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Jimmy Buffett - A pirate looks at forty lyrics

mother ocean, I have heard you call, Wanted to sail ... upon your waters since I was three feet tall. You've ... seen it all, you've seen it all. Watch the men who rode

Hasselhoff David - A star looks down tonight lyrics

feel her close, I swear it's true Yes I feel right ... in this moment she looks down On you From angels ... land, her tender hand Is caring cause a mother's love

David Hasselhoff - A star looks down tonight lyrics

feel her close, I swear it's true Yes, I feel right ... in this moment She looks down on you From angel's land Her tender hand is caring ... 'Cause a mother's love will never end

Bare - A quiet night at home lyrics

NADIA) A quiet night at home Silent night a joy ... to pass a silent night at home A quiet night at home ... All my friends are gone and once again i find myself alone a quiet night at home

Ok Go - A good idea at the time lyrics

about my taste True about my wealth The thing about St. Petersburg I was ... there myself So come on Yeah come on Anastasia might've ... cried all night I couldn't say myself So come on Yeah

David Gray - A new day at midnight lyrics

my word ain’t never seen Day so golden, Earth so green ... Put my face into the stream That I might see What ... might have been Oh my heart how time has flown Feet that pass along the stone I hardly recognized my home All

Amon Düül Ii - A short stop at the transsylvanian brain-surg.. lyrics

master Of all disaster Going to disappear In ... that rain Saving the pocket full of laughter Mona Lisa its out of ... people crying Do you see what goes on Do the highway Do

Astronomikon - A sad day at argos lyrics

The prophecy foretelling that Perseas will kill King Acrisius is fulfilled as Perseas decides to go to Larissa to ... the throwing of the discus. Acrisius attends the games and

Alestorm - You are a pirate lyrics

what you want ’cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate ... Yar – har – fiddle-dee-dee, being a pirate is all right to be! Do what ... you want ’cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate

Smosh - Pirate's life (glitch hop) (peteywunder remix.. lyrics

knows that Blackbeard's the best, there's nothing ... more to say, but I hear there's this new bloke around, by the name of Kenway. ... He's always hiding in his white hood

Kenny Chesney - Pirate flag lyrics

I come from a little bitty, homegrown small ... town, Smoky Mountains, nice place to hang around ... Moonshine, that's where they make it, Put ... it in a jug, makes you wanna get naked. But I jumped on a

Jonas Brothers - Yo ho (a pirate's life for me) lyrics

ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. We pillage ... plunder, we rifle and loot. Stand up me hearties ... yo ho. We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot. Stand

Cady Groves - The life of a pirate lyrics

not easy to be this complicated Cause I lose my way, I change my mind And I’m more ... recently jaded Or I’ll be indecisive, and always end up choosing The

Disneymania - Yo ho (a pirate's life for me) by jonas broth.. lyrics

ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. We pillage ... plunder, we rifle and loot. Stand up me hearties ... yo ho. We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot. Stand

The Frustrators - Pirate song lyrics

you seen the look in a pirate's eyes When he hears the ... words "last call" Stand back and clear ... a path to the bar Cuz someone's gonna fall

Dj Scotty - Scotty - he's a pirate lyrics


New York Dolls - Take a good look at my good looks lyrics

slumbers in nature And awakens in mind And finally ... Yourself in time Call us what you will but Love ... made us like this So what? Yeah, this whole world is just Artifice Take a good look at

40 Below Summer - A season in hell lyrics

this a dark this is a place I can't escape would you leave me here Lying in wait hanging like baits strangled by ... fate would you even care This is my curse this is

Nick Lowe - A better man lyrics

done things I’m not proud of And too often watched my dreams ... turn to sand But it looks like I might have turned a ... corner You make me want to be a better man

Casket - A lover in disguise lyrics

wonder why can´t you be the one embracing ... me Why can´t you see what magic it would be To share ... with me I tried to hide my yearing looks at you Just there

Alan Jackson - A love like that lyrics

I've been wonderin' what I've been missin' I guess I ... should have known But my heart does and it ain't whisperin ... it tells me just what it wants Someone who knows what I

Morgana Lefay - A final farewell lyrics

s dais Not far from the crossfire stake ... She stands there concealed with her cloak ... Remembering her father's last words; "Goodnight my ... from this town while you can" Her sense fills with anger and sorrow Her tears make her freeze in the chill ..

Daniel J - A girl like you lyrics

love her converse, ripped jeans And the way she looks at ... No one does it better, I swear She wears her hair down, make-up She don't even need that staff Taking pictures

Kim Richey - A place called home lyrics

it's not hard to see Anyone who looks at me Knows I ... am just a rolling stone Never landing any place to call my own To call my own Well, it seems

Slechtvalk - A call in the night lyrics

sharp hail is blown into my face by a storming wind I take ... shelter in a small wooden church near the black woods A choir sings some ... songs of praise and worship for their Lord For

Anthony Stewart Head - At the opera tonight lyrics

Alexa Vega: I MUST BE BRAVE. COME, COME WHAT MAY. CAN ... I BE SAVED? IS THERE A WAY... AT THE OPERA TONIGHT? ... Blind Mag-Sarah Brightman: I’VE MADE MY PEACE. Nathan/Repo Man-Anthony Stewart

Barbie - At the ball lyrics

that billow, sleeves that tie Are the only things to ... wear at the ball Tease your hair up three feet high If you ... want to show your flair at the ball what are those

Blossoms - At most a kiss lyrics

wrote to fear It disappeared At most a kiss this time ... be your boy I'll pocket the earth Into the abyss we'll ... climb At most a kiss this time. Is it on?

Ella Fitzgerald - At last lyrics

last my love has come along My lonely days are over ... And life is like a song At last the skies above are blue And my heart was wrapped up in ... clover The night I looked at you I found a dream that I

Beth Hart - At the bottom lyrics

in my breath-not taking a step The good church has ... my dirty feet Burnin' the lawn-everyone's gone Ain't no ... BBQ going on today I drink my dinner in the shade [Pre-Chorus:] Days &amp

Nat King Cole - At last lyrics

was never spellbound by a starry sky What is there to moon ... glow, when love has passed you by Then there came a ... midnight and the world was new Now here am I so

Corey Hart - At the dance lyrics

know the kind of girl spreads mystique She'll plant a ... kiss upon your cheek - whoa She's the one the rich boys ... like She guards a slingshot from their sight

Darkness - 05 seemed like a good idea at the time lyrics

may not get back what we had, what I threw away But you ... know I would do anything, anything you say I'd cross a ... thousand miles of broken glass on my hands and knees I

Gang Of Four - At home he's a tourist lyrics

home he feels like a tourist At home he feels like a tourist ... He fills his head with culture He gives ... himself an ulcer He fills his head ... culture He gives himself an ulcer Down on the disco

Joy Division - At a later date lyrics

put down when we try to get away? Why must we all grow up ... when we could just play and play? Good things in life are ... free, can't buy everything, that's true Only one thing wrong

L'ame Immortelle - At the end lyrics

paths, they seem outdated To many reasons, I have ... stated The path divides, I have to decide A new life. A ... new way to stride. Hollow eyes, are watching me Tell me which

Foe - A handsome stranger called death lyrics

dark and handsome, a ciga in your mouth A little black ... dog, and suitcase by your side The lights are turned down real low, I ... go, I couldn't help but take my lipstick out You told

Forgive Durden - I've got a witch mad at me and you could get .. lyrics

this your fair warning. There's no turning back now. You're leaving your ... Blanket of cleansed gospel For the smut of ... won't need your own wool coat Because out there the sun

Falsettos Musical - A day in falsettoland lyrics

Day In Falsettoland, Dr. Mendel At Work. You ... go out on the streets, And there are all these people asking for a handout! You go ... home, you open up your mail, And it's full of people asking

Lea Michele - There's a light (over at frankenstein place) lyrics

the velvet darkness of the blackest night Burning bright, ... there’s a guiding star No matter what or who you are. ... There’s a light over at the Frankenstein Place

John Farnham - Seemed like a good idea (at the time) lyrics

ve been a fool, I have been cruel You put your faith in me Ask myself why, no alibi Now that you're facing ... me Did things my way, I've had my say Sometimes I crossed

Ronan Keating - At the end of a perfect day lyrics

s all in a perfect way Just a part of The perfect way And ... as long as The world goes around I will pray as I lay ... me down At the end of A perfect day I wake to greet

Mortem - A demon tale lyrics

raven spreads its wings, as the sun comes down Once again, at the old priest's ... shelter, to tell his tale he begins: "Since ... the dawn of far away times he walks amongst human race, lord of darkened ways

Panic! At The Disco - Death of a bachelor lyrics

I look lonely? I see the shadows on my face People have ... told me I don't look the same Maybe I lost weight I'm ... playing hooky, with the best of ... the best Put my heart on my chest, so that you can see it too I'm walking

Every Avenue - A story to tell your friends lyrics

was the type of feeling that, can't be explained The way ... she moved her lips and she drove me insane And ... now I'm left here in the wake of something more She made

Less Than Jake - Portrait of a cigarette smoker at 19 lyrics

used to be a stereotype Half alive with half open eyes With ... a one track mind And a flawed design Feeling like I was ... lost At sea at only the age of 19 Floating around in alcohol and apathy Taking in

Natewantstobattle - "mangled" - a five nights at freddy's 2 lyrics

re back Revamped The madness never ends We're not Alone This time we've brought ... hope But you keep on coming back If it's what you really want You can be just like us

Skyclad - A word to the wise lyrics

far outside Earth's fragile atmosphere It's clearly apparent that the end is near The ... sleeper wakens and removes His golden casque ... Vital signs return to his

Emilie Autumn - At what point does a shakespeare say lyrics

what point does a Shakespeare say I feel it's time I ... write a play What subject shall it be today A tragedy I ... ve done Lovers twain have been united Audiences are

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - A boy named sue lyrics

daddy left home when I was three And he didn't leave ... much to ma and me Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze. ... Now, I don't blame him cause he run and hid But the meanest thing that he ever did Was before he left, he went and

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Pasties and a g-string (at the two o'clock cl.. lyrics

like a brewery, looking like a tramp, I ain't got a quarter ... got a postage stamp Been five o'clock shadow ... boxing all around the town, Talking with the old man,

Fergie lyricsFergie - A little party never killed nobody lyrics

ain’t got time for you baby. Either you’re mine, or ... you’re not. Make up your mind sweet baby. ... Right here, right now’s all we got. A little party

Dark At Dawn - (a sleep) in a watery red lyrics

s fallen, flesh's calling spilling in the flood ... some tears of blood and agony There on the beach lying ... wasting and staining the sands of time indifferently

Death Angel - A room with a view lyrics

at the window staring down Listen to the ... people shuffle around Hear the children laughing Feel ... the morning breeze Sunlight warms his skin The autumn air

Amy Diamond - A good day lyrics

m always a millions things at once A hundred thousand ... feelings at the same time I get a little ... insecure I get a little complicated I get a ... little immature Head over heels I'll be laughing

Lowkey - A million and one lyrics

It's lowkey. For all my people that wanna make a ... million pound. yeah A million Blud trust me, this ... time next year. We will be millionaires ... There's a million ways to make a million chips Just ask

Eva Cassidy - A bold young farmer lyrics

bold young farmer courted me He stole my ... heart and my liberty He stole my heart without free goodwill And ... I must confess that I love him still I wish,

Reba Mcentire - A christmas letter lyrics

an antique desk An old man sits alone It's Christmas ... Eve And it's almost time to go He signs ... his name to a letter he just wrote Then he ... reads it back with a voice as soft as snow Chorus: I want peace on earth for Christmas In a world where there's

Lady Sovereign - A little bit of shhh lyrics

shhh for the MC please (thank-you) Yo I ain't featherweight nor bantom weight, ... Cause the only thing I be is heavyweight, Let me demonstrate ... lyrically decorate, Check out the vibe that I

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - A thousand conversations lyrics

thousand conversations on a never ending theme Seem to ... linger in my mind like the fragments of a dream That was ... once a part of you and remains a part of me It's the

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