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A Z Of Lucky Dube Lyrics lyrics

Browse for A Z Of Lucky Dube Lyrics song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed A Z Of Lucky Dube Lyrics lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to A Z Of Lucky Dube Lyrics.

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Angel City - Angel of the city lyrics lyrics

hard day in the city Sweat pouring down oh it ain't to ... Trying to get blood from a stone Whip it cracks just ... survive her, most go under Dancing this ball and chain around It ain't no dirt to be

Andre Nickatina - Box of lucky charms lyrics

A. Nickatina) My morning starts off with the chicken and ... the waffles Baby say she never touched the hand of a capo Shoot at the ... reflection in the mirror of life If you hit your target

Obscura Camera - Let's get out of this country lyrics lyrics

get out of this country I’ll admit I am bored with me I ... drowned my sorrows and slept around When not in body at least in mind We’ll find a cathedral city You can convince

Lucky Dube - Crazy world lyrics

far so good we still living today But we don't know what ... tomorrow brings In this crazy world People dying like ... flies every day You read about it in the news But you

Lucky Dube - Different colours / one people lyrics

those barriers All over the world Was not an ... easy thing Yesterday your mouth was shut yeah ... Couldn't make a sound eh boy But it's such a ... good feeling today When I can hear them from Across the

Lucky Dube - False prophets lyrics

see them every day Movin' up and down Holding their bibles ... in their hands yeah Going to church every Sunday Telling people they're ... Christians yeah Ye man, we read in the Bible And overstand

Lucky Dube - Fugitive lyrics

ve been sitting here for many days now They've been ... looking for me for many days too From where I'm sitting ... I can see their angry faces It's only a matter of

Lucky Dube - Good girl lyrics

you were a little girl I had dreams and I had plans for ... you As a single father I knew There was gonna ... be turbulance Along the way I did not know that so soon

Lucky Dube - Group areas act lyrics

Chorus:] If I'm dreaming don't wake me up if it's a lie don't tell me the truth ... 'Cause what the truth will do, it's gonna hurt my heart Being in the darkness for so long now Mr.

Lucky Dube - Slave lyrics

of religion Have visited me many times To talk about it ... They say to me I gotta leave it I gotta leave it It's a ... bad habit For a man But when I try to leave it

Lucky Dube - Soldier lyrics

for the truth you stand alone Government will cover up ... I saw a man sitting in a room Holding a gun to his head He said man oh man What am ... I gonna do I can't change the past but I can change

Lucky Dube - The show goes on lyrics

boys and girls Come out and play The world is a stage ... For me and you to play on We all are actors We all are actresses Do you wanna ... sit around Watch your life going by When

Lucky Dube - Till you lose it all lyrics

take a lot of things for granted One day it'll be taken away That's when you'll realize How important it was You ... never miss your water Till your well runs dry

Lucky Dube - Trinity lyrics

with my one eye open 'Cause I think you gonna come for ... re sleeping with your gun in hand 'Cause you think I'm gonna ... make Me move I've been chasing white people all my life

Lucky Dube - Women lyrics

Verse 1:] Long ago today; when a man had a final word ... in the house oh oh Now a day; women want to be men ... themselves oh oh A man said one word she said four

Lucky Dube - You got no right lyrics

Woman:] I got lonely sometime ... You were gone and left Like you always do ... there When I needed some care You were never there when ... I needed somebody to talk to Somebody came and took

Lucky Dube - You stand alone lyrics

liar, your pants are on fire You've got a nose as long as a telephone wire I ... swear to tell the truth Nothing ... So help me God I cross my heart and hope to die These are

Lucky Dube - You've got a friend lyrics

still believe in a little bit of magic Even though the world ... has gone crazy So good to know we still have a friend You came to me last night And whispered in my

Lucky Dube - Jah live lyrics

live Jah children Let Rastas never die When everything ... is going right They forget about your presents But when ... the tables turn upside down They ... know that you're there To my mom who

Lucky Dube - Julie! julie! lyrics

heard of this guy He lives up on the ... mountain They say he mixes herbs Throws the ... tells the future I'm on my way right now I wanna know about my future With a girl named Julie [Chorus:] Julie

Lucky Dube - Keep on knocking lyrics

wrote me a letter In the early days of December Saying ... she wasn't happy Where she was Oh that's the bad news yeah ... That is why today I'm here To take her away

Lucky Dube - Kiss no frog lyrics

wanted to be Like her mother in ... many ways The way she walks The way she smiles Over and above all The way she ... brushes her hair back She heard it all being said to her Saw it all happening in her life

Lucky Dube - Life in the movies lyrics

this is the chief of police speaking, Do not steal Police hate competition. ... Where we gonna run Where we gonna hide You ... ve got the right to remain silent, But forever they

Lucky Dube - Take it to jah lyrics

this pain in this world All the crying in this world I ... ll take it to Jah All the worries in this world And all the troubles in this ... world I will take to Jah All the suffering Right where

Lucky Dube - Lovers in a dangerous time lyrics

built this wall around himself Many years ago ... himself from being hurt again But he couldn't stop his ... feelings Last night yeah When he saw the young lady

Lucky Dube - Man in the mirror lyrics

in the mirror It's your face I see Even when I go to ... sleep at night It's your face I see You are the one to ... congratulate me When I've done right ... You are the last to criticize me When I've done wrong

Lucky Dube - Mickey mouse freedom lyrics

his coat on his shoulders and slowly he walked away ... Behind him he could hear Those innocent voices ... Crying out so bitterly saying We did not start the war

Lucky Dube - Money money money lyrics

t tell me love makes the world go round That ... is how it used to be So many years ago yeah These days ... living in Everything needs a dollar These days we're

Lucky Dube - My game lyrics

I see you've got a problem Do you wanna take it ... not the fighting type But go ahead make my day You gonna ... fight me physically I'm gonna fight you spiritually I'm

Lucky Dube - Affirmative action lyrics

where I stand I can see the world Getting smaller and smaller And there'll ... be no place For people like you ... Who still live in the past When you couldn't do

Lucky Dube - Born to suffer lyrics

to suffer [x5] The jealousy of the people We are ... depending on For the growth of children If they treat them ... right We gonna have a brighter future If they treat them wrong We gonna have

Lucky Dube - Can't blame you lyrics

so hard not to cry Since they say ... man ain't supposed to cry But ... these tears keep running from my eyes ... I remember the day I came to the city. My children

Lucky Dube - Choose your friends lyrics

got of yellow school bus Looking so ... sad today, you see it on his face Mommy and Daddy have been ... fighting again Every time they fight, he ... s caught in the middle of it all He has dreams, like every

Lucky Dube - Crime and corruption lyrics

it the bodyguards around you Is it the high walls where you live Or is it ... the men with the guns around you Twenty four hours a ... day That make you ignore the crying of

Lucky Dube - Divorce party lyrics

is not the 4th of July But we're celebrating ... Mr. BB and Mrs. BB have decided to call it a day After so many years, living ... together They have called us here today To witness

Lucky Dube - Don't cry lyrics

I say I wanna go I can tell you gonna cry ... Everytime I say I wanna go I can tell you gonna cry ... Thinking of the lonely nights (When I'm ... not there) Thinking of the days (When I've gone) Thousands of people Wanna see me

Lucky Dube - Dracula lyrics

gonna try and hide In the dark corners Of the night But ... he's gonna get you 'Cause he's not human at all He' ... s Dracula ha, ha, ha, ha [Chorus:] Dracula, Dracula [x2] During the day he's

Lucky Dube - Family ties lyrics

since they were born She was worried about their friends ... they turned twenty five She was worried about the company ... they'd keep One day it was three in the morning The

Lucky Dube - God bless the women lyrics

the middle of the night I heard her pray so bitterly And ... so softly yeah... She prayed for her children She prayed for their education, Then ... she prayed for the man That left her with her children.

Lucky Dube - Good things lyrics

will be a time in your life When you ... won't be there There will be a time in your life When you ... won't need me at all I won't be there But ... while I've got the chance I'm gonna tell you what I

Lucky Dube - Political games lyrics

do you feel when you lie? Straight faced while people cry ... when you promise something That you know you'll never do ... Giving false hope to the people Giving

Lucky Dube - Puppet master lyrics

between heaven and earth That is where you will find real ... freedom We've been waiting for so long For this ... freedom fighters Puppet master Marching soldier Fought

Lucky Dube - Put a little love lyrics

stood outside In the middle of the night Looking so far away As far as she could see ... Where the sky meets the land Looking for answers Her ... life is falling apart Her marriage is on the rocks She

Lucky Dube - Reap what you sow lyrics

hear you crying So bitterly ... But nobody will Your son was brutalizing people everytime ... But you said nothing Now it's the time ... to pay the price It's time to pay

Lucky Dube - Release me lyrics

don't have to come with me Down this ... road 'Cause I know my way around here Very well It may ... like it From where you stand But believe you me, I know

Lucky Dube - Rolling stone lyrics

me when you're ready yeah Call me when your head is right ... She said the words and walked into the sunset Like a ... cowboy He was standing there like he got up

Lucky Dube - Sins of the flesh lyrics

lie awake at night And I think about it Where I have been And who I've been ... with 'Cause all around me I see them dropping ... Everytime they tell us We say it doesn't exist And all we

Lucky Dube - Steel bars lyrics

bars Wrapped all around me I've been your ... prisoner Since the day you found me I'll fight ... forever 'till the end of time Steel bars wrapped all around me I've been your

Lucky Dube - The other side lyrics

name is Jackson He lives in Jamaica Every morning he comes ... down to the docks to watch the ships come and go He ... s been here too long Mental slavery has not touched him

Lucky Dube - Think about the children lyrics

parents are the people we're depending ... on For the growth of the children If they treat ... them right We gonna have a brighter future If they treat them wrong We gonna have brats in the world If they

Lucky Dube - Touch your dreams lyrics

you ever seen a dream walking? Have you ever heard a ... dream talking? You are the master of your dreams If you ... right strings It could be talking to you If you pull the

Lucky Dube - Up with hope (down with dope) lyrics

have know this preacherman For a long time, he was a ... good man I have known this judge For a ... long time, he was a good man I have known this teacher ... For a long time, he was a good man too But because of

Lucky Dube - Victims lyrics

t know she was crying Until now as she ... turns to look at me She said boy o'boy you bring tears ... to my eyes I said what, she said Boy o'boy you bring tears

Lucky Dube - We love it lyrics

it We need it Oh Lord 'Can't live without it When the ... gets hooked on drugs You and I are hooked on music We ... smoke it We walk it And we eat it Make it your way of

Lucky Dube - Well fed slave / hungry free man lyrics

in the eyes of the Homeless man Tell me what you see In ... the eyes of a jobless man Tell me what you see What about the eyes Of a prisoner ... What do you see Now you've seen

Lucky Dube - Hold on lyrics

knew exactly What you were going through It's ... just that I didn't have the right To discuss your ... problems I saw you struggling For our education I saw you struggling to

Lucky Dube - Is this the way lyrics

this the way You want it to be Is this the way ... It's gonna be [x2] Oh my God Oh my ... God What we gonna do In this world In this ... x2] I see these men Everyday at the corner Of Queens and

Lucky Dube - It's not easy lyrics

remember the day I called mama on the telephone I told her ... mama I'm getting married I could hear her voice ... on the other side of the telephone she was smiling

Lucky Dube - Johnny lyrics

was a good boy According to his mother But ... when she wasn't looking yeah Johnny became a bad boy He ... got into drugs yeah Oh poor Johnny One day he ... double-crossed And it cost him his life She

Lucky Dube - Let jah be praised (igzebier) lyrics

ve got the wind that blows every day, We've got ... the moon and the stars that gives us light every day. ... We've got the wind that blows every day, We've got

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