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A Quarter Tank Of Gas lyrics

Browse for A Quarter Tank Of Gas song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed A Quarter Tank Of Gas lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to A Quarter Tank Of Gas.

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Kendrick Lamar - The art of peer pressure lyrics

and my niggas four deep in a white Toyota A quarter tank of gas, one pistol, and orange ... soda Janky stash box when the Federales will ... roll up Basketball shorts with the Gonzales Park odor We on the mission for

Alltheniko - Tank of death lyrics

believe in sacrifice A new world now will rise And ... bombs, and war and mines In the black No ... belief and no device Soldiers ... hypnotized And bombs, and arms and guns No turning back

Lil' B - Tank of propaine lyrics

Intro:] This is what happens when you have so many ... bitches You get depressed and go insane Oh my God based ... God, yeah [Verse:] I got bitches, ... this real bitch music F*** hating suckas I got the girls to

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Right side of wrong lyrics

friend of a friend needs a favor No questions asked, there ... s not much more to say Me and the wife, we need the money ... We've got four kids all hungry, one on the way

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - Bitchin' summer lyrics

oh, oh, oh Everyone is waiting on the bell A couple ... seconds we'll be raising hell The sun is shining ... down The school is finally out Nothing matters so we

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Life is worth living lyrics

up on a crossroad Try to figure out which way ... go It's like you're stuck on a treadmill Running in the same place You got your hazard ... lights on now Hoping that somebody would slow down Praying for a miracle Who'll

Confederate Railroad - Cowboy cadillac lyrics

Deke's got a Ford, Hank's got a Chevy Booger's got a beat-up ... over which one's better Fridays at the Moose Head Lodge ... Just a friendly chatter 'cause it really don't matter

Petey Pablo - Test of my faith lyrics

here I wanna tell im dead broke and im bout to go crazy half a tank of gas, two ... ciggaretts scrapping up change in the ashtray then the ... voices its only a test of my faith it was only Damn

Bag Of Toys - Roll with the punches lyrics

I'm a poor man/I feel no pain Struggled half of my life a going against the grain But ... I think I guess I only get a one shot at this I'm gonna ... I've got, I've got to live Another second/another went by

Hot Chelle Rae - Drive you out of my mind lyrics

twenty four hours since you walked out the door, Smoke in ... the air, And empty bottles on the floor. ... With the keys in my hand, The worlds spinnin’ around. If I could change my

Frank Morey - In the middle of nowhere lyrics

in the middle of nowhere In the middle of ... nothing In the middle of nobody Have’n the time of my ... Dressed to the nines Full tank of gas Nobody mess’n with

The Kinks - A gallon of gas lyrics

ve been waiting for years to buy a brand new cadillac ... But now that I've got one I want to send ... it right back I can't afford the gas to fill my ... limousine But even if I had the dough no one's got no gasoline I went to my local

Modest Mouse - Out of gas lyrics

of gas, out of road, out of car I don't know how I'm going ... to go And I had a drink the other day Opinions ... were like kittens I was giving them away I had a

Bloc Party - Price of gas lyrics

ve been driving, a mid sized car, I never hurt anyone Is that a fact? The price of gas ... Nothing comes for free Make like a stone, make like a ... plant I can tell you, how this ends

Pauline Pantsdown - Run out of gas lyrics

. ohh.. Black coffee in my car Crowded ... thoughts fighting in my head No one left I didn't leave ... the things behind Will always be a part of me Funny

Josh Grider - Summer and sixteen lyrics

it now while you got your chance, Might not have the moves ... but she wants to dance. Look at her lookin at you, you lucky ... fool. Man, she thinks you're cool.

Miranda Lambert - New strings lyrics

bet this road will take me out of here Take me far ... away from Amarillo I bet this car will go ... real fast The wheels might even ... drive me past The places that you said I'd never go Oh...

Andre Nickatina - Cobra status lyrics

drug/rap competitiors, they come in ... flocks I can't sleep 'cause when I do I think the game ... gon' stop So I'm awake like an owl at a quarter to three I ... hit your window with a nickel, Whats up baby it's me

Jack And Jack - How we livin' lyrics

I swear to God this life we live is ... far from average I'm havin' a blast even when I'm stuck in ... LA traffic Now I never give a shit about the haters or the

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Gas gauge (the world's in your hands) lyrics

days arrival one man at the table Eatin' corn flakes ... checkin out the paper His brother walks in from ... a hard nights caper Half hungover and looking for

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Drive lyrics

I've been thinking, it's too hard to speak these nights, Can ... I confess what's on my chest, what's really ... on my mind. See, I never was scared of nothing, there was

Melissa Etheridge - You can sleep while i drive lyrics

on baby let's get out of this town I got a full tank of gas with the top rolled down ... There's a chill in my bones I don't want to be left alone So baby

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Donatella lyrics

am so fab check out I'm blonde, I'm ... skinny I'm rich, and I'm little bit a bitch ... I wanna dress you up in silk, Taffeta ... Tailor these clothes, Fit your

Nightcore - Donatella lyrics

am so fab check out I'm blonde, I'm ... skinny I'm rich, and I'm little bit a bitch ... I wanna dress you up in silk, Taffeta ... Tailor these clothes, Fit your

Luke Combs lyricsLuke Combs - When it rains it pours lyrics

morning, man, she woke up fighting mad ... Bitching and moaning on and on 'bout the time I had And by Tuesday, you could say ... that girl was good as gone And then when Thursday came around, I was all alone So I

Luke Combs lyricsLuke Combs - When it rains it pours lyrics

morning man She woke up fightin' mad ... Bitchin' and moanin' on and on 'Bout the time I had And by Tuesday you could say ... That girl was good as gone Then when Thursday came around I was all alone So

Tracy Lawrence - That was us lyrics

dollars out of mama's purse bought us a tank of gas And some Redman tobacco ... when we was just teenage kids Yeah me and my old ... buddy Leroy we'd go driving around If there was trouble to

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Lost highway lyrics

my rearview mirror My life is ... getting clearer The sunset sighs and ... slowly disappears These trinkets once were ... treasure Life changes like the weather You

Earl Scruggs - Fill her up lyrics

station, Where I stand This old gas pump In my hand. The Boss don't like me Face like a weasel, All on my hands The smell of diesel. Here ... he comes! From the city. God Damn! A V-8 engine She runs so

The Elected - It was love lyrics

found a way to break away From the one you say that ... Now you cry out your eyes day and night You set free the ... one that you love And it's true, I don't remember

Asian Dub Foundation - Tank lyrics

wheels of the tank keep turning round and ... round. How many megatons will it take to make them ... turn around? The wheels of the tank keep turning round and round. How many megatons

Dallas Smith - Slow rollin' lyrics

s got addictions, for me its gotta be ... you So slip into something that don't take long To slip in and bring me those baby blues, ... El Dorado shined up, got a little extra cash And a quarter tank of premium Lets see

Aaron Pritchett - Drivin' song lyrics

could sit at home another Saturday and channel surf my ... life away gonna grab my keys, get behid the ... where to go, just like the way it feels Cuz life is

Lady Antebellum lyricsLady Antebellum - Love this pain lyrics

s no good for me, I know that she's a wildflower She's ... got a restlessness, a beautifulness, a thing about her ... But here I am again calling her back Lettin' her

Blink 182 lyricsBlink 182 - Carousel lyrics

talk to you every now and then I never felt so alone ... again I stop to think at a wishing well My thoughts ... send me on a carousel Here I am standing on my own Not a

Clay Walker - White palace lyrics

works the late night shift down at the hamburger house She pins back ... her hair Lord, she gets them orders ... out She’s always smilin’ when she sees me walk in ’Cause she knows I’ll

Dustin Lynch - Yeah yeah yeah lyrics

baby, It's good to see you again This party's rockin' let's ... get you jumpstarted And get you a drink I love that Haggard t-shirt you got on ... The way you're singin' along Shakin' that thing

My Revolution - Quarter to ten lyrics

came across the street and said hey wait It was sitting ... quiet in my room Those days my world was so sad Grey was grass and boring were blooms ... But in those days someone came through the stars and

Nicky Jam - Gas pela (feat. r.k.m) lyrics

comienze a bailar y los titeres a revuliar ... no se quiten que esta noche el gas pela, pela, el gas pela, pela Mujeres ... comienze a bailar y los titeres a revuliar

Method Man & Redman - A special joint lyrics

Redman]: Do you want to get high man? [Method ... Man]: I see em. Does Pinochio have wooden balls man? [Redman]: Well yo, I got a joint I ... ve been saving here for a special occasion. [Method

Mudhoney - Who you drivin' now? lyrics

Oh who you drivin' baby? all right Sing it with me baby ... all right Hoo, hoo, hoo Now ... hey, hey, hey, hey girl Watch what you're doing The way ... you keep running around Gonna be a ruin Drivin' reckless

Brad Paisley - Moonshine in the trunk lyrics

got a '69 Camaro, a Ram Jet 502 I could win the ... pole at Bristol, baby, but I'm riding round with ... you Bored as hell, we might as well burn this tank of gas And if we're going nowhere,

Kevin Fowler - Let's start livin' lyrics

me a small town girl, a guitar band. Willie on the radio, ... some cash in my hand. Sit me down in any water ... hole that you can, on Friday after quitin time. Oh yeah now

Kim Richey - Girl in a car lyrics

wet snow the day I left Didn't stick around ... like me I guess Half a tank of gas, money well spent ... Mississippi was a frozen wreck. I'm still in ... I'm going south, I'm going craazy What else am I supposed

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - I'm threw witchu lyrics

Soopafly) [Snoop Dogg] Yeah man, this is another 9 inch ... dick classic We wanna dedicate this one, to all the fellas ... who got a hardhead bitch, who just won't listen

Perry Como - Me and you and a dog named boo lyrics

remember to this day, the bright red Georgia clay, how it stuck to the tires after the summer rain . . . ... Will-power made that ol' car go, a woman's mind told me

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Green ranger (ft. j.cole) lyrics

When this shit drop, I was like 16 Tryna get some head ... from a mixed thing Big dreams, say goodbye to ripped jeans, Nigga got a job, have my ... little wad Worst fear is getting robbed for my last 50 dollars that I had left

Lobo - Me and you and a dog named boo lyrics

remember to this day The bright red Georgia clay ... And how it stuck to the tires After the summer rain Will ... power made that old car go A woman's mind told me that so

Lobo (group) - Me and you and a dog named boo lyrics

"Me And You And A Dog Named Boo" (Lobo) I ... remember to this day The bright red Georgia clay ... And how it stuck to the tires After the summer rain Will

Method Man & Redman - Fire ina hole lyrics

Ina Hole State your business Come on Let ... s make it hot Come on (word) Let ... s make it hot Come on Let's make ... it hot Come on, let's make it hot (hardcore to make

Molly Hatchet - I'm ready for you lyrics

got a hot rod engine in a Cadillac A sweet little mama to ... ride in back Coming into town to give ... me some Tell the policeman, get ready to run I'm ready (ready for you) Yes, I'm

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Baby's got a hold on me lyrics

front porch tryin' to keep a still Baby's looking finer ... than a fifty dollar bill Pretty blue eyes and ... it isn't hard to see that baby's got a hold on me Long

Sammy Hagar - Mommy says daddy says lyrics

to know who's the boss around there Somebody better ... step up now and make this all clear They run your life ... with indecision I would appreciate a little precision

Abney Park - To the apocalypse in daddy's sidecar lyrics

got 3 wheels and a frame of rust Blue skies above, and ... behind us dust Half a tank of gas won’t carry us far, But ... you're safe till apocalypse in Daddy's sidecar

Autograph - Paint this town lyrics

I'm all dressed up with somewhere ... pocket, I'm primed, it shows And I've got no problem findin' ... We gonna do it and hope that it never ends

Blackberry Smoke - Good one coming one lyrics

six packs of Shiner 99 cent butane ... lighter Lucky Strikes and a fifth of Patron Ice down that Igloo cooler Tank of gas that oughta do er' I can feel a

Butch Walker - They dont know what we know lyrics

got my boarding pass A tank of gas Then I'm never coming back If I could only get out of ... ve got the little one Who's a lot of fun But your old man,

Jason Michael Carroll - A cowboy's ride lyrics

beat up truck by the creek bed A ... head full of things that she said The only comfort he has ... by their street Her minds made up and he knows that it's ... time to leave Chorus When a cowboy rides into the sunset All he owns is tears and regret

Jason Michael Carroll - Barn burner lyrics

paper sack, wintergreen pack A full tank of gas from a mini ... mart Cruisin' slow with Curtis ... Loew Speakers 'bout to blow, let the party start Take that ol' dirt

Danielle Bradbery - Talk about love lyrics

had a plan to get out of town and keep headin' east Til we ... could see that moon sink into the carolina ... beach I snuck out at ten o'clock, you were waitin

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