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Alone And Forsaketn Jesus Died On The Cross lyrics

Browse for Alone And Forsaketn Jesus Died On The Cross song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Alone And Forsaketn Jesus Died On The Cross lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Alone And Forsaketn Jesus Died On The Cross.

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Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Jesus is on the main line lyrics

is on that mainline... tell him ... what you want Jesus is on that mainline... tell him ... what you want Jesus is on that mainline... tell him ... want You gotta call him up and tell him what you want Oh.

Grave Forsaken - Death on the cross lyrics

as a man for us Before too long the rulers abhorred him They hated the things that he ... his teachings threatened their power His trial was a ... farce, he was not guilty They wanted him dead, so death

George Jones - Jesus saves today lyrics

saves today Jesus saves today When you feel ... you've reached the end And you can't find a friend Jesus saves today. Now some ... people think that Jesus was just a prophet And if I

Kari Jobe - The cross is my confession lyrics

my soul, the mercy seat Where's Jesus ... answers prayer For none can perish there Your ... promise is my only plea You gather broken ... weight of sin By war without and fears within Oh, the cross

Flame - On that cross lyrics

HOOK] When you were on that cross I can't believe you died for ... saved my soul When you were on that cross Repeat [VERSE] ... Yes, the Lord reigns robed in majesty The mountains melt like wax

Matt Maher - You were on the cross lyrics

everything is lost And everything I've loved before ... is gone Alone like the coming of the frost And a ... cold winter's chill in my stony heart And where were You

Nirvana lyricsNirvana - They hung him on the cross lyrics

hung him on the cross They hung him on the cross They ... hung him on the cross For me One day when I was ... lost They hung him on the cross They hung him on the cross

Bluetree - Jesus healer lyrics

the cross Blood and water flowed The son of man ... His body broken Broken for the world This is love This is ... love Jesus Jesus Healer Be lifted up Be

Flow Of Voices - Criminal on the cross lyrics

it was many years ago in the time of the Bible that they ... took Him up to Calvary. They could have let Him go, but ... instead they chose Barabbus just to set

Hymn - Nailed to the cross lyrics

was One Who was willing to die in my ... soul so unworthy might live; And the path to the cross He was ... willing to tread, All the sins of my life to forgive.

Lord Belial - Bleed on the cross lyrics

ve travelled far and long My power is weak from the ... all that remains - cause I am one with my sword try to recall ... the masters voice, the image is so clear but the

Besatt - The circle of disdain lyrics

are the sword of hatred In the hands of great demon We ... are the sons of darkness Giving honor to ... the devil We are the blade in the heart of Jesus

Portal 2 - The pit song lyrics

#22: He failed the turret peer-review. Robot ... #24: He died before he hit the floor. Robot #25: He never ... made it out alive. And Robot #29: Died on the

Bruce Hornsby - Fire on the cross lyrics

looking for some hired guns on the Texas border To shoot ... 'em all down if they try to cross over the water And they've ... got their old white hoods and the same old orders To keep the

Protector - Six hours on the cross lyrics

through the alleys and the streets of the city People ... watching with hate and with pity There were so many ... words that were unsaid Now the hill of skulls is waiting

16 Horsepower - Alone and forsaken lyrics

met in the springtime when the blossoms unfold the pastures ... green and the meadow gold our love was in ... flower as the summer grew on her love like the leaves have

Social Distortion - Alone and forsaken lyrics

met in the springtime when blossoms ... unfold The pastures were green and the ... was in flower as summer grew on Our love like the leaves now ... have withered and gone The roses have faded, there's

George Jones - On the banks of the ponchertrain lyrics

valleys, over mountains and plains Both foot sore and ... weary, I rested awhile On the banks of the old Ponchertrain ... The fairest young maiden that I ... both found a shelter beneath the same tree On the banks of the old Ponchertrain I

Endy Moon - On the road lyrics

road In running shoes Up the hills and higher Sunlight on ... sky Blackbirds reunite And this lustful light Coming ... leaves of thyme Brings me to the times when our pleasures

Exotype - The fall lyrics

run with my heart in your hands I curse the day I trusted ... run with my heart in your hands I curse the day I trusted ... my escape anyway By your hands we watched our kingdom fall

Pretty Ricky - On the hotline lyrics

Stephen; Smith, Joseph; Sandapa, Rudy; Smith, Spectacular; ... Cooper, Marcus; Smith, Diamond; Azor, Herby; Pretty Ricky, ... Ricky, Ricky It's 5 in the mornin' And I'm up havin' phone sex wit you, you, so horny And now I'm on the hotline Over

Neil Sedaka - On the road again lyrics

stay But I gotta go away, on the road again. Guess I'm ... kinda like the sun, Spend the day and then I run, on the ... road again. There's that open highway

The Faces - On the beach lyrics

don't care who's watching Don't mind what the surfing heads ... not be no Charlie Atlas I'm gonna take my shirt off anyway ... Now skin and bones sinks easy on the high tide

David Jordan - On the money lyrics

don’t ever get you anywhere but ... up let my voice be known I won’t sit back pretend my name ... from my goal I’ll face the music with my soul Don’t

Don Mclean - On the amazon lyrics

s a danger zone, not a stranger zone Than the little plot I walk on that I ... Full of eerie sights, weird and skeery sights Ev'ry vicious ... animal that creeps and crawls and bites!! On the Amazon, the prophylactics prowl On the

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - On the boulevard (featuring kokane & snoop do.. lyrics

Dre] You in the office of the good doc again, let's walk ... again It's like clock again, the hood rock again You should ... t take it out That shit play on, you can't make it out The

Eagles lyricsEagles - On the border lyrics

down the center of a two way street ... Wond'rin' who is really in the driver's seat Mindin' my ... bus'ness along comes big brother Says, "Son, you

Lil' Keke - On the come up lyrics

Talking] Check the game, we gon do it like this For the 2 ... Lil' Keke] Hold up a minute, and let me mash it Give me a ... check, and I'll cash it It's all about the cream, and getting paid you

Crimson Cult - On the edge lyrics

ve been here and I've been down - on the edge ... I've been there and I left down - on the edge ... search for hidden things And now I am back again I left

Edenbridge - On the verge of infinity lyrics

of hope a line to oblivion where we`re on the rope and ... sun is set, a pale silhouette on the sly the pride of the ... season`s turning the providence is concerning all

Darren Hayes - On the verge of something wonderful lyrics

serpent, a rabbit A walk in the forest A tentative looking son A feeling, a moment A ... hurt When you let me go And I'm on my way When the world ... below Is cold and gray On the verge of On the verge of

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - On the road again lyrics

again Just can't wait to get on the road again The life I ... making music with my friends And I cant wait to get on the ... road again On the road again Goin' places that

Reckless Love - On the radio lyrics

i bet you know what it is The sound of our lovin on the ... radio Pouring from the speakers in stereo-o-oh Here ... we go Baby it's out there for the world to hear Even

Septicflesh - On the topmost step of the earth lyrics

stranger once whispered: A fallen angel ... is someone not aware of his authentic identity Because the ... fall occured nowhere except on the inner plains And the

Everlast - On the edge lyrics

ll assure you and ensure you you're the one I ... love All the Gods up in heaven sent you ... Earth just to make me smile Don't you know you're the only ... In my life, be my wife, don't turn me down You're the

Pegazus - Our father and the holy ghost lyrics

are people that lie And try to deceive you Through ... words of the lord They try and brainwash you And they hope ... you will believe them And follow them in their ways THE LORD, OUR FATHER AND THE HOLY

Charlie Daniels - Jesus died for you lyrics

glad about A E But you can stand right up and shout D E 'Cause ... Jesus died for you A E You may think ... D You may be drunk or hooked on dope A E Believe me brother

Sam Cooke - Must jesus bear the cross alone lyrics

Jesus bear this cross alone And all this world go free? There's the cross for everyone And the the cross for me ... I know, You saved, You saved the rich like me Then I was once

Sinister - Presage of the mindless lyrics

of infidelity Be obedient to the past See what others might ... have not Hear the roar of the infinite wrath Revenge is ... Blood red murder Hear what others might have not See the

Bo Burnham - Sunday school lyrics

into it did you know that jesus died on the cross just to ... keep you from masturbating and did you know that prior to ... 1960 he frowned on interracial dating well my

Hymn - Jesus keep me near the cross lyrics

1: Jesus, keep me near the cross, there a precious fountain, ... s mountain. Chorus: In the cross, in the cross, be my glory ... soul shall find, rest beyond the river. Verse 2: Near the cross, a trembling soul, love and

Crass - So what lyrics

I'm hateful, why I'm bad. They tell me I got things they ... never had. They tell me go to church and see ... the light. Cos the good lord's always right.

Eddy Arnold - Jesus keep me near the cross lyrics

keep me near the cross there a precious fountain Free ... Calv'ry's mountain In the cross in the cross be my glory ever ... soul shall find rest beyond the river Near the cross a

The Lads - Cross with a pillow lyrics

Christ You have spare time on Sunday And you think it would ... Do you know to follow Christ There's a cross you must bear? ... You say "this one here looks nice, Maybe that

Audiovision - The gate lyrics

want is to disappear Everyone needs to be seen We all ... need love to breathe Far too many face each day ... with inner fear Jesus said: In my Father's house There is room for everyone All

Jonny Diaz - Beauty of the cross lyrics

the cross I find the beauty of Your matchless ... grace At the cross I see a King who died to take ... my place It's the moment that You made me clean ... and pardoned my soul Amazing grace

Hellyeah - Cross to bier (cradle of bones) lyrics

m suicidal and maniacal To make it this far ... a miracle I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy From the ... succubus to the incubus From the non-believers to the bottom

David Hodges - Fly lyrics

fly away Looking back at the cost Searching to find what ... was lost Building forever on a missing piece But I have ... Him with love in His voice And hope in His hand Holding the

Deicide - Once upon the cross lyrics

upon the cross Fear him, fear him, fear ... him... Satan Nazarene in the valley of persuasion To ... receive last temptations from Lord Satan &quot

Laibach - The cross lyrics

No love, no hope in sight Don't cry, he is coming Don't ... die without knowing the cross Ghettos 2 the left of us ... Flowers 2 the right There'll be bread 4 all of us If

Matt Redman - For the cross lyrics

will love you for the cross And I will love you for the cost ... came into a world of shame And paid the price we could not ... brought me home [Chorus] And I love you for the cross I'm

Flow Of Voices - Movin' lyrics

movin' Groovin', stay in the groove Movin', gotta just ... keep on Pressing on, striving toward the goal, ... Movin', gotta just keep on Pressing on, striving toward

Chinchilla - The cross lyrics

river flows down the skin of his face step by ... step he's walking through the mist life ordains died by the hand of men who preach in the ... name of god silver moonlight shines on the eyes of

Jonny Craig - Jesus died for you... not me lyrics

raging, raging in my mind. And I, I can't decide where I'm ... raging, raging in my mind. And I, I can't decide who I'm ... raging, raging in my mind. And I, I can't decide who I'm

Extol - Jesus kom til jorden for l dr lyrics

for meg Og på korset måtte kongen blø For å åpne livets vei ... Jesus kom til jorden for å dø Vi ... for oss Han gav sin sønn Jesus kom til jorden for å dø Og

Jamie N Commons - The preacher lyrics

in the north where the cold winds blow Over the ... prairie gold There's a church bell screaming ... On the steeple high Gather ye children of men With one hand on the trigger, one hand on the cross Jesus and his

Matt Redman - The cross has said it all lyrics

cross has said it all, The cross has said it all. I can't ... deny what You have shown, The cross speaks of a God of love ... There displayed for all to see,

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - The cross, the crown - no love greater lyrics

To make a way for us The cross the crown The blood ... falling down The love that cost A price ... we could pay Who can stand as righteous A sinner saved

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The mercy seat lyrics

began when they come took me from my home And put me in Dead Row, Of which ... wholly innocent, you know. And I'll say it again ... .to..die. I began to warm and chill To objects and their

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