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Adoramus The Candle lyrics

Browse for Adoramus The Candle song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Adoramus The Candle lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Adoramus The Candle.

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King Diamond - The candle lyrics

No Longer Be Left Undone The Candle Must Be Burn Again, ... And Pain must Follow the Unholy Flame So Burn... ... Burn... Burn And Free the Spirit From Its Chain

Orden Ogan - The candle lights lyrics


Mortemia - The candle at the tunnel's end lyrics

on breaking me down All these years of agony eventually ... my mind this time Nail me to the ground and keep me down ... moral sin is choking my life The candle at the tunnel's end

Richie Sambora - Burn the candle down lyrics

now Smoke confuses burn that candle down Stupefy and keep ... flavor fading out Then burn that candle down I saw ... rising, and not exactly how Then burn that candle down

Stan Rogers - Song of the candle lyrics

It's like I got religion and then I lost the light An old ... She said: "Taken from the mold while it can still run ... A candle might not keep you from the

Insania ( Ger ) - As the candle melts away lyrics

The Candle Melts Away You are like the ... and My emotions just like the earth - Droplets for the ... I got Through and out of the dark Into the overflowin'

The Moody Blues - Candle of life lyrics

inside Of you only It's there for you to see Take a look ... and be Burn slowly the candle of life Something there ... outside Says we're only In the hands of time Falling slowly

Hypocrisy - When the candle fades lyrics

Dreams are reality Just the same Just another ... one more cross nailed to the ground The beginning of the ... Lights getting dark The real pain's yet to come

Leviathan ( Usa ) - Burning the candle at both ends lyrics

Permit me to be a skeptic. There are too many things that ... you can’t explain. Burning the candle at both ends Time has ... reason for slowing. Fanning the flames of bitter trend.

Willie Nelson - Remember me (when the candle lights are gleam.. lyrics

forever And I was yours till the end of eternity But all those ... now and we will never be the same except in memory ... Remember me when the candle lights're gleaming Remember

King Diamond - The jonah lyrics

7 Years On A Dusty Shelf The Book Seemed Unreal For 7 ... Years In An Ancient Rhyme The Fate Of A Girl Was Sealed ... In The Attic I Was Searching By The

Benighted - The cold remains lyrics

candle is dead, the cold remains Keep as a ... you did to me Die for this! The wind makes the flame twist ... Smile as you see my defeat The scars are closed, the cold

Naglfar - The perpetual horrors lyrics

you see is a shell there is nothing left inside I ... [Chorus] I have blown out the candle I have extinguished the flame of life For I am ... sworn to the fallen And their words they are mine

King Diamond - The portrait lyrics

Mike The Spirit Of The Candle: My Mother Was Obsessed ... Oh Molly... Oh Molly Mother Was Struck By This ... I Could Hang Downstairs Above The Fireplace A Little Girl In

Broken Bells - The changing lights lyrics

did the stone wash away Are you ... bailing out, out of the plans he already made It won ... t bother me now, and you know I'll be ... but you're not sure you know the way Well you want to walk in

Beastie Boys lyricsBeastie Boys - The blue nun lyrics

His New York Townhouse Where The Candle Light Was Just Right ... The HiFi Was In The Background And The Wine Was ... .. (Laughing) What's The Secret Peter Naturally I'll

Metallica lyricsMetallica - The frayed ends of sanity lyrics

Triggered again Now the candle burns at both ends ... habits reappear Fighting the fear of fear Growing ... Frayed ends of sanity Hear them calling Hear them calling

Six Feet Under - The frayed ends of sanity lyrics

within triggered again Now the candle burns at both ends ... Old habits reappear fighting the fear of fear Growing ... Frayed ends of sanity Hear them calling, hear them calling

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - The longest night lyrics

above Goes on forever but the road is rough Reaching for ... another As truth will show Try to ... no doubt We can love each other when the lights go out I

A Dream Of Poe - The lost king of the lyre lyrics

behind Death´s door. The venom in his scream fills my ... song As the voice fades away The Sun ... lift your wine and tear Lit the candle of despair Doomed to

Beseech - The winterflame lyrics

blows cold into my face, as the shadows catches me Don't ... you hear the whispers.. Calling out your ... name Don't you feel the presence.. Of the wolves

Limbonic Art - The black heart's nirvana lyrics

be the darkness that coronates my ... lifeforce is abandoned Into the arms of death Beyond the ... adventures In streams from the vast mysteries Limbonic ... enclose me My star is the death of memories I dwell

King Diamond - The cellar lyrics

I go, down below Down to the cellar where the little girl ... just might show The dark is so much darker here ... The candlelight can't break the sensation of fear I see a

Koffin Kats - The way of the road lyrics

for my soul. Too bad for him there ain't nobody home. I'm ... somewhere out there. Burning the candle at both ends. It's the way of the road. Do what ya

The Saints - The chameleon lyrics

that did not lie I turn the page for you The silent ... shadow in the night I smile before I ... doors in emptiness I am the things you do Now I am ... only friend You must love the chameleon Now child my

Alan Parsons Project - The very last time lyrics

need to remember the day When we said goodbye for ... the very last time There was still so much to say ... you away Let me remember the day We walk to the garden

Avantasia - The story ain't over lyrics

a sign from above Where is the love The hourglass in ... pieces, dashed to the wall The future is over Tomorrow's ... your eyes When you gaze at the sky When you look to the

Avantasia - The story aint over mor 2008 lyrics

a sign from above Where is the love The hourglass in ... pieces, dashed to the wall The future is over Tomorrow's ... your eyes When you gaze at the sky When you look to the

Brigade - The hits the scrapes lyrics

more minutes then we should go We won't be ... afraid anymore Hands to the fire I held your face to the ... you Those quiet eyes behind the candle's arc Too dark to

Deinonychus - The hollow cage of my ribs lyrics

Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS] The trees in the park are smiling ... at me. They try to tell me how wonderful ... life can be. As innocent as the blue in the child's eye; the

Delight - The gates of the green lyrics

my mind's eyes I see the path To the gates of child's ... my feet My hair talking with the wind Drops of rain which ... have just fallen down Like the pearls on conweb's cover I

Dream Theater - The bigger picture lyrics

before the colors start to bleed I can ... see the painting come alive Clever ... in and out of reach If the candle lights this crooked ... a lighthouse peering through the haze I will find the river

Elvenking - The solitaire lyrics

oceans of grain Between the blueballs and the sand I'm ... black, hell descending Gathering into the abyss I am the ... solitaire Midnight, the candle sputters slow Illuminates my

Erasure lyricsErasure - The soldier's return lyrics

the years go by They stole your man off to war ... Will you see the child As you sing battle ... And it pains me To think of the soldier's plight I will pray

Ed Harcourt - The cusp and the wane lyrics

for good old-fashioned brawl There are many voices that are ... solace in his knowledge of the cusp and the wane Hard ... living may steal the best of me I've burned the candle as bright as it can be

Jerry Lee Lewis - The irish heart beat (with don henley) lyrics

back home That's what makes the Irish heart beat I'm just ... out of time When I roll the dice again If lady luck will ... my name That's what makes the Irish heart beat Well that

Kaliban - The angel lyrics

day is dawning Over the world i see Once again the ... on me For in my eyes All the world seems so dark With no ... alone For a gift sent from the heights A messenger of light

Led Zeppelin lyricsLed Zeppelin - The rover lyrics

knew what it was for. There can be no denyin' that the ... wind 'll shake 'em down And the flat world's flyin'. There's ... a new plague on the land If we could just

Magnum - The spirit lyrics

Street corner justice beware The spirit will find you always ... be fair The shallow verse once read means ... your heart will not share The spirit inside you is used

Master - The darkest age lyrics

eve of destruction, the presidential plague. A ... simple conviction, the darkest age. The candle is ... burning, the eternal flame. Soon we'll ... extinguish, what's left of the game. Walking through

Nico - The fairest of the seasons lyrics

that it's time Now that the hour hand has landed at the ... Now that it's real Now that the dreams have given all they ... or do I go And maybe try another time And do I really have a

Secret Sphere - The scars that you can't see lyrics

those years of night I saw the truth behind the past ... my winter slowly comes Another day, another night I can't ... [chorus] A whisper in the wind tries to say goodbye

Sigh - The transfiguration fear lyrics

I'm not a fool to cling to the hope It's a yoke which I ... you're falling, Into (the) fire, The end of torment I ... m calling, See the world, it's to disappear

The Dubliners - The mero lyrics

s under the bed Whoever can it be? I ... for Joanee Joanee lights the candle But there's nobody there ... still turning Children at their play In and out of

Gutter Sirens - The death of the day lyrics

with your look Warm touch, the joy of the moment, the spark ... million of faults You are the candle’s light, the warrior ... without a weapon Look, the day is dying, closing your

Leatherwolf - The way i feel lyrics

Nothing at all Will ever be the same When you need my touch ... With your golden glare The candle of flame I'm lost in ... your stare I'll be there for you Just let me know

Leftöver Crack - The good, the bad, & the leftover crack lyrics

a gang of motherf***ers who ride into town ... gonna rob the f***in' bank an gonna burn it ... we get our fill when we see the crooked law, we're gonna KILL

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The line lyrics

at night In the cold and windy city When the ... candle fades away Another morning And the Sun's ... shining pretty You can watch the children play (But) there

Jackson Browne - The fairest of the seasons lyrics

that it's time Now that the hour hand has landed at the ... Now that it's real Now that the dreams have given all they ... or do I go And maybe try another time And do I really have a

Celtic Thunder - The dutchman lyrics

Dutchman's not the kind of man Who keeps his ... thumb jammed in the dam That holds his dreams in ... When Amsterdam is golden in the summer, Margaret brings him

Narnia - The great fall of man lyrics

can walk across the desert...sail the seas We ... can rule the world and tame our destiny The price we pay for immortality. ... run aground Move on now, the sun is setting On all that

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - The kiss of judas lyrics

closing in I recognize them from my early days. The ... times are different, the image remains the same ... back flashes remembering the name. Approaching visions

Boa (보아) - Candle lights lyrics

you iezu furueteta mune ni candle lights tomoru you ni ima ... kazu okotteyukitai yureru candle light futatsu dake no kokoro ... you iezu furueteta mune ni candle lights tomoru you ni ima

Hey! Say! Jump - Candle lyrics

de namida mitai ni toketa candle Yureru hi mitsume negau yo

Sdp - Candle light döner lyrics

machen Candle Light Döner mit Bier aus der

Big Bang - Candle (together forever) lyrics

Arukidasou (dasou) together (together) Ichi

Cindykate - Candle rain lyrics

KYANDORU ga kieru made mitsumete isasete uso demo ii kara ima wa suki to itte... itsumo kimi no ushiro hanarete aruiteita WAKEARI no kare no koto yurushite ...

Koda Kumi - Candle light lyrics

Yoru ni naru to honto Setsunasa ga gyutto Doushiyou mo nakute Ichiban chikaku ni ita hazu datta noni ne Mou inai Dare yori mo wakatte iru to Omotte ita...

9mm Parabellum Bullet - Candle no hi wo lyrics

hito wa amari ni yowasugite shigamitsukenai shiawase ni dakedo tsumetai kono machi o tebanasenaide sugoshiteru aa anata ga kureta kotoba wa uso ni naran...

Original Broadway Cast - Light my candle lyrics

shivering MIMI It's nothing They turned off my heat And I'm ... on my feet Would you light my candle? What are you staring at? ... ROGER Nothing Your hair in the moonlight You look familiar

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