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In Mourning - The poet and the painter of souls lyrics

his empty eyes are watching the moon Cuts on faded fingers ... flowers with bloodstained hands Writing down the feelings, ... asking all about the questions Pleading answers,

Powergod - The eagle and the rainbow lyrics

walk through the streets That no longer are ... home In the night I try to escape ... From the loneliness Out of sight ... to go through This alone The picture of you That I'm

Faderhead - The moth and the fire lyrics

burning like a moth You're the fire Where is your heart

Faderhead - The moth and the fire (candlelight version) lyrics

burning like a moth You're the fire Where is your heart

Irish Rovers - The orange and the green lyrics

------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------...

Rwake - The cat and the snake lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Birdpen - The birds and the antennas lyrics

the birds interfere with the antennas. Keep checking

Dezperadoz - The legend and the truth lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental i...

Freygolo - The gain and the profit lyrics

profit win the game So many words I can't ... stand to hear again Be the first competition There's ... wrong in our education All the things we learn in school So

Covenant - The beauty and the grace lyrics

thousand times, ten thousand ways To catch the beauty and ... the grace A thousand times, a thousand ways A ... again, again Ten thousand times I grieve for you Ten

Noumena - The dream and the escape lyrics

heart devours the emptiness This lonely need ... within To breach through these decadent dreams My heart ... deceive To break through these elegant needs I am

Matt Pond Pa - The sound and the words lyrics

head words cannot be heard the sound is in your head words ... be heard i can't waste another minute i can't wait another

Barbarian - The hammer and the anvil lyrics

Rip, destroy & burn Breathe the smell of death Spreading ... Spitting out some venom The hammer's rising hell Virgin ... flow Countess spell Scorch the earth Dig more graves Take

My Dying Bride - The whore, the cook and the mother lyrics

lust must be fed Lay your hands on me Lay your perfect hands on me You know exactly ... heat rips through me Your hands rip my skin Deep inside ... to you (But only if you're there) Only you. There's no-one

Ceremonial Castings - The crucible and the cross lyrics

salve) All rise ye who stand accused For practice of the ... no truth Continuing down the devil's path Are ye guilty ... ill Riding dead air unto the tomb? Speak not, hear not as

The Dogma - The nature and the icelander lyrics

many miles, I came from the North So many years without ... on my own A shelter from the bale of living The fire is ... melting the frozen ground I moved ... across the edge of the world No human being beheld these places The whole of my

Go Fish - The cow and the peanut lyrics

got a cow down on the farm Moo, moo, moo, moo She ... stream Moo, moo, moo, moo And ever since then she’s been ... was all aflutter Around the bend came the number 10

Lee Ben - The finger and the moon lyrics

walk the streets with some friends of ... wrong, I was wrong I walk the streets with some friends of ... I was wrong No time like the present this Emptiness kiss and a physical sickness I'm

Ommega - The hope, the bread and the wine lyrics

Eyes reflect it´s light They we´re waiting all around On ... the plain of the night. Here comes the ... Savyor Holding up the bread He makes a healthy lie

Our Last Night - The capture and the captor lyrics

trapped down here for days. The red marks across your heart ... have faded, but the days events remain fresh in ... your mind. The mistakes you've made in the

Anathema - The beginning and the end lyrics

by aeons of silence And somewhere inside is the key ... I want to feel but the dark summer dawns of my ... Can someone please show me the way? Can someone please help

Ancient Ceremony - The god and the idol lyrics

before the Earthquake Sun has Darkened ... on your Cross naked and alone left by all your ... Eloy, lemah zamahtani?'' But there is no Answer in Darkness ... black Clouds carrying Him to the Cross Shiva has risen it's

Tony Bennett - The bad and the beautiful lyrics

for bitter disappointment and tears, and tears It calls to ... all that used to be And it yearns for someone who was ... bind itself to discontentment and fears, and fears It

Galadriel - The flower and the dark butterfly lyrics

m flying through the dark meadow Among ancient ... I feel its odour near the wood The moon's hovering ... over level of the lake Silver light caressing

Isis - The beginning and the end lyrics

you both laid in the sun's yellow stare On the ... edge with eyes rolled back the waves we calling him As he ... teetered on the edge The waves were calling him He

Mark Knopfler - The fizzy and the still lyrics

morning here we are. The boy's come home not quite the movie star. He's been in ... Hollywood. The boy's come home. The boy's ... to declare what sits between them there on ice, chilled, with

Lacrimas Profundere - The embrace and the eclipse lyrics

and come back to your only ... sun sometimes we bask in the mortality... drown in it ... But this could mean the earth to me and if ... of breathing liquid of all, and just a piece Enchantment

Lorenguard - The prince and the pariah lyrics

s there in his eyes The guilt of a thousand lives ... sorrow we ride In search of the sword to save us Behind us ... is burning Before us the Neveren await Surrounded by

Morgul - The dog and the master lyrics

I can be your dreams I'll wander behind your eyelids like a ... grain of sand This path leads to hell You ... need to be thrashed and broken I'll be your master and you can worship me Adore me,

Moving Mountains - The earth and the sun lyrics

your hands away from your face So I ... can see everything you are And everything you've been to me ... wanna be You, you're like the sun And I am earth Together

Nightwish - The crow, the owl and the dove lyrics

had An owl came to me, old and wise Pierced right through ... swan of white she came to me The lake mirrored her beauty

Omega - The hope, the bread and the wine lyrics

Eyes reflect it´s light They we´re waiting all around On ... the plain of the night. Here comes the ... Savyor Holding up the bread He makes a healthy lie

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - The spider and the fly lyrics

to a fly Jump right ahead and you're dead" Sit ... low down go round Down to the bar at the place I'm at ... thinking About the rinsed-out blonde on my left

Saetia - The sweetness and the light lyrics

. Perception keeps us whole, and it may just be time to look ... rather than merely see... These testaments to divine light, ... marble, out from sound... And sublimity, seeking sanctuary

Bloodflowerz - The fool and the king lyrics

but not your heart I am the fool and you're my king You ... wear the crown, I dance and sing Amuse the beauty in ... your court How can the fool become your precious

Blowsight - The girl and the rifle lyrics

This bloody floor complete the crawl Put down that rifle ... girl You broke the code You killed it all ... Against the wall Self addicted victim ... burnin’ all for one Pop the glock, what’s done is done

Blue Öyster Cult - The red and the black lyrics

police force that works Red and black, that's their color ... scheme Get their man, in the end It's all right [repeat ... Chateau baby I'll cross the frontier at ten Got a whip

Carnifex - The diseased and the poisoned lyrics

a mass grave for thought and reason. This hellish maze ... inside my mind, a vortex for the diseased and the poisoned. ... myself staring at two empty hands and I'll give everything I

The Chase - The glamour and the shame lyrics

this is my recital, we lie the way that lovers do. Well I ... am the ghost of tragedy and I hate every second of it. ... Poetic hands that choke my screams. As I

Delain - The glory and the scum lyrics

It is all enrolled in you and me Either wasteland or ... wonderland Look at what we've done ... at what we have become We're the glory and the scum Monster

Empyrium - The shepherd and the maiden ghost lyrics

still a warm sun did colour the sky The meadows did shine in ... a strange golden light and vales did forth the soft haze ... of night When through the air a voice did resound

Evans Blue - The promise and the threat lyrics

Joseph Daniel Lauzon They won't want you for who you ... run on evil, I run on fumes and stale air When she came out, ... She left her sympathy behind the walls she built for me So we

Eventide - The beast and the machine lyrics

society Adjust to your norms and your beliefs? Can I be tamed ... if I’m in chains? I am the monster you tamed A beast ... inside its cage Now I’m the bitter clown in your play A

Forgive Durden - The sour and the sweet lyrics

blues are drowning Amongst the salt of my sorrow. These ... blues were made for you. And you for them. Don't be ... you know you want. Spit out the bitter. So I'll sing until

Joshua Radin - The rock and the tide lyrics

a mountain, see an ocean, see the years that bring Rock and ... tide together Settle down I said to ... be better Everyone gets what they want too fast, these days

Mechanical Poet - The dead the living and the city lyrics

fog blots out the city Cold shine of setting ... sun The hive is intermitting Its ... run Steel bugs along the highways Skylines of towers ... Square glassy eyes AND CITY MAKES A SLEEPY SIGH

Merrigan - The troll and the flower lyrics

snow had fallen on the land, And little troll's tears they froze upon his cheeks, For ... had killed his only friend, The flower pale now dead beneath the white. So he sought,

Psapp - The well and the wall lyrics

But no one would read I wore the reins But no one would lead ... I saw a light Glowing alone And then a hand It was guiding ... away To show me your will And though you bled You kept

Senses Fail - The priest and the matador lyrics

at Clouds in shapes of Dogs and cats I hear a woman Start ... God I Think he fell I'm the arrow Shot straight to hell ... From the bow of William Tell My body

Shooter Jennings - The deed and the dollar lyrics

me happy everyday What do the old folks say She's finer ... low She reminds me that there's always tomorrow I kinda ... follow She's got me chain and collar She owns the deed

Sixpence None The Richer - The fatherless and the widow lyrics

and the widow Stricken down by the hand of death Grasping for ... security Anticipation of the imminent next Of the ... imminent next The fatherless and the widow Find their souls filled with fear Her

Sodom - The wolf and the lamb lyrics

Mentally abused You kill the one you love At the first ... Carnal property The wolf and the lamb ... Marauding in the night Unsuspecting bags

Aborted - The saw and the carnage done lyrics

life form emerges, and slashed continuously A man ... Chromosomes regressed With the saw, I shall purge Taking the next step The robbing of ... No longer to control, I crave the dead One with the dead, I am

Acid Drinkers - The ball and the line lyrics

I got the ball Hmm.. I got the line.. .. I bend the ball, ... ball to the line Oh, yeah, the ball to the line You're ... all Though you haven't got the ball You're welcome to join

After All - The blood and the mission lyrics

The ice is melting down, but the ... what is wrong, or what fate they will come upon. It's ... breaking down their world, will it survive another light ? It's breaking down their world, will it survive another night ? The wolf and the hunter, they will decide

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