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All Alone In A World Of Dreams lyrics

Browse for All Alone In A World Of Dreams song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed All Alone In A World Of Dreams lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to All Alone In A World Of Dreams.

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George Jones - World of forgotten people lyrics

live in the world, world of forgotten people Who've ... loved and lost their hearts so many times I'm here in ... the world, a world of forgotten people Where every

Hit 'n' Hide - World of dreams lyrics

we are once again trapped in a fantasy. You and I, we are ... here, this is an illusion. Come with me, take my hand, travel into Dreamland. Look at me, listen now,

Montany - World of dreams (the evermore) lyrics

the enchanted forest where things of make-believe come true ... these little lights they're calling for me and you Calling ... for me and you, calling for me and you Wait for

Faith Evans - Alone in this world lyrics

over now, I cant compete I dont know how Im ... still standing on my feet So turned around ... and incomplete Im not that happy woman that I used to be ... Oh, please tell me what did you mean When you said

Coheed And Cambria - World of lines lyrics

is the hidden truth, The world between the lines Where ... there is no understanding us These lines have marked ... divisions, The weaker seek to malign With this

In Flames - World of promises (treat cover) [bonus track] lyrics

come from a land where the sun don't shine, ... Running away from the cold.. They travel ... so far in the name of love, Hoping the dreams will ... come true.. Walking the way through endless fields, Trying to make it together.. Eternal grin.. Ever sleeking..

Glasseater - Alone in a world without you lyrics

day one, you've been away And since then you... You've made me stay Alone in a world ... where I'd like to hear The words of approval ringing in my ear Cause I don't ask for much Yet I want it all

Diana Ross - In a world of make believe lyrics

a world of make believe You can change all that you see But ... in the world of reality You've taught me all that I need Time like a river ... flows Twisting and turning all the way Life is an endless

Death In June - All alone in her nirvana lyrics

alone In her concrete cell All alone In her 9th floor Hell ... By the front doorbell Always call For the soft cell All alone In her Nirvana She

Adair - Alone in the city of robots lyrics

s the best in midwestern technology. this ... place, this town, is breaking me. excuse me but you don ... t seem human. eyes are vacant. could it be that I'm the

Grave Digger - World of fools lyrics

s try reaching for the sky Hang on and ... you're gonna die Our lives can turn so sweet Child with an innocent smile Destroys me ... he cries You sit there watching all go down Live

Pretty Maids - In a world of your own lyrics

your love rain down on me Be my poet and ... my preacher And give me reason to believe That you'll ... need you Here you whisper in the summer wind I still see

City Of The Weak - In a world of bottles & bedsores lyrics

I this much of a mess before or just seeing ... clearly? I used to be someone that they adored, but i've been ... slipping quickly Disappointed the best things in life aren't as solid as they seem

Dawn Of Destiny - In between lyrics

and be forgiven Salvation comes when you regret ... Love and teach how to love And never deal with the devil ... But why did no one ever teach with this Why do I creep

Killus - We're alone in this world (intro) lyrics

re Alone in This World We're Alone in This World We're Alone in ... This World We're Alone in This

Rookiez Is Punk´d - In my world lyrics

side in my heart is nuguisarenai kako no kanashimi It's alright kokoro ni mo nai Blaster hanachi te o nobashita ... my life kirihanashita gakubuchi no naka nagameru you

Beyond The Black - Pearl in a world of dirt lyrics

the night shapes secret dreams that I cannot change When ... the moon weaves tender silk to veil the day Then I know you’ll make the ... magic feel so alive When the stars send

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Alone in love lyrics

me away. But now I'm lost in the dark. Set me on fire. ... But now I'm left with a spark. Alone, you got beyond the ... haze and. I'm lost inside the maze. I guess I'm all alone in love. I look into

Morifade - World of steel lyrics

dreamed about a free world I dreamed that I was god I ... ruled the kingdom Tellus Without no reign in blood If dreams were true ... I'm free To deny the reality Where steel and madness

Sinister Realm - World of evil lyrics

the shadows shape before my eyes, I hear ... me Frozen figures from a distant time, show me what is and ... what shall be The prophets we've ... designed, from holy wars and misery The abstract failures of a mankind that never

Dark Nightmare - World of illusions lyrics

are stick on your PC 24 hours a day And you think you found ... your way Away from the real life locked on your dark ... room You are searching delight and pleasure Driving yourself in a road foul of

Nightmare (fra) - Travel in the spheres of dreams lyrics

m lost inside the playground to follow the game is ... my only chance running through a no man's land my ... will be my only friend crystal mountains high, justify my

Emmylou Harris - In his world lyrics

night I dream about him In my world of fantasy I ... pretend that we’re together In his world there’s a garden in ... the moonlight In his world there’s a sweet and gentle

Shahzoda - All alone lyrics

lover I wish that you get closer Around me ... There is nothing left, left, left Ooh, I ... wonder If maybe you singing sometimes of me I hope, I want, together, stop, stop, stop

Ashes You Leave - Never again alone in the dark lyrics

away from them In a room so deep With my soul in my throat The last few tears I weep I cry to darkest mind As leave in silence fall ... Alone I will perish Forgotten in

Dark Tranquillity - Alone lyrics

me die, I cried as the curtain fell and I stared in woe at ... the world before me My weeping eyes could not bear to tell ... or the shattered kingdom in ruins before me What became of the lands that were? A

Liv Kristine - All the time in the world lyrics

dreams shimmer in my sleep Slow-burning ever-lasting fantasies Even if you ... haven't found me yet I will find you If you wonder who's ... knocking on your door It's me and

Oh Sleeper - In the wake of pigs lyrics

makes me sick that it's hard to distinguish An honest ... leader who preaches a cause That's not made, and not ... based On the profit they'll receive from telling the world What line divides

Aglarond - Alone lyrics

m swimming all alone in a pool of darkness, And I ... feel like darkness is slowly pulling me ... but no one is there to hear me, Streams of tears drip ... down my heart. I'am alone, so very alone, There is no

Amasic - World of machine lyrics

m looking around trying to find someone like me. But nobody ... seems to be normal here. They look like they ... re from another world, It's like their machines that run keep them alive. What's

Blackmore's Night - World of stone lyrics

to me all of my arrows Bring to me my crossbow too I fear we might need them both ... the night is through Once a world of glittering hope ... This world is not the world we knew The only light left

Crystal Eyes - World of black and silver lyrics

think I'm standing in a garden at night The distant stars provide the only light Strange flowers grow all around me ... their heavy fragrance intoxicates me Pre Chorus:

Electric Light Orchestra - Alone in the universe lyrics

in the Universe All alone in the universe That's how it ... feels now you are gone I knew it all along ... I'm such a long long way from home, oh-a-oh Alone in the Universe All alone in

Robin Gibb - In and out of love lyrics

in the world, lost in the night. Broken inside, ... the dream's out of sight. Running in circles, ... streets. Young girl, you came and you make me believe it.

Smokie - All alone lyrics

evening is drawing nigh And the moon dances in the sky ... And you've nothing to believe in At all ... When your room's full of emtiness Just the memory of her caress And you've nothing to

Cradle Of Filth - All hope in eclipse lyrics

thousand nights once succoured Me In the shadow of Miss Anne ... Thropy Sat gargoyle-limbed amid My licking flame A ... cruel tongue at work in Her secret vaults Sent

Kutless - All alone lyrics

chills round your heart A heart that's made of stone It ... out to get you To destroy what you want I know that, that ... you blame me for all that you go through It could be,

Rick Astley - In the name of love lyrics

I know that love could realign the phases of the moon ... Yet it comes and goes like a wave of a stranger And as we ... stumble for the truth we're caught in a web of lies Is nothing worth a damn without the danger We're lost in a world of illusive dreams Where every

Neil Sedaka - Alone in new york in the rain lyrics

along, Someone somewhere's ... been neglecting things. I've known all along, It ... s wrong to go about expecting things. But lookin' for ... love in this city Is like gettin'

Lazlo Bane - All the time in the world lyrics

it's a lovely day under the warm sun Sit back and soak up ... the rays, there's nothing better to do Well it wont ... get burn So much for ... so late it can't protect me from

Black Label Society - World of trouble lyrics

..3...4...I Drank All My F***en Brew and I Ain't ... Gots No More.... Feeling so damn tired Running on ... desperate fumes For the end is Always near, now Empty handed It

Death Grips - World of dogs lyrics

s all suicide, it's all suicide, it's all suicide It ... s all suicide, it's all suicide, it's all suicide World of dogs Ruthless and ... free It's all suicide to me Ruthless and

Mind Key - World of illusion lyrics

t tell me that you'll always be there! Don't say &quot ... cold lies My freedom screams... Get out of my life! ... This is the time to let me breathe! Your real world, made of cold (and) calculate

Thomas Anders - World of stars lyrics

were a lady in red when we first met I ... thought to myself this is as good as it gets When Harry ... met Sally there were fireworks But ... nothing like the moment that we kissed Just like the

Joan Jett And The Blackhearts - World of denial lyrics

did we get to this place? I thought that we would ... have settled this by now I ... thought that blood was thicker than mud I guess I ... was wrong If love was a ship sailing oceans deep

Black Veil Brides - World of sacrifice lyrics

re a faithful broken promise of the lies The virtues beaten ... down into your empty eyes A saint is not a weapon, It's a ... message, a message I sermon of shame of demon that you want

Carbon Based Lifeforms - World of sleepers lyrics

my world of sleepers everything will be erased I'll be ... your only endless ideal Slowly we crawl in the dark swallowed by the seductive ... night My torch has burnt

Carlene Carter - World of miracles lyrics

ll be waitin' by the door when you come ... home Waiting for the words I've wanted ... to hear from you for so long ... Everything could change Anything is possible In this

City Of Autumn - World of mine lyrics

you see me, see it on me? Can you hear me when I say Can ... you help me? Can you tell me what's been ... wrong with me today? I will let it go when ... I feel like letting go, cos I feel like all I

Destructor - World of war lyrics

must agree, when on your knees ... Torture and death, of which to be Speak no truth, ... with lies that hide If you feel pain, you ... re still alive -Chorus- Step inside,

Helloween lyricsHelloween - World of fantasy lyrics

reaching out to find a reason To find an answer and ... relief I see a world so strange and cold I see a world of ... rules and thieves The day you‘re born you‘re under

Overkill - World of hurt lyrics

fuelin' me Money powered, hypocrisy ... I have no feelings, we're much the same We have no feelings, we feel no pain I am numb to all I see ... This the way it has to be Gone is hope, gone is

Hana Pestle - World of one lyrics

all of this washed away would I be an open hand or ... would I just be insignificant? None of us have time to ... be callused, careless hearts but could we be more

Rage - World of pain lyrics

how good it was a long, long time ago Life was young and everything was ... bound to grow Yes, we've made it, we were fruitful and ... explored But now it's overloaded It might as well explode

Blutengel - World of ice lyrics

re living in a world of ice Frozen landscapes ... Gloomy silence We feel emptiness inside We're walking over ... frozen waters And every step could be our last You and me are the last

Cake - World of two lyrics

don't want to Hear you whisper I don't want to ... orbit Your world of two There's only room for ... you In your world of two I don't like to Hang around you I don't want to

Belinda Carlisle - World of love lyrics

the endless sky I have my peace of mind. I can see For ... miles and miles I hear my heartbeat echo I feel the colors ... flowing over me. CHORUS: World of love, It only happens in a world of love, Can you feel

Rosanne Cash - World of strange design lyrics

you’re not from around here You’re probably ... not our kind It’s hot from March to Christmas And other things you’ll find Won’t fit your ... old ideas Their line is shifting sands, You walk across a

Hunters & Collectors - World of stone lyrics

sway these tree-tops too Till we ... fall and tumble when we try to walk ... Coming up like summer flies &gt ... From deep in the jungle where the monkeys are taught To leap and fall around Soft and protected from

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - World of swirl lyrics

Yeah I hit the street running, had an angle in mind Looking for a shelter, doing double ... overtime I get a little crazy but I won't be denied Gotta find the time that takes the inside outside Tumbling in a world of swirl Rumbling in a world

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