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The Dubliners - The cook in the kitchen lyrics

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Santa Hates You - The monster in the maze lyrics

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Factory Of Dreams - The piano in the sea lyrics

No one exists anymore He sings its song Now vanishing In ... sea of darkness Never giving up On his song He keeps ... playing, he keeps singing A song of hope To brighten

The Left Rights - The boy in the striped pyjamas lyrics

to dance! I like to dance in my striped pajamas! I like

Oasis lyricsOasis - The girl in the dirty shirt lyrics

so bold that I just say something Come and make me my day The clouds around your soul Don ... t gather there for nothing But I can chase them all ... for to feel happy Or shining for the rest of the world

F.o.b. - The silhouette in the dark reminds me of you lyrics

it this way My vitals fading Who wants it this way I ... m dreaming of the days back when I used to ... safe and reckless, Back in the place I used to call my home

Judicator - The rain in the meadow lyrics

of sunshine through the haze in these melancholy days A mind ... who's blinded by the pathos til the nerve is ... Have I gone too far? A fallen star, but did I ever really

Martin Jech - The nightmare in the hollywood lyrics

I was born with gold spoon In a city called Hollywood Mather called me Harry My father called me John They two weren´t ... married Or were they? I don´t know Mather falled into gloom And I know, it

Signum Regis - The voice in the wilderness lyrics

just with camel's hair Leathern girdle ‘bout my loins ... sand I'm sent to baptize in this land The kingdom of ... hands Repent and believe All heaven doors shall open wide

Art By Numbers - The man in the box lyrics

we can't enjoy. Tune our minds back into the stream and ... together we'll flow. Pardon me my ... dear, you are mistaken. There is nothing here to find a ... claim with. Please file to the back you're interrupting.

Boyzone - All the time in the world lyrics

know you're feeling kind of nervous 'Cause we're finally all alone I know you've had ... some other lovers And they left you kind of cold And ... Takes a lot of time to make walls crumble Stone by stone i'd

Cold War Kids - The soloist in the living room lyrics

mixed reviews Haven't slept in forever Practicing flawless ... moves Talking back to the mirror Back and to the ... left Bounce back Memorizing lines Stutters in his

Manfred Mann - The one in the middle lyrics

me tell you 'bout the Manfreds The music that they ... re puttin' down They started to play On a rainy ... day And the people came from miles around ... They didn't come for the rhythm They didn't come for the beat The people of the town

Page France - The belly in the fish lyrics

dove to the belly of the fish You'll get used to it ... your egg to hear you chirp again Now I'm losing it It rains the most on the head of the weatherman I boast the ghost who

Bauhaus - The spy in the cab lyrics

in the dashboard The unseen mechanized eye Under ... surveillance The road is full of cats eyes It ... s sick function to pry The spy in the cab Coldly ... observing- callously reserving A drivers time Automated

Belle & Sebastian - The fox in the snow lyrics

in the snow, where do you go To find something you can eat? ... Cause the word out on the street is you are starving ... t let yourself grow cold Fox in the snow Girl in the snow,

Current 93 - The signs in the stars ii lyrics

had gathered some flowers to lay upon ... you were not gone from the realm of the quick I saw all ... the rainclouds being driven on forward by horses ... and free and I wanted to call you a wife though i couldn't

Evans Blue - The future in the end lyrics

re falling asleep I can feel you dreaming Are you thinking of me Are ... you feeling the love? I'm caught in between ... The way it is, how it could be I

Ice Nine Kills - The people in the attic lyrics

are the words that set me free We ... are the last of what used to be ... Every breath, every moment They’re getting closer and closer ... to me Stripping my dignity with every brick

Marlene Dietrich lyricsMarlene Dietrich - The boys in the backroom lyrics

what the boys in the backroom will have, And tell ... them I'm having the same. Go see what the boys in the backroom will have, And ... give them the poison they name. And when I die, don

Natalie Merchant - The man in the wilderness lyrics

Man in the wilderness He asked of me ... How many strawberries grow in the salt sea? And I ... good As many a ship sails in the wood The Man in the

Gabry Ponte - The man in the moon lyrics

they say – he's there with the Stars with his Eyes in the ... Dark There's a Man, in the Moon in the Sky – when it ... shines. And you can see his Face

Prince - All the midnights in the world lyrics

I seek ur hand Every other woman envies u And me every ... other man And as the circle of jealousy Is coming ... round again Those prickly-fingered scallywags That

Q-tip - The fear in the heart of a man lyrics

it musta been about, ninety-one, ninety-two Somethin ... that.. We had did a show, in San Fran', and 'Pac ran up on ... stage with us We was doin "Check the Rhime"

Root - The temple in the underworld lyrics

through purple mist Fury in my eyes Beast of prey's look ... My target is just around the corner. I weep blood instead of tears Dust of ... Eternity covers my face Windstorm howled its Song of

Adrian Belew - The man in the moon lyrics

i stood in the night Out on the broken pier Me with my feet in the sea You with your face in the clouds, The man in the ... Felt your laugh Flood across the broken pier I wanted to die

Anachronaeon - The darkness in the corner of my eyes lyrics

is something in my head I see glimpses of it ... it has grown stronger forbidding me to feel at ease It ... faces on every reflecting surface Sometimes it

At The Gates - The red in the sky is ours lyrics

the word of wolves Rhythms ... collapse against closed doors Hearts frozen ... in time Blood stains our sight The red in the ... Thirst for higher rush of pain Hands raised to the

At The Gates - The red in the sky is ours / the season to co.. lyrics

the word of wolves Rhythms ... collapse against closed doors Hearts ... frozen in time Blood stains our sight The red in the ... Thirst for higher rush of pain Hands raised to the

Bright Eyes - The difference in the shades lyrics

its june, we'll sleep out in the garden and if it rains, we ... ll just sink in to the mud where it is quiet and ... much cooler than the house is and there is no

Celtic Frost - In the chapel in the moonlight lyrics

I'd love to hear the organ In the chapel in the moonlight ... While we're strolling down the aisle Where roses entwine ... I'd love to hear you whisper In the chapel in the moonlight

The Corrs lyricsThe Corrs - All the love in the world lyrics

m not looking for someone to talk to I've ... I live my dreams but it's not all they say Still I believe (I ... m missing) I'm missing something real I need someone who really sees me... (Don't wanna

Destiny - The devil in the dark lyrics

I'm gonna make you stay There is no resitance left Come ... to collect my debts In the beginning at the age of five ... you never would or could be mine That you won't dare to

Diana Krall - The girl in the other room lyrics

girl in the other room She knows by now There's something in all of her ... this thread bare She sits on the floor The glass pressed ... tight to the wall She hears murmurs low The

Dr. Hook - All the time in the world lyrics

this tenderness between us There ain't no-one around at all ... to see us And baby would you mind if maybe you and I Took a ... little time to find each other Baby, we got all the time in the world So why don't we

Enigma - In the shadow, in the light lyrics

promise you, for all my life I'll be Always on ... your side In the shadow, in the light. I'll follow you, ... But I'll always be aside In the shadow, in the light. But

Five For Fighting - The devil in the wishing well lyrics

met Jane at the center of the earth It was dark there was ... dirt all around But I gather you can figure that Jane ... says, I'm your body in the night And I'll lead you

Fountains Of Wayne - The man in the santa suit lyrics

the KOC local 313 There's a fat man standing by the ... soda machine And he knows, he knows, he ... Life can be funny He calls the hair salon says, &quot

David Gilmour - The girl in the yellow dress lyrics

a smile Dark eyes as compelling as the bourbon That girl in ... t smoke, but he takes one nonetheless It helps to keep his ... motives true, the girl was blue What else is the poor boy supposed to do

Green Carnation - The boy in the attic lyrics

blessing from below, born a sweet ... like foretold Could it the boy that I used to be Oh, ... father please forgive me if I`ve ... long will you let me suffer all alone Father! Please! A father`s touch, a beating one too

Liv Kristine - All the time in the world lyrics

dreams shimmer in my sleep Slow-burning ever ... lasting fantasies Even if you ... haven't found me yet I will find you If you wonder who's ... knocking on your door It's me and there's no need to worry I

Emir Kusturica - The devil in the business class lyrics

abord dear passingers This is your devil speaking The emergency exit is on ... Don’t forget this is a no smoking flight For all the shit ... you’ve done in history I’m the one always to be blamed For all your mistakes that you cannot

Lyle Lovett - The girl in the corner lyrics

said howdy there lady This sure is some ... party I've never seen anything Like this before She said ... howdy there honey It's just barely ... started If you think this is something Just

Manga Anders - In the open, in the crowd lyrics

another place to watch your final days in peace The rules ... have all been changed but now you feel ... If push comes to shove me There will be enough time

Miss Li - The boy in the fancy suit lyrics

buy me drinks, You tell me things I let you think you are a ... prince And I'm your maid that ... you well And I know you think that you'll get laid Oh no ... you, Think you're cute In your halfexpensive fancy looking suit How you try to amuse

Seven Kingdoms - The king in the north lyrics

eldest son of the Starks Rides now to a wedding day Against the tugging of ... his heart To fulfill the oath he had betrayed For the North For this war For his

Anguish Force - The puppet in the garret lyrics

guys! What are you doing tonight? I have a nice idea ... In an ordinary day Only for game We ... were on the last floor of the school In the evening Five

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The river in the pines lyrics

Mary was a maiden When the birds began to sing She was ... sweeter than the blooming rose So early in the spring ... were gay and happy And the morning gay and fine For her

Bellefire - All the money in the world lyrics

can I say to tell you Everything I'm feeling I never knew, ... Until your heart showed me the meaning [Ciara:] It's ... precious than gold I want the whole world to know And now

Black Lab - All the money in the world lyrics

the children, watch the women scream Listen to the ... big machine Switch the children, watch the women ... scream Listen to the big machine Let's have a party, let's

The Dubliners - The lark in the morning lyrics

lark in the morning she rises off her nest She ... goes home in the evening with the dew all on her breast And ... like the jolly ploughboy she whistles ... and she sings She goes home in the evening with the dew all

The Flobots - The circle in the square lyrics

Intro] Hands in the air Presidents, prime ministers They said that we didn ... But that isn't fair Hands in the air Presidents, prime ministers They said that we didn

Grand Funk Railroad - All the girls in the world beware lyrics

t care I got dark brown stains, in my underwear I'm a ... give a damn about his self All the girls in the world beware ... All the girls in the world beware All the girls in the world beware All the

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The shade in the shadow lyrics

Deris) You're reaching out in the dead of night ... Searching for my hand Your know I'm there in the waste of shadows I ... m your pain and friend I hear your

Rick Ross - "all the money in the world" lyrics

know Get Money? Becoming the young Chamillionaire. Good ... sight of the things that is important to him. ... never trade my old girl for all the money in the world. I’d

King Diamond - The girl in the bloody dress lyrics

girl in the bloody dress, appearing right ... before my eyes The girl in the bloody dress, crossing over ... from the other side I see the moon in the black of night

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - All the love in the world lyrics

all the insects march along Seem to ... know just right where they belong Smears a face ... reflecting in the chrome Hiding in the crowd, I'm all alone ... No one's heard a single word I've said They don

Paragon - The blade in the dark lyrics

aching body Slowly hits the ground And footsteps echo, ... fading quick away A pale curtain, ... paints the picture grey Live your ... life in isolation You fear the blade in the dark Hide

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