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Horrible Histories - Theme song lyrics

Terrible Tudors Gorgeous Georgians, Slimy Stuarts, Vile Victorians, Woeful wars, Ferocious fights, Dingy castles, Daring knights. Horrors that defy description, Cut-thr...

Less Than Jake - Theme song for h street lyrics

we just sang along to that song on the radio you were ... how we'd figure out a change of ideas I've

Mark Henry - Theme song lyrics

bod', how Could I be scared of a man? I walk through this ... The nightmare dream The root of all evil, the Weak fear me,

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here. Life's got the best of me and I just want to drop to ... again. Life's got the best of me and I just want to drop to

So Random - Theme song season 3 lyrics

journey A little bit of this and that You know we

Kyle Justin - Theme song lyrics

eat the rotten asshole Of a road killed skunk and down ... He plays the worst games of all time They're horrible ... abominations of mankind They make him so mad

The Aquabats - Theme song lyrics

from the world Is that home of fun We surfed all day And ... But then one dark day out of the sky Space Monster ''M'' ... the blue beaches to the land of smog We washed up on the

Natalie Merchant - Adventures of isabel lyrics

horrid One eye in the middle of his forehead morning, Isabel ... on his zwieback that she fed off When it was gone, she cut ... the giant's head off Isabel!!! Isabel met a

Neil Sedaka - Adventures of a boy child wonder lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Ben 10 - Ben 10 theme song lyrics

powers, he's no ordinary kid He's Ben 10 (Ben 10) So if ... he's on the case fighting off evil from earth or space He ... pay Cause he's the baddest kid to ever save the day He's Ben

Goldentusk - Jaws theme song lyrics

People are afraid of oceans They just put on ... for sudden motions Because of outdated notions That a ... dorsal feature Save your kid before we reach her.

Keke Palmer - Cause im the new vp theme song of true jacks.. lyrics

it up (Custom Made) Take it off the rack (Custom Made) Then ... and watch TV Now I'm in a office as a new VP I'm always ... friends When Things get out of hands, we have a plan We

Goldentusk - Star wars theme song lyrics

We are the Jedi. Last of our breed. Join us. ... being our New Hope in time of need. And the force is ... dad! Guess the cat’s out of the bag. You should be mad

Lizz Robinett - Gravity falls theme original lyrics lyrics

all know? A place so full of mystery Is just a puzzle to

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The Simpsons... Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! (2x) Da da da dada da da da dadadadaaa... Dadadadadaaa da da da da!...

Sabrina Carpenter - Take on the world. theme song (short version) lyrics

like a drum. On the edge of Something wonderful. Face

Bloods - Spiderman theme song lyrics

the Spiderman In the chill of night At the scene of a ... crime Like a streak of light He arrives just in

Leet Mob - My story [official iem theme song] lyrics

I'm coming out of the shadows Long time coming

Big Show - Big show theme song lyrics

Where are you Big Show Where are you Big Show Where are you Big Show Where are you Big Show Where are you Big Show Where are you Big Show Where are ...

Green Jelly - Green jellö theme song lyrics

Got nothin' to do on a Friday night GREEN JELLO SUCKS! Ain't got no talent, but that's all right GREEN JELLO SUCKS! We're the worst, the worst in the land GREE...

Terry He - The childhood theme song medley (90's kids tv.. lyrics

SONGS USED (in order): Pokemon - Season 1 Fairly Odd Parents "My Shiny Teeth & Me" - from Fairly Odd Parents Digimon - Season 1 Bill Nye the Science ...

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i fik ju only tatatatatatatatatatatatatata tatatatatatatatatatatatatata tatatatatatatatatatatatatata tat...

Ross Lynch - Can't do it without you (theme song) lyrics

When the crowd wants more, I bring on the thunder 'Cause you got my back and I'm not going under You're my point you're my guard you're the perfect chord And I see our ...

Jonas Brothers lyricsJonas Brothers - Baby bottle pop theme song lyrics

1..2..3..4!!! Baby Bottle Pop, baby bottle pop You can lick it, shake it, and dunk it Sweet candy fun!! Baby Bottle Pop, baby bottle Pop You can lick it, sha...

Kyle Justin - Bible games theme song lyrics

He's playing some games the worst he recalls He's gonna find out which ones suck the most balls The Angry Video Game Nerd is here Oh he's making a list and c...

Laura Marano - Miracolous ladybug - theme song lyrics

around Oh oh oh My feet are off the ground Oh oh oh And

Mia And Me - Sofia the first theme song lyrics

me I'm so excited to be (Sofia the First) I'm finding out ... being royal's all about (Sofia the First) Making my way ... s an adventure everyday (Sofia) It's gonna be my time (Sofia) To show them all that I'm

2pm - Music (2010 mama theme song / 2010 - v.a. ft... lyrics

nannanna nannanna u~ nannanna nannanna gaseumeuro tonghaneun-gon it`s one it`s music soro dareun mareul hedo uri~ simjangeun neukkil su isso dathyojin mameul yoroju...

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - The adventures of rain dance maggie lyrics

vinyl To your neck of the woods I want to live a ... for long girl It's in the song girl 'Cause I'll be gone ... for long girl It's in the song girl 'Cause I'll be gone

Far East Movement - Monsuno theme song lyrics

Monsuno! Monsuno! I feel the power Man, in the hour Got my core ready And the skills to devour I came to battle Who wanna battle? Spin (Monsuno) Now flip it i...

Goldentusk - Terminator theme song lyrics

Gather round me now and prepare to fight. I will tell you how this all ends tonight. (Judgement Day has arrived. Fight with me. Are you Human? Never felt so...

Hikakin - Youtube theme song lyrics

YouTube YouTube Broadcast Your self Yeah! YouTube YouTube Shuyakuwa Kiminanosa Kyo Wa Nichiyobi Sotowa Amehuri Da Nanio Shiyoka Souda YouTube Miyo Nijuu Yojikan Asa...

Rebecca Lavelle - Mcleod´s daughters-theme song lyrics

It will take some time To find your heart And come back home You could walk for miles Cross every river And find your not alone ´Cos I´ll be there Oh oh oh oh Oh...

Living Colour - What's your favorite color? (theme song) lyrics

Is it White? Get out of sight Well, is it Blue? Ha,

Muppets - Ok go - muppet show theme song lyrics

never know It’s like a kind of torture To have to watch

7th Heaven - 7th heaven theme song lyrics

greater feelin' than the love of family Where can you go When

Anti-flag - Pancake mountain theme song lyrics

those dozens, and dozens of pancakes! Pancake!

Goldentusk - Batman theme song lyrics

And I know what the heart of little Gotham City wants

Goldentusk - Lost theme song lyrics

the answer’s in front of you. The characters on

Goldentusk - Saw theme song lyrics

to deodorize. Made a list of each twist I must memorize. ... real crime is that I’m one of the good guys. I’m not the

Goldentusk - Sex and the city theme song lyrics

be all up in the business of your friends more than

Goldentusk - Twilight theme song lyrics

I can read the minds of everybody, but I don’t know

Instalok - Pantheon (pokemon theme song - parody) lyrics

Prepare to be truly impressed by this champion because... He's got a skirt and armored pecs and a "spear" you cannot dodge Blocking attacks with ...

Ok Go - Ok go, the muppets – muppet show theme song lyrics

never know It’s like a kind of torture To have to watch

Miracle Of Sound - Uncivil war theme song by miracle of sound lyrics

to the floor... Got no code of honour that I’m fightin' for

Goldentusk - Back to the future theme song lyrics

built a time machine out of a car. ... A Delorean. Out of a car. You built a time ... machine out of a car. Oh (OH!) Great

Goldentusk - Halloween theme song lyrics

would be a gruesome case of sibling rivalry between kids in the Myers’ family, ... “Michael was the epitome of the ideal patient’s activity,

Goldentusk - Indiana jones theme song lyrics

Come to me. A professor of Archaeology. ... stay strong. I’m afraid of the snakes. I get the ... it’s stored in the sort of supportive museum to see ‘em,

Goldentusk - James bond theme song lyrics

Oh!I love you! Most of the time, it ends bad. ... to be. Her name reminds me of Female anatomy. Lock ... Oh!A rolex! All of the ones I can choose.

Goldentusk - Jurassic park theme song lyrics

Here we are, on the isle of Nublar. You can see as we ... because, it’s the first of its kind. You’re the first ... them scream joyous screams of delight. And the crowd

Goldentusk - Superman theme song lyrics

everything unless its made of lead Kryptonite is the only ... do I’m known as the Man of Steel With a Heart of Gold ... if I enhance What bulges out of my pants And I know that

David Hasselhoff - Baywatch theme song lyrics

help somebody When the edge of surrender's in sight Don't ... ready I won't let you out of my sight. I'll be ready I ... ready I won't let you out of my sight. I'll be ready I

International Superheroes Of Hardcore - Ishc theme song lyrics

International Superheroes of Hardcore! We're takin' it ... International Superheroes of Hardcore! We're taking it

Keke Palmer - We are (ice age 4 theme song) lyrics

to me We got every kind of lover We’re so lucky indeed ... to me We got every kind of lover We’re so lucky indeed ... to me We got every kind of lover We’re so lucky indeed

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - The adventures of grandmaster flash on the wh.. lyrics

think I'll tell you the story of my life You tell me! I ... Aha, ha, ha, ha Hoo! The official adventures of, Flash ... [Party noises] Get ya hands off that girl! Creole, Creole!

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - Song of you lyrics

you want a song So you want a song A song ... from but there’s only one of you So I’m gonna fly in the ... not to give in And find the song of you So I’m gonna run

Fall Of Troy, The - The adventures of allan gordon lyrics

die, than go on another night of this life And I give up, and

Explosions In The Sky - The adventures of alvin and lance lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not availa...

Mac Dre - The adventures of al boo boo lyrics

bitch the bitch had 40 grand kids 10 thousand in stacks a ten

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