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Rigor Mortis - Afterbirth of a midget (s.y.g.d.p.) lyrics

.. instrumental... instrumental... ... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental..

F.o.b. - Of a martyr lyrics


Angtoria - A child that walks in the path of a man lyrics

face that stuns me Sends my soul into ... shock A voice that numbs me Re-directs my ... I try to run before I could walk? Seems you place the blame ... my judgement? Your world of lies, I knew the truth! So

Idiot Pilot - A day in the life of a poolshark lyrics

could see past the skin They make you ... believe Beauty's from within Don't know ... why 'Cause it's just not true I ... could never be apart Of something I did not help to

Adyta - Of a captive mind lyrics

from this hell Devouring whats left of me, why can't it leave me be We will never be ... free From unwritten rules of society Demanding laws ... us down Feelings we will have to drown Boundaries we cannot see Creates what you

Disma - Of a past forlorn lyrics

and Emanate In hideous transformation Into the embrace of the grave The dark suffering ... of obscurity Within obsidian caverns, ten million pits ... rotate in a maze Permeate and embolden the bestial

Journey - Of a lifetime lyrics

is slowly lifting The sound of life misplaced your mind You ... thru out time I hope that you remember what you find ... Singin' more of a lifetime You put it down-all that I'm thinking But take

Seer's Tear - A chronicle of a destiny pt. i: past tense lyrics

hand with the womb Of my own mind A destiny I'll ... seek & find To hold the dream Against my skin Touch the calm ... & move on in Sleeping just

Seer's Tear - A chronicle of a destiny pt. ii: tense past lyrics

for signs, The schedules & the magpies bind, For ... signs sometimes the pleasure Upstaging is hide for a ... while. Abiding hope, the smiling worth

A Lot Like Birds - A satire of a satire of a satire is tiring lyrics

starting to think that maybe I’m wrong. It’s easy to ... forget what you’re fighting for and what ... matters more. But maybe I’m not. What if only time

Alghazanth - Of a stormgrey vision lyrics

Thy sword fall upon the necks of the feeble and the foolish Raise thy fist in glory, smash ... the crosses to thousand little pieces Give your ... commands unto the firestorms may

The Guess Who - Of a dropping pin lyrics

somewhere when I'm nowhere Gaze through a diabetic eye Can ... the right to be put down And never known the right to ... try I'd leave and take my pride with me And find

George Jones - A day in the life of a fool lyrics

to work with no kiss of goodbye Wear a smile on my face but I lied Cup of coffee at the corner cafe Catch the ... bus, read the news on my way Those emotions the whole

Echo & The Bunnymen - Of a life lyrics

this how the end begins? Infra-reds and ultra-violets No ... me I'm not seein' things Say it's love I've sighted I wanna song to learn and sing of ... ends No more Trevi fountains No more kneelin', no more

Ritual Steel - A hell of a knight lyrics

ah ah ah... [Chorus]: A hell of a knight carrying the ... woe of hell See the damned horses that ride Beasts ... ride the sky Riding in the air through the clouds And the

Jen Foster - A day in the life of a rock star lyrics

said, "Run your fingers ... through your bed-head Naked on the stairs, well, could ... you grab a few beers All you wannna-bes in your Abercrombie T-s Hanging off

System Of A Down lyricsSystem Of A Down - A.d.d. (american dream denial) lyrics

fought your wars with all our hearts you sent us back in body parts you took our ... with the truth you stole we offer prayers for your long lost ... soul your remainder is an unjustifiable egotistical

Racer X - A heart of a lion lyrics

through the city streets Caught in the glare of the ... upon my feet But locked as I run I am just a breath ... away From knockin' you ... to the ground No escape I hear you say You're never safe

Benefit - If i owned a midget lyrics

is a midget Midget Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Midget Midget is ... a midget Hey you guys- Word Midget is a midget Midget Mi-Mi-Mi ... Mi-Midget Midget (wo-wo-wo-wo-word) is a midget Like a midget in a urinal, I

Closure In Moscow - Afterbirth lyrics

me vent at the knees. I've got a phantom lung- Better than the ... other. More like the broach you wore with apocryphal ... insignia. It was better left untouched. It was better left alone, for the

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Ballad of a thin man lyrics

walk into the room With your ... pencil in your hand You see somebody naked And you say, "Who is that ... man ?" You try so hard But you don't understand

Golden Earring - Ballad of a thin man lyrics

walk into the room - with your ... pencil in your hand You see somebody naked and ... you say: Who's that man You try so hard but, you ... don't understand Just what you'll say when you get home

Au4 - Of dreams lyrics

stories she told me of long ago Started with love and ... ended in sorrow. The peaks of the mountains disappear, ... Eroded by heartbreak and all her tears. It started

Norther - Of darkness and light lyrics

'round in the main square come tonight my child see ... the end of a sinful life the end of ... mischievous lies So I went among the crowd the whispers ... cursed her name Then through the people´s

Annihilator - A man called nothing lyrics

m scratching a picture on the wall Of a man ... called nothing at all Why are they keeping me here Please just let me go Please let ... me go I'm hearing voices deep inside my head But I don't want to listen

Balflare - A false charge lyrics

recollect a dream of a town far away Strange lights ... surround the air, night and day Candle flame, a child's face Innocence, dancing around ... Praying it'll last forever Hide away all that

Bump Of Chicken - 友達の唄 (song of a friend, píseň o příteli) lyrics

ga ookikunarumade ni ame no hi nante nandomo aru ... sono naka no ichido ha issho ni nureta koto wasurechaukana took mawarishichatta ... kedo tomodachi ni nareta nokana owakare shitette oboeteirareba daijoubu nanokana sora

Dbsk - Love song of a thousand years - the legend os.. lyrics

pulggotcheoreom yawuin seulpeumi Eongkin ... sehweoleh cham mot deulddae Gaseumsogeul gipi pagodeuneun ... Geochin hansumeh maedalrineh Cheonnyeoneui ... nunmuleul moeumyeon I mam da daeshinhalgga Noeuli ddeonan

Endless Main - Dying heart of a dying man lyrics

............ .............. .................. .................. ................ ................ ............... ................ ................ ...................

Funker Vogt - Thoughts of a soldier lyrics

never was and never will be The sun ... setting beyond horizons It always was and ever will be ... The earth which keeps on turning ... The world moved on and left me here The world

In Flames - A new dawn lyrics

dreamed that you had died I'm forever alone I'm ... weakened, I'm frightened This place's about to change Things ... you said to me Believe and the things you might find

Kim Jonghyun - The end of a day lyrics

Kkeut Soneul ppeodeojwo nae mogeul gamssajwo Jom deo arae nae eokkael jumulleo jwo ... Jichyeobeolin haru kkeut imi haega tteosseodo Nan ijeya ... nuneul gameuni Namdeulboda neujge muneul dadneun naui harureul Jangnanseureobge gwi

Lostprophets - A little reminder that i'll never forget lyrics

still shed, shed the tears And try to overcome the fears. ... For time it tainted, poisoned me But does ... you've crucified me again? Lost in fiction, you'll

Liza Minnelli - You stepped out of a dream lyrics

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Nocturnal Depression - A life to suffer lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Radio Moscow - Death of a queen lyrics

can keep in time well love will ... keep his coat Treat 'em nice darling they ain't ... the same as you was long ago Beyond that 'sweet with ... this wall get on You walking on my they only time

Sarkom - Seen through the eyes of a paedophile priest lyrics

------------ ------------- ------------- ------------ ------------ ------------- ------------- ------------ ------------ -------------- ------------- ----------...

Neil Sedaka - Adventures of a boy child wonder lyrics

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Silent Force - Picture of a shadow lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Foun...

Small Faces - Song of a baker lyrics

s wheat in the field And water in the stream And salt in ... the mine And an aching in me I can no longer ... stand and wonder 'Cos I'm driven by ... hunger So I'll jug some water, bake some flour Store

Akercocke - Of menstrual blood and semen lyrics

of a thousand young Goat of mendes divine Under the ... sigil of bephomet we pray of thee, we invoke thee I orate ... with due clarity our brutal philosophy Curse the right of the altar and drink of the

Albert Hammond Jr. - Victory of a monterey lyrics

s got buttons with their names on it Those sounds, well ... they tell you everything And it all goes back again ... Well, and it all goes back again I said, "Victory at

Anachronaeon - Confessions of a lost soul lyrics

in the autumnbreeze my soul want's to leave this shell Suck ... Longing for the unknown an inner journey's taking place ... I hear you voice but not your

Approaching Nirvana - Death of a king lyrics Amazon: ... Our website: WEBSITE: LIVESTREAMS: Link:

Baroness - Teeth of a cogwheel lyrics

---- Instrumental ----- ----- Instrumental -- ... --- ----- Instrumental ----- ----- Instrumental -- ... --- ----- Instrumental ----

40 Below Summer - 5 of a kind lyrics

it go let us begin you can push me backwards I wont save your master this is my ... decision so brace yourself never satisfied ... we wont ever die the ties that bind wont end this never satisfied never compromise

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