Aldiar Al Mukadisa (the Holy Land Of Israel) lyrics

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Betzefer - The devil went down to the holy land lyrics

devil went down to the Holy Land Saw it was already f***ed ... it's been so god damn hot as of late We're never gonna be ... The Devil went down to the Holy Land He took a piss on our

All Gone Dead - The holy city of karbala lyrics

place in an oil infested land As the raging fire, now ... high, it was built on a scandal, living a lie One nation, ... high, it was built on a scandal, living a lie One nation,

Dagorlad - The holy battle of vorneas lyrics

was a glorious day An army of dead men walking Thousands of them Wearing helmets And ... coats of mail Holding weapons, ... arrow. Heading to the Hill of Agony To destroy the center of evil. And all those,

For Today - The king lyrics

greatest need of the hour is for our eyes to ... cross and save a multitude of men from an eternity in hell ... because that One man is more valuable than all of them put

Sum 41 lyricsSum 41 - Holy images of lies lyrics

don't believe I think I'm falling asleep Is this ... what I think I suppose Out of the light and into this ... timely of demise And there's a cross ... on the hill - The Holy Image of Lies I've opened my mind

Free Ties - Land of the dream lyrics

they created in my mind Land of the Dream, land without ... fear, land without tears, land of the dream I will fight ... to the end, to the end of the dream. I will forever

Pennywise - Land of the free lyrics

we'll never be, divided we fall, oh yeah, land of the free ... , you're livin' in the land of the free, free to control ... your life, land of the free, free to control

Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Land of the dead lyrics

the night Your time has finally come To reach for the ... for the sun Dream on, dream of a better life One day you'll ... the skies Keep your dreams alive Send a message to the

Elizium - Land of scars lyrics

the wastelands behind my eyes See the ... Nothing grows in the secret land of my eyes Walking the ... plains of pain and despair Following ... trails of endless deceit Walk over wasteland you’ve

Enthroned - Deny the holy book of lies lyrics

and merciless in the name of the demons and the powers of ... I damn you making the sign of pentagram I do call you ... Master Satan from the bottom of darkness, the strengths

Land Of Tales - All the same lyrics

that the world is in the palm of your hand still it's ... 'Cause they can't tell you all the reasons of what it's all about when to you it's all ... the same Whole lot of things going round your head

Signum Regis - The promised land lyrics

Lord He heard the cry of his children He's seen what ... Bridge: there on the holy ground I've seen the flame of fire like noone seen ... before on the Mountain of God Chorus: I was sent to

Angra - Holy land lyrics

the sky Gushed out the holy blood From those who die To ... an age Long disappeared Holy Land - Throw your scars on me ... tends to be Your friend Holy Land - Holy Land around Holy

Illusion - Holy land lyrics

t expect you That's not your land that's not your home Not yet ... Cos' chance is possible always That you will find a man ... forever ready loves you Holy land Illusion

Riot ( Usa ) - Holy land lyrics

many years my people walked this land on ehich i stand ... whitre men come to soil this holy land Pontiac, gather xour ... the seeds in life they sow Holy Land I'll fight you with

Matt Maher - Land of my father lyrics

a sweetness in Your presence All Your children running home ... Singing songs of exultation Lifting up Your ... name In the land of my Father, oh my soul will

Divina Enema - The holy holt lyrics

The Holy Holt:] The end is near! ... blood shed forth none cares of misty source of shady wood ... We'll shred apart array of his false prophets led our ... flock astray! [The Holy Holt:] How should they know?

Legion Of The Damned - Holy blood, holy war lyrics

have come From the house of war To settle the conquest Of the holy land From hordes of ... unholy infidels For the hills of ... s grave Bastard sons Of bastard faiths Rape and

Kaledon - The holy water lyrics

is the last part of the war We must destroy the ... the demons The monsters of the earth Now is the time ... to call the priests The evil forces ... night will die The kingdom of the darkness will die Ashes

Demonlord - The strongest one lyrics

ocean Tested by the Gods of pleasure Left his home and ... so You hurt me?!? Compulsion of distress But I won for your ... Now I'm cursed by by the God of ocean I left my home and I

Beholder - The ring of freedom lyrics

m gonna reach the island I'm gonna break the spell I ... am the only real hope for my land To find the ring of ... I feel inside me the power of faith Tonight the bright

Black Majesty - Holy killers lyrics

the night we..regrets..of light can fight it for. ... are following on.. Secret landin ..and said the ... let you down when the sacred land of .. all the ..reason, all

Rhapsody Of Fire - Land of immortals lyrics

the silence of the winds making your own ... go and face the mirror of their sin Only brave hearts ... found the way breaking all the dragon's spell cross ... s glade with heart in hand Land of immortals I wait for my

Rhapsody Of Fire - Land of immortals (demo) lyrics

the devils sons for the safe of our world Live to light the ... shadows of the sin Only this can be ... way you must keep your faith alive to behold the key for Holy light Land of immortals I

Rhapsody Of Fire - Land of immortals (remix) lyrics

the silence of the winds Making your own ... Go and face the mirror of their sin Only brave hearts ... found the way Breaking all the dragon's spell Cross ... s glade with heart in hand Land of immortals I wait for my

Saviour Machine - The invasion of israel lyrics

all the nations for the final dream To break the scattered ... warning she is placed. Apocalypse, apocalypse, Behold apocalypse, behold the rage. For all the atheistic leaders and

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The temple of the holy lyrics

by ghosts the evil force of mystery No way out for you ... and me The end of the time, they're the end of ... the line (They're) searching for the stars ... they couldn't find The end of the time, they're the end of

Saviour Machine - The covenant lyrics

way ..." "Apocalypse, apocalypse Ikveta de ... scroll, Break the seven seals, Release the riders of the ... And this begins the conquests of death, And the destiny of

Dionysus - Holy war lyrics

of steel, horses of thunder He rides the wind, ... laws and he will win Lord of the magic twilight King of ... the eternal flame We're fighting right ... side Against the creatures of hell Holy Lord we will

Freedom Call - Land of light lyrics

so close so far I’m reaching holy ground A broken heart, beats ... deep inside A silent lake of tears And I cry, you can ... leaving the night To the land of the light The garden of

Lothlöryen - The dark flames (of madness' queen) lyrics

the sad tears of dawn In darkness claim for ... liberty In never no sign of life To our dreams ... the other side To take us all in flood of tears The hope

Requiem - The rival's spell lyrics

signs in the sky Millions of miles tracing The vengeance ... is at hand Fathers of time, the rulers of legacy ... Makers of life, the keepers of destiny Descendant of

Crystallion - The battle - saracen ascension lyrics

no longer safe Running out of supplies Arrows go down ... march Still we go on (Guy of Lusignan, King of Jerusalem) ... it's our kings disgrace (The knights) This battle is over

Dragony - Land of broken dreams lyrics

bright into the sacred skies of fate They came in dark, ... So they came, defiled the holy crown Our lord is dead, ... the terror is back On fields of battle, a coward's attack

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The invisible man lyrics

wants to show You a secrets of your cheating world ... I'm a creature with one goal Rise up to heaven when the ... time I think it's over The malediction I have got When the

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The invisible man-live lyrics

wants to show You a secrets of your cheating world Wherever ... I'm a creature with one goal Rise up to heaven when the ... time I think it's over The malediction I have got When the

Leaves' Eyes - The holy bond lyrics

s a holy bond between us no one can ... I cling to There's a holy bond between me and you ... no one can replace When I call your name I sense you are

Rhapsody Of Fire - The mighty ride of the firelord lyrics

Airin's bloody rape For Arwald my dear friend and all my ... crying wasted land I call the rage of my dead I call ... the black angels' tears Also Dargor can't endure all...

Ektomorf - The holy noise lyrics

the strength This is the holy noise We make this holy ... noise This is the holy noise It's not a religion ... together This is the holy noise We make this holy

Every Time I Die - Holy book of dilema lyrics


Kate Bush - Jig of life lyrics

never say goodbye To my part of your life. No, no, no, no, ... clapping: Where on your palm is my little line, When you ... never say goodbye To my part of your life. Oh no, no, no, no

The Dubliners - The holy ground lyrics

For we're going away from the Holy Ground, And the girls we all ... love true We will sail the salt seas over, And then return ... the girls we love, And the holy ground once more Fine girl

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The christmas spirit lyrics

Eve I dreamed I traveled All around the earth And in my ... it was In London Town I walked around Piccadilly Circus ... A mass of people movin' here and there

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The holy grail lyrics

Whatever may come It shall be from the ashes He shall ... to see his end Don't call it Hopelessly insane I go ... But in a graceful way Illegally, my aim The grail will

Katherine Jenkins - Land of my fathers lyrics

Tra môr yn fur i'r bur hoff bau, O bydded i'r hen iaith ... Tra môr yn fur i'r bur hoff bau, O bydded i'r hen iaith ... Tra môr yn fur i'r bur hoff bau, O bydded i'r hen iaith

Prince - The holy river lyrics

s go down 2 the holy river If we drown then we'll ... see the picture upon the wall One eye staring at nothing ... at all The other one trying 2 ... focus through all your tears U can try and

Black Steel - The holy devil lyrics

the future power to faith heal Pilgrimage to pagan shadows of Russian frontier. Dancing in ... the crypts of Khlysty, sin to drive out sin ... Faith Heal Sin - Holy Devil Evil In Flesh - Holy

Crematory - The holy one lyrics

folded to pray, Holy utterance by a split tongue ... The halo of blood and ashes 2000 years of praise 2000 years of lies ... Hear no evil - he's the holy one See no evil - he's the holy one Speak no evil - he's the

Crystallion - The ambush lyrics

Palestine: In the year of our Lord 1187. The ... By the Latins under Guy of Lusignan, King of Jerusalem ... and the united realms of the Ayyubids under Sultan Saladin were keeping an unstable

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - The almighty lyrics

cause I know the depths of your soul I saw how you ... killed Destruction of your own race but for what.. ... learned to think! You call yourself as humans But you

Matt Redman - Holy moment lyrics

today we remind ourselves of what we do that these songs ... are not just songs but signs of love for you this is a holy moment now something of ... heaven touches earth voices of angels all resound we join

Lloyd - The seven joys of mary lyrics

that Mary had, It was the joy of one, To see her ownsome Jesus ... may he be, O Father, Son and Holy Ghost, For all eternity. The ... that mary had It was the joy of two, To see her ownsome jesus

Noir Desir - The holy economic war lyrics

and more for the holy economic war". but it ... couldn't be no hallucinations then i've read the ... story of the new nations lord it's ... wonderful to find the meaning of life and a voice said

Scheepers - The fall lyrics

Snakes and flames Walking on the ashes of the holy land Wherever you will run ... Embrace the devil - and deal with it It makes me wanna ... You better wish I'm fallen - I'm broken And I saw It

Kate Bush - Waking the witch lyrics

ma'am, your early morning call You must wake up Wake up ... but see your little lights alive Stop your lying and ... up you sleepy head We are of the going water and gone, we

Iperyt - The black emperor lyrics

he'll become the gloom of your graves, Reviling all ... Angel, And he'll become a pale that will pierce you, And ... your carcass create desserts of rot. He will drink your

Rhapsody Of Fire - The bloody rage of the titans lyrics

highest mountains the water falls Flowers and plants now ... caress my eyes along these holy valleys kissed by light And ... I am victim of this spell wonderful

Rhapsody Of Fire - The last winged unicorn lyrics

seven red flames of the cave are lightning the ... the terrible rape the fury of the sons of the thunder is ... breaking the mystical chain Arwald falls so to

Rhapsody Of Fire - The myth of the holy sword lyrics

the victory of the angels over hell these ... old lands became a new reason for war ... elves and men all united against new darklords ... it's the time of the three elvish wars

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