of energy flying machine Stargate locate 33.33 Aldebaran Transmissions received psychically Zodiac lights the path to Annunaki Alpha Tauri Arrival is set at 65 light years Planet earth far away and disappears Aldebaran Transmissions receiv

Gaia Mesiah - Alpha female lyrics

gonna fight over night You´re gonna see me in the dark Shining through the battlefield You see me flying above the ground Rub my eyes to make it clear Now I can see my enemies Trapping me in empty fields (with my fellows all around) Acting d

Fallujah - Alpha incipient lyrics

Deliver us unto the sea of life The succession of elder insurrection All, the intricate functions be alive Bio-mechanical installation Failure of the alpha phenotypes The alpha-incipient brought to life All, the intricate functions be alive Endo-mechanical

Mustasch - Alpha male lyrics

am number one I lead this pack I won´t back down I push myself through snow and rain And if you challenge me I´ll give you hell And all my enemies The fear and hate destroying them They try to hunt me down But they will never ever ever find the den

Boards Of Canada - Alpha and omega lyrics

Haha!) Alpha and omega Yellow I'm a God-darned Satanist And if I wanted I'd be in this business

Hopes Die Last - Alpha wolves lyrics

has come There's something I should tell you with these words That I don't come to fall Tryin to be the rose among the thorns Tell me Are we awake or sleeping? Do you know what we're meant to be? Is there a single reason Why we're breathing? Tell me what y

Alpha Rev - Alpha rev - colder months lyrics

put my on my usual Packed a picture from my cubicle All I can think about is you I´m still bleeding... I´m still bleeding Took the L to Union Square Watch the pretty girls comb their hairs They turn away as I turn and stare But I´m still bleedi

Periphery - Alpha lyrics

s always better on the other side of it Wanting what you never have It is a goddamn broken state of mind Here, the one that we've been living in It's never greener inside the mess we're in Wanting what you never have The less we all contend, the more

Royz - α (alpha) lyrics

ochiresou na hikari atsumete Mezameteyuku kono omoi wa Irozuita kara, mata aeru kara Togisumashita sono koe wo hakidase "The mangled revolution can be caused,and yourself is believed. The name is α" Itsuwari no hikari ga sasu hou Hit

Sevendust - Alpha lyrics

Just move) you never were there (when I needed you) Where were you when I needed you (So long) look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you You see the whites now (turn around) walk away (You can’t help me) you never wanted too (Soon I’ll show you) what I mean cause (I) don

Architects - Alpha omega lyrics

son of god, Hangman's pawn control our lives, With fairytales and shallow lies, You say we'll burn in hell, Spiteful preacher I know you well Desperation breathes and follows you home, Just look around, you're not alone One life and one chance, the wor

At The Drive-in - Alpha centauri lyrics

an antique replacement a briefcase filled with mace widows six legged lost and found students spray the kent state mist wishing wills missing clientele widows sex legged lost and found parkas worn in summer apparel sweat lodge comatose of broken arrows

Crystal Lake - Alpha lyrics

Light, we have become darkness Heaven above’s forsaken the outspoken and vanquished our ambitions Destroy the past and rebuild the present The future is ours to define Don’t fall asleep into their dream to watch our world falling down on its knees I’ll wake you up i

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - Alpha dog lyrics

until you hands hurt, standing ovations or boo-boo-boos Wa-watch us until we blur, Walk off into the sunset Tell Rock'n'Roll I'm alone again I want to pick the mid west home again Your time has passed They say never means never So the fast dance won't last But never me

Karnivool - Alpha omega lyrics

in deep space You made us wait like you used to I was an utter disgrace You made us sing "hallelujah" And now it's all gone Every time we tried We cannot pity, we cannot stand around Nervous for the hope we ache to find Every ti

Laura Marling - Alpha shallows lyrics

could fall and she can weep But as holy are my feet and hard with mention That dear they may not speak We feel tight when there is tension And our eyes can make us weak And his heart was full of fire at the man he had become And his soul seldom higher with the

Michael W. Smith - Alpha overture lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental

Necronomicon - Alpha and omega lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

A Storm Of Light - Alpha (law of nature pt. 1) lyrics


Air - Alpha beta gaga lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Anthrax - Alpha male lyrics

should be happy, you should be happy You should be really happy I saved your life today I didn't kill you, although I meant to You should be happy, now go and put your toys away It's the pecking order, back of the line Pecking order, back of the l

Erra - Alpha seed lyrics

begin the fall of the Omega generation I'm left gasping for a breath of air in this failing body And fading beauty I reach for what was never there, But I'm still reaching for some reason Teach me to navigate the stars (And use the wind to guide my w

Kollegah - Alpha lyrics

2005, das erste Zuhältertape im Netz. Keiner hat mich auf dem Schirm, wie 'n New-Era-Etikett. 9 Jahre später, eine Battle-Rap-Saga. Und bis heut' kommt keiner technisch an mein Level von damals. Ich habe Punchline-Rap revolutioniert. Ich habe Doubletime-Rap revoluti

The Mission - Alpha man lyrics

s never enough to apologise You always want more than I give It's never enough to admit I'm wrong You always want more rope to hang me with It's never enough to work my fingers to the bone A new man's work is never done And it's never enough to grovel and crawl Use my apologies as

Modern Baseball - Alpha kappa fall of troy the movie part deux lyrics

halfway dead, suckin down coffee from a black old fountain Is your home where you lay your head or where your fake swordfish is mounted? Eyes-cross, habitually I would leave the room prematurely with a tiny little pile of dark roast grounds where I once stood just

See You Next Tuesday - Alpha lyrics

here with me Stay here with me Stay here with me Stay here with me Stay here with

Hypnos - Krieg the alpha paradox lyrics

repeats in warfare drive dying's close - death's too far... Since dawn of times we're breathing the air that's pregnant with translucent crimes. Oh, brother, take my food celebrate our brotherhood red wine in my arms - in your arms the other side's always

Izar Cohen - A-ba-ni-bi feat. alpha beta lyrics

ba-ni-bi o-bo-he-bev A-ba-ni-bi o-bo-he-bev o-bo-ta-bach A-ba-ni-bi o-bo-he-bev A-ba-ni-bi o-bo-he-bev o-bo-ta-bach A-ba-ni-bi o-bo-he-bev O-bo-he-bev o-bo-ta-bach Keshehayinu yeladim Ahavnu besodei sodot El mi hayinu nechmadim? Rak ledodim uledod

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Disturbia (alpha project) lyrics

bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum What's wrong with me? Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum Why do I feel like this? Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum I'm going crazy now Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum No more guessing the rev Can't even get it started Nothing heard, nothing

Shiv-r - Shiv-r - alpha omega lyrics

religion is just a book Your eternal soul; just a killer hook Wear a shroud of lies like a second skin There's a hole ingrained where you never looked You cannot see the hole you're in You fill it up with religion Too close to see what a fool you've been It's time to end

I Am Heresy - Thy will, pt. 1: black sun alpha lyrics

------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------

Mental Discipline - Shine on me (feat. alpha point) lyrics

wasted years have left behind Nothing but the misery inside All I know is just one thing for sure I don't wanna bear it anymore You could be the one to get me out From the claws of misery and doubt 'Cause I see the shining of your light I won't let this moment

Project Pitchfork - Ω α (omega alpha) lyrics

a child living in a dark place Being accused of being a failure Nothing is right, everything is wrong Nothing is right, everything is wrong Imagine this child growing up in a world Which pays no attention to its positive behavior Always notici

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Prometheus lyrics

zone, fractal seed of resonance. New binaural frequency, energetic stream of power. Soul gate, telepathic contact. Qi's magnetic portal to unlock the orgone state. Altered cells, implosion, new perception of higher self. Quantum nexus, nuclear fire. Huma

Arthemesia - A.o.a. lyrics

Alpha Creation, the cosmic perdition Darkened, morbid statue of God The bearer of the sigil Omega Spiritual degeneration cast into mortal flesh He, who has the whole world to ignite And thousands of fools to destroy With the flames of Phosphoros A

Brandon Ashley - Nightmare factory 82 lyrics

am a God with a head of a bull I am a man with the wish of a God I’m a black star with some broken wings I am the silent drop of a big white tear I am a bullet shot straight to hell I’m a sadistic entertainer on the way to the end I am a big bottle full of h

Die Toten Hosen lyricsDie Toten Hosen - In dulci jubilo lyrics

dulci jubilo, singet und seid froh! Unseres Herzens Wonne leit in praesepio. Und leuchtet als die Sonne, matris in gremio. Alpha est et O. Alpha est et O. In dulci jubilo, singet und seid froh! Unseres Herzens Wonne leit in praesepio. Leuchtet als die Sonne, matris in g

Diaura - Aria lyrics

ni motare utsumuku boku ni sotto kimi ga "mou maku wa orita n'da yo" dore dake kono me o korashite mitemo boku no shikai wa boyaketa sekai o ninchi shinai mama nemurenai yoru, dekiru koto nara omoidasenai mama de ite hoshikatta yo me o sorashita mono ga oosug

Janne Da Arc - Heavy damage lyrics

wa ore o BAKA ni shita yumemita risou o waratta tsumaranai genjitsu o oshieta Heavy Damage! mashou no RIZUMU de AITSU wa ore o mikudashita fuzakete nazeka gomakashita jibun ni ikari o oboeta Heavy Damage! ima ni mite yagare! My brain has broken down. I will t

Kotoko - Hiraku! sora no oto lyrics

bakari mite'ta kara osanaikoro wa zutto mushi toka tori ni naritakatta "jiyuu ni toberu notte sonna ni mo ii no kanaa?" dareka ga fui ni tsubuyaite'ta toki wa KUURU na BEESU kodou no DORAMU de hiraku NOOTO no ue bokura wa kanaderu ikutsu no negai tsunaide o

Aaa - Music!!! lyrics

!! narase!! Clap Your Heart! Teki wa, monoiwanu Distance dake da Nara, kitto yuragu Change Your World Kimi wa, yume wo mada aruiteru Kousou biru tanima ni kasumu aozora sukoshi dake kyuukutsusou Ano natsu to okizari ni shita hibi wa azayakas

Rie Fu - Douyara kyou shibuya made lyrics

Kyo mo Shibuya made Douyara kyou mo shibuya made isogu Hareta toki demo oritatami kasa o motte iru Kimagure na sora no kuse ga tsui tara Futo ashimoto kara me o agete mieta ne Kutabaranai There's nothing really wrong with me Yuzurenai I'm still the best Mogaite

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Of michael the archangel and lucifer's fall p.. lyrics

quot;If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other" (-Mother Teresa (1910-1997)-) I: Codex Nemesis Alpha Omega "Veni, Creator Spiritus. Et lumina animam mortali mundi. Ex dolore meo, nunc et semper. Ad splendorem ange

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