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Adios And Vaya Con Dios Kenny Chesney lyrics

Browse for Adios And Vaya Con Dios Kenny Chesney song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Adios And Vaya Con Dios Kenny Chesney lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Adios And Vaya Con Dios Kenny Chesney.

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Julio Iglesias lyricsJulio Iglesias - Vaya con dios lyrics

momento ya llegó de separarnos. En silencio y el corazón dice y suspira: "Vaya con Dios, mi vida". "Vaya con Dios, mi amor". Las campanas de la iglesia suenan tristes, y parece que al sonar también te dicen: "Vaya con Dios, m

Anne Murray - Vaya con dios lyrics

the hacienda's dark The town is sleeping Now the time has come to part The time for weeping Vaya con dios, my darling Vaya con dios, my love Now the village mission bells are softly ringing If you listen with your heart You'll hear them singing Vaya con dios, my

Chuck Berry - Vaya con dios lyrics

the hacienda's dark, the town is sleeping Now the time has come to part, the time for weeping Vaya con Dios my darling, vaya con Dios my love Now the village mission bells are softly ringing Just listen with your heart you'll hear them singing Vaya con Dios my darling, vaya

Anita O'day - Vaya con dios lyrics

the hacienda's dark, the town is sleeping, Now the time has come to part, the time for weeping, Vaya Con Dios, my darling, May God be with you, my love. Now the village mission bells are softly ringing, If you listen with your heart, you'll hear the

Ill Niño - Two (vaya con dios) lyrics

think you're so right You think you know that You think you know this You think you know everything You take advantage You take for granted You think we're friends But I can say we're not When will this shit ever end? This is not cool I can't undo

Carson Lueders - Kenny chesney - american kids lyrics

Quick Stop midnight T-top Jack in her Cherry Coke town Momma and daddy put their roots right here 'Cause this is where the car broke down Yellow dog school bus kickin' up red dust Pickin' us up by a barbed wire fence MTV on the RCA, no A/C in the vents We were Jesus

Kenny Chesney - Setting world on fire ft. p!nk lyrics

Kenny Chesney] Yeah we got drunk on La Cienega Boulevard Taking pictures of people we thought were stars (It’s easy to give in to your heart...) When you’re drunk on La Cienega Boulevard When the song comin' out of the speakers Was the band that you had on your t-shirt We

Reba Mcentire - Every other weekend (ft. kenny chesney) lyrics

Reba:] Every other Friday It's toys and clothes and backpacks Is everybody in, Okay, let's go see dad Same time in the same spot Corner of the same old parking lot Half the hugs and kisses there are always sad We tradecouple words and looks and kids agai

Jimmy Buffett - License to chill feat. kenny chesney lyrics

Jimmy Buffett:] Work, work, work Big pile of it and the boss is a jerk. I just want to disappear Wishin' I was somewhere other than here. Livin' for the weekend, Jumpin' off the deep end, With just enough money to buy A license to chill And I believe I will Let the rat race

Kumbia Kings - Con el tic tac del reloj lyrics

tan facil soar Que te podias quedar Eras tan facil llamar Un poco engenio, y aqui estas Era tan facil quedarte conmigo Camino por el lugar Donde sabias estar Esto me tiene tan mal Saber que tu ya no estas Daria todo por estar contigo Con el tic tac del reloj Con la salida

Gordon Lightfoot - Adios, adios lyrics

ll meet you in Michoacan the heart of Mexico Oh I'll meet you in the villa, where I loved you so I'll meet you where cathedral bells ring out across the square So weep no more as time goes by For my darling I will be there Adios, adios and remember my love Well mee

Kenny Chesney - (turn out the light and) love me tonight lyrics

I've been lonesome I've been empty I got an aching Way deep down inside And I need someone Someone to hold me Pull down the shade, Turn out the light And love me tonight. Chorus: Don't think about tomorrow It don't matter anymore We can turn the key And lock the

Kenny Chesney - I can´t go there lyrics

know that restaurant on highway one With the key lime pie, that song, the sand and the sun Where we ran in our barefeet Built a castle on the beach Just the wind, the rocks, the waves and you and me. Chorus: I can't go there 'Cause thats just too much

Kenny Chesney - All i need to know lyrics

a little luck This old truck Will get me home today With a little more I'll still have this job tomorrow Weather man says Wet weekend He just might be right But rain or shine You'll be mine tonight. Chorus: That's all I need to know In a world where

Kenny Chesney - Back in my arms again lyrics

always say that hindsight's 20/20 When it comes to mistakes in love, girl I got plenty But the one that sticks out the most in my mind Is the night I left you standing on the front porch crying Living for the day I could make it all up to you Til your back in my arms, back in my ar

Kenny Chesney - When i close my eyes lyrics

s so many things I didn't say And even though it may be too late I want you to know I still love you so Every car I meet looks like your car Every movie I see you play the leading part, You're on my mind can't leave you behind. Chorus: When I close my

Kenny Chesney - When the sun goes down lyrics

tanned toes ticklin the sand Cold drink chillin in my right hand Watchin you sleep in the evening light Restin up for a long, long night [Chorus:] Cause when the sun goes down, we'll be groovin When the sun goes down, we'll be feelin all right When the sun sinks down over

Kenny Chesney - A lot of things different lyrics

d of spent a lot more time in the pouring rain without an umbrella coverin my head And I'd have stood up to that bully when he pushed and called me names, but I was too afraid And I'd have gone and saw Elvis that night he came to town But momma said I couldn't And I'd h

Kenny Chesney - Back where i come from lyrics

in the town where I was raised The clock ticks and the cattle graze Time passed with amazing grace Back where I come from. You could lie on a riverbank Or paint your name on a water tank Or miscount all the beers you drank Back where I come from. Bac

Kenny Chesney - Must be something i missed lyrics

must be something I missed I wake up in the morning just makin' a fist I don't call it living, I just exist There must be something I missed Yeah, there must be something I need Something in a cage that wants to be free I should be happy but yes indeed

Kenny Chesney - O little town of bethlehem lyrics

little town of Bethlehem How still we see thee lie Above thy deep and dreamless sleep The silent stars go by Yet in thy dark streets shineth The everlasting Light The hopes and fears of all the years Are met in thee tonight. For Christ is born of M

Kenny Chesney - Old blue chair - acoustic version lyrics

s a blue rockin' chair Sittin' in the sand Weathered by the storms And well-oiled hands It sways back and forth With the help of the winds It seems to always be there Like an old trusted friend (Chorus) I've read a lot of books, wrote a few songs Looked at my l

Kenny Chesney - I'm a small town lyrics

I’ve been around Since before the trains came through Well I’ve seen a lot But the first time my heart broke in two, Was when they brought those Johnson brothers back, To their momma with a flag Well I’m a small town There’s hundreds just like m

Kenny Chesney - I might get over you lyrics

I opened my heart and I let you in And promised I'd never love again And I'm still doin' what I said I'd do Someday I might get over you. Well, I wear my ring on a chain now Instead of my hand And I deal with your memories The best I can And I've even be

Kenny Chesney - I want my rib back lyrics

the bible tells the story about Adam's rib. How the Lord made a woman for companionship. And the first thing she did, Was take a bite of that forbidden fruit. Well, I guess we'll be paying till the end of time, At least that's how it is with that woman of mine. Oh Lord, I think

Kenny Chesney - If this bus could talk lyrics

was there when I started, in Knoxville, Tennessee Opening for Patty Loveless, November of '93 Full of friends, mom, and uncle Butch And the crowd was really small He'd say I was a scared kid, if this bus could talk Some nights we'd dance with the devil Some nights

Kenny Chesney - Ill be home for christmas lyrics

m dreaming tonight Of a place I love Even more than I usually do. And although I know It's a long road back I promise you. I'll be home for Christmas. You can count on me. Please have snow and mistletoe And presents under the tree. Christmas Eve will

Kenny Chesney - She always says it first lyrics

a day goes by that I don't tell her How beautiful she is How kind and caring, I'm always swearing She's the reason that I live I make it a point to point out every good thing that she does How she has everything I need And I can't get enough Well I alw

Kenny Chesney - Sing 'em good my friend lyrics

was sellin' an old guitar and I bought it I saw her smilin' picture in his wallet He said I call her baby but her Christian name is, Charlotte. She spends her days downtown hooked up to some machine They say time can heal, but time can't heal everything The lords gon

Kenny Chesney - Feel like a rock star lyrics

you smoke, do you drink Do you yell out, "Hank" Do you fold it in your pocket Do you lock it in the bank Do you jack it up, or drop it down to the ground Put the juice in the goose Or the Coke in the Crown Whatever makes you feel like a

Kenny Chesney - What i need to do lyrics

keep tellin myself this is the right thing to do I was wastin her time, waitin on dreams that just weren`t comin true And this old highway seems to understand Leadin me on to somewhere that no one knows my name I got the window rolled down, I got the radio up I`m

Kenny Chesney - When i see this bar lyrics

I see the souls of so many friends, And I see us all back here again. With sandy floors and ceiling fans, A Rastafarian one-man band with songs That fill my memories like a tip jar. Yeah, that's what I see When I see this bar. I see tourists at Christmas ti

Kenny Chesney - When i think about leaving lyrics

know some times me and my lady have these crazy fights and when we do it makes me wonder Are we're ever gonna get it right When I think about leaving I think about me What my life would be like if I were back to being free Go where I wanna go, do what I wanna do, wouldn't have

Kenny Chesney - You had me from hello lyrics

word, that's all you said, Something in your voice caused me to turn my head. Your smile just captured me, you were in my future as far as i could see. And i dont know how it happened, but it happens still. You ask me if i love you, if i always will....

Kenny Chesney - It's that time of day lyrics

s that time of day That we all knew would come To pay for all the rum And pull up anchor cause we're done It's that time of day I see a cotton candy sky So many colors in my eyes Proof again God's alive This ain't a goodbye It's a "till I see you again

Pimpinela - Con un nudo en la garganta lyrics

tristeza sin hablar en aquel atardecer nos miramos sin llorar cuando ya partia el tren. No podia ser verdad se moria nuestro amor Y yo sola en el anden aguantando el corazon Con un nudo en la garganta te dije adios con el alma echa ped

Agnostic Front - Pride, faith, respect lyrics

faith, respect- This is what we live for This is dedicated to our fallen soldiers of the DMS Crew You are gone but never forgotten Con amor vaya con dios We strive in honor for our brothers who are gone Through the thick and the thin, we fight and push on We'll never

Kenny Chesney - Rock bottom lyrics

was gone, Long gone this morning, She left a note Said I'm out of here, Adios my dear and that was all she wrote I tried to hang with the hank wasn't tough enough Could twang the pain But the flat was scrubbed Had to keep on drinking, Keep on sinking

Electric Six - Germans in mexico lyrics

man Important man Walking around at night He's got his whiskey He's got his briefcase He's gonna be all right Now when you hear those sirens Don't you think it's just a drill Cause when El Presidente pulls the trigger He always SHOOTS TO KILL There are Ger

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - Oc guns lyrics

tiki tiki tiki What up Holmes? You hijo de puta! Pendejo! Cabrón! Tiki tiki tiki tiki What up Holmes? Shoot them in the back when the beat, beat on Tiki tiki tiki tiki What up Holmes? You hijo de puta! Pendejo! Cabrón! Tiki tiki tiki tiki What up Holmes? Shoo

Manuel Carrasco - Dios lo sabe lyrics

batalla perdi por intentar pelearme conmigo sin querer las pasadas se vio sin avisar la armadura de mi ego que forje Rio abrasador,que intimida mi ansiedad campanario de pasion que replica sin cesar Estribillo Sabe lo que me pasa contigo Dios

David Hasselhoff - San pedro's children lyrics

a run down cathedral that stood on the edge Of the city On Sundays came a sound I will always recall It was sweet and complete and it flowed through This cold hearted city And it sends me a heavenly shiver to think of it now … Come hear the V

Hasselhoff David - San pedro's children lyrics

a run-down cathedral that stood on the edge of the city On sundays came a sound I will always recall It was sweet and complete And it flowed through this cold-hearted city And it sends me a heavenly shiver to think of it now ... Come hear the voices of San

Rough Silk - Nice day for a funeral lyrics

in a streetcafe in Barcelona watching my thoughts disappear with all those people passin' by and I ask myself : "What am I doin' here ?" What the hell did I think as I gave you my dreams and my golden steelbar on the phone you said you knew I w

Ricky Martin lyricsRicky Martin - Adios lyrics

sólo una vez Sólo quiero otra vez Te juro, me marcho después No pienso jugar a ser juez Seducido, yo me rindo a tus pies Sé que yo lo sé que te lo Puedo traducir en Inglés Si quieres I will try Pero prefiero decirte en Francés Vous vous voulez vous couc

Thomas Anders - Con palabras lyrics

sencillo decir adios Es facil decir que no Cuando todo el amor se termino Una palabra no puede matar No tiene mayor importancia Es aire nada mas Y sin embargo tu si Con ella me matas Tu, tu me matas Tu, con palabras Palabras asesinas Agudas como un p

Kenny Chesney - I'm alive (ft. dave matthews) lyrics

Chesney] So damn easy to say that life's so hard Everybody's got their share of battle scars As for me, I'd like to thank my lucky stars that I'm alive and well... It'd be easy to add up all the pain And all the dreams you sat and watched go up in flames Dwell on the wrecka

Brings - Adios lyrics

wor en wilde Naach, do ungen an dem Strand schad, dat du kei Kölsch un ich kei Spanisch kunnt denn du un ding Bröder, ihr wollt mich nit verston minge Urlaub dä is öm un ich muss jetz wirklich jon Wat sid ihr do am schwaade vun "la famil

Demis Roussos - Adios amor lyrics

amor adios amor adios amor asdos amour adios amor adios alois adios amor adioa

Lil Boosie - Adios lyrics

Chorus:] Im Comin Thru Watch The Shoes Cuz Im Bouncin Through The Club Rollin Hard Ya'll Move When Im Bouncin Through The Club I Might Jus Burn Ya Wit This Tool When Im Bouncin Through The Club Wit Bout 45 Dudes When Im Boucin Through The Club U A

Kenny Chesney - A woman knows lyrics

can't put her finger on A single lipstick stain Perfume doesn't linger in his shirt There's no matchbook in his pocket With a number and a name So why does she still hurt Cause a woman knows When there's another woman She can feel her all ove

Kenny Chesney - Somebody´s callin´ lyrics

s callin callin' my little darlin' Darlin' tonite This time, Oh Lord, it ain't me Instead a sittin' here bawlin' bawlin' Oughta be a crawlin' back to make things right Somebody's callin' my little darlin' Darlin' tonite Well, the clock on the wall says midnig

Kenny Chesney - Whatever it takes lyrics

I've been drawing little hearts in the morning paper Lookin' for a house an' a couple of acres You'll be mine some time, sooner or later and I can't wait Like a busy ol' bee savin' up it's honey Honey I'm savin' up all my money To have you I'll do anyt

Kenny Chesney - Makes me wonder lyrics

off the air plane, I saw your face It's been forever, but it don't feel that way Your hand took my hand like it knew what to do Girl it's so easy to be with you [Chorus] Makes me wonder [x3] Why we're not in love Cought up on the coffee, then walk around town Some

Kenny Chesney - A chance lyrics

don't you know it's all I can do To keep my hands off of you Anytime you're around And when the stars come out at night I dream of holdin' you tight Everytime I lay down It feels so good to me to have you this bad The only other thing I wish I had was A chance A

Kenny Chesney - American kids lyrics

Quick Stop midnight T-top Jack in her Cherry Coke town Momma and daddy put their roots right here 'Cause this is where the car broke down Yellow dog school bus kickin' up red dust Pickin' us up by a barbed wire fence MTV on the RCA, no A/C in the vents We were Jesus

Kenny Chesney - Be as you are lyrics

I cold use a Piña Colada Little bit of sun on my skin A hammock, a book Never gonna look back Once my feet hit the sand I've had it up to here with this rat race Need a smile on my face (Chorus) I wanna go where I can lighten up the load Drive a little while

Kenny Chesney - Beer can chicken lyrics

like everything that's good in life, you've gotta wait for My [?] dad said on a lake in Tennessee And it's like sitting there real early just to watch the morning sunrise All I know is what it does to me It's like Friday night working on a three day w

Kenny Chesney - Big star lyrics

was aware of her insecurities as she took the stage She was convinced if she got up there that She'd be discovered someday. So she belted it She hit the high notes fearlessly Oh she melted them As she brought them to their feet. Chorus: She was a big star At Banana Joe's bar

Kenny Chesney - My poor old heart lyrics

ve been a fool for love ever since I was a baby just a rockin' in the cradle As a rule I was the kind who Laid his feelings right down on the table Gave my world so many times Just to see them tear it apart Whoa, Lord, have a little bit of pity On my poor old heart. Chorus:

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