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Prince - Act of god lyrics

t pay the tax Call it an act of God I Get a million ... Gotta give the banker half of everythang Didn’t the ... (Yes They Did) Call it an act of God But I got news for

Elton John lyricsElton John - Act of war lyrics

time, do you call that an act of war Well you better ... you'd better believe it's an act of war We're living on the ... Fighting on this battleground of misery Oh go ahead bring on

Fear Factory - Act of god lyrics

life beaten and bound An act of mercy, a scene pain There is ... It's all in your name This act of god Lights of fate ... brighten my eyes Fires of hate scourge through the sky

Obsession - Act of god lyrics

day Crying out in Pain An Act, Of God, Your Fate Is sealed ... you can't erase An Act, Of God, Too Late Destiny, now ... day Crying out in Pain An Act, Of God, Your Fate Is sealed

Pro-pain - Act of god lyrics

the reign? lie on a bed of nails. paying for your sins ... can you take the pain? act of god is what we'll bring ... plans for our demise act of god is what we'll bring

Dark Angel - Act of contrition lyrics

atoned for in silence, an act of contrition. Held before my ... full extreme. I'm barren of anything else, A lunatic's ... atoned for in silence, an act of contrition. Rational

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Act of faith (with michael mcdonald) lyrics

are What we both would ask of love Might seem a bit too ... So we pray - 'cos love is an act of faith Once you said you ... close enough to touch A sea of silence - much too wide We

Poltergeist - Act of violence lyrics

can be You know the rules of this game And you know it is ... to blame Committing a new act of violence Now again You ... begging for mercy, more cries of pain You can hide all your

Panima - Act of change lyrics

for this This calls for a act of change something to stand ... for Like the emptiness of war we are breaking down ... isn't me I'm so blind to the fact that your eyes are deceiving

Dispatched - Act of resurrection lyrics

you're gonna die In a place of fire Soon your soul is ... die in hell Use your act of resurrection If you really ... wanna survive Use your act of resurrection You don't

Eternal Oath - Act of fate lyrics

I have deserved this lack of desire Dereliction towards ... the inner cluster of depravity Though i tried ... end I stumble in the darkest of worlds My struggle for help

Amaranthe - Act of desperation lyrics

revelation Is a product of ambition No matter what you ... I see before me Is a element of passion In my recognition ... Is the fallout of compassion Taken life for

Hypnosia - Act of lunacy lyrics

i see through the eyes of insanity Dual instincts of ... revel in pain labyrinth of mind Suffering in agony ... it happened again Distortion of my thoughts acts engraved by

Destillery - Act of providence lyrics

Then I will take the black of a crow My heart doesn't ... the sorrow Feel the waste of time Act of providence, ... rayless, waste of time For nights to end in

Aborted - Act of supremacy lyrics

continue my spree Murder – act of

Bright Eyes - Act of contrition lyrics

opened up And swallowed all of the rain And it swallowed ... that you read in that diary of yours And this nervousness, ... it is you thought about That act of contrition that rolled off

Dominus - Act of organic plastic lyrics

emotions turn to nothing The act of organic plastic is taking ... flesh To a numb product of evil itself So burn me, ... to defend The arrival of code them Hightech devil

Hacride - Act of god lyrics

But I will be in front of you. Nothing can... Nothing ... me. I know it's inside of you. I know it's inside of ... survival instinct, inside of him. I know it's inside of

Rammalah - Act of faith lyrics

You'd probably pick up all of your shit and split if you ... alright. Reach up with all of your light make an act of ... my eyes. Reach up with all of your faith take your mouth off my dick and tear out my eyes

Shadows Fall - Act of contrition lyrics

hands upon me Recollection of my betrayal My betrayal! ... your very soul A specter of despair Built on good

Necrophobic - Act of rebellion lyrics

the twilight hour at the dusk of my life I face the reaper's ... have sailed my ship on a sea of blood, ndless deep and red I ... where on that pathetic cross of yours as I mount you again..

Dream Theater - Act of faythe lyrics

Living like a stranger inside of my own home Maybe now's the ... time to greet the winds of change Could my destiny be ... right in front of me? As a child behind the

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Act of contrition lyrics

ever. Amen. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, ... and blessed is the fruit of thy... [Spoken:] Oh my ... am heartily sorry for having offended Thee And I detest all

Palace - Injection of affection lyrics

where no one takes care of this headless misery ... brains how to cure a heart of pain hearts that never ... with love need an injection of affection to change a heart of stone into a heart of love

Morcheeba - Public display of affection lyrics

These public displays of affection Surely your love must be new ... here These public displays of affection Surely your love ... must be new So conscious of my imperfections I've never

Foy Vance lyricsFoy Vance - Indiscriminate act of kindness lyrics

Consider it an indiscriminate act of kindness Consider it an ... indiscriminate act of kindness Consider it an ... indiscriminate act of kindness She was cold

Jason Gray - With every act of love lyrics

wide And he feels the hand of God reach out through him As ... Kingdom come Oh - with every act of love Jesus help us carry ... shines through With every act of love We bring the Kingdom

Nox Eterna - A romantic act of tragedy lyrics

body covered by the veil of mist The nature omission – ... he didn’t love Two bottles of red wine was enough to kill ... sinners together The blade of betrayal cut her face – cut

Lich King - Intro + act of war lyrics

swarm Boiling from the cloud of us andthem Hateful, ... trumpet clearing Cacophony of words Oaths are sworn, and ... rights the spoils in a war of tiny men When the dust

Caught In The Act - Caught in the act of love lyrics

to hold you For the rest of all time Because i realised ... Coz lady the thoughts of leaving Haunt the back of my

Bastille - An act of kindness lyrics

act of kindness Is what you showed ... shake me down Oh I'm kind of hoping this'll turn me round ... every day, every day An act of kindness Is what you

Ice Nine Kills - The simple act of giving up lyrics

sacrifice Cause I'm ashamed of the things that I did I said ... to get her in bed It's kind of fun when you're only a kid ... m seeing clear In this haze of hateful atmosphere So come

Skyclad - If i die laughing, it'll be an act of god lyrics

disaster, I hear the sound of laughter coming from the ... hereafter, (I find it kind of odd) we're stooges for ... if I die laughing it'll be an act of God! Thunderbolts were

Hatebreed - Conceived through an act of violence lyrics

s life. Born unwanted, extracted of all that is humane. No ... this earth alone in search of salvation. Forever, Forever. ... to grow. The end result of moral choice. Only to live a

Exodus - The last act of defiance lyrics

Is the ultimate expression of injustice and inhumanity in ... the society at large. Those of us on the outside do not like ... to think of wardens and guards as our

Katatonia - The act of darkening lyrics

So cold Once a playground of gold Caved in long ago And ... with the snow Oceans of time Broken patterns align ... on and gravitate by weights of sorrow Through cracks and

Behemoth - The act of rebellion lyrics

f***ed by hecate yet I shall not be yours no fantasies nor the promised grace I will chase you down rid me ov slavery strengthen up my mind with a bliss fr...

Flatsound - The act of holding on and letting go lyrics

cold But I felt the warmth of your shine It started ... bloom I have nothing else to offer you, just the hole in my

Ghost Brigade - Divine act of lunacy lyrics

you You wish for the end of the world And for sure you

Neurotech - The act of forgivness lyrics

rain To change my shade Of colour I’m asking ... day To change the shape Of my heart The road has

My Dying Bride - Of sorry eyes in march lyrics

With a knowing finger The act of desire has walked on by. ... And the endless fathoms of night. Lay a raft of gold

Astral Doors - Of the son and the father lyrics

look upon the man of twilight Forever damned to ... our eyes They walk in shaped of God Hear me now, cast away ... unholy rime Loud & clear of the Son & the Father

Ludacris - Act a fool lyrics

bid Tell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL Somebody broke in and ... crib BOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL Just bought a new ... Tell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL Now them cops tryna

Kat-tun - Act on emotion lyrics

Kodou de kawashiteru two of us Dare ni mo kikoenai ... you wanna jam ? " Hikiau affection (Three) Odorou subete sutete ... (Let's dance, let's dance) Act on emotion Let's dance (Let

Darin - Affection lyrics

Won’t you just give me Affection, it must be affection We ... We’ll be hanging around Affection, show me affection I wanted ... Won’t you just give me Affection, it must be affection We

Kat-tun - Affection ~mou modorenai~ lyrics

.. Affection... Hello it's me nante ... Just for you Show me your affection kimi no kimochi dake Show ... me your affection kiku no ga kowai no Show

Destruction - The violation of morality lyrics

- counting the days Meaning of life - stabbed with a knife ... needs [Chorus:] Violation of morality - Violation of ... strategy Violation - The act of desecration killed the person

Necromantia - Les litanies de satan act ii from hell lyrics

of disorder, Bestower of crime's blessings Lord of ... it is you we worship God of reason, god of justice, ... Admirable legate of false fears You welcome the

Alice Nine lyricsAlice Nine - Affection lyrics

ten o ima sen ni shi te egaku Affection C’mon , C’mon , C’ mon ,

Cigarettes After Sex - Affection lyrics

re beautiful to me It's affection always, You're gonna see it ... we'll drive upstate It's affection always, You're gonna see it ... not what you need I think of you, I want you too, I'd

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Act like you lyrics

quot;Act Like You" Let's ... I hit it right I wanna act like you Act like you Show ... would do for you I wanna act like you Act like you And

Bratmobile - Affection training lyrics

dead Branded with a piece of you Oh no! There's no other ... way True love at the price of your soul Insatiable-I can't ... fascinates him We all need affection training So how can I get

Fat Larry's Band - Act like you know lyrics

you oughtta know Act just like Act just like you ... Hurry) To the fire line Act like you know This is your ... way to shine Act like you know There's only

The Black Keys - Act nice and gentle lyrics

Just show some civility, Act nice, act nice and gentle to ... I'm not difficult to please, Act nice and gentle to me, I ... away your false eyelashes, Act nice, act nice and gentle to

One Direction lyricsOne Direction - Act my age lyrics

understand All: I won’t act my age, no I won’t act my age ... understand All: I won’t act my age, no I won’t act my age ... the same around you I won’t act my age, no I won’t act my age

Crystal Castles - Affection lyrics

Catch a moth hold it in my hand Crush it casually Without past I can’t disappoint My ancestry Forever can I sleep inside Your menagerie Catch a moth hold i...

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Act a ass lyrics

Intro] Act a ass wit it, back ya ass wit ... it Act a ass wit it, back ya ass wit ... it Act a ass wit it, back ya ass wit ... Ya gotta back ya ass wit, act a ass wit Gotta back ya ass

Neil Diamond - Act like a man lyrics

But hey dreamer It's time to act like a man Song writin' ... play But it's time to act like a man Bein' a man ... late now It's time to act like a man Bein' a man

Nero - Act like you know lyrics

Like You Know Act Like You Know Act Like You ... Know Act Like You Know Act Like You

Bliss N Eso - Act your age lyrics

bitch. Or beers on the roof. It's the workaholic in the ... through that maze. On top of the tour bus in a teen wolf ... packed, happy gas, gas of laughs. Yes, I can dig it.

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