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Emis Killa - Pum pum pum remix lyrics

prima è dedicata a quelli che faranno Sgrunt ... Emis Killa torna col remix di Pum Pum Pum fai ... il fenomeno in freestyle ma poi becchi me, Gulp! e ti ... umilio così tanto che svieni sul palco, Tum!

Emis Killa - Pum pum lyrics

(Emis Killa): Emis Killa, Fedez, Michel al beat (ah!) ... SE! Emis Killa: Brrrrr, come quando tremi ... di paura frà brrrrr, come quando cala la temperatura Snif

Legacy - Make ya body lyrics

Verse 1:] Uh, she said the last was off key when he tried ... to do it So she threw me a pitch and I auto-tuned it Made it correct, I just renewed ... her Now everybody after me was all weak to her Hit by a

2pac lyrics2pac - What'z ya # number lyrics

z ya phone number Now I could make miracles with pimp hoes. ... It's instrumental. Waitin for the nimphoes. That's ... the intro. Shoot when ya rush me. Walked up and

Rapscallions - What do ya say? lyrics

What do ya say? Baby! What do ya say? Hey girl you ... those sexy eyes When I look at you, I'm hypnotized You're ... the one thing on my mind and I got to get a little bit

Smokie - Make ya boogie lyrics

you're feeling down gonna try and move your soul, C'mon gather round everybody lose ... control So c'mon everybody move it, We ... got the music, so why don't you use it, c'mon and use it, So c'mon, c'mon, c

Bomfunk Mc's - Rocking just to make ya move lyrics

just to make ya move (repeat) That's how it goes, ... symbiose For those who are down 'Nuff respect to the ... Pioneers Who brought us the sound We still keep rocking on and on To the break of day Stay feeling good like you know

Ramones lyricsRamones - What'd ya do? lyrics

Koo Koo Koo I don't a care about you no more A Koo Koo ... Koo I don't a care about you no more You used to make me happy But what'd ya do? ... I think you better go now, baby I don't want you hanging around my door No, I don't wanna see your face no more, yeah You

Lil' O - What iz ya talkin' bout lyrics

Jack Freeman] Hey baby, ahh yeaaah Girl don't play no ... games, (what is ya talking bout) I'm trying to do something tonight girl, (if you ain't then I'm walking out)

Sandra lyricsSandra - What d'ya think of me lyrics

in all of my dreams Only the moon is still awake Calmness entrees my soul ... Have I succeeded in life Where ... have they all gone My childhood dreams? ... I lie awake all night Whatya think of me Whatya

Montgomery Gentry - What do ya think about that lyrics

Smith, R. Anthony; Jones, Brett; I heard ... it through the grapevine My new neighbor don't ... like my big red barn A '47 Ford, bullet holes in the ... Broke down motor in the front yard I got a half a mind to paint a plywood sign And nail it

Lita Ford - What do ya know about love lyrics

walk tall, you act proud Leave the little girls cryin' out ... loud You got it all, it's not enough When it ... comes to love, babe you're outta luck Yeah, I

Estelle - So much out the way lyrics

and on and on and on [3x] I want that old thing back. I’m ... a bring it back blood Come follow me ... Listen likkle hip hop jazz and r&b ?Care make the

F(x) - Rum pum pum pum lyrics

Krystal] Annyeong hanbon jjeumeun nal deurobwagetji Noui sarangni (Ha ah ah ... [Luna] Imi oril dde modu gyokkdotda ... saenggakhagetji (Ha ah ah) [Sulli] Attention Boys!

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - Tiny alien lyrics

are you my tiny alien Why do you love to hide ... Who are you my tiny alien What can you see inside I ... won’t make a sound I won’t shoot you down

Freak Kitchen - Tiny little second lyrics

long years A day from his pension One lousy ... day He took his usual route When two crackheads ... went paranoid And blew him all away Tiny little second

Da Brat - What's on ya mind? lyrics

homie Ay yo Shit wassup with you What...I make ya horny huh (giggle) I make ya ... horny huh (giggle) shit You act like you want some nigga... ... ..do you? [Da Brat] Di di di da di di di da di

Busta Rhymes - So hardcore lyrics

[7x] Ha ha ha, yo Ya'll [25x] Yo, I walk ... through brick walls F*** around hijack your whole ... shopping malls I be rippin shit, that's ... my word bond Scream then I watch the whole planet earth

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - What go around come around, kid lyrics

on come on (time for some action) yeah yeah (time for some action) Come on come on ... (time for some action) yeah yeah (time for some action) ... Come on come on Drunk ass fool just a punk ass gonna cause trouble yeah let me

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - So lonely (one and only part ii) (feat. twist.. lyrics

ya boy twista... That girl Mariah... This that fiyah... ... I've been layin' alone on my back in the dark sometimes wish you was with me ... Talkin' late on the phone and all that he's saying all

Pleasure P - Make you love me lyrics

Speaking:] My mama said this day would come, this world is crazy man, go to sleep a hero, wake up a villian. I guess you can't please everybody, only God

Ace Frehley - What every girl wants lyrics

I feel good I'm gonna make ya feel like ya should Ya ... make me a shakin' sharp shooter but you know I ... never miss, oh yeah Now time waits for no one,

Major Lazer - What u like (feat. amanda blank & einstein) lyrics

like it when me shift your drawers one side And roll on a ... condom and slide me stiff dick in-a ya ... fat p**** Make ya feel like your home a tear ... down like a landslide Don't ya like when

Usher lyricsUsher - What's your name? ft. will. i. am lyrics

girl Ey ey eh eh ey girl Whats your name? Baby, whats your ... Cuz girl you got me, you got a brother wondering if you wanna, homie and a lover I can be

Khia - What they do lyrics

Intro:] [Khia:] Thug mrs' in the house ... [Gucci Mane:] Gucci Mane in the house What they do What they do They get drunk and ... they get loose Mix that goose with absolute than

Lil Jon - What ya gonna do lyrics

What...What Check dis out right (Yea) ... Lil' Jon and the motherfuking East Side ... Boyz The Kings of Krunk Back at you with some new shit ... Now just because we went platinum and shit don't mean we

Machine Gun Kelly - What it seems lyrics

ain't what it seems, It ain't what it seems, It ain't what it ... seems. They ask why I do not come round, ... come round, Cause I'll be grindin till the ... sun down, sun down. It ain't what it seems, It ain't what it

The Dream - Make up bag ft. t.i. lyrics

Verse 1 - The-Dream] She madder than a mutha f***a Cause shawty badder than a mutha ... f***a Its 2 in the mornin I ... been out all night patronin She sayin sorry wont

Mya - Were gonna make ya dance lyrics

gone make you dance, UH We gone make you move ... ooh) While you up in dis motha (Uh, uh) Mmm mmm mmm (mmm) ... Mya- Are you ready To do this thing Said are

Faydee - Make you feel lyrics

t be scared I won't hurt you Faydee ... I'll be there I won't leave you Yeah here we go The ... f, f The a The y, d Double e, double e ... The f, f The a Y, d, double e I'll make

Gotthard - What can i do lyrics

my thoughts , you’re there as ever In my dreams, we stay ... together See your face in every place I go And ... here I stand, the great pretender Borrowed times,

Murphy Lee - So x-treme lyrics

Intro: King Jacob] Ight, I am not a crook ..I'm a pimp ... Uh, Yeah Murphy Lee da Skool Boy Yo Proffesor where ... you at? [Hook: King Jacob & (The Proffesor)] Cause..

Jojo - What you like (feat. jordan gatsby) lyrics

s take a ride, take ya somewhere nice Let me see your ... face, in the neon lights Got ya full attention Lemme whisper ... in your ear No need for questions Let

The Pharcyde - Ya mama lyrics

Intro:] Yo man, you gotta be... you know You gotta be ... on to die, man, what's up with that? Yo bro-shot ... Yeah, word up bro-shot Uh, we ... need some brothers to be, uh, like

Memphis Bleek - What do you think of that lyrics

M.Bleek] That's right, Up front and personal [Chorus] Where my niggaz ... at? Where my bitches at? I love these streets, what ... you think of that? My whole team rock rocks,

John Cena - Make it loud lyrics

John Cena at a live show] It's the joint baby, GOTTA MAKE IT LOUD [crowd ... cheers] SO LET ME HEAR SOME NOISE FROM THE CROWD [more ... cheering] [Tazz] That's noise! [Chorus 2X: John

Cheryl Cole - Make you go lyrics

make your jeans vibrate like a Nokia Oh, no one can ever ... take me there but you, Tonight ... I wanna fall in love with you. Let’s ... it ‘till we see the sun, Pawn me like a drum, oh yea yea

2 Live Crew - So funky lyrics

Umph!] [So funky!] [Nasty!] [Hey!] Verse 1: ... Brother Marquis I'm Nasty As I Wanna Be I express myself so vulgarly Obscene, or whatever ... you wanna call it That's why some suckas wanna stall it Some

Hadouken - What she did lyrics

took a call in the night She explained ... to me It turned out i had been right I told her i already knew Coz you know What i know And i know What you

Beverley Knight - So happy lyrics

up, you help me out, you're always standing by me Without ... your love, I realise I got no prize to dream about So here it is, I say to ... you, you've given me joy And I mean to say that there's

Ruff Ryders - What all niggas want lyrics

ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh ugh What y'all niggas want, huh? ugh ... ugh, ugh Lubia huh? Papi screamin out of they mouth ... Bomb shell just a second Mami wanna speak out What I

Nesian Mystik - Make it happen lyrics

Intro:] It's Nesian baby We got you saying Sha mon ... N.E.S.I.A.N That's right Sha mon [Chorus: Awa] We can make it happen For tonight We can make it happen If you like

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - What's my name lyrics

Noah] Yeah, id like to introduce to you ... The young , the new R&B prince, Chris Brown Spit ... flame, And me stick around ya boy Chris Brown [Verse 1:

Gorilla Zoe - So fly lyrics

you should know about So Fly Lyrics Title: Gorilla ... Zoe - So Fly lyrics Artist: Gorilla Zoe Lyrics ... Visitors: 1184 visitors have hited So Fly Lyrics since

Rza - So high (g lyrics

Intro: ??? (RZA)] Yeah son, 36 dirty (Smoked out.. oh. ... . smokin.. smokin) Oh, yeah man, It's Not a Game son Yo Ra ... man (Smokin) Yo Ra man, bring it back We gotta

Far East Movement - So what lyrics

whatcha whatcha whatcha want? (whatha want?) So whatcha ... whatcha whatcha want? (whatha want?) So whatcha whatcha whatcha want? (whatha want?) So what, whatcha want? So whatcha whatcha whatcha want? (whatha want

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - So deadly (feat. evidence) lyrics

Clap. Move. Back. Swollen members, so deadly Stomp. Clap. Move. Back. ... Make ya famous Lettin you know Deadly. ... So deadly [Evidence] I usta get

Skindred - Make your mark lyrics

s gonna make their life count? Gonna make their life count? Who's ... gonna make their Who's gonna make their Who's gonna make their ... life count? Gonna make their life count? Gonna make their life count? Who's

Lil' Flip - What i been through lyrics

feat. Big T, Lil Ron & Young Redd) [Intro] Hi, ... is the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Today we're ... interviewing Lil' Flip (what's up man) So Lil' Flip tell

Paul Simon - So beautiful or so what lyrics

m gonna make a chicken gumbo Toss some sausage in the pot I'm gonna flavor it with okra Cheyenne ... pepper to make it hot You know life is what we make of it So beautiful

Lucia Gil - Make a wave (cover) lyrics

: they say the beat of a butterflies wings can set ... off a storm in the world away Demi : what if the ride in ... the smallest things can power the strongest hurricane Joe : what if it all

Shura - What's it gonna be? lyrics

tell you I love you or not? Cause I can't really guess what ... you want If you let me down, let me ... feelings for me You just gotta speak honestly If you let me

Kausion - What you wanna do lyrics

Intro: Ice Cube] South Central Los Skanless So what you wanna do? Kausion So what you ... wanna do? So what you wanna do? [Verse 1: Cel] I'm all on the front line down to

Just Creew - Nikkky - what make's you beautiful (one direc.. lyrics

re insecure Don't know what for You're turning heads ... when you walk through the door Don't ... need make up To cover up Being the ... way that you are is enough Everyone else

Sam Isaac - What good did that do? lyrics

I asked you what you've done for me In the last six months, You said you made me a scrapbook of your day ... Well it took the breath right out of me, Like

Aloha From Hell - So what's going on lyrics

wanna go out to my life, They don ... let me go. I'm getting the same old feelings, They won't ... let me grow. I'm not that ordinary girl, Straight for ... my dreams. Not listening to

Ice-t - Make it funky lyrics

Make it funky) So the people can get down to ... the funky sound Cause my crew don't mess around ... (Make it funky) So the girls can get busy,dog ... the dance floor Make the guys get dizzy (Make

Samantha Jade - So right lyrics

do those things you do I'm really craving you I think about ... you all the time, can't get you off my mind I do ... get through the day I got so much to say I'm really falling sick awaiting Gotta make you mine Baby I really

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - Make you believe lyrics

ah ah Ah ah ah Ah ah ah I'll make you believe again ... Down on your knees She made you feel like you're ... How does it feel? To think that you gave all you could wish

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - So good lyrics

you ever had an empty heart? Have you ever had an empty heart ... Did you think it ever fall apart? Have you ever had a ... lonely heart? Have you ever had a lonely heart? You didn't

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