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Maegi - Those we've left behind (ft. hansi kürsch) lyrics

your peace With memories Don’t look back Hold your ... Desperate mourns For all their souls Hearts grow dark ... turn to stone Now they flicker like a dim light They’re

Autumn - For those who are left behind lyrics

the clouds that sail along the endless sky And ... roses give out their colour to the air Like ... swans that start to sing before they die I comfort ... you, surrounding you with care You bear the cross

Immolation - Those left behind lyrics

lift my soul joyfully If not, my life will end painfully Extol He who rides ... above the clouds Majestic and glorious Reigning victorious Exalted to His

Much The Same - For those left behind lyrics

hard to understand? You got left behind 'cause you wanted to ... do something with your life You wanted something ... where mediocrity would not suffice And i

Dagames - Left behind (fnaf sister location song) lyrics

wouldn't know of course But I force a new judgment day On ... this day you will repay Your respects to all that may Lurk between your mind And man kind So have a

Nightcore - Left behind lyrics

wouldn't know of course But I force a new judgment day On ... this day you will repay Your respects to all ... that may Lurk in between your mind And man kind So have a seat and be afraid Fears about to commence

Gojira - All the tears lyrics

we left all alone? Mother has no time ... she cares for me and she cried all the tears I am joining ... now the river flow I am three days old Now the time has come You have to be

Desultory - Left behind lyrics

light is shining through Spreading the ... years of grey Leaving our past behind Faces are ... turned away I watch you spread your wings ... With eyes of apathy You're carried by the winds Unchained and

Ian Van Dahl - Tears lyrics

day you walked into my life I opened up my heart to you. . ... heart to you. I always thought that you and I ... could stand the test of time. [Chorus:] Now tears

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - All those years ago lyrics

m shouting all about love While they treated you like a dog ... you were the one who had made it so clear All those years ... ago. I'm talking all about how to give They don't

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Left behind lyrics

he's gone to find his way again He said he's lost his only ... friend He's got a jar of cash to ... spend He's running off just like he done before And he

Secrets - Left behind lyrics

ve been placed with the task of burning What I have left of any hope that I ... had Avoiding hopelessness He harder I ... try the further I fall into a hole that's too deep to

Anvil - Left behind lyrics

landscape, a winter sun Darkened blanket ... cocoon is spun Planted seeds are waiting to grow Thriving forests ... and jungle rain Scorched deserts across the

Bonded By Blood - Left behind lyrics

eyes now stare upon me In a realm of Nothingness Mobilizing through this wasteland ... In devastation's misery I am searching high and low ... For salvation from damnation Last chance for survival

Fallible - Left behind lyrics

t take away My only hope I know you left behind The ... world you know If you're gone today Then you ... you come home Tell me when I can wake up From this

Miss May I - Bastards left behind lyrics

your bastards left behind, Thrown away beneath the ... darkest sky. We’re the fallen, born to rise. A part of ... you left alone to die. Dealt to you in a winning hand of fortune, We’re

Slipknot lyricsSlipknot - Left behind lyrics

ve known faces that have disappeared in time Find me ... wrapped in glass and slowly soaked in lime All my friends have pictures made to make you cry I ... ve seen this and wondered what I've done

Aqualung - Left behind lyrics

the curtain, Let some light in, I feel so grey, The world ... got smashed to pieces, And put back together ... The wrong way. Why you leaving me now? There must be some

Sirenia - All my dreams lyrics

these dreams I left behind All these tears I cried through ... mournful nights They're still haunting me as years pass ... by All the dreams I ever wanted to come true for

Ram-zet - Left behind as pieces lyrics

arm reaches to hit the sun In a crowd with no one But it ... s painted on the wall Next to all the naked bodies ... trailed by mist Eating the forsaken puzzle No sign of remorese just a vision

Glenn Frey - All those lies lyrics

woke up shakin' in a cold, cold sweat I got so ... much goin' on. What did I forget? I know there's ... somethin', but it got so late I need someone ... to help me get my story straight Who told shorty? Who told

Poisonblack - Left behind lyrics

am closing Shutting down this need so vain For this time ... around I won't live the past again I have ... To leave your trap so far behind To bury your face I have

Exlibris - Left behind lyrics

never told you how to live, where to go I tried my ... best to be your friend There was a part of you ... deep inside my soul I could not see till it was too

A Forest Of Stars - Left behind as static lyrics

life is but an echo of a lost ... broadcast, Our voices and our loves, just as ... crackles in static. I don't want to be left behind ... here; When all my others have become as music..

Another Animal - Left behind lyrics

s cold tonight And I can feel it closing in Alone I ride and I can Taste her on the wind The ... dimming light as Darkness kills another day I close my ... eyes and pray Kill yourself just to Feel like

The Birthday Massacre - Left behind lyrics

has turned to wave goodbye In time, a faded scar is all ... that's left behind Till then you'll make believe ... And I will keep pretending forever Remember, I'll

Brainstorm - All those words lyrics

those words you hide inside Won't last forever but ... they'll come true I'm lost in the cold where rain turns to ... snow I'm losing my mind there's no highs only lows

Lapis Lazuli - Left behind lyrics

world is gone, Devastated and empty ... of people... quiet. Not a word, Not a single sound has been uttered. I was left behind, all alone. ... How will I face this? Will I find my path again? Screaming, I try to break the silence, No one's there to hear

Vince Gill - All those years lyrics

on in and take your coat off Come ... on in and sit down If I seem a little nervous I've ... been walkin' shaky ground I've been alone since she left ... me And I'm not quite sure what to do So if I call her name I'm sorry It's all those years are hard to lose All

Machine Head - Left unfinished lyrics

was I born? Sometimes I wish I didn't know Been times when I wish that I had ... just never been Why did you have me? Or better yet ... f*** But then abandoned me I'll give to this

Miss Li - All those men lyrics

hold, and bro ho And now he left you for the other girl you ... new, he had By his side Made her smile All your call Lonely nights All the lies ... More than twice All the tries, he lied looking in to

Emmylou Harris - All my tears lyrics

I go don’t cry for me In my fathers arms I’ll be The ... wounds this world left on my soul Will all be ... healed and I’ll be whole Sun and moon will be replaced With the light

Dawn Of Destiny - All those lies lyrics

reapeats itself It all comes back again Leaders and ... preachers Believers and decievers Fanatically leading, Blindy following Apparently ... no sense Maybe they are not intense The bigger the power

Impending Doom - Left behind lyrics

God, I am just a sinner, Lord. I am nothing without you. Give me strength, ... Lord; Give me courage to stand boldly ... on your word, against this world father. This world

Funeral Suits - All those friendly people lyrics

back anesthetize Colours burnt into my eyes ... Life for you is shades of grey Help me, ... help me find my way Lost, lost, never ... found Hide your secrets, settle down I am young and I am naïve Tell

Toto lyricsToto - All the tears that shine lyrics

time you wake I can see the smile in your ... eyes How long will it take Before I finally realize It's time to let you go ... And still my heart keeps holding on And will I ever know

Andrew Belle - All those pretty lights lyrics

wind blows through your hair As you're walking people ... down the street To north kings highway And there's a ... beating in my chest And it's seeming to suggest That

Andrew Belle - All those pretty lights (alternate universe v.. lyrics

wind blows through your hair As you're walking people ... down the street To north kings highway And there's a ... beating in my chest And it's seeming to suggest That

Cheap Trick - All those years lyrics

know I feel the deep blue?? You won ... t hear me cry See me die What am I going to do? I ... can see your face everytime Anytime you want I'm ... here for you Now my heart cries All those years (all those years) It's a lonely lonely

Converge - All we love we leave behind lyrics

roar of love slayed my despair it ripped me from my path ... shook me from my sleep that willed me to die a final ... goodbye all we love we leave behind i'm so sorry that i missed

Belle,andrew - All those pretty lights lyrics

wind blows through your hair as you're walking people ... down the street to north kings highway and there's a ... beating in my chest and it's seeming to suggest that

Pearl Jam lyricsPearl Jam - All those yesterday lyrics

t you think you ought to rest? Don't ... you think you ought to lay your head ... down? Don't you think you want to sleep? Don't ... you think you ought to lay your head

Thorsteinn Einarsson - All those lights lyrics

know feel your stomach turning as the fire's burning ... around the timing was wrong cause you know I ... m hurting watch me slip trough the cracks you

Peter Bjorn And John - All those expectations lyrics

I told you things I did before, told you how I used ... to be Would you go along with someone like me? If you ... my story word for word, had all of my history Would you go

Maplerun - Behind those walls lyrics

many times have you seen the sun, the ... eye meets the day and I don’t care of what you’ve said, I never listened anyway ... and take a look of what’s left of me, feeling down beyond

Darkthrone - The ones you left behind lyrics

RUSH! THE LIGHTS! They draw you EXCITED! ... DELIGHTED! They form you CREATING! DICTATING! The new you ... OUTDATING! PREVENTING! That old you The ending of time 3 steps and you're

One Star Story - Tears behind a smile lyrics

re standing there (remember this moment) Your gaze is piercing through us all (it's almost ... (we'll try to learn from it) I'm under pressure and am ready

Blessthefall - To those left behind lyrics

is the life within us? Buried inside Where is the light ... that blinds us? Buried alive not ready to die Go! ... found me at my worst When I was far too weak to grow

Carola - All the reasons to live lyrics

I lived my life alone So far away in ... darkness My soul was lost in time Tried to make it on my ... own I built a bridge of coldness Afraid to ... cross the line I opened my eyes and you were

Corrosion Of Conformity - So much left behind lyrics

reveals an angel My burning heart was over thrown She ... came to take away this pain boy But what I felt was ... never shown So much left unknown I found the road but

Bloodbound - The ones we left behind lyrics

here we stand We Sacrificed The ones we left behind ... Forgive me for my sin I can’t deny The ones we have ... forsaken The memories fade to grey An empty

Helm Levon - The girl i left behind lyrics

hours sad I left a maid A lingering farewell taking Whose ... sighs and tears my steps delayed I thought ... her heart was breaking In hurried words her name I

Shadow Host - Nothing left behind lyrics

Path Begins In Ancient Fairytales Forgotten Deep In Time In Ocean Of My Daydreams ... Filled With My Tears I Sacrifice My Past...... Wispering Voices Are Calling Me I

Flowing Tears - The war we left behind lyrics

in the chains we have chosen to strife ... We got to stay in our prisons for the rest of our lives ... to pray for severance Wake in disgrace of the fate in our

Revive - Tears of the oppressed lyrics

s been said better are the dead who've ... already died than those left alive, but better than both is those, not yet been, who've ... not yet seen all the tears been cried, And the more we

Box Car Racer - All systems go lyrics

left my fear behind me, Of those lights out by the station, ... The government is lying, The youth they won't believe them, We can't go ... Wrong can't get F***ed this time Speak up now Lose or

Boxcar Racer - All systems go lyrics

left my fear behind me, Of those lights out by the station, ... The government is lying, The youth they won't believe them, We can't go ... Wrong can't get F***ed this time Speak up now Lose or

Savage Garden - Tears of pearls lyrics

we stare each other down Like victimes in the grind Probing all the weakness and hurt ... still left behind And we cry The tears of ... pearls We do it. Oh we do it. Is love really the

Isley Brothers - Behind a painted smile lyrics

you're near I hide my tears Behind a painted smile You can't imagine the tears and sorrow Behind a painted smile My life's a ... world of let's pretend, yeah Since you took your love Pretending never ends, yeah But I can

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