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Against The Wind Christopher Young lyrics

Browse for Against The Wind Christopher Young song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Against The Wind Christopher Young lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Against The Wind Christopher Young.

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Bob Catley - Against the wind lyrics

lost in time Walking tall against the wind First wave of a ... and pride Strikes out for the last in line As we claw against the wind Go, valiant

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - Against the wind lyrics

ago She was lovely, she was the queen of our nights There in ... the darkness with the radio playin' low The ... secrets that we shared The mountains that we moved

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Against the wind lyrics

Come take my heart, come feel the Burns of fire Come and ... feel my Loving mind Oh against the wind I´m flying Against the wind I´m crying This night

Orthodox Celts - Against the wind lyrics

sad an' sore like most of other days Full of rain cold an' ... as tired I am now Hangin' on the string of fate The hours ... come The hours go Counting steps I

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Against the wind lyrics

make things work Facing all the power of society Searching ... all the answers of the life I'll never make it on ... has come No more running in the dark I want much more than

Dungeon - Against the wind lyrics

bad place, a dark space The lines that weather my face I ... stand alone before the storm Walk with me and you ... ll see The flame that burns within me A

Christopher - Against the odds lyrics

Emergency unit's on the case Another heartbreak has ... got you hurting Hold on, the help is on the way If there's a lifeline to, help you ... every time you fall I'll be the lifeline to, come and rescue

Bret Michaels - Riding against the wind lyrics

heading home An airport bar, there you sat all alone I said, ... We made love all night On the beach that September Told my ... t remember Well... That was then This is now Lookin back i

Richie Kotzen - Alone against the wind lyrics

In a far away city And another conversation that Don't ... so alone I got my head up to the phone All i hear is your ... it's me and myself Alone against the wind Seven more days

Sights & Sounds - Pedal against the wind lyrics

with fear And that scares me the most I don't quite stare but ... I'm not letting in I escape the bullet Nightmares to follow ... my wine it's dripping sin The red is collecting me and its

Machine Gun Kelly - Against the world lyrics

Hurt myself again today And the worst part is there’s no one ... and needy Warm me up and breathe me MACHINE GUN KELLY: ... Uh, its just me against the world Lost my mistress and

Christopher Lee - The betrayal lyrics

the midst of the vigorous and uninterrupted ... struggles with the Saxons Charlemagne built ... his territories from further attacks He then mustered ... forces in order to thwart the greatest threat to Papal

Beyond The Black - Against the world lyrics

flickering candle, forlorn in the night You wander in ... if you find me, we'll burn in the skies Take my hand and dry ... your eyes You and me against the world They can't stop us

Kissin’ Dynamite - Against the world lyrics

stand at the fry pan as every day All ... been dreaming, it faded away They took you all but they can’t ... pride. We will break out in the night You and me against the world they can't stop us now

Dream Evil - The prophecy lyrics

endless forests in the night I walked alone And there I found the prophecy carved ... in stone: To find the cure for the man who is your ... lord, Use the magic sword So take your

Galneryus - The wind blows lyrics

not from you but I'll pick up the phone I was parted from you ... I can never find you I find the memories of you The memories ... of the days are fading away The wind blows against my heart I

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - The wind lyrics

Leaving your cares behind. The pain is gone. Gone with the ... we cry. You've flown into the wind. Escaping all the hurt ... within. Took to the sky. Leaving the world

Rootkit - Against the sun (feat. anna yvette) lyrics

the wind and touch the sky A stars light shines on ... long after it dies In the night Live everyday as if it ... burn bright like beacons of the past In the night Now we

Alpha Tyger - Against the time lyrics

we were young Once we were wild and free ... in our hearts We captured the pleasures Left no stone ... unturned The world could be ours if we ... want Reach the sun Before the storm will come That’ll take

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - Against the grain lyrics

diplomatic I just never been the kind to go along Just ... avoidin' confrontation For the sake of conformation And I ... Sometimes you've got to go against the grain Well, I have been

Bodyjar - Against the wall lyrics

remember times when we were young And you were so unkind You ... d never understand they way I felt So why were you ... blind You've got your back against the wall You've got to think

Lorna Shore - The absolution of hatred lyrics

ve offered flesh so tear to the f***ing bone. Heavenly father why has thou left his ... to burn. Taught to fear the unknown the struggle of the ... psyche. All as one gathering the young, Brainwashed to the

Rage Against The Machine - Wind below lyrics

tone has got'em sweatin' they owe Apocalypse Yes, tha ... And yes we in wit tha wind an tha plan de Ayala kin ... one night power turns Them devils mouths dry, Mexico

Adultery - Against the cursed lyrics

sky is dark like the black candles of damnation. The wind desisted from blowing ... and birds became silence. The last black warriors rose the ... rest of the creatures damned by winter.

The Dogma - The fate of the leaders lyrics

when they say “man, you failed!” This ... work much harder It’s when they say “just go away!” It’s ... yourself It’s hard to hold the line when you feel so lonely

Heavenly - The sandman lyrics

you sometimes wish to call the Sandman to go back to these ... Do you remember when When the sandman came at night To ... tuck you child Read the book of the night Took you

A-ha lyricsA-ha - The weight of the wind lyrics

face looked new against the town You've come to lose ... But you want to lose The weight of the wind Rests ... It's bringing you down The one that you love Will never

City And Colour - Against the grain lyrics

You need not, to cross the sea You need not, to find a ... You need not to reach for the stars, when life becomes so ... dark and when the wind does blow against the grain

Dead Can Dance - The wind that shakes the barley lyrics

sat within the barley green I sat me with ... love My sad heart strove the two between the old love and ... the new love The old for her the new that made me think on

Metal King - Against the rules of society lyrics

re very young and only admit your own ... You get on in life, you love the adventure But don't choose ... You think to have you feel on the ground You think to have the

Arthemis - The damned ship lyrics

the sun , against the wind , we are crossing the seven ... is our fight through the hazes Let us free , don't ... of nobody slaves We strike the evil enemies , our fury is

Crystal Eyes - The burning vision lyrics

How can you say it's worth the price you pay in a cage of ... lies? Another chapter in the daily book if sin Here I'm ... I have to do I can't see the reason why the old dream

In Vain - Against the grain lyrics

Vultures drawing near In the mountains at night Wolves ... howl Red moon falls on the horizon Towards the ... beckoning end And the wait for redemption at hand

Patrick Wolf - The falcons lyrics

in the foundry They forge for us the changing ... bell Turn your back against the wind Spit down the wishing ... waste But opportunity To be the lovers We have longed to be

Ill Niño - Against the wall lyrics

I’m not running for cover The bullets could fly by my head ... Hold on to the progress and don’t give in ... my home It’s not my I’m against the wall I’m against the wall

Morgan Page - Against the world lyrics

it’s just me and you for now Against the world, against the world ... Me and you for now Against the world, against the world ... by demons Fly fly quick they want to start shhhh Speak

Accept lyricsAccept - Against the world lyrics

is the fire, started so long ago ... We've kept the flame and the smoldering embers below ... way to survive So this is the way it must be ...... it's Us

The Kelly Family - The wolf lyrics

out children There`s a wolf out there Open ... Watch out children There`s a wolf out there Never ... run against the wind Cause he`s gonna win

The Kelly Family - The wolf (live) lyrics

out children There`s a wolf out there Open up ... you Watch out children There`s a wolf out there Never ... run against the wind Cause he`s gonna win If there`s any doubt in your mind

Astralion - The outlaw lyrics

mother's tears will ever be shed ... I burn my bridges, I roll the dice The might of thunder is ... Away for so long A man on the run without home I'm an

Nocturnal Rites - Against the world lyrics

to believe How to live by the rules They all restrained ... he would conceive Walked the path of a righteous man ... Taught him how to belong A winding road, and now it seems

Flame - Against the world (feat. v.rose) lyrics

down a little bit (You and me against the world) I don't wanna ... it It's gonna be me and him against the world (You and me against ... 'Cause it's you and me against the world, the world, the

Natalie Imbruglia lyricsNatalie Imbruglia - Against the wall lyrics

you light on From the second storey So I waited Theres was nothing for me ... mean to fall Its got me up against the wall I’ve wanted you all ... now I’m gone You got me up against the wall Heard a siren

Kreator - Against the rest lyrics

me no rules no leaders just the purest power of integrity ... to your emptiness stand together against the rest together against the rest following your own

Malice - Against the empire lyrics

the galaxy There lies the gods Beyond the limits of ... reigning grace Chained in the shadows that my screen ... to degrade Get ready for the fight They're breaking free

Manowar - The heart of steel mmxiv (acoustic intro) lyrics

is a heavy stone I fight the world and take all they can ... give There are times my heart hangs ... low Born to walk against the wind Born to hear my name

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Against the grain lyrics

of wilderness overcome by the flow, a lonely restitution ... my path again renewed, against the grain, that's where i'll ... upstream, i maintain against the grain, here labelled as a

Accept lyricsAccept - The galley lyrics

the weight up against the wind Is the plight of the galley ... to this cold bench, six to the oar Sentenced to an early ... fire in our wrists Slicing the waves and the sea Rotting

Akon - Against the grain (feat. ray lavender) lyrics

so god damn cold, I know, the way she move got me spendin' ... wrong for fallin' in love (They always say don't love a ho) ... wrong for fallin' in love (They always say don't love a ho)

Dj Wich - Against the rules lyrics

s mine making something when there nothing there/ I don't ... fair/ Ego inflated like the price of gas/ Stock market ... like a stripper's ass/ On the pole the struggle on the

Burning Point - Against the madness of time lyrics

my only desire is to avoid the fall You`re leading, ... leading the cult of the damned You`re feeding them ... right out of my hands Against the madness of time i

Downset - Against the spirits lyrics

understanding of love from the heavens and you'll hate me ... hate for it! Your world is against the spirits! This is day is against the spirits! I gladly detach

Eldritch - The world apart lyrics

used to running against the wind Haven’t got the spirit by my ... With whom I’d ever share the bone? Now I feel the world ... I feel the world I feel the world apart Strangled by the rhythm of these days Dodging

Milow - Against the tide lyrics

Water's rising up from the sand You just keep on ... horizon You can't even find the sun And you just keep on ... staring 'til the damage is done Out of time

Nironic - Against the rules lyrics

s mine making something when there nothing there/ I don't ... fair/ Ego inflated like the price of gas/ Stock market ... like a stripper's ass/ On the pole the struggle on the

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - The lost saga lyrics

rage, I will sunder I hail the Thunder God I look at the ... sky Watch the waves turning into foam I ... send my prayers against the wind And I hope they'll reach my

Celldweller - Against the tide lyrics

we're knee deep side by side the storm clouds are circling ... above us as we struggle against the tide i feel your grip ... in my head won't subside they patiently circle around us

Demon Hunter - The wind lyrics

breath As you tell of all the ways that you feel dead ... solace in this air But the wind It cuts to my bone The wind ... This hollow breath of cold The snowflakes fall like ashes

Elvis Jackson - Against the gravity lyrics


Machine Men - Against the freaks lyrics

follow your traces Accept the truth, I'm gonna realize I'm ... your heart is your guide There is no wisdom The world is ... full of freaks And against your wishes they are Dream

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