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H2o - Shine the light lyrics

the cost of living I die At the cost of dying I live At the ... It's my life time On the chance that I'll survive And ... my soul alive Written on the wall and sign says It's my

Chelsea Staub - The light song lyrics

Out beneath the sky And listen for a voice ... speaks But only to me The warmth that it brings ... need Come Out beneath the night We'll spill,We'll swim

Chelsea Staub - The light song from the homes lyrics

Out beneath the sky And listen for a voice ... speaks But only to me The warmth that it brings ... need Come Out beneath the night We'll spill,We'll swim

Lamar - Shine (david's song) lyrics

yeah, yeah Let your lovelight shine, let it shine ... Refrain: Let your lovelight shine on me Shine throughout ... eternity Let your lovelight shine on me Let your lovelight shine on me Shine throughout the

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Shine a light lyrics

Berber jew'lry jangling down the street, Make you shut your ... my sweet honey love. May the good Lord shine a light on ... you, Make every song [you sing] your favorite tune

Robbie Robertson - Shine your light lyrics

cry of the city like a siren's song ... Wailing over the rooftops the whole night long Saw a ... star like a diamond in the sky Must be someone's soul ... passing by These are the streets Where we used to run

Banners - Shine a light lyrics

Verse 1] Light will lead the way, will set you free I'm ... for a little peace And when the night falls Oh call on me ... me higher [Chorus] (Woah) shine a light on Shine a light on

Zechariah Maxime - Shine my light lyrics

Bright days but not enough light we God's people need to walk ... in Christ we need to put on the armor of God, to stand ... against the wiles of the enemy we need to fight

Beady Eye - Shine a light lyrics

let it vine through the past, space and time There ... ll see what's inside, you're the Sun, you're the light See the man of the cloth, got it ... wrong from the off Out of line, out of

Elevation Worship - Shine a light lyrics

up to another life No more sorrow and no ... more night You're the light, let it shine now, let it shine now Burning bright cause ... a world to illuminate You're the light, let it shine now, let

Mcbusted - Shine a light lyrics

someone And make it through the hardest storm And bad weather Will you pull me from the ... And give me shelter from the rain Forever Where can I

Mcfly - Shine a light lyrics

someone And make it through the hardest storm and bad weather ... Will you pull me from the flames? Hold me 'til I feel ... And give me shelter from the rain forever Danny: Where

10cc - Shine a light in the dark lyrics

easy but i found a way well the journey was hard and the road ... was tough there were times when i cried ... me mercy when i'm helpless shine a light in the dark hold me

Rita Ora lyricsRita Ora - Shine your light lyrics

gold, we gold, we shine We gold, we gold, we shine ... We gold, we gold, we shine We gold, we gold, we shine ... Hey there rock star Turn up your ... hear you coming Starts up the video You’re still standing

Sally Oldfield - The bouleward song lyrics

you do Babe you're warm as the sun And you shine on ... river keep flowing strong The music is just begun Strong ... as the moon pulling the tide I wanna walk by your

Charlie Hall - Song of the redeemed lyrics

sing it in the darkest place Cause love is ... in Your powerful name Shine the light of beauty and grace We ... re living in the name that can save We sing ... to You the song of the redeemed You've beautified

Skyclad - The wrong song lyrics

bad break - burst another bubble Another lost cause - ... here's another trouble Another heart ache - one more chance ... gone Another lost chord in yet another

Brandon Heath - The light in me lyrics

You knew me better For You there was never a doubt God, ... was different, I knew it the instant You put the light in ... is sure too hard You are the hope that leads me out of the

Kamelot (usa) - The light i shine on you lyrics

praise to all of you Cause the light I shine on you is what ... that I'm a mountain But there's a price I have to pay ... For the love I have forsaken can

Matthau Mikojan - Shine a light lyrics

you've got and we'll make the best of it Ain't it fun when ... I can live with it When the walls are closing in You ... gotta break the door What you see is only

Jackass - The light outlives the star lyrics

are stars so distant the light that left´em ages ago just ... young like you and that´s the way that´s the way our ... people are they ain´t gone long as they shine on in our hearts. And

The Mission - The light that pours from you lyrics

still remember the very first kiss And the ... blood on the sheets And like the stars that shoot through the ... night We crash and burn in the heat. There's never any

The Morning Of - Shine lyrics

step outside into the light The sun is bright, I close my ... eyes The summer caught me by surprise ... a boy who wants this And now the sun has sunk below The

Crematory - The way behind the light lyrics

soul leaved the body And searched for his ... a endless passage to open the gate Behind the door you saw ... a light which magical attracted In ... glaring shine stood a throne out of stone

Firewater - The monkey song lyrics

narrator) Right now, by the miracle of recording, we’re ... going to go to a happy song A song that they televised ... – we had so many requests for them to do it again that that’s

King Crimson - The night watch lyrics

shine, the light of good works shine The ... watch before the city gates depicted in their ... prime That golden light all grimy now Three hundred ... years have passed The worthy Captain and his squad

Saywecanfly - The last song lyrics

s done is done, that's what they say But what happens when ... Right now I am jealous of the moon So care free, and so ... content I wish I could shine as bright as you No matter

Monty Python - The universe song/the galaxy song lyrics

it's reckoned, A sun that is the source of all our power The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see Are ... thousand miles an hour Of the galaxy we call the 'Milky Way

Hercules And Love Affair - The light lyrics

a child, I knew That the stars could only get brighter ... mmm As a child, I knew That the stars could only get brighter ... Oooh Now that I'm older The stars should lie upon my face

Sarah Bettens - The soldier song lyrics

I didn't let you down Mother, I lied, this is not for me ... I don't know why I should be The lucky one who gets to see ... Another morning through these tired eyes Mother, I'm

Aesma Daeva - The minstrel song lyrics

darkness let me dwell The ground, the ground shall ... sorrow be The roof of despair which bars ... all cheerful light from me To bar all cheerful light The walls marble black

Donovan - The light lyrics

Died ... and I sighed As the chains of the flesh left me ... As the moans and the groans Of the friend sent me ... On my way to the Land of the Dead I flashed ... that my

Jls - The last song lyrics

am I gonna do when the last song’s over I was out with my ... heart First a movie and then to a new club I wasn’t ... on staying out long, then there’s this girl from dreams

Mason Jennings - The light lyrics

And all that's about you Shines with the light Love won't ... you Free what's inside you Shine with the

Jason Mraz - The remedy (i won't worry) lyrics

I saw fireworks from the freeway And behind closed ... eyes I cannot make them go away 'cause you were ... born on the 4th of July (freedom ring) ... Well something on the surface it stings I said

Otis Redding - The happy song (dum-dum-de-de-de-dum-dum) lyrics

I sing this song [I'm] Singing it for my ... baby She s the only one that can bring me ... joy Thats why, I sing these happy songs They go Dum ... dum [Come on now] Happy song Happy song [now] On a

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - The death song lyrics

I saw cop beat a priest on the T.V. And I know they killed ... our heroes too We sing the death song kids Because we ... be just like you We sing the death song kids We light a

Poison - The last song lyrics

I lost my way You were my light When the others wronged me ... t tell me lies You tell me the truth Your words, they get ... last day This is my last song It's all I got If I bare

Cranes - Light song lyrics

Mars With great velocity The universe is ours Got ... everything we need The universe is ours Got

Cory Lee - The naughty song lyrics

I know that you'e down by the way you're watching me you ... away and I can hardly speak there's just room for two in my ... away with me turn down the lights and light up the party I

David Gray - The light lyrics

turn out the light And the dark sucks on the embers of the fire That shoulders in the ... night And these tumbling boulders of desire ... Come rolling off the shadows of me You say I

Ella Fitzgerald - The buzzard song lyrics

de buzzard fold his wing an’ light over yo’ house, All yo’

Masters Of Reality - The desert song lyrics

with me baby Drive through the open night Where sun's ... Dreams shatter like morning light It's alright Hide with me ... honey Hidin' underneath the desert ways It's alright

Cher - The greatest song i ever heard lyrics

green I've ever seen Was the grass on which you laid And the bluest blue was in my eyes ... said you couldn't stay And the biggest lost I ever took Was

Mali Music - The light lyrics

Everybody like (whoa) There go Mali Music and I'm like ... ll (Favor) I'm so glad that song blessed ya (Thank ya) and ... on me Do you see my shoes? The clothes on my back? Do you

Mumford & Sons - The banjolin song lyrics

Well my eyes shall see light again And my heart shall

Mirah - The light lyrics

s the use of holding out A work ... Was some rain If heaven is the future Why is it that that ... you refuse to go There now with all you have You ... such a sorry waste To take the easy way out of the pain Of the pain When the end shines

Macy Gray - The comeback lyrics

big rocker, could you shine the light? I have lost track of ... from right It's days like these that I wanna die It's days ... like days like these that make me cry all day

Korn - The camel song lyrics

where You try so hard To be the shitty star So come in ... with me Take your under sun light set you free Somewhere can't

Scatman John lyricsScatman John - The chickadee song lyrics

your body up and down Get the rhythm in your feet, and turn ... alright) Chickadee dance the Samba all night No you're ... get enough 'till you see the morning light (that's right)

Celtic Woman - The light of christmas morn lyrics

of chill December sound The farewell of the year And ... evening shadows gather ‘round And cloud the soul ... darkness brings again The light of Christmas morn ‘Twas

Good Clean Fun - The myspace song lyrics

Wars We went to shows in the park, Professed our love in the dark, Roadtrips and hardcore ... Diane Cort, Two hearts in the same place Then you know ... She met an Internet kid, They fell in love on MySpace I

Kesha lyricsKesha - The harold song lyrics

your white sheets. I miss the scratch of your unshaved face ... I didn't see That you were the love of my life and it kills ... see your face in strangers on the street. I still say your

Rebecca Lavelle - The sirens song lyrics

the shadow of the moment Is the truth of light and dark Try ... to touch What lies between them But you'll never leave a ... mark In the stillness In the silence When it's finished

Marble Sounds - The silent song lyrics

night we plug in the stars Right at the moment it ... fades away We calm down when they light up Any amazement it ... creates Is the cherry on the cake We have lost the skill

Oh Sleeper - The sirens song lyrics

came from the pile. We came from the dead ... and dying. But the moment you pulled You ... brought us back to the living. Stand here to a ... moves close, So vast that the clouds would follow? What

Dark Princess - The pyres song lyrics

Wind takes away all my tears Light would not help as it sears... ... I'm burning my fire All the worlds are not enough As I ... I'm burning my fire... All the worlds are not enough As I

Jim Morrison - The ghost song lyrics

child, my sweet one. Choose the day and choose the sign of ... your day the day's divinity First thing ... soft, mad children Smug in the wooly cotton brains of

Patti Smith - The jackson song lyrics

Let's close our eyes and call the deep slumbering land that ... blue shoes that walk across the sky May your path be your ... day you'll grow He'll be there too And someday when you

Eloy - The sun song lyrics

You wouldn't need to breathe My sinner air Now listen ... take my advice And wait for the dawning Wait for the rise ... of light tomorrow morning Look for the highest place in space To

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