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Infant Sorrow - African child lyrics

have crossed the mystic desert To snap pictures of the poor I've invited them to brunch Let them crash out on my floor. There's sunshine in my veins My kitchen's filled with flies I'm crying out in vain Like a little African child. Trapped in me There's an African ch

Russell Brand - African child lyrics

have crossed the mystic desert To snap pictures of the poor I've invited them to brunch Let them crash out on my floor. There's sunshine in my veins My kitchen's filled with flies I'm crying out in vain Like a little African child. Trapped in me There's an Af

Goethes Erben - Pascal ii lyrics

Ich schlief ein und ein Mann: Doch die Umgebung hatte sich geändert Frau: Geräusch drang an meine Ohren Von weiter fern, hör ich deine Stimme Mann: Das erste Mal nicht deine Schreie Frau: Verzerrt und weit entfernt nahm ich deine Worte wahr. Mann: Nacht für Nacht

Boney M - African moon lyrics

Moon Roll with the mighty waves We'll be there soon Feel the winds as we sail on home to African Moon African Moon My heart beats like the drum Now it is noon Loved ones we left behind I'll see again African Moon African Moon I will see you once mo

2face Idibia - African queen lyrics

yeah, you are my african queen, oooh lord, oooh lord Just like the sun, light up the earth, u light up my life The only one, I've ever seen with a smile so bright And just yesterday, u came around my way And changed my whole scenery with ur astonishing beauty oh You

Lotti Helmut - African sunrise lyrics

many words I wanna choose But, it ain’t no use, they’re not to find Africa, who can catch your beauty in a word, just this thing, you’re on my mind. I see the African sunrise, in the second paradise The African sunrise You’re God’s final cre

Bob Marley - African herbsman lyrics

twinklin' lee Can't see the right rose when the streams abate The old slave men might grind slow But it grinds fine, yeah African herbsman, why linger on? Just concentrate, 'cause heaven lives on Greet-I-eth slave men will look with a scorn With a transp

Nina Simone - African mailman lyrics

Mailman African Mailman African Mailman African Mailman African Mailman African

Иван Дорн (ivan Dorn) - African lyrics

Verse 1] I’m gonna spread that hot rythm of African people What about you?(x2) Shakaland Chocolate shaking I'm gonna make it What about you? Get high with the tribe Who want to try? What about you? They got spirit of clappin They make it happen What about you? [Bridg

Gyptian - African prize lyrics

pretty little africa prize My pretty little africa prize Black black rose in my garden bed Where d'you come from? I don't have got them My heart is beating go boom boom boom My girl tries threeth me go Froom froom froom My heart is crying baby what did i do what did

Israel Vibration - African unification lyrics

Africa, crying blood through these years... Fi i old man, rideth inna Zion, Jah Rastafari is His name. Thy Kingdom come, on Earth will be done as there is a Mountain Zion. Thanking the i for this day, for giving i and i our daily bread. And thy Kingdom come, on Earth will be done as

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - African man lyrics

see, monkey do I eat a monkey for breakfast I eat a skunk for lunch I live in the bush I eat with my fingers I don't use no knife and fork 'cause I live in the jungle I live in the jungle I know each tigers I know about lions I know about the

Goethes Erben - Pascal i lyrics

war Dein Schweigen Dein Lachen war verstummt solange ich auch flehte Du gebarst kein Wort Du lagst nur da und schliefst Die Zeit lief weiter und in der Nacht hörte ich Dein Weinen Dein Schrei, Dein Schrei, Deine Schreie Nacht für Nacht hallten Deine Schreie Die sch

Goethes Erben - Pascal-vorspiel lyrics

süßes Lächeln fing jedes Herz Mehr als ein Jahrzehnt gebannt in Fleisch und Blut das lachte, schrie und lebte Schwarzes Haar im Kontrast zu blasser Haut schimmerndes Pergament, das Deinen kleinen Körper sanft umschloß Du warst fröhlich schriest und tobtest sprangst fielst

Pyrrhon - Pascal's wager lyrics

to justify Faith numerically Suffer through the proof Hope it helps you sleep Reject reason instrumental In keeping with your kind Reducing your God to A roll of the dice Try to justify Faith numerically Suffer through the proof Hope it helps you s

Smokie - African nights lyrics

a land where the water flows An eagle flies where the west wind blows I saw her eyes shining crystal clear One in a million years And our hearts were one under burning suns to the city of gold we will run (Chorus) I still remember the African nights Deep in my memory it burns me

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - African night flight lyrics

nightmare one-time Mormon More men fall in Hullabaloo men I slide to the nearest bar Undermine chairman I went too far Bent on a windfall rent a sony Wonder how the dollar went down Gotta get a word to Elizabeth's father Hey no, he wished me well Seemed like another day

Air - African velvet lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Nina Hagen - African reggae lyrics

riecht so gut Pass auf, dass du nicht geschnappt wirst! Sie sind nämlich hinter dir her, Du alter Kiffer Dabei geht Ihre Geschellschaft am Alkoholismus zugrunde, Aber dich jagen sie - DICH! Haschisch Feinstes Kaschmir Edelster türke afganisches Gras Ein Plätzchen für me

Kenyan Boys Choir - African drums lyrics

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr eeeeeeeeeeeeee dddddddddddddddd fffffffffffffffffff gggggggggggggg bbbbbbbbbbbbb nnnnnnnnnnnnnn mmmmmmmmmmmmmm nnnnnnnnnnnnnn bbbbbbbbbbbbbb kkkkkkkkkkkk ooooooooooooo

Simple Minds - African skies lyrics

say you're surprised I thought I'd write today Pieces of my life That time can't fade away Land lies dry - Africa And the clouds roll by - Africa I held you every night I believed in all you'd say Now the dust blows in my eyes But those dreams won't fade away The sky burns

Joe Esposito - Lady lady lady lyrics

by a dream, you're not the only one Running like the wind, thoughts can come undone Dancing behind masks, just sort of pantomime But images reveal whatever lonely hearts can hide Lady, lady, lady, lady Don’t walk this lonely avenue Lady, lady, lady, lady Let me touch

April Wine - Lady run lady hide lyrics

lady, silent lady Will tomorrow be the last day in your life I can't free you, only plea you On the last days of your life Lady run, lady hide Lady run, lady hide Lonely lady, lovely lady Do you know, do you know you've lost the fight Cause we'll us

Nancy Sinatra - Lady bird lyrics

I've been where the eagle flies Rode his wings 'cross autumn skies Kissed the sun, touched the moon But he left me much too soon His lady bird...he left his lady bird Lee: Lady bird come on down I'm here waiting on the ground Lady bird I'll treat you go

Letoya - Lady love lyrics

s go... [Verse 1:] Tell me what would you say if I told you I could pay for that Would you take the cash I gave you or would you just pass it back Would you be down to roll cause I'm always on the go My swag's incredible, can you keep up with me though [Pre-Chorus:] Come h

Mungo Jerry - Lady rose lyrics

the dark nights by the fire light I see her face before my eyes Lady Rose my Lady Rose oh Lady my Rose my Lady Rose Lost in memories of the moment of the time spent how the days went Lady Rose my Lady Rose oh Lady my Rose my Lady Rose From the shad

C.n. Blue - Lady lyrics

to nani ka chigau kodō ga kizan da bīto hanare nai kono saki ni wa sō shira nai keshiki mie sō de mō tomerare nai Let’ s go party tonight hajimari wa kimi to ima Wanna know you . I’ m gonna turn you on Party tonight mitsumeae ba soko kara I , I’ ll tell

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Lady strange lyrics

Ooh yeah Oh I never needed love before Till I met you girl A girl like you I have never seen You came into my life like a whirlwind girl You let me know what lovin' really means Lady strange, oh lady strange I want you Lady strange, oh lady strange I n

Die Ärzte lyricsDie Ärzte - Lady lyrics

den Malediven hab ich sie zuerst gesehen An der Bar saß meine Lady of no name Es spielte eine Band (du Berlin!) Wir tanzten, bis der Morgen kam Und sie stahl mein Herz durch die Art, wie sie sich benahm Mir wurde klar, was an ihr so anders war Ihr Lächeln und i

Dire Straits - Lady writer lyrics

Writer on the TV Talk about the Virgin Mary Reminded me of you Expectations left to come up to yeah Lady Writer on the TV Yeah, she had another quality The way you used to look And I know you never read a book Just the way that her hair fell down around her face

Lou Rawls - Lady love lyrics

Lady love, your love is peaceful Like the summer's breeze My lady love, with love that's tender As a baby's touch You give me all of the things That I need so much You're my world, lady love Lady love, your love is cooling Like the winter snow My lady l

Savatage - Lady in disguise lyrics

s not what she seems A vision in my dreams Face to face, she does appear quite strange But I want her, I need her Forever, I want to be with her She's got my heart and my soul I look beyond her crystal eyes, The lady of a thousand smiles I walk the end

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Lady of the night lyrics

call her the lady of the night She's a woman of the world And easy-living girl with love for sale That's what they call her the lady of the night No one seems to know her name And even less about the place From where she came Every evening when the night

Accept lyricsAccept - Lady lou lyrics

through empty streets Try to find my wife C'mon, let's go to town I wanna live my life Lady I'm lovin' you In my car I drive Woman - I lose my way 'Cause you can't take me high Won't you come to me my love - Lady Lou Won't you come to me my love Won

Afterschool - Lady lyrics

Eh Eh- Woooo- Eh Eh-) jeonhwahandaneun mal tto sogabeoril ttae naega miwojyeo Boom! Boom! Can’t you see-JUNGAH ihaehaedallan mal geu mallo kkeutnal ttae neomu oerowo Boom! Boom! Can’t you see-RAINA (Eh) jeomjeom gidarime jichyeo musimhan pyojeonge jakkuman na dachy

Boney M - Lady godiva lyrics

GODIVA BONEY M Her name was Lady Godiva A lady so brave and so strong Her husband the Earl of Mercia He treated her terribly wrong She's a lady She's a lady She rode naked on horseback To stop him from his tax increase But people in town clo

Donovan - Lady of the stars lyrics

walks through the stars Past Saturn and Mars Who knows how she feels With the Moon on her heel She glides through the night In swirling soft flight Owls hoot and stare As the wind lifts her hair She's my lady of the Stars She's my lady of the Stars She's my lady o

Hall & Oates - Lady rain lyrics

rain, lay your sobbin' hair down on my shoulder Lady rain, do your cloudy eyes see me much older? Can you see my past, can you find my future Should I take it slower 'til my life is over Oh, lady rain is it I'll be going down in pain? Yeah Lady rain, lay your sobbin' hair down on my s

Journey - Lady luck lyrics

the dice, roll them twice. My, my can you spare a dime? Ooh, snake eyes, the lady flies. My, my, my She's so hard to find. Ooh, lady luck, yeah, lady luck. Ooh, my lady luck, oh, my lady luck. Now what went wrong? I've been here too long. Can you spare a dime?

Kitaro - Lady of dreams lyrics

me a place in the heart of your hearts When you think of love never forsake me Wanting and dreaming you each time I think of you Lying naked beside me Only a lady of dreams She will bring magic to sing to your heartstrings Only a lady of dreams Come alive, y

Kreesha Turner - Lady killer lyrics

a problem I couldn’t talk He had a flushydam in his mouth had no soul I gave him lovin I gave him all I had But when I needed his love his heart was cold Where he told me his love would never end And he sold me and my body once again Shot down shot down by lady killer

Lark Puden - Lady in black lyrics

you seen the lady in black? she always stays for you did you touch the dead with the hand? the lady in black waits in the shadows don't let her enter your mind she calls you, you are lost her eyes glow in the dark forever will be the lady in black dark raven, fly away

Molly Hatchet - Lady luck lyrics

can break a mirror Light three on a match Walk under a ladder Kick a black cat Try your luck in Vegas Shoot nothing but craps But I'll gamble on my lady When my luck's running bad. Chorus: 'Cause she's my lady luck She must have come Fro

Niel - Lady (feat.l.joe) lyrics

banhan geon niga cheomiya nae saenge neo gateun yeojan tto cheomiya nan ni apeman seomyeon mareul deodeumge dwae jakku niga kkeullineunde geojitmal haneun geo aniya neon geunyang nal mideojullae dareun namjadeulgwa dareune yeah haetdeon mareun j

Prince - Lady cab driver lyrics

Taxi! Lady cab driver -- Can U take me 4 a ride' Don't know where I'm goin' 'cuz I don't know where I've been So just put your foot on the gas -- let's drive Lady -- don't ask questions Promise I'll tell U no lies Trouble winds r blowin', I'm growin' cold Get me outta her

Red Velvet - Lady's room lyrics

akka neol bogo usdeongeol bimireun eopsjanha uri sai best friend nado geureojanha yojeum maeil nal seollege haneun saeroun eolguri uriui segye juwireul dolgo issneun sageon nae joheun chingudeul da ara jigeum na eolmana soljikhan geonji aninji 1, 2, 3 ne mameul malhae bwa swit, y

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Lady killer lyrics

m a lady killer And you're a pretty lady And that means I'm gonna kill you 'Cause you're a pretty lady And I'm a lady killer And that's just what lady killers do You find me quite charming And I find it quite alarming 'Cause I'm gonna take your life

Babyface - Lady,lady lyrics

if you care for me Then let me know That you care for me sweet lady And that you'll care for me the rest of your life That's what I'd like to hear I don't mean to be a bore but I was hoping you would know what Just what you feel girl, what you feel inside And the reason

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Lady in black lyrics

place and so far from home I was alone, I was all on my own The moon was shining, I saw her face A magic woman all dressed in a lace She gave me a sign and I followed her To a house of light somewhere in the night Behind the window the symbols of red Paintin

Big Bang - Lady lyrics

me miss girl Excuse me miss girl Excuse me miss girl Excuse me miss girl Come here sit down let's talk Oh lady beolsseo gajimayo naege jom siganeul jwo My lady ajik motdahan maldeuri namainneungeollyo Naeilhae geureojimayo naege ne sarangeul jwo My lady I say

Brownsville Station - Lady (put the light on me) lyrics

used to run around You never tied me down My feet are homeward bound And I do love you What are you waiting for Come on and close the door I couldn't love you more Than I do love you She put the light on She put the light on Lady, put the light on Light on m

George Benson - Lady love me (one more time) lyrics

Ooh If you're askin' me to say Livin' life without you, girl, is alright If you really want to know I'd have to say it's dangerous to my mind So before you turn and walk away Just let me love you one more time Feel your heartbeat close to mine Let me

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - Lady lyrics

m crazy for this little lady I'm freaking for my little baby 'Cause she makes me feel good She's so fine Don't need all my other ladies I'm beggin' for this little lady 'Cause I tell you she's cool She's divine I know she's a super lady I'm weak and I'

Lifehouse - Lady day lyrics

eyes like fire and ice Her words sharper than a knife Her hands are ever so cold But her voice is like wine and roses Yeah, she's both shadow and light She's both surrender and fight She wears her heart on her clothes And her scars are always remembered Yeah, yeah, yeah, yest

Lita Ford - Lady killer lyrics

It He's got a heart of stone Don't look him in the eye He'll tuck you in And then he'll whisper goodbye He knows you'll come back beggin' for more A ball of fire, a thunderbolt Across the town, well, he could love 'em all He's just a lady killer I've been tryin'fo

Manfred Mann - Lady ace lyrics

Ace has hit the road The police are looking, they've been told She's trying to get to London Town And though she's only just a kid She looks a lot older than she is You might think that she's been around Lady Ace, Lady Ace The heat is on, they're giv

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