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Vybz Kartel - Inna sky lyrics

quot;Inna Sky" [INTRO:] ... Jeffery hype ah who gi dem gun, ah who gi ... dem dem p****hole Deh learn badness pon di tv pass mi s-m-g, ... cah mi ah guh murder Dem bumboclaat

Buju Banton - Try offa yuh lyrics

Pon har avenue, rudy a mek di rudebwoy pass thru ... Girl child yuh know who, it's only about you ... Hear mi now a baby love, hey Gal a long ... time man a look yuh and a try off a yuh Hear seh yuh

Mellow Mood - Inna jail lyrics

jail, inna jail, tuff life deh inna jail Inna jail, inna jail, secret life ... deh inna jail Inna jail, inna jail, ain't no prophet inna jail Inna jail, inna jail,

Vybz Kartel - Wine yuh body lyrics

Intro:] Pricky! Tell da gyal deh seh Sidung pon cocky and whine Quint up di p**** ... two time To how me see yuh Rotate yuh waistline Come ... in like yuh nuh born with spine Ah nuh

Vybz Kartel - Grab up yuh crotches lyrics

Intro:] Russian! Tell di girls and boys to ... touch hand Everyman whine pan a gyal Dis is not a love ... song Dis is a f*** song Yuh ready baby, [Chorus:] Gyal come bruk off mi cocky honey

Vybz Kartel - Yuh love lyrics

Intro:] Baby, Gyal mi love yuh Mi wah yuh believe mi soh ... please neva leave me Baby, Come a let me really mek yuh wine like a gypsy [Verse 1 ... ] Anytime mi gawn weh she miss me She seh di

Vybz Kartel - Yuh whine have value lyrics

Intro:] Kareem Women also need the cream Gaza Girl ... A Teacha, a Shawn Storm For my ladies Gyal ... da whine deh muss mek yuh get visa Da whine deh muss

Mavado - Inna di car back lyrics

Intro:] She seh... push David push She seh she nuh ... stoosh She nuh care we fi fuqq inna di bush ... She seh... push David push She seh ... [Chorus 1:] She wah fi gimmi inna di car back

Electro - Inna - the best of remixes (electro mix) lyrics

Of Remixes (Electro Mix) Inna - The Best Of Remixes ... (Electro Mix) Inna - The Best Of Remixes ... (Electro Mix) Inna - The Best Of Remixes ... (Electro Mix) Inna - The Best Of Remixes

Group Home - Inna citi life lyrics

Lil' Dap] So much anger built inside I'm a ... legend of my time 95 is mine and this punk-style niggas ... thinkin' that they are fly Talk about the ghetto life but

Inna - Nobody - Inna - nobody lyrics

saw you sad every night You were in ... club, I was right You tell me you’re ... so sorry I thing I heard the story You lie to me ... be fine I thing I’m going crazy Stop calling me your baby

Vybz Kartel - Toilet paper bownty lyrics

p**** do three song But we a kill it with one Come and ... mek up thing pan tacks But me a talk facts Yuh ... seh me chat shit But yuh nyam shit from county to county

Vybz Kartel - Dem bwoy ah baby lyrics

INTRO:] You ah guh bought da gun ya buss sweet like sugar, ... fi Notice(notice)seh wi nuh back from nuh war(nuh war) when ... mi claat di 16 You get more shot than mix tea, dat simply means

Vybz Kartel - Wine pon yuh lyrics

nuh calypso but woman yuh fi dip so Ah nuh disco, free ... up yuh hips so Mek yuh finga touch yuh toe tip so Gimme a ... f*** look, lick off yuh lips so Pretend like yuh nuh

Vybz Kartel - Tightest punani lyrics

INTRO:] Gal get up(pum) whine up til you ... sweat up(pum) gal Yuh punnany b-b-bless up(pum) your hole ... tight, weh mi sey mi waan yuh do, Get up(pum)! gal whine

Vybz Kartel - Tightest punnany lyrics

up(pum) whine up til you sweat up(pum) gal Yuh punnany b-b ... hole tight, weh mi sey mi waan yuh do, Get up(pum)! gal ... whine til you sweat up(pum), yuh p-punnany guh bless up(pum)

Beenie Man - Hmm hmm lyrics

Yo! Is it ironic, this gal a wine like a bionic Mi mack ... it mi ***** it I sink it like a titanic Dump pon it, badman ... deh yah mi a chop it Baby yuh know seh mi have it, hey ..

Elephant Man - The way we roll (remix) lyrics

feat. Busta Rhymes & Shaggy) [Intro: Elephant Man ... (Busta Rhymes) {Shaggy}] This is the way we roll ... (Everybody, let me see you clap, everybody, let me see you

Vybz Kartel - Go go wine lyrics

you love weh I'm lookin Staring at you You got what I ... need Baby (Eh eh) Gyal! [Chorus:] Mi love how yuh style di place Mi love how ... you wine yuh waist (wine yuh waist) Up and down, like a yoyo

Vybz Kartel - Send a hell lyrics

Intro:] Big woman ting timely Yo scatta wah yah ah deal wid Man ting neva ... shot dem bombaclat [Chorus:] Ah nuh likkle ... bit ah people mi send ah hell Dem neva kill nuhbody

Vybz Kartel - Warn dem counteraction lyrics

him a talk bout him a squeeze (MAVADO IS A BARBER ... Tell him guh squeeze bumb outta man face Or squeeze him razor Only ting yuh squeeze a ... di chair weh fi trim seed Long gun

Tarrus Riley - Protect yuh neck lyrics

yuh a listen Ready Protect yuh neck ... Protect yuh neck Protect yuh head don't tek nuh check ... Protect yuh neck Look over yuh shoulder Yuh a hear mi now

Vybz Kartel - Sex & the city lyrics

fi di tight hole gyal dem alone Gyal, yuh no dedi dedi ... yuh nuh old woman yuh no dedi, dedi yuh pum pum ready,yuh nuh dedi dedi Gyal yuh ... nuh stretch out like thready thready Cock up and whine

Vybz Kartel - Squeeze lyrics

nuh play ting Nuh kids meal Me nuh fight gyal war ... Gunshot a beat weh yuh heart beat Blood a leak pan di ... (di rifle) Bun him up like a lightning strike him People

Popcaan - It lyrics

Intro:] Ey, ey Popcaan Dem a talk seh yuh bad But di someting ... tight from yuh born Cause a It A It buy yuh house, gyal A ... It give yuh van And ah It hold yuh man And It same

Vybz Kartel - Gaza nuh bore tongue lyrics

Kartel, yuh nuh hear tongue god a call up yuh name [Gunshot] one to him brain ... Pimpin, ground god a idlers yuh nuh Hey killa, me neem even ... know yuh Wah kinda argument dat? Like yuh wah mi long out

Konshens - Do d ting feat. dario lyrics

[Konshens:] Ey Russian (Russian) Tell da girl deh ... seh she me hav a crush on All da one deh weh fluffy like a cushion She mi wah fi brace and push on [Darrio:]

Buju Banton - Waistline lyrics

wild, inna special half inna special pride, girl child be ... wise Woman I got somethin on my miiiind ... Somethin spectacular fi mek yuh feel fiiiine Treat yuh so

Vybz Kartel - High altitude lyrics

Intro: Bounty Killer & (Vybz Kartel)] High altitude, smokin proud, sittin ... on a cloud (Corleone, Baby G an Kartel, higher dan before) ... (Knock knock knockin on heaven's door) Thats right, Babylon nah nuh coke out if dem

Vybz Kartel - Higher altitude lyrics

Intro: Bounty Killer (Vybz Kartel)] High altitude, smokin ... proud, sittin on a cloud (Corleone, Baby G an Kartel, higher dan before) ... (Knock knock knockin on heavens door) That's right, Babylon nah nuh coke out if dem

Vybz Kartel - She kno fi lyrics

Intro:] Timely, ey baby! Adi teacha Yah make mi wan ... f*** pan mi car yeah Crawl pan yuh hand yeah Wine up your ... waist, rotate your bottom yeah Boom pan di john yeah,

Sean Paul - Mek it go so den lyrics

right now we know say war start yuh know And we know who ah go end it Yeah We done ... who send it but right now yuh know we ah defend it Dutty ... lick go so den again Chorus: Well me say war

Elephant Man - Bow city lyrics

Intro:] Corny Niggas!!!, Hi I'm your weather man ... Mr. O'Neil Bryan, and I'm sayin You got a terrible weather taking over di earth... And this one is coming for Jamaica... And don't tink this

Vybz Kartel - Go go club lyrics

Intro:] Ey, Russian Build da song ya fi di gyal inna di Go ... Go Club God know Dis a fi di gyal inna di massage palor yuh know Yuh man neva ... tell yuh dis yet Baby, mi love yuh Tek off yuh panty nuh Mmmmmm... [Chorus:

Vybz Kartel - Push it in lyrics

baby How yuh waist full of timing so D road ... wet and yuh riding so... ah di teacha! mmmm Gyal... ... mi luv wen ya ride it suh Tip up on ya toe ... wen ya ride it so Mi nuh slip so me

Vybz Kartel - Wine up yuh body lyrics

Intro:] Hello ladies A di teacha Ready for di whining class? Alrite den Let's go! ... [Chorus:] Get horney Gal come whine up yuh body You ... chill me When you whine up yuh body You naah fi wait Jus

Sean Paul - Nuttin´no go so lyrics

no no.. From yuh neva lie wid annada man inna bed… ... dem mi seh Nuttin no go so) And yuh neva sex a gal when she ... unda code red… (Tell dem mi seh

Elephant Man - On line lyrics

Intro:] New dance again (Fine) new dance again ... (Fine) new dance again Everybody a online new dance again (Fine) new dance again (Fine) New dance again,

Vybz Kartel - Know bout me lyrics

Vybz Kartel:] Gaza girls haha hehe mi love di gyal dem yuh ... f*** dem love f*** yuh wa u a seh nuh? [Chorus:] [Vybz ... Kartel:] she seh [Gaza Indu:] kartel wa u kno bout

Vybz Kartel - Tun up the f*** lyrics

you tight pum pum gal (Awhoee) Mi love when yuh skin ... out fi mi f*** yuh (mmmm) Mi love fi do di ... video dem with yuh Baby come wine up, come show seh ... yuh love mi Yuh don't know (yeah) What a

Konshens - Crossfire lyrics

Intro:] Yeahhh yeahhhh Ah Yo (yo) [Chorus:] One ... more ghetto youth gun down Dead inna di cross fire (inna di ... cross fire) Inna di cross fire (inna di cross

Elephant Man - Fan dem off lyrics

Intro:] Yep! Dyah, good to mad dem Gi dem a box, gi dem a ... box Gi dem a box, gi dem a box Gi dem a box, gi dem a ... box Gi dem a box, gi dem a box Gi dem di whip now, gi

Sizzla - Give dem a ride lyrics

do us so much Nuff have dem wealth but yet no ... Well the Binghi fire bun all poor and rich Them neva ... know say it woulda come down to this [CHORUS

Busta Rhymes - Kill dem lyrics

Verse 1] What di blooclaat yuh a talk bout when mi in di place and yuh see di bwoy a walk ... (TRUE!) Don use two ting park outside a di club and yuh ... see police chalk out (Hmmm!) A likkle eediat bwoy mass out

Vybz Kartel - Come breed me lyrics

da gyal deh belly too flat an too even Hey bloodclaat gyal Heaven sent yuh B Mi need ... mi family Mi love yuh baby Mi love mi baby Can yuh ... give me ah baby Mi need mi family Yuh fi breed before yuh

Elephant Man - Signal de plane lyrics

Intro:] Mayday Yep, Good to go again ... [Chorus:] Dancehall nice again (John, Bogle, Keeva, Stacy ... People smilee again (Sadiki and the whole fraternity)

Vybz Kartel - Say weh yuh feel fi say lyrics

Intro:] Eh mek mi tell yuh dis Yuh cya tump mi nah mi ... mout Cya box mi nah mi face Dem cya, dem cya All you ah huff an ah puff an a gwan ... Cya tump mi nah mi mout Cya box mi nah mi face Yah fi

Vybz Kartel - Weh dat fah lyrics

Intro:] Hey Lang? A wah do di Girly God? ! True how ... mi bloodclaat bad Mi a must know God cau Selassie a ... mi fadda Bwoy how yuh go a tell seh yuh name Gully God

Vybz Kartel - When since lyrics

Intro:] Top Rankin, Tell Flanker rise every damn ting ... non-stop, When di bomboclaat rifle clap smaddy muss drop ... From primary school mi carry mi f***ing clutchback Mi a claat sixteen before mi a

Elephant Man - Pon de river pon de bank lyrics

[Chorus] I've Seen Nuff Dance Before (John) But I've ... Never Seen A Dance Like This (Bogle) I've ... Seen Nuff Dance Before (Keeva And Stacy) But A Dah One Yah

Vybz Kartel - Get gal anywhere lyrics

Intro:] Adidjah di world boss Tarik di ... russian mafia, heh heh heh [Russian] ... One ting bout we an di youte dem whey wi come ... from Wi nuh shawt a gal, rude bwoy wi nuh shawt a gal [Chorus] [Kartel] Mi

Vybz Kartel - 12 gauge lyrics

Delly (eeeh) Ah bare riffle dem dong a get kick ... (long time) Worse mi go get ah new ting from liquid. (wha) ... Mi have a 12 gauge wey name chesta. Bus up yuh chess Sa. Nozzle ah the gun alone

Vybz Kartel - My senorita lyrics

p**** happy and yuh kno Tip up pon yuh toe Ride ... like a rodeo Baby, You jus a mek me cocky grow How me ... love yuh soo Bomboclaat... Gyal a you hav on di

Busy Signal - Do the maths feat bounty killer lyrics

Intro: Bounty Killer & Busy Signal] Chea! Nah No ... Mercy! I just gotta say! We run these blocks! With ... Maks and techs and glocks! Check yuh facts!

Sean Paul - Real man lyrics

Intro) Mek dem know yuh know oomon Yuh mek yuh owna ... dough wi know oomon Yuh nuh waan nuh boring Joe wi know ... oomon A so it go yuh know oomon Gal dem nuh waan

Elephant Man - Tall up tall up lyrics

Intro:] A di badman anthem, a fi di badman dem....humm.... ... [Chorus:] War start again, badman name dem a call up ... (Call up) Pass mi di tall up tall up (Tall up) Anyting a anyting we dun prepare fi war Enemy a walk up dat

Vybz Kartel - Nuh fraid lyrics

Intro:] Devil's Advocate, Steven arch evil, ... Gregory Park, Rise every gun inna yuh ... sight, How dem bwoy deh a move so A talk mi see dem a ... talk, Mi use gunshot buss dem

Sizzla - Show us the way lyrics

Intro:] Well ah Emperor Selassie l What would the old ... timer say? Yow! Nyahbinghi,come We teach them ... how fi pray Ay-ay-hay-hey,hey [Chorus:] Show

Queen Ifrica - Serve and protect lyrics

guh pon di ground bwoy) We cyaan take it no more Duh officer ... kill him, nuh kill him (hey gyal guh inna yuh yawd, yuh nuh ... somebody fi defend the poor Badman, police, everybody a kick

Popcaan - My war lyrics

Intro:] Yo Not Nice Wat is dis? Dela Vega to Big Yard Ey Pimpin a weh do some man ... Ey, Nana Dem fi know we a evilhead My war a nuh laugh ... ting Buss bwoy head very often Betta choose unu

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