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Alone In The Dark Danny Bryant lyrics

Browse for Alone In The Dark Danny Bryant song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Alone In The Dark Danny Bryant lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Alone In The Dark Danny Bryant.

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Nightfane - Alone in the dark lyrics

die and your horns will be mine. Your empire will be ... is start of your end. RF:Alone in dark, MY FRIEND Alone in dark, MY FRIEND Alone in dark, MY

Iron Fire - Alone in the dark lyrics

demonic eyes all I see is burning skies Vision seems so real ... trying to break free This place is ... spellbound The shadow land below the ground ... Lost without a key Try to find a open door That leads the

Agathodaimon - Alone in the dark (soundtrack version) lyrics

Faces ever pale Voices thin with fear Wither beyond the ... veil Writhing whispers that I hear To ... fear I'd never known I'm alone, I'm alone in the dark

Pandaemonium - Alone in the dark lyrics

I stand waiting under the moonlight Hidden behind the ... trees and the snow I listen to each noise ... and watch every movement Again and again, again and again

3 Feet Smaller - Alone in the dark lyrics

of the dark a sunny day, what a ... art I can't survive the night's haunting me, I'm ... sweating I can't sleep, can't dream, ... kill me just don't leave me alone in dark it's haunting me

Opera Ix - Alone in the dark lyrics

suffering. Everlasting oblivion of tears falling into the dust. I want to die. ... But the three mothers don't grip my hand they ... want the cycle to be completed. I'm

Kaktus Project - Alone in the dark lyrics

in the dark The fear is in me I look at the sky moving ... away Falling asleep in a strange land Now where am ... I I woke up in another land Everything seemed

Agathodaimon - Alone in the dark (death angel's shadow) lyrics

so gray My thoughts beneath the shadow That will not pass ... away My thoughts beneath the shadow That will not fade ... that avert are pale Voices thin with fear Silent streets and

Brokencyde - Alone in the dark lyrics

I've been your friend from the start The one that listens ... to you I know you don't think I'm there I'm right there ... walking with you I'm disappear in

Ashes You Leave - Never again alone in the dark lyrics

away from them In a room so deep With my soul ... in my throat The last few tears I weep I cry ... to darkest mind As leave in silence fall Alone I will

Cities - Not alone in the dark lyrics

alone In the dark, something's there Loss of sight, here ... But from where? From within, senses lost Spirit thrives ... Not Alone In The Dark Tell me why Turn out the

Silverstein - In the dark lyrics

your way in, It’ll spit you out. I ... can hold it in it’s a godsend. A heart ... it’s end. Does it matter if the love ever comes back? Does ... it matter if the sun ever comes back up? In the dark, in the dark, When

The Birthday Massacre - In the dark lyrics

left unglued Should never find their way Into the hands ... of someone like you I'm in the dark I'm alone around ... to get me through Oh I'm in the dark Every minute shed is

Camila Cabello lyricsCamila Cabello - In the dark lyrics

faithless Vampires at the same places Shadows, traces ... you feel me You're runnin’, runnin', runnin', runnin’ ... Making the rounds with all your fake

Dev - In the dark lyrics

my waist, through my hair Think about it when you touch me there Close my eyes, here you ... are All alone dancing in the dark Tell me baby, if it

Omarion - In the dark lyrics

all this time I been waitin' To get you in this room alone Now you're here its time ... One] This can't be real The time has come For us to do ... our thing What I mean by do our thing

King Diamond - Lurking in the dark lyrics

Nightfall Comes Around And The Light Of Day Is Gone The Dark Closes In As The Last Candle ... It's Time To Send Off Your Mind On A Trip Into The Land Of

Carpark North - In the dark lyrics

the dark, you will always find her searching Her sister ... died in vain Oh, so strong, behinds her ... really grasp it She's waltzing on alone Oh, dear God,

Icarus Witch - In the dark lyrics

and scheming I sit alone in an empty room Struggle to find the mercy but never do My ... your bed, I'll make you lie in it too My soul's on fire - ... My mind's a bitter mess You got one

Nightingale - Still in the dark lyrics

lonely - feeling so alone in the dark The world is really ... fierce out here I'm so alone and scared I'm tired and the ... cold is getting to my bones Everything is

Roger Daltrey - Alone in the night lyrics

the lights are down and there's no one there You can ... hear the sound of the rock'in chair Rocking in the dark, ... feel it in the air Searching for the spark of love affair

Dj Tiesto - In the dark lyrics

it seems like the world around's just breaking ... And it feels like there's no one else around you ... And it's quiet there's a silence in the darkness ... And it sounds like the carnival is over As you

Flyleaf - In the dark lyrics

written songs In the dark, in the dark, in the dark, in the ... dark I’ve felt inspired In the dark, in the dark, in the dark, in the dark I hide myself In the dark, in the dark, in the

Kat-tun - In the dark lyrics

no sugata Kurikaeshi no mainichi sae seigyo funou Mou ... Hanabira ga saigo no kimi no rinkaku wo kakusu Ashita mo ... hyaku nen go mo Kousa shinai Toki no hate Chikadzukeba

Jojo - In the dark lyrics

ain't the first or last time We'll ... at night To let our fates intertwine Casually I'd rather ... This don't need to be defined And I know that it's

Olivia Holt - In the dark lyrics

you find me here In this dark terrain? Can you pull me out ... From under.. Diamonds in the dirt. Shining through the ... hurt, Can you pull them out? And hold me close,

Nina Simone - In the dark lyrics

the dark It's just you and I Not a ... sound There's not one sigh Just the ... beat of my poor heart In the dark Now, in the dark, in the dark I get such a thrill When he

Tracy Chapman - In the dark lyrics

those who long apart forbid the kiss and leave us innocent ... of the things some do in the dark the things some do in the dark the things some do in the dark make me remember make me

3 Doors Down - In the dark lyrics

ooh Maybe it's just something that you can only see in the night Ooh ooh A pretty ... little vixen dancing out on the scene But the lights are shining, so she's keeping it clean

Faydee - In the dark lyrics

the dark dark dark dark my heart beats fast Turn ... I'm gonna make you fall In the dark you can watch me ... me up lift me higher than the sky Turn me on switch off

Jochen Miller - In the dark (ft. cuebrick) lyrics

s a shame behind your eyes Shadows of your ... heart taking you to the dark You're a stranger in your ... life I see the holes that time never filled ... So What are we A memory The space between us yeah

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - In the dark of the sun lyrics

the dark of the sun Will you save me a ... Underneath Orion's sword In your eyes there was a freedom ... before Hey, yeah, yeah, in the dark of the sun We will

Corinne Bailey Rae - In the dark lyrics

Everybody sees it I know they can feel it Our subtle ... disagreements The gesture that you’re leaving ... how you watch those planes In the dark In the dark We

Shaman - In the dark lyrics

down my mind Here in the dark Is not a first time that i ... fight my heart Akin to joy Turning into defeat ... I try to breath even knowing I can’t My faith, your

Shok Paris - In the dark lyrics

never scared me much but the hardest part is still waking ... me back take me back To the dark Another drink to bring me ... I can't take it I can't, the pain In The Dark To sleep

Nine Lashes - In the dark lyrics

don't wanna walk around the maze (The clouds hang above) ... I can't find the way out I don't wanna wander ... here for days (They darken the sun) I can't find the way

Paragon - The blade in the dark lyrics

aching body Slowly hits the ground And footsteps echo, ... fading quick away A pale curtain, ... paints the picture grey Live your ... life in isolation You fear the blade in the dark Hide

Shelley Harland - In the dark lyrics

in the dark I feel electric I sense my ... skin in between the waves I am human, I am criminal But I feel life here in my ... heart again Standing in the rain Thinking of a way To

Lights - In the dark i see lyrics

in the stillness the quiet place where I'm lying ... distract me from what's coming at me Give me something to ... sometimes it's only you nothing is at stake here When we are

Matt Woods - In the dark lyrics

I'm finally where I wanna be And I ... can't feel my legs At the borders of reality And I'm ... tripping over the edge like lord I just died in your arms There's no better

Parasite Inc. - In the dark lyrics

quot;Never... never again", I thought and I ... That you're a part of me 'til the day I'm gonna rot I hate.. ... I need you to survive Cause inin this times you make me

Chaotica - Alone in the crowd lyrics

is broken, Nothing here is real. All the ... world Is fractured, And there's no chance To heal. ... Drowning in the sorrow of Self-destructive ... Hopefully tomorrow, Things aren't As they seem.

Iu - Alone in the room lyrics

jinan i bissoriman gwitgae ... seureureuk heulleoga heeojin ihu gidarineun iyu ajikdo ... du pallo naega nareul ango inna bwa honja inneun bang ... tteun nal bureuji nae ape inneun (seo inneun) baro ape inneun neoege soneul ppeodeo

Electric Light Orchestra - Alone in the universe lyrics

in the Universe All alone in the universe That's how it feels ... way from home, oh-a-oh Alone in the Universe All alone in ... the universe It gets so sad in the unknown I'm tired of being alone I'm such a long long

Fight Like Sin - In the dark lyrics

Are you even in this The scars they form with distance ... prison, it's like I'm trapped inside my mind How did we get ... lost In this moment Are you a victim

Josh Ritter - In the dark lyrics

started looking for you In the darker caves We had a lot of ... love We thought would light the way We saw the wrecks of ... buildings And ships that sank in

Elize Ryd - Alone in the universe lyrics

bite your lip You say it's fine And turn away You hold ... your cries the wound is deep How hard I try ... I don't know what I was doing Without you I am so lost

Pj Harvey - In the dark places lyrics

washed our faces, walked the fields and put up crosses. ... Passed through the damned mountains, went ... and some of us did not. In the fields and in the forests

Satan ( Uk ) - Alone in the dock lyrics

Look back on your life, hear the Mourners song, Just your Innner Conscience betrays your ... wrongs, Watch the road unfold before you, Is ... you'd see? Shrug away the chains that bound you, You'll

Nok From The Future - Alone in the suburbs lyrics

m alone in the suburbs, you don't even know, ... You don't really know, I'm alone in the suburbs (2x) My ... friends are chilling on the internet Smokin purp poppin

Norther - Alone in the end lyrics

in the altitude of minus 6 feet Sleeping in the bed ... of broken dreams Walking on the same streets of forgotten ... needs Floating in the sea of blackened deeds This

F.o.b. - The silhouette in the dark reminds me of you lyrics

it this way My vitals fading Who wants it this way I ... m dreaming of the days back when I used to ... safe and reckless, Back in the place I used to call my home

Leighton Meester - The stand in (feat. check in the dark) lyrics

an angel night before light They come from Kentucky oh well. ... had a smile it was so genuinely kind sorta make you feel ... like you're sipping on some fine red vine.

Opera Ix - In the dark i found the reflection of the hid.. lyrics

breeze, with its tossing about, speaks of the ... movements on the water Surface and sends out the shivers. From those waves ... I will read the future fate. Oh silphs, inhabitants of the Air, Be the

Adair - Alone in the city of robots lyrics

s the best in midwestern technology. this ... place, this town, is breaking me. excuse me but you don ... vacant. could it be that I'm the only one? and if home is

Cattle Decapitation - Alone in the landfill lyrics

visit my plot. And listen to the winds ripe with ... Rightly just and on the horizon. Knee-deep in a ... manufactured scraps foretelling human downfall. Grisly.

Destiny - The devil in the dark lyrics

I'm gonna make you stay There is no resitance left Come ... to collect my debts In the beginning at the age of five ... you never would or could be mine That you won't dare to

Nightmare (fra) - Alone in the distance lyrics

life goes on in the distance It's heavy like chains of steel I feel we loose ... existence Maybe now we pay the bill? Our secrets day by day ... Have nothing more to say A dangerous

Jon Lajoie - Alone in the universe lyrics

re floating in space on the edge of time In a universe ... that we can't define Billions of stars in the ... endless night Try and find purpose for our lives Yet

Donell Jones - Alone in the universe lyrics

re floating in space on the edge of time In a universe ... that we can't define Billions of stars in the ... endless night Try to find purpose for our lives Yet

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