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Freak Morice - Little bird lyrics

bird learnt to sing in her cage whistling Little bird caught the eye of a little lark who heard her cry Little bird wrote him a tune, Fly with me far from this room Little bird fell in love, She fell in love, I fell in love... Fall, winter, summer, spring Little lark sa

Imogen Heap - Little bird lyrics

bird, little bird, little bird What do you hear? The clink of morning cheers Orange juice concentrate Crossword puzzles start to grade One across Four letter word, it's just not sitting Little bird, little bird, little bird What do you see? A picture perf

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Little bird lyrics

we take this bird in With its broken leg We could nurse it She said Come inside For a little lie down with me If you fall asleep It wouldn’t be the worst thing But when I wake up Your make-up is on my shoulder And tell me, if I lie down Would you stay now And le

Elizabeth Mitchell - Little bird, little bird lyrics

Bird, Little Bird (Circle Game) Little bird, little bird, Fly through my window, Little bird, little bird, Fly through my window, Little bird, little bird Fly through my window, And find molasses candy. Through my window, My sugar lump, Fly

Infant Sorrow - Little bird lyrics

bird Drink the champagne from my lips Take a flying saucer trip To the stars in my eyes Little bird Sitting on the tip of my tongue Though you look a bit too young Could be the stars in my eyes Your words like butterflies Dance around my head Your body like forbidde

Russell Brand - Little bird lyrics

bird Drink the champagne from my lips Take a flying saucer trip To the stars in my eyes Little bird Sitting on the tip of my tongue Though you look a bit too young Could be the stars in my eyes Your words like butterflies Dance around my head Your body like f

Far East Movement - Little bird lyrics

bird, have you got a key? Unlock the lock inside me Yeah, I had a dream baby, You could be high off me You could fly for free, If I save you baby, Would you light the street? 'cause inside of me, You can’t breathe baby No you can’t feel your feet But the same that ai

Annie Lennox - Little bird lyrics

look up to the little bird That glides across the sky He sings the clearest melody It makes me want to cry It makes me want to sit right down And cry, cry, cry, yeah I walk along the city streets So dark with rage and fear And I I wish that I could be that bird And fly awa

Laura Marling - Little bird lyrics

Rosie where have you been I couldn't save you but I tried Rosie I tried Why did you run from everyone who only tried to love you Rosie only tried Little bird, if I only knew maybe I'd be more like you with a feather in my wing is it spring do I sing Why

Rachel Macwhirter - Little bird lyrics

ve felt the rain, but it couldn't drown you. It was nothing but drops on your head. You've stood against the winds that hound you and carry the names of the dead. If only you could soar away and feel the sunlight again. Poor little bird, you parrot their words in ex

A Girl Called Eddy - Little bird lyrics

"A Girl Called Eddy - Little bird" Just like a little bird Inside a little cage Trying to find the strength To learn to turn the page Just like a mermaid I am trapped under the sea Trying to understand What life wants me to be Heroes and villains And old

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Little bird lyrics

is a rare perfume Precious, yet doesn't last long Youth is but a playful breeze That blows our way once then moves on Love is a hidden treasure Some never find where it lies And memory is a little bird Flies through life, live or dies Chorus:

Lisa Hannigan - Little bird lyrics

heart sings like a kettle And your words, they boil away like steam. And a lie burns long while the truth bites quick, A heart is built for both it seems. You are lonely as a church, Despite the queuing out your door. I am empty as a promise, no more.

S. J. Tucker - Little bird lyrics

I am a little bird next time I open up my eyes, I'm gonna have to learn how to spread my wings and fly and turn loose of all the things that try to keep me on the ground. I got no time to be afraid, so you're not gonna catch me lookin' down. I

Dr. Dog - Little bird lyrics

want to start calling you babe. Take the phone off the hook. If anyone hurted you I don't know what I would do. If you gotta know, I'd put them in the ground where flowers grow, Just so you know. You go on delivering to hospitals With flowers made for

Casey - Little bird lyrics

awake or sleep for days, you wouldn't notice either way. Couldn't help you with your pain, but always hoped that you were safe. It took hours of silent phone calls for me to finally realise that just because you act with the best of intentions, it doesn't necessarily mean that

Nancy Sinatra - This little bird lyrics

s a little bird that somebody sends Down to the earth to live on the wind. Born on the wind and he sleeps on the wind This little bird that somebody sends. He's light and fragile and feathered sky blue, So thin and graceful the sun shines through

Marianne Faithfull - This little bird lyrics

s a little bird that somebody sends down to the earth to live on the wind. borne on the wind and he sleeps on the wind this little bird that somebody sends. he's light and fragile and feathered sky blue, so thin and graceful the sun shines through. this little bird who li

Alexander Rybak - Strange little bird lyrics

little bird Caught on a wire Caught on a wire again With her hair hanging down to her hips Now she's glazen-eyed, She's glazen-eyed only because, only because she had to have it And feel it Again Didn't she turn, didn't she go didn't she rise above it all didn't she le

Nico - Little sister lyrics

t call me home, little sister Before the night is done My love and I are fleeing Running into the sun. Turn to fly, go away Little bird, please don't stay Fare thee well. Take up all your jewels and gold, Bury them away in the earth. Let your memory

Goldfrapp - Little birds lyrics

s like a little bird She flies from a to b To see what she can see She's far away from me We danced down the mall We danced by the sea The land of blue gold Is where we were freed July-ly-ly July-ly-ly July-ly-ly Where we were freed Wher

George Gershwin - Little jazz bird lyrics

m a little jazz bird And I'm telling you to be one too For a little jazz bird Is in heaven when she's singing blue I say this with regret But you're out of date You ain't heard nothin' yet Till you syncopate When the going gets rough, You will find your troubles a

Epic Rap Battles Of History - Albert einstein vs stephen hawking lyrics

When I apply my battle theory minds are relatively blown so take a seat Steve oop, I see you brought your own what´s whit your voice? I can´t frickin tell you sound like WALL-E having sex with a Speak & Spell I´ll school you anywhere MIT

Dionysos - "broken bird" lyrics

was talking to a bird in the middle of the road It was crying blood into my hands I'm talking to this bird I don't think you've got no troubles Hey small! Little broken bird He looks like the smile of a girl I once knew Bird smile tricks hidden in the che

Barque Of Dante - Albert the miner part ii lyrics

name was Albert, forty-seven years of age He was a miner, working every night and day Pickaxe and oil lamp were his silent friends in these dark mines Where the sun never shines Albert was ambitious, tried to find a secret way To a land far from here

The Moffatts - Bird dog lyrics

is the joker (he's a bird) A very funny joker (he's a bird) But when he jokes my honey (he's a dog) His jokin' ain't so funny (what a dog) Johnny is the joker that's been tryin' to steal my baby (he's a bird dog) Johnny sings a love song (like a bird) He sings th

Sza lyricsSza - Pretty little birds (feat. isaiah rashad) lyrics

are but a phoenix among feathers You're broken by the waves among the sea They'll let you die, they'll let you wash away But you swim as well as you fly Pretty little bird Pretty little bird You've hit the window a few times The window a few times You're

Nancy Sinatra - Lady bird lyrics

I've been where the eagle flies Rode his wings 'cross autumn skies Kissed the sun, touched the moon But he left me much too soon His lady bird...he left his lady bird Lee: Lady bird come on down I'm here waiting on the ground Lady bird I'

Anne Briggs - Bird in the bush lyrics

maidens a-milking did go :| And the wind it blow high and the wind it did blow low It tossed their petticoats to and fro |: They met with a young man they know :| And they've asked it of him if he had any skill To catch them a small bird or two |: Oh yes I've a very good s

Joan Jett - Bird dog lyrics

is a joker He's a bird A very funny joker He's a bird) But when he jokes my hone He's a dog His jokin ain't so funny What a dog Johnny is a joker that's a cryin' To steal my baby He's a bird dog Johnny sings a love song Like a bird Sings the sweetest love song Y

Albert King - Little brother (make my way) lyrics

all a-you young folks, ravin' An' hollerin' about how bad you wanna be free But let me tell ya what it was like in my day For an' old man like me Are you ready? (yeah)) Take it on, little brother, an'make a way I said, take it on little brother, ta

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Albert goes west lyrics

goes west, he crossed the vast indifferent deserts of Arizona, oh yeah He had a psychotic episode on a dude ranch that involved a bottle of ammonia Henry, he went south and lost his way deep in the weeping forests of Le Vulva He grew so wan, he grew so sick, he ende

Eric Burdon - Bird on the beach lyrics

Stood with my kid on the lonely windswept beach The winter sun was on the horizon And we were both out of reach She ran ahead of me looking for the next surprise Our souls were wet, yes Lord From the incoming tide She stopped and turned and look

Levy Bettina - Waterfall + tiny bird lyrics

to the caverns, human See the pretty waterfalls Explore as much as you please, human Who knows what you'll find in the walls There are many mysteries About this dark place, just be careful You don't want to get lost in here They say Undyne's hunting for you Echo flowers wh

Gary Jules - Bird / little greenie lyrics

greenie, in betweenie You’re standing on the earth Turned the lights on For protection Whatever it’s worth You know That in spite of all the things that you show You’re f***ing around with something You cannot control If it scares you so Then make it go away Beauty’s on

Avatarium - Bird of prey lyrics

he is, man in masque... Human bird of prey Like the plague he elevates From the sewers of decay Sharpened claws, noble face... Impeccable facade Merciless and grim; The bird of prey Fog and night, Berlin square... A demon in the street The czar of blood appears With a to

Rogue Wave - Bird on a wire lyrics

you hoping to get out of this mess truckloads of coffee, conditioned to confess you’re a bird on a wire and you’re wrestling who’s dirty laundry are you turning out fresh little miss bossy is brimming with breast you’re a bird on a wire and you’re wrestling no stat

Dj Snake - Bird machine ft. alesia lyrics

Bird bird bird bird machine check Instrumental Check Bird bird bird bird machine check Instrumental Bird bird bird bird machine check Instrumental Check Bird bird b...

Barque Of Dante - Albert the miner part i lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Inst...

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Fish & bird lyrics

bought a round for the sailor And they heard his tale Of a world that was so far away And a song that we'd never heard A song of a little bird That fell in love with a whale He said, 'You cannot live in the ocean' And she said to him 'You never can

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - Bird gerhl lyrics

am a bird girl I am a bird girl I am a bird girl Am a bird girl now I've got my heart Here in my hands I've got my heart Here in my hands now I've been searching For my wings I've been searching For my wings some time I'm gonna be born Gonna be born Int

Dionysos - "bird 'n' roll" lyrics

to Bird'n'Roll : Come on let's bird ! Bird'n'Roll ! Even the dead trees rise their palms to do the Bird'n'Roll - Do the Bird'n'Roll You can cry like a snowman in the sun but do the Bird'n'Roll Come on cry, let's try to spit your dreams, dancing the Bird'n'Roll Co

M.i.a. - Bird flu lyrics

on the underground, what's the point of knocking me down? everyone knows I'm already good on the ground most of us stay strong shit don't really bound us then I go on my own making bombs with rubber bands I have my hard down so I need a man for romance street

Mac Miller - Bird call lyrics

quack I'm chilling for an hour, smoking weed, watching Worldstar Benz in the garage, probably got to drive your girl car You ain’t a rapper if my homies never heard y'all I just spit a punchline, so now I need a bird call Hit your sister in the face with a Nerf Ball I'm deali

Snowy White - Bird of paradise lyrics

you flying by Flash of Turquoise Blue I just had to try To keep your life in view My bird of paradise Sweet bird of paradise Wish that I could fly I'd be beside you now But I can only sigh And watch you circle round My bird of paradise Sweet bird of paradise M

Sia lyricsSia - Bird set free lyrics

wings I was a broken thing Had a voice Had a voice but I could not sing... You would worn me down I struggled on the ground So lost, the line had been crossed Had a voice, had a voice but I could not talk You held me down I struggle to fly now But there's a scream inside tha

Cock Sparrer - Bird trouble lyrics

got, you got, you know what You got, you got, you know what, How long can freedom last, when you got bird trouble and your sinking fast Well I heard you told her that you loved her And you whisper sweet nothings in her ear And I heard you're planning a wedding With vol-au-ve

Kalmah - Bird of ill omen lyrics

of hope in the minds of those whose Lives are on decline A thousand lies told them with bright eyes And believed without doubts of employment Now it's time to think very positive Deny all the evil things Hah, right time to face this reality Take all the pain Coming with me

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Little miss sorrow lyrics

had those magic eyes you Could see from miles around She wore her summer dresses bright Quiet like the sky She always came in colours All smiles and daffodils She let her hair down in the breeze But every little thing has changed, today Little miss sorrow Every littl

Atmosphere - Bird sings why the caged i know lyrics

s the bird, it must have been the bird Disgusting critter, it must We should have known better then to trust This disease infested ball of lust and carnage Piece of garbage with wings and she has the guts to sing Get the bird, catch her shoot her, I dont care Get the b

Crystal Ball - Bird on a wire lyrics

you are in the cold wind Sometimes you don't know Where you belong You can't see where you should go Sometimes you're tired to be strong You try to rise to touch the sky Forget your ordinary life Like a bird high on a wire To waste your tim

Deep Purple - Bird has flown lyrics

the beggar on his cornerstone Catches pity in his wrinkled hand But the lover whose bird has flown Catches nothing only grains of sand All the children in the distant house They have feelings only children know But the lover whose bird has flown Catches nothing onl

The Mission - Bird of passage lyrics

s a lump in my throat and an ache in my heart There's tears in my eyes 'cos we're an ocean apart There's nothing quite as real as being on my own Nothing quite as true as being all alone This bird has flown But when the summer has passed She'll come back hom

Owl City - Bird with a broken wing lyrics

I walk alone down the darkest roads Cause I've always known how this story goes When the curtain falls I'll be wearing thin Clawing at the walls as they're closing in In this twisted world I was destined for I'm an astronaut on the ocean floor So misunders

Take That lyricsTake That - Bird in your hand lyrics

I return You keep me warm If we allow Once in a while Into the sun You show me how To be alone Now I am flying As a bird in your hand I am when you are here How could I know In this strange foreign land All I feel is it real Together we'll grow All things connect Fee

Billie Marten - Bird lyrics

s underwater again Somebody's daughter, a friend In the night in the dark in the cold As she walks far away Nobody'swatching Drowning in words so sweet Mild is the water Caught as a bird once free I don't mind Hope is a distance Unreached Ink on her ski

Susan Enan - Bird lyrics

Bird on the roadside Didn't see the headlights Fell down from the sky And settled here No more songs to sing The silence is deafening I should've seen it coming My sworn enemy Has his eye on me So I keep my eye on him Through the minor chords I am blind towards The ca

The Nice - Little arabella lyrics

Arabella, she's always out of her head. (out of her head.) She lives in a daydream, she never understands what she said. (what she said.) She carries a flower, long after everyone said it's dead. And if you see her, you'll never believe, her head. Little

Sally Oldfield - Bird of paradise lyrics

and stronger shines the light, the chains are broken, You can see beyond the stars when your heart is open, Ella Kielessa niovya lo He ana ella kieleya niovanya Touch the earth, bird of Paradise One more time, before you move into the flame, Casting no shado

Dark Sarah - Little men lyrics

m searching for a getaway, a better day, but where are all the people, I cannot stay in this awful place a minute longer Hey bird is this the way? This labyrinth is messing with my head hey don't fly away! There's a little gate - goodbye, bye muddy hole! I'll dance

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