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Fireal - Violet lyrics

.. Love...love... Please...tell me... What have ... eyes seen In here...my dear... What secrets do they ... hold within Oh please...tell me... What has happened in this room Tell me,

Jewel - Violet eyes lyrics

Verse 1] It's been awhile, since you've been around I've been drifting like ... town to town I've been to France and Rome Seen Duomos ... glittered dome I've laid beneath Spanish summer skies But I

Savage Garden - Violet lyrics

there's a way that you could be everything you ... want to be, Would you complain That it came too easy? ... Just like the games with you and me A resolution hard to

Bad Suns lyricsBad Suns - Violet lyrics

find a photo by the stairs I'm unsure what it's ... doing there It sparks my memory When we parked aside the shore I kissed you ... there The ocean air enchanting It escapes me quickly

Paula Cole - Violet eyes lyrics

keep dripping away, I notice the little things, ... Moments in a mirror, holding the paper farther. Moving slower and ... feeling colder, Scared to trust my heart to another. But I realized in

Lil' Fizz - Fluid lyrics

d double double, ZZZZZZ Yeaaaah (That's Right) [Verse 1:] ... You can find me in the club, with my ... hat to the back. [Uh] Crackin a mag, and probably wrappin a zag Lookin at shorty,

The Birthday Massacre - Violet lyrics

tragic comedy divine Paints the way to peace of mind ... Leaving shallow lovers far behind Past uncertainties ... combine Bringing tears to sleepless eyes Memory

B.o.b. - Violet vibrato lyrics

Verse 1] I'm in this apartment that I don't want no ... one to know Dressed up for stages and faces in similar ... clothes And always I'm venting and always ... inventing a song, ooh And always ascending drifting into the

Ascension Of The Watchers - Violet morning lyrics

Morning full of grace. A new dawning on my face. A ... flower blooming every day. You pierced my soul and ... touched my faith. You are the light for my love. You

Meat Puppets - Violet eyes lyrics

master, some things must be Plastic master, this is for free ... You give off a dark Seems larger than life Violet eyes ... Plastic master, smoke drifts form a rose

Anouk - Fluid conduction lyrics

ve been sleeping all day Slummin' all night in a 44 ... hour sedation Since the day you cut me out of your life ... The night I killed your patience Always tried to lie

Cemetery Of Scream - Violet fields of extinction lyrics

fields, blooming at the nameless crime in the light of ... the empty screens pulsating ray short shutters of hatred ... ritual dance of shadow gestures Lodge of

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - Violet hill lyrics

a long and dark December From the rooftops ... I remember There was snow, white snow Clearly I ... From the windows they were watching While we froze down ... below When the future's architectured By a carnival of

Jeremy Messersmith - Violet! lyrics

Streaks of earth matted in her hair Beaten down ... but she won't scare Blinks her eyes, battered ... green and blue Ignorance can leave an awful bruise So

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - Violet hill lyrics

a long and dark December From the rooftops ... I remember There was snow, white snow Clearly I ... From the windows they were watching While we froze down ... below When the future's architectured By a carnival of

Bokka - Violet mountain tops lyrics

was flying over violet mountain tops Through the tunnels I ... followed glowing worms I was jumping higher than a man can do From one tree to another ... Don't wake me, I don't want to I don't want to let go

Cloudscape - Violet eye lyrics

dream of You You took my heart in your hands to keep You ... took my breath away This violet eve makes me forget about my ... life before I am yours to keep, I am yours to

Stevie Nicks - Violet and blue lyrics

where have you gone Have you gone so far from the ... eyes that Speak trouble and even when the warning is ... Overwhelming... Well it's hard to hide from Eyes that are

Sassy - Violet bathroom lyrics

Bathroom ......................

Enslaved - Violet dawning lyrics

am a part of the darkness Used to watch from afar Sensing the violence of ... morning And breathing:and waiting for nothing Devouring ... the spirit, grinding the heart There are good things in

Hole lyricsHole - Violet lyrics

the sky was made of amethyst and all the stars look just ... little fish You should learn when to go You should learn how to say no Might last ... a day yeah Mine is forever Might last

In This Moment - Violet skies lyrics

from within to find a reason for it all Lost for years ... In the storm Waiting for the rain to stop me ... from washing me away I held on tight Awaiting ... night And I lay me down to sleep And find a

The Kooks - Violet hill ( coldplay cover ) lyrics

a long and dark December From the rooftops ... i remember There was snow white snow Clearly i ... From the windows they were watching While we froze down ... below When the future's architectured By a carnival of

Mejibray - Violet lyrics

sozo ni fude o totte mita nda… Kowakute Boku to boku no ... ne, kyokai-sen ga Mienaku natte sen o hiite mita… Boku ... no sukinairo wa kuroda kke? Aa… ima o nurikaeru nonaraba

Paradise Fears - Violet lyrics

you're out the door Words are fake and your actions say ... you're denying But you break my heart when you take my hand Well, listen baby, can you ... please try to understand? You're not crying When you

Seal lyricsSeal - Violet lyrics

watch you comb your hair in different light You change the chair and seem to ... think that's alright I understand You need ... a change When you make that change Don't look to see I

Sebadoh - Violet execution lyrics

girl named Heather, I'm on my way Countdown ... puzzled; the absurd, crazed All I need to do is fall into ... your well Seduced by apparition, lower a spell Sweet

Golden Earring - Fluid conduction lyrics

sleepin' all day Slummin' all night In a 44 hour sedation Since the day you cut me ... outta your life The night I killed ... your patience Always try to lie to you The

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Violet for your furs lyrics

was winter in Manhattan, falling snow flakes filled the air, The streets were covered ... with a film of ice, But a little simple magic that I learned about somewhere, Changed

Lustknot - Violet rains lyrics

nuritsubushi tadake no kako egaiteiku no wa kodoku to answer ... Masshiro na kabe ga jama wo suru futashika na asu ni ... yuretetanda Why doesn't honesty pay ?

Deafheaven - Violet lyrics

What have they done? Who has the culprit crossed and ... forced in another year? Why have some gone, but we are still ... here? Sitting in a circle of clouds. Enforced.

M83 - Violet tree lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Magneta Lane - Violet's constellations lyrics

text is under construction All text is under construction ... All text is under construction ... All text is under

Tony Sly - Violet lyrics

the drunks are infected We're on our way ... As if they drop by to see me ... uninvited And I am a wallflower Maybe a better father This is a job For ... I miss the bentleys Today, maybe they'll call You describe

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Violet rays lyrics

moors Pulling up your oars From rivers I have crossed ... In magic no heart's lost And I'll leave with anyone this ... night And I'll kiss anyone tonight Am I the only

L.a. Guns - Shrinking violet lyrics

pick the ultra-violets We get to wear the made up ... fantasy We like to spin the bottle ... Hogs on the road, you and me You got the vice to ... pull you in Watch the cobra shed his skin You're a sexy violet, shrinking violet You're a

Blackmore's Night - Under a violet moon lyrics

to the feel of the drum Leave this world behind We'll have a drink and toast to ... ourselves Under a Violet Moon Tudor Rose with her hair in curls Will make you

Danzig - The violet fire lyrics

I would come if you spoke my name Did you lie When you said ... the cool Of the night To caress your deepest thoughts I ... can hear All the darkest things you think I’m

Dreamscape - The violet flame forever lyrics

on Faces in the distance Change will come Hear it whisper ... Waiting for the gifts Healing your defenses Study on… ... And catch the wisdom More than

Sea Wolf - The violet hour lyrics

lips are nettles Your tongue is ... wine You're left as liquid But your body's pine ... You love all sailors But hate the beach You say &quot ... Come touch me But you're always out of reach In the dark

Owl City - Shy violet lyrics

up the sky, shy violet angel eyes Light up the sky, ... shy violet angel eyes She dried my ... eyes and drifted off While every ... tear was held aloft The heavy rain clouds felt terrible

Pharaoh - In the violet fire lyrics

the darkness envision Angels protect you from sin In ... your heart there's a key to the prison within ... In the violet fire Wash away your fears Let it shine

Babes In Toyland - Bruise violet lyrics

got this thing that Really makes me hot You got a lot and ... more When you get caught You got this thing that ... Follows me around You f***ing bitch well

Conor Maynard - Yesterday with lily violet toni braxton ft tr.. lyrics

doubt Till you showed me what you were all about True ... colors came out And your words couldn’t hide ... the scent Of the truth about where you been Coz it was a fragrance I cant recognize

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - On a faded violet lyrics

flower is flown, Which breath of thee and only thee A ... withered, lifeless, vacant form, It lies abandoned on ... my breast, And mocks the heart which yet is warm With

U2 lyricsU2 - Ultra violet (light my way) lyrics

I feel like checking out. I wanna get it wrong Can't always ... be strong And love, it won't be long. ... Oh, sugar, don't you cry. Oh, child, ... wipe the tears from your eyes. You know I

Arsonists Get All The Girls - Violence in fluid triceratops lyrics

spikes of fury I can't depend on this Deadly ... hesitation Just watching from a distance Makes ... you feel like hell Fear of detection Left in ... overnight A thought can quickly disappear None left

Chastisement - Rapid fluid lyrics

colors infest my brain this will surly drive me ... insane in a world so cruel and dark i really need a change ... of heart injection of dreams forgetting to feel if

Ingrowing - Ionized fluid being lyrics

deformity of life In threads of unearthly elements I am flickering being of ... emptiness In gaseous extract of existence Ionized .. ... . so far Stabilized ... so close My

Gretchen - Every moment lyrics

by the way you love me I hold my breath and pray it never ends If ... it's all a dream then don't wake me I'd rather sleep ... forever than to leave Just keep holding on to

Orianthi - Right now lyrics

I, I notice the tapestries on the wall as well And I, I stand up and hit my head on the mobile And you, you ... look around too And we, time passes easily I

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Musical - Double bubble duchess lyrics

kinda music do you love? Pop! We all are vultures if the ... cultures pop! When you want daddy whatcha call out? Pop! And speaking of daddies I'm the ... pa Who has a little daughter with a million dollar jaw! And when she gets to

Screw (japanese Band) - S=r&b lyrics

hanbou? [CHIRARIZUMU] sekinin [NA] shuutai ... kobi [BITA] netsubou [EGOIZUMU] haji [NA ... uragirimono mouretsu na garbage pollution settokuryoku nante dokonimonee kyouretsu na

Acid Black Cherry - 7 colors lyrics

Yellow Orange Red Blue Violet Green 7 colors Welcome to ... La Vie en rose. La Vie en rose. te o totte Dance. hora utatte OH OH tte ... koe dashite subete wa kimi shidai mou sukoshi dake

Embalmer - Rotten body fluids lyrics

the stench of your own death Skin falls off, there's ... left Demented doctor scalpel in hands Removes the organs, removes the glands Evil ... experiments, examinations of the dead Hanging on

Mika lyricsMika - Grace kelly lyrics

quot;I wanna talk to you." "The last time we talked, Mr. Smith, ... you reduced me to tears. I promise you it won't happen again." Do I attract you? Do I repulse you with

A Static Lullaby - The shooting star that destroyed us all lyrics

star up in the sky A Poem to the dead Let this ... mistake Bring a vivid crystal to her eyes So drain out ... my lungs Before the fluid brings a choke I can not

Juelz Santana - Monster music lyrics

what? Bring in the Opera man Okay, yes, that's what I'm ... talking about Let's do it It's Santana (Yep) Heat-makers All we ... need is the bass now Uh uh, uh uh, uh

Ladi6 - Like water lyrics

I woke up, looked over and Kissed your shoulder It ... felt so right You didn't wake I could see it in your face You knew my intention ... right Sometimes I swear our connection was made amongst the stars And makes me

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