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Blackmore's Night - All our yesterdays lyrics

not very long ago, or very far away We used to laugh until the break of day Now the days are colder, I can’t help but wonder why Or how we could have ever let that fire in us die Hey hey, hey hey, we’d dance the night away I wish that would could stay in

Montgomery Gentry - My town lyrics

s a "For Sale" sign on a big old rusty tractor. You can't miss it, it's the first thing that you see. Just up the road, a pale-blue water tower, With "I Love Jenny" painted in bright green. Hey, that's my Uncle Bill, there by the court

Small Faces - All our yesterdays lyrics

just ain't true, what she said you know It just ain't true, I know I've been a fool I know I've got to wake, own up, I've been hung up All the time I knew I knew her love it just weren't true I know I've been a fool She took me for a bring(?)up, shake up

Golden Earring - My killer my shadow lyrics

where you go - I will follow - I will follow Everytime you call - I can hear you My killer my shadow - where ever I go, you follow Through the busy street - straight and narrow - wide and shallow Yeah (Where ever you go) - you make me forget all my ye

Laza Morgan - All she wants (gone tomorrow) feat. jayden lyrics

come from a small town That little girl all grown up now She dream of a better day So she run away run away Her mama said slow down Keep ya head don't be a fool now But she wait till it get late Just to run away run away She think about makin that money No stoppin

Slipknot - All hope is gone lyrics

state of the nation, violation, a broken promise is as good as a lie, The Hell is humongous, the Devil’s among us, and we will burn if we won’t unite, What are we conceding for our freedom? Why does anybody think we need ‘em? I would rather fight, than let a

Combichrist - All pain is gone lyrics

in a hole, enslaved by emptiness Fists clenched tight, though not alone They're always here, controlling my thoughts Every sense, every sound, every image, abstract They're all around, watching me die Free will, obsolete, intention unknown This is the day, the day I'll try

Alter Bridge - All hope is gone lyrics

tireless dream of indifference flows Through veins 'till the river runs dry I no longer care, I have all but disposed Of dreams that I once held inside Desire is gone after all of the years The fight has been lost and concede The apathy born a long time ago Has grown to w

The Game - All the way gone lyrics

Game:] She leave her hair in the sink She leave her hair on the floor Her hair all over the bed, that make me love her more She wear a scarf, Louis V the big sack It's a wrap, messing up her wrap, blowing out her back Never let another rat hit it from back or the front

Lenny - All my love lyrics

out the riddle, don't be fooled There is more behind, do what you see Figure out the riddle, cause when he lied My world was blown, I nearly died All my love is gone All my love is gone All my love is gone and it feels so good to be free again... Try and steel the lime

Lyle Lovett - All my love is gone lyrics

ve got some birds outside What sit on my window sill Some birds won't you know But some birds will All my love is gone She was angry He was free She loved him The she left me Now all my love is gone All my love is gone All my love is gone I see the lights they're fl

Laura Marling - All my rage lyrics

my children, left my son Of all of them, he's the only one who did not mean that much to me I tip my cap to the raging sea My daughter, she's the pretty one I married her off to the reverend's son Now she lives in a sin-free world Tip your cap to the brave old girl Now all

Hazydecay - Gone with the wind lyrics

timez with you were the greatest i ever lived - it can not be true ya gave me such a gift - suddenly i open my eyez - see your mount of liez - it i meet´ nother of your kind i want them definitely to blind my mind chorus: if i´m going to be blind

Itchy Poopzkid - All my fault lyrics

times are over when everything we did was fun nothing we hadn’t done but now it’s gone forever’s history birds aren’t flying anymore like all the years before now you shut the door messed it up did it wrong my mistake it’s all gone over n

Black Honey - All my pride lyrics

s the words you ought to explain As you're walking your heart away And I can hear silence between your eyes As I watch you leaving with all my pride All my pride There's a fire in your lips I long to kiss And if there's demons, want all of it Now, every seconds g

Gregg Allman - All my friends lyrics

s all gone, for the last time it seems And it's a shame, all the feelings were lost in our scheme The things we had were fine, yeah Did we have to have them all the time Some day we'll find, we should have relied on time (Some day we'll find, should have relied on ti

George Jones - All my friends are gonna be strangers lyrics

the love you promised would be mine forever I would have bet my bottom dollar on Well, it sure turned out to be a short forever Just once I turned by back and you were gone. From now on all my friends are gonna be strangers I'm all through ever trusting anyone The only thing I

Counting Crows - All my love lyrics

a message in my head That the papers had all gone Richard Manuel is dead And the daylight's coming on I've been wandering through the dark Now I'm standing on the lawn If I could give all my love to you I could justify myself But I'm just not coming through You're a pill to ease

Lindsey Buckingham - All my sorrows lyrics

one thing that troubles my mind My love is gone, left me behind All my sorrows soon forgotten Only one thing that money can't buy True love that will never die All my sorrows soon forgotten But it's too late my love Too late, but never mind

Ifi Ude - My baby gone lyrics

said why my baby, you don’t love me so, like I am loving you, baby. I said why my baby, you don’t love me so, like I can love you, baby. My baby gonna Someone will break your heart, I know that from dreams, but thought that I just misunderstood I think about the time, I w

Ifi Ude - My baby gone remix by nobrain lyrics

said why my baby, you don’t love me so, like I am loving you, baby. I said why my baby, you don’t love me so, like I can love you, baby. My baby gonna Someone will break your heart, I know that from dreams, but thought that I just misunderstood I think about the time, I wanna spend

Bush lyricsBush - All my life lyrics

your back as life comes over you choose your weapon before you have to you disappear in a sea of danger if you’re gone baby go faster i’ve seen you dance i’ve seen you dance to the radio for gold again you’re going for gold again all my life i have waited for this moment

The Searchers - All my sorrows lyrics

there's just one thing that money can't buy True love that will never die All my sorrows soon forgotten Carefree lovers down country lanes Don't know my grief, can't feel my pain All my sorrows soon forgotten But it's too late, my love Too late, but never mind All my so

Six Magics - All my dreams lyrics

Discarded I was given up for dead Confusion Delusion I had nothing to defend Once dark and alone Something glows inside me now No places I go Frighten me cause now I know Take everything I have I still believe in who I am All my dreams I'm

Avett Brothers - All my mistakes lyrics

off vicious collections of words The losers make facts by the things they have heard And I find myself trying hard to defend them I made decisions some right and some wrong And I let some love go I wish wasn't gone These things and more I wish I had not done But I'v

Sebastian Bach - All my friends are dead lyrics

my friends are dead I'm left all alone Still I live and breathe We are the left behind Contempt to prophecise Eternal rest in peace Your turn to rescue me It's too late to turn back now Oh Oh-Oh Oh Oh All my friends are dead Oh Oh-Oh Oh Oh And I

Mando Diao - All my senses lyrics

the trigger, break down in a love affair When I said I didn't care, you started searching for tomorrow Pull the trigger, my girl you're running all alone I said I was back home, but I'm far away And there ain't no point in the words I write There ain't no way to

Smile Empty Soul - All my problems lyrics

now I should have been somwhere Or gone to school, or fixed my hair Back down Tell it to someone else Who gives a shit and needs your help Cos I found What I needed And I don't need you to tell me how you feel And if I fall You are not the one that ha

Snakehips - All my friends (feat. tinashe & chance the ra.. lyrics

Verse 1: Tinashe] We open with the vultures, kissing the cannibals Sure I get lonely, when I'm the only Only human in the heaving heat of the animals Bitter brown salt, stinging on my tongue and I I will not waver, I will not wait its turn It will beat, it will

Dream Street - All my heart lyrics

at night, awake and alone I count the stars in the sky Every cloud that rolls by And I think of you, I whisper, I wish With everything that I am I'll do all that I can Cause baby I, I just want to see That baby you mean the whole World to me It'

A-teens - All my love lyrics

ll always remember When you were lost in the rain I knew that moment, my whole life had changed You told me to save you From all the pain in your heart I knew that moment, we will never part I can give you everything you need If you onl

Adestria - All my friends are wild lyrics

call me wild thing, wild thing Vines and trees, replace my walls And oceans fill my floors I sail through day, i sail through night I sail right through that open door And in and out of weeks, almost over a year now, To where the wild things are Terrible roars, terri

America - All my life lyrics

my life, without a doubt I give you All my life, now and forever till the Day I die, you and I will share All the things this changing world can offer So I sing, I'd be happy just to Stay this way, spend each day, with you There was a time, that I just thought That I w

Amos Lee - All my friends lyrics

my friends, all live in pain. Longing for the warmth of chilhood, to bring them home again. All my friends, got broken hearts. And if the world's at stage, we're searching for our parts. We'll face the winds, and break the strongest of trees. And beckon fo

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - All my trials lyrics

little baby, don't you cry You know your mother was born to die All my trials, Lord, soon be over The river of Jordan is mad and cold Well, it chills the body but not the soul All my trials, Lord, soon be over I've got a little book with pages three And every page spells li

Black Oak Arkansas - All my troubles lyrics

up this morning Got into my car Turned on the motor But it would not start Late for work Feelin' tired Worst of all I got myself fired Lost my job Got my pay Lost it all On the ace of spades But all my troubles Would be through If I could make lo

Mary J Blige - All my love lyrics

hu yea oh oooh uh aww yea babe... Can we just talk about the love and all the things we do You rub my back and boy you know I'll do the same for you You treat me good I'll treat you good And things will be alright Come over here my sugar dumpling 'cause it's on tonight... Don't you

Luke Bryan - All my friends say lyrics

got smoke in my hair My clothes thrown everywhere Woke up in my rocking chair Holding a beer in my hand Sporting a neon tan My stereo cranked up I can't find my truck How'd I get home from the club Ain't got a clue what went down So I started calling around An

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - All my tomorrows lyrics

I may not have a thing at all Except for just a dream or two But I’ve got lots of plans for tomorrow And all my tomorrows belong to you Right now it may not seem like spring at all We’re drifting and the laughs are few But I’ve got rainbows pla

Cimorelli - All my friends say lyrics

: Maybe I should of known Maybe I should listen They say he'll never change He says with me it's different I tell myself he has a good heart, he means well And I swear he's trying so hard! Lauren & Dani:: But the number of times he let me down I can't

Counting Crows - All my friend lyrics

I might get a rocket ride When I was a child but it was a lie That I told myself when I needed something good At seventeen, had a better dream. Now I'm thirty-three and it isn't me But I'd think of something better if I could All my friends and lovers leave me be

Da Brat - All my bitches lyrics

my bitches at? Where is all my bitches at? This motherf***er right here, This for all ya'll motherf***ers You a bitch, you a bitch, i'm a bitch, We all bitches, In this motherf***ing game Just be a bad bitch, When you be a bitch [Verse 1] I wakes up from dreaming of money,

Dj Harry - All my life lyrics

come running down to it How do I accept the gift? She doesn't matter that I exist I thought a lot about it and I am still in Limbo I still don't know if its down there in my soul If it's down there in my soul If it's down there in my soul I am waiting for

Echo & The Bunnymen - All my colours lyrics

And you know I'm not coming down You're trying But you know you must soon go down All my colours Turn to clouds All my colours Turn to cloud Zimbo zimbo zimbo zimbo zimbo Zimbo zimbo zimbo zimbo zimbo Zimbo zimbo zimbo zimbo zimbo Zimbo zimbo zimbo zimbo zimbo

Echo & The Bunnymen - All my life lyrics

how the times have changed us Sure and now uncertain Men not devils have claimed us Purity deserting God's one miracle Lost in circles All my all my life Revolves around Laughter and crying As my life turns Round and round C

Emmylou Harris - All my tears lyrics

I go don’t cry for me In my fathers arms I’ll be The wounds this world left on my soul Will all be healed and I’ll be whole Sun and moon will be replaced With the light of jesus’ face And I will not be ashamed For my savior knows my name It don’t matter where you bury me I’ll

F.cuz - All my love lyrics

no machi ni yureru Kaze wa nazeka eien ni niteru Tsukiakari ga bokura wo musubu Tooku hanaretemo (Chikatte) Boku dake no kimi de ite (Shizuka ni) zutto sasaete itai (Ashita mo) Kimirashiku ireru you ni (Negai wo) Niji wo Kimi ga nozomu mono os

Flunk - All my dreams on hold lyrics

my dreams on hold They're glittering like gold Waiting to unfold I'm seeking what new kind (?) Of spirit to untwine The secrets of my mind You're in my mind this time Spirit of my kind In my mind this time Forever mine to find I'm seeking what new kind (?) And who woul

Ella Fitzgerald - All my life lyrics

my life I’ve been waiting for you My wonderful one I’ve begun Living all my life All my love Has been waiting for you My life is sublime Now that i’m Giving all my love You seem so lovely, so far above me I’m almost afraid to look But I adore you, I pledge before you A he

Goya - All my senses lyrics

spotted you in the crowd though before i hadn`t know why to use my sight I smelled you in a scent which i hadn`t known before and now it is my own it is my own I confied, I confied in all my senses that was the best, that was the best thing ever ha

Helloween lyricsHelloween - All my loving lyrics

your eyes and I'll kiss you Tomorrow I'll miss you Remember I'll always be true And then while I'm away I'll write home everyday And I'll send all my loving to you I'll pretend that I'm kissing The lips I am missing And hope that my dreams Will come true

Hudson Taylor - All my trials (feat. gabrielle aplin) lyrics

had a little book Was give to me And every page Spoke of liberty All my trials, Lord Soon be over There was a tree In paradise And the pilgrims call it The tree of life All my trials, Lord Soon be over But it's too late, my friend Too late But never mind All my

Lena Katina - All my love lyrics

me for who I am Love me for who I am Love me for who I am I'm yours Love me for who I am Love me for who I am Love me for who I am I'm yours I regret what I said I was scared and upset and I've made a mistake I accept all the blame and I lied Sorry, forgive me Please A

The Kelly Family - All my trials lord lyrics

little baby, don't you cry You know your mama was born to die All my trials, Lord, soon be over The river of Jordan is muddy and cold Well it chills the body but not the soul All my trials, Lord, soon be over I've got a little book with pages three

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - All my three lyrics

my love, my love, my love My baby love Oh my dove, my dove, my dove So gently you fly Oh my dad, my dad, my dad, My daddy so kind Oh my king, my wind and wings Oh my three Trinity in unity Unity of trinity Angels sing eternally holy holy holy

Lcd Soundsystem - All my friends lyrics

s how it starts We go back to your house You check the charts And start to figure it out And if it's crowded, all the better Because we know we're gonna be up late But if you're worried about the weather Then you picked the wrong place to stay That's how it starts

Less Than Jake - All my best friends are metalheads lyrics

think its strange, that there's a way Of how you looked, and how you act, and how you think Pretend they're not the same as you. Do you know about her strength in convictions Or how she puts all her faith in religion. Did we take the time to really discover, How little

Major Lazer - All my love (feat. ariana grande) lyrics

I think we're the brightest stars And I try to believe we'll find a way Will life change, will our hearts turn colder? (Major Lazer) All the rhythms in my heart lift me up inside We can stay out of the trouble is it worth the blame? Is it true that the more you give the m

N Force - All my life lyrics

My Life [Intro] Now we can't lose (fo' sho'), Ya'll n****s wanna know what we did this is what we did n**** [Verse 1 Young Buck] Extended the family wit a wire recruited a couple comrades, I was a chosen one due to my chrome gats, Bad ass lil' n**

John Newman - All my heart lyrics

my heart, all my love Can't give you enough Can't give you enough All my heart, all my love Can't give you enough Can't give you enough (See I've been pushing you for far too long, baby.) (The sounds that make this world, the world.) When yo

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