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Fearless Vampire Killers - A study in dystopia lyrics

the sky is on fire, Flames cut and burn my skin, The ... clouds in the heavens Can’t glorify my sins Tonight ... I’ll sing my dreams to sleep, While signs of

Enslavement Of Beauty - A study of love and metaphors lyrics

you fall asleep in the evening, sans fear for the rigid darkness you go horseback riding through your dreams right to ... the meadows of esteem when the ... hunger sweeps the night in another red wine blight all my

Me Vs Hero - A loss in the ranks lyrics

name rings out over every thought I have Your voice echoing brings ... me to my knees You meant so much to everyone you ... touched It's drained the strength I need to keep

Q & Not U - A line in the sand lyrics

let's stop this clock from starting. wrong, the time's ... wrong. why won't you ever start? why won't you? time ticking spell it right. understand. ... it's 1974, '73, '72. cape tight fit on from here out.

Shakespeare's Sister - A man in uniform lyrics

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Cough - A year in suffering lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Dragon's Cry - A voice in the thunder lyrics

Yeshua] That one loveth his own life shall lose it Now my soul is ... troubled What shall I say? Father, save me From this hour ... But for this cause I came Father, glorify thy name

Jolin Tsai - A wonder in madrid lyrics

guang you ya di man bu lv dian de cao ping ren yu zai shi ... ke qiang bi dan zou zhu shu qin yuan hu wu ding yong la ding shi de li ming yan se ai ... mei de gou yin wo yi jing kai shi wei xun huo hong de

Carnifex - A winter in remorse lyrics

never thought I'd see an angel without wings I never ... thought that angel would bury me alive, bury ... me alive Forgetting your name Forgetting your face Why

Etherna - A dream in infinite space lyrics

I am. Lost in time. So much darkness around me I love the ... the colors of the sky. Dream of flying. Come to my mind. ... Give me your hand. Help me to realize my dream Dream of flying. Come to my

As I Lay Dying - A breath in the eyes of eternity lyrics

running through me Taking all that I am Leaving me this ... blinding mask Grasping for the wind Everything I ... ve done Everything I've gained It all means nothing A

Dimmu Borgir - A succubus in rapture lyrics

and plagues, torture and blight Is what she brings ... Mocking holy standards, deceiving feeble fools ... Is what she loves Granted with powers, gifted with

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - A diamond in the mind lyrics

with the muzic let it Play a little longer longer You don ... t need anybody Stay with the muzic let it Play a little longer longer You don

Glamour Of The Kill - A hope in hell lyrics

hide in the shadows I'm afraid of the light And the day ... cannot disguise (Cannot disguise) There must be ... something There must be something ... more And I feel it come alive when. I hear her call

Dark Empire - A plague in the throne room lyrics

obscene, another pleasant nightmare. Behold untold ... vile obsessions (and bloodshed) Believer ... you've broken Unspoken refrains of a cancerous lie. The

Handguns - A year in review lyrics

learned a lot this year. Confrontation is something I no longer fear. I'm sick ... of spilling my guts out on this page. ... So I'll say it right now to your face.

Idiot Pilot - A day in the life of a poolshark lyrics

could see past the skin They make you believe Beauty's from within Don't know ... why 'Cause it's just not true I ... could never be apart Of something I did not

King Diamond - A mansion in darkness lyrics

up the alley in the rain No lights to show the way ... be their home Through the darkness You could only see A ... giant shadow wich was to be A house where evil ruled at

Naked And Famous - A wolf in geeks clothing lyrics

sweat, take a bow Don't fret; it's over ... now Overflow Shake a fist Howling at the empty ... mist . "Found something!" Starts to burn Fades away The wind it turns Ashes flow Murmurs glow Run away Forget the day . Louder

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - A light in the black lyrics

into battle To aid strangers in need Gain independence Our forces will lead Final solution When all ... others have failed Liberation is coming Our path has

Scar Symmetry - A parenthesis in eternity lyrics

re formed to read events, apply certain ways Our visions ... buried to the light of day What if the clues we lost are ... here and can be found We'll soon find

A Breath Before Surfacing - A night in terror tower lyrics

this night we have been desecrated On this night we have ... been sacrificed Upon this night we have risen from ashes And on ... this night we're exacting revenge Only blood will

Harry Belafonte - A star in the east lyrics

s a star in the east on Christmas morn Rise up ... shepherd and follow It'll lead to the place where the Savior's born Rise up shepherd and follow Leave your ewes and leave your lambs Rise up

Dead Can Dance - A passege in time lyrics

silent chances pass one by Who never knew of ... them at all Resigned to the hands of fate We await her ... impending beck and call Until we return paradise interred Spread your golden wings let the sails unfurl

Drawn And Quartered - A world in ashes lyrics

burns Where every priest is hanged Smoldering remains of ... humans Greet the eclipse with no ... end Evolved, superior beings arise Below, ignorance ... Where only fires light the darkness When only death is praised Evolved, superior being arise Beneath, inferiority

Dream Theater - A savior in the square lyrics

have come to hear him sing To see this gift your savior brings Our crowd has ... grown, and all mesmerized But silence ... quickly falls as Lord Nafaryus arrives "Please

Himsa - A girl in glass lyrics

s what she meant with open ends The scaled ... cracks our numbered and counting down There is no contact - ... so shrive away She cannot save it from herself Rather

Incrave - A shadow in the dark lyrics


Lycaon - A box in beautiful lyrics

yoru de i sasete Ji ~ererugurainara ... kodoku o kanji teru Karakau no wa yamete kiss mo uso mo ... kibun janaikara Atashi ni wa kaeru ude mo basho mo nani mo

Lynch - A gleam in eye lyrics

devil who ticks away time aimai ni tsukan da unmei no hito wa the devil who bewilders me ... gaizensei zero no maboroshi negai yo azayaka ni ... ima kagayake rinto hana sake mirai o hakidashi tara

Andre Rieu - In mir klingt ein lied/there is a song in me lyrics

mir klingt ein LiedIn mir klingt ein Lied, ein kleines Lied, ... in dem ein Traum von stiller Liebe blüht ... für dich allein. Eine heiße, ungestillte Sehnsucht

Samael - A man in your head lyrics

Up! They Try To Steal The Man In Your Head Make You Kneel ... Of Icons They Took The Place Which Wasn't Theirs Enslave You With A Power They Don't ... Have Don't Need To Be Guided

Samurai Champloo - A space in air in space in air lyrics

... instrumental..... instrumental..... instrumental.. ... .... instrumental..... instrumental......

Silentium - A knife in the back lyrics

it could enough to breathe Could I move without the ... pain Did someone call my name Is that the sun or does it ... rain When I'm on my feet again And soar on my wings

Argar - A revelation in solitude lyrics

all i have felt i have suffered with words are ... only emotions of mine.. they little matter storms ... of withered and decadent life desires and sufferings awaken with hate and

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - A stranger in my place lyrics

we were born, I see the place We were raised, I see all ... the things you wanted That I never gave. I see sadness, I see sorrow, I see pain in your face, But I just can't see A stranger in my place. I can see now where we

Cain's Dinasty - A void in my heart lyrics

in a cold and lonely chair Waiting for the change that makes me free Searching for ... hope in the wind Lost in a void of lonely pain Thinking in the things that I once

Carnal Forge - A revel in violence lyrics

Only Revolution There's No Salvation, Crack The Face Of ... Power Tear Them Apart There's No Surrender, ... Time To Hate That F***er Burst, Burst My ... Friend, And Things Will Never Be The Same Again Wreck It, Slam It, Kill It

Casket - A lover in disguise lyrics

wonder why can´t you be the one embracing ... me Why can´t you see what magic it would be To share ... exciting moments with me I tried to ... hide my yearing looks at you Just there inside, in

Conditions - A knight in shining amore lyrics

one's flawless Ain't she a beauty? Ain't she grand? Sealed ... with a kiss, with hopes of getting ... through Because a glass ceiling divides us, and what I've

Cosmic Gate - A mile in my shoes lyrics

will know it in time Feel what is there After so many days ... s OK Fight your need To make it clear to me Walk a mile ... in my shoes That need will disappear Set

Dawn Of Ashes - A blade in the dark lyrics

with severed lips. The beauty of cutting flesh. Horror ... lurks in the shadows. Till flesh hails the ... burial. Hunting in the dark... Kissing steel with

Diabulus In Musica - A speck in the universe lyrics

find myself pondering about my place here Burden by awe By the vastness, my dreaded solitude By the real meaning of all By my own fragile ... Is the journey worth it all that we're forced to leave

Etherna - A colour in the rainbow lyrics

of blood on my life, Falling down. Obscure thoughts born ... and died, And born again. That confusion about life, Running free, Had no mercy on me.

Foals - A knife in the ocean lyrics

I come to walk the line The fire may come, but we ... ll be just fine When I go to walk the line ... will come but we'll be just fine Mouth of the ocean, be

Forest Rain - A summer in the stars lyrics

the arms of the nights embrace The starlight shines down ... upon your face Illuminating your eyes so bright As we ... run together into the night Silly foals

Gaia Epicus - A hero in all lyrics

feel that all hope has gone There's nothing more ... to loose You see that the world falls apart And ... every day is the same No more feeling sadness ... No more hurting pain No more tears like rain No

Highlord - A queen in my pocket lyrics

s an angel She's an alien She can take you to the ... Sky, watch the stars and smile! She's a Queen in ... Queen I love She won't feel alone tonight, 17 thousand

Julian Cope - A crack in the clouds lyrics

breeze climbs up the edge of a cloud And follows me to the ... river. I stand and sigh, weighed down with chains, They follow me in columns. ... ll not see port, this north sea wind, and like the river I

Light This City - A guardian in a passerby lyrics

with me. He knows I'm watching as he passes. He is ... lust. He won't give me the satisfaction of glancing back my ... way. I can't seem to get enough of the

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - A line in the sand (feat. minuteforce) lyrics

We stood on the wall We laughed at the sun We laughed at the guns We laughed at it all And when they They told ... us to go We paid them no mind Like every other time But

Maze - A place in my heart lyrics

t need no foolish stories And I don't need to lie to you ... What you do for me is wonderful ... You have been so doggone true I don ... you've been here from the start All I know is that your

Nasum - A change in your mind lyrics

ancient morale makes me indignant Your inherited opinions affect the way you act Your ... withholds the revolution! A change in your mind will ... Lighten up! Be candid for the actions Observe

Procol Harum - A dream in ev'ry home lyrics

felt it first? The bitter taste of love The hand that reached inside your purse The ... fist inside the glove Remember how ... felt to be The only one who cared You peeked behind the

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