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Hey Violet - This is why lyrics

stomped it out, You're there and then you're gone, what's that ... did you get the nerve to call it love. You're a part of ... I'm leaving, Stop a second and count the reasons; You don't

John Denver - All this joy lyrics

this joy, all this sorrow All this promise, all this pain ... City of promise, city of pain Such is life, such is ... World of promise, world of pain Such is life, such is

Crucified Barbara - Pain & pleasure lyrics

you? Cos' I wasn't ready All this pain and pleasure All ... know I'm done pretending All this pain and pleasure All ... believe In the white horse and the knight Fairy tales are

Joanna Pacitti - Donw trip on your way lyrics

Without a message or a phone call Just where the hell you ... Without a message or a phone call Nothing left for me to do, ... way out, baby Yeah, yeah (Pain! Time!) Don't know what you

Inmoria - Misery lyrics


Eternal Legacy - Misery's end lyrics

to repent Your soul is lost and you try to retract your will ... Rise beyond this life will live forever The ... with fear Time to leave all behind Prepare yourself

East 17 - I miss you lyrics

to those days Did they all just fade away Holding you ... you Making love to you all through the night I wish you ... face again Please come back and rescue me From all this pain

Bruce Dickinson - Broken lyrics

an alibi [CHORUS:] I stand alone but I can see You won ... t bring me down For all this pain and misery I'm not broken ... crushed I am not a pawn This is not a game of chess I am

Dreamland - All for one lyrics

Is there love to be found in this world's pain and misery? ... it ever change? [Chorus] All for one and one for all Isn ... be Will we ever change this world? United we will stand

Adam Cohen - This pain lyrics

didnt get us anywhere. We called the help line to confess ... the rain, Like a mother finally letting go, We all learn to ... live with pain. I know why you hurt me,

Roger Daltrey - Free me lyrics

anyway. I hear a voice, call in the night Push on the ... brain, fades with the light And I've seen a face with so many ... can't you see Free me From all this pain and misery. I am

Army Of The Pharaohs - All shall perish lyrics

I'm sayin' it's time for y'all to lay down and I'm sayin' ... dancin' techno Tellin' y'all haters to let go It's enough ... laws Purify ya channels and clearly hate ya flaws So I

Bella Morte - Haunted lyrics

watch the hours pass As all around me The darkness ... m begging please Let my bury all this pain and misery ... (I can not die) I will not fall (I'll carry on until the end)

Gary Moore - All i want lyrics

got me so confused I'm sick and tired of always bein' abused this way. All I want from you ... your sweet lovin' Every day and every night. All I want from

Abyssaria - All the dying on earth lyrics

never fled from the rain All the dying on this earth All this pain since the birth I see ... it burn, let it burn higher All the dying on this earth Let

Blowsight - This pain lyrics

made? Or was it just you and me afraid? You try to stop, ... You get back up then you fall back down Drain my soul ... What is this pain I'm faking? Blessed be the

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Pain(bonus track) lyrics

Deuce] Now I can see your pain, I'm sorry Goodbye I cry so ... hard Now I can see your pain, I'm sorry Goodbye I cry ... Johnny 3 Tears] The necks of this youth With their necks

Kamelot (usa) - This pain lyrics

Dark is the night for us all, but some days I feel the ... crawling down these jagged walls Blessed sunlight Some of ... this pain is sole subjected But what

Nightcore - Pain lyrics

I can see your pain I'm sorry Goodbye I cry so ... hard Now I can see your pain I'm sorry Goodbye I cry ... tonight The necks of this youth With their necks

Renegade Five - This pain will do me good lyrics

many days alone And now I´ve learned how to live ... did your best to push me down and make me weaker But what´s ... behind all those pretty words And you ... can be much colder Standing on my knees You just hold

Judas Priest - Pain and pleasure lyrics

to go I've heard the rumors and it seems they're comin' true ... that you're gonna pay For all the times that I've cried ... You give me pain, but you bring me pleasure

Iggy Pop - Pain and suffering lyrics

re my doll a pet who meows and blood and hate the blood ... suffering, i am terminating this world i'm your father now ... heh heh heh i am angry a tall building fell on daddy pain and suffering i am

40 Below Summer - All about you lyrics

you (would you bleed for me) And you wanted it all - Before I ... fall Hey girl, better get up and move - Watch that ass, cause ... you I was reborn Lay down and you injected - Fill my veins

Angel Haze - This is me lyrics

you sat me on that Greyhound And tried to reassure me that ... be okay now But they wasn't, and we both saw it coming, I mean ... but I was far from a dummy And as the pain grew you got more

Dead Soul Tribe - Any sign at all lyrics

s looking for a sign All their lives they search far and wide Everyone is trying to ... Everybody wants to heal their pain Everybody wants to end this ... Everyone is waiting All the dreamers keep on dreaming

Secret Sphere - All these words lyrics

a picture of a perfect world and life I write your name in sand I see your face through the ... wind All my memories are blowing away ... game is over, the curtain falls You're walking through this

Joe Bonamassa - Pain and sorrow lyrics

come They glitter as they fall You sacrifice your love For ... the wonder of it all But I will, and you won’t And I deal, and you don’t, yeah ... [Chorus:] Livin’ on pain and sorrow Until you find

Psychonaut 4 - Wor(l)d of pain and hate lyrics

Hate you, for all dust, for all your dirt I Hate you, I was ... part of you I Hate you, for all my pain and hate I Hate you, ... for all lies and drugs I am bitter pill called anti-world! I am the Best

Elegeion - Pain and elation lyrics

who lives is one who feels And one who feels is one who

Hit The Lights - All the weight lyrics

is what we make And oh how what we waste What's ... Too much, too much we use it all Waiting for days like we ... should live so long Get up and rush to get it done Wait on

Britt Nicole - All this time lyrics

the moment I remember the pain I was only a girl But I ... up that day Tears were falling I know You saw me ... That's when I met You All this time From the first

Jets To Brazil - All things good and nice lyrics

love my mother for all the things she's not but ... she is i love my father for all the things he's thought but ... really for the things he did i ... i think i'm gonna live all things to those who wait

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - All this making love lyrics

then I gotta stop But I'm all right, I'm really fine It's ... just the wine and all this making love In a day or so ... it'll really show, gonna wear me to the

Alesso - All this love (feat. noonie bao) lyrics

down town like a fallen urban angel Every street ... her destiny [Chorus:] All this love, all this love, all ... know that I'll be okay (All this love) Like a drug I'm no

Toby Lightman - All this silence lyrics

knowing it won't go off all this silence finally makes ... sense all this silence so shut up ... much harder, i don't hear it all just sounds like a foreign

Coven ( Usa ) - All this bleeding lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Ins...

Sam Smith lyricsSam Smith - All this madness (genji yoshida remix) lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Leann Rimes - All the loving and the hurting lyrics

you ever get past the pain you go through? When you ... give all you can and you can't understand Why a ... you can't undo. When you do All The Lovin' And The Hurting,

Absentia - All this hell lyrics

I lie in this frozen ground My soul has no ... spread my once broken wings and fly beyond the skies I wait ... to be set free Far away from all this

Erasure lyricsErasure - All this time still falling out of love lyrics

head for the door I want it all, you can take it all leave it ... me If I'm not good enough and my love is too much Then ... but I've nowhere left to run All this time still falling out

Crowder - All this glory lyrics

this glory, all this glory, all this glory In the middle of ... the night, after all this light here In the middle ... us Jesus Christ has come and I’m undone All this glory,

Onerepublic lyricsOnerepublic - All this time lyrics

on the second hand Two new years resolutions ... and there's just no question ... what this man should do take all ... the time lost all the days that I cost take

Rage - All this time lyrics

at you It took a heartbeat and I knew That the candle of my ... in what I am Now, after all that I have done it makes me ... gone, better days to come All this time I have been afraid,

Rage - All this time (edited version) lyrics

at you it took a heartbeat and I knew that the candle of my ... in what I am, now, after all that I have done it makes me ... gone, better days to come. All this time I have been afraid,

6 Part Invention - All this time lyrics

with me, baby I was wrong and now you're gone Please hear this heart of mine Hear me calling ... a lifetime Your love so true And I never knew That it's you I

Sami Za Sebe - This madness lyrics

time I will go through all this And nothing leave behind This time I will tell you what I ... me lectures More I feel this sadness in me This madness

Say Anything - All this fashion lyrics

the pretty boys you call Won’t keep you warm at all ... When winter hits the fall Hair doth not a lover make ... But oh, I’ll be around When all this f***ing fashion brings

Maria Mena - All this time lyrics

you're gonna be ok Now call your boyfriend And ... far Away last night He really loves you You just don't ... always love yourself All this time Ohhh All this time

Reba Mcentire - All this time lyrics

the first time I held you all night long. Well we're still ... here now. But where have all the years gone? Holding yu this way tonight. It's easy to ... see why. All this time. We held on to each

Mena,maria - All this time lyrics

But you´re gonna be ok Now call your boyfriend And apologise ... Far away last night He really loves you You just don´t ... always love yourself. All this time Ohhh all this time you

A Loss For Words - All this time lyrics

.. Baby blue eyes. Her hand was grazing down my thigh. ... We had drinks until the last call, Stumbled out into the night ... then the Boston moon, Falling into the high tide. It

Alyson Avenue - All this time lyrics

the world Be two in one All this time Without you And ... still be the one (The one) All this time On my own I have ... are with me here every day and every night So wrong but

Angus & Julia Stone - All this love lyrics

find a way there and I will never ask I will ... you You be the night sky and I will be the stars I will ... I will follow you There's all this love if you need it

Cold War Kids - All this could be yours lyrics

you get off your seat Before this bitter mess becomes a disease ... I have cracked the code on this old machine Ten thousands ... see? That the door opens up and go where it leads I have

Faith Evans - All this love lyrics

some time since we first met And everyday with you is like no ... other All this love you've given me I know ... just what to do Ill take this love you've given me And

Amanda Fondell - All this way lyrics

rain It's been a long way and now I'm here Trying to get ... to follow 'Cause we made it all this way I won't ever give ... s so strong Yeah, we made it all this way Like the moon

Fox Stevenson - All this time lyrics

don't mind, 'cause this is something that I have to ... find After all this time, I'll be okay, 'Cause ... when the skies turn black and the floor beneath me starts

Quietdrive - All this time lyrics

I’ve waited for nothing All of the things I think I need ... Only break my heart All this time I’ve waited for ... nothing) When I could spend all this time Looking for

Ryan Keen - All this time lyrics

Trespassing in my mind and stealing all my thoughts away ... you do it all the time now thought i built ... my walls high you still broke them ... But they cant keep you out All this time i never knew love

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