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Beto Vazquez Infinity - To live for the king lyrics

the sun Is seen by everyone And no one can deny that it's ... real And when you hear the call Come crashing through the ... wall You just can't doubt the things that you

Shape Of Despair - ...to live for my death... lyrics

life will be gone soon leaving myself... into the ... .. There's nothing left for me, anymore... everything ... is gone. Nothing left to feel nor to understand. I

Lucy Woodward - Too much to live for lyrics

there, don't hang up Before you get any ideas I know that I was a, a pain in the ass ... out of fear Of princes with tiny ... troubles weighing me down And oh, I've wasted so much

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Live for the king lyrics

dark night in paradise, the moon was on the rise ... Yon can hear the cries when someone dies ... On the scaffold in the valley of the king The ... knights turned to stone with their flesh and their

The Rocket Summer - I want something to live for lyrics

2,3,4 Once I was fearless, Going up against the ... world Optimistic, seeing all the reasons for. Crept ... through the darkness, I could live through anything. where,

Moriah Peters - Don't want to live for me lyrics

day come and gone I do what I hate to do A little right ... a little wrong, it's true Another choice another fall I ... tell myself to stop But on my own it's a war and I've lost Why do say one

Escape The Fate - Live for today lyrics

ground Get the f*** out of town I need a different scene ... I gott a b-b-b-break free It's going down, down, ... down Couldn't find words to say Everybody's in the way

The Hollies - Something to live for lyrics

ve seen so many towns Where the trains don't ... ever stop Though we hear all night sounds There's no ... side left to the shop Nothing but changes ... of face That life arranges Nothing but strangeness

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Something to live for lyrics

the hell have we done To get this far down? Yeah take ... a look at us now And what we’ve become Seems like ... we’re taking care of everybody else But we forgot our own A soldier, a

Pillar - Live for him lyrics

me a couple minutes maybe one or two to tell you about the time I'm spendin' ... with my crew Travelin' down the road on the way to the show Fraff backseat

Thomas Puskailer - Live for the moment lyrics

shoulder, shoulder Don’t wait till you’re getting older, ... older Too late when the party’s ova, ova You got to live for the moment You got to live for the mo oh oh oh oh

Criminal Colection - Something to live for lyrics

is still something to live for. These are the reasons for ... our lives. I want to experience more and more. ... With all my friends who do not know ... lying. I want to meet a nice girl. I would never want to stay alone. I want to

Danger Silent - Nothing left to live for lyrics

are not avaible Hmm, it looks like we ... don't know anything about this track! Can you help

Heaven 17 - We're going to live for a very long time lyrics

don’t care about life Or the world around ... me I’ve got a place to go I don’t care what you say ... Words cannot harm me You’re going down below ... Come and join the fun on the way to

Like Moths To Flames - Something to live for lyrics

thoughts tried to being me down, the soulless ... pulling underneath the ground. And darkness ... finally it sinks in. This is the ... last thing I thought I'd see. I

Lostprophets - Jesus walks lyrics

break, shake it off. Wake from your slumber. Hey ... kids live to shock, here comes the ... thunder. Time to make a choice when you are older ... We’ll be sorry enough for you baby I remember when

Everyday Sunday - Live for you tonight lyrics

my mind distracted all the time. I cant figure ... this world of lies. She walks into her mind of aggravation. She looks into the ... eyes of empty sad frustration. Now I'm wandering around and I wanna be found,

1gn (1 Girl Nation) - Live for you lyrics

The Curb Just chillin at the bus stop Trying to feel ... dope in my brand new high-tops And my brain cant explain all the ways i feel You You Yeah Sixteen so mean in my

Hatebreed - Live for this lyrics

s go! Live for this, Live, Live Live for this Live for ... this, Live, Live If you don't live for ... something, You'll die for nothing. Through the best and the worst The struggle and sacrifice. For the true

Rachael Lampa - Live for you [marbella mad motion mix] lyrics

for You [Marbella Mad Motion Mix] Live for You [Marbella Mad Motion Mix] Live for You [Marbella Mad Motion Mix] ... Live for You [Marbella Mad Motion Mix] Live for You [Marbella Mad Motion Mix

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Live for the music lyrics

people say I'm no good laying in my bed all day but ... the night times comes I'm ready to rock and roll my ... troubles away I don't care if the sun don't shine I

Dangerous Toys - To live the lie lyrics

weighs you down Colors flash faces all around Someone ... in control Glad to be there in your hole Live ... thru taken life Comfort in the dimming light

Night Ranger - Live for today lyrics

a bridge Into someone else's mind Can be so confusing And ... there was no sense of right Walking ... a street full of light And your miles away Casting

A Global Threat - Live for now lyrics

see you everday on your way home from work your ... feeling run down in your slacks and company shirt ... rotting in a cubical thats 5x4 i can't stand this

Ll Cool J - Live for you lyrics

quot;How y'all feel out there?" ... "...Aw yeah!" [Brad Paisley] No matter how you ... feel, where you are Just know that I love you,

Natalie Grant - Live for today lyrics

in my room staring at the wall Wonderin' about the meaning of it all Why is it this ... thing called life Has got me goin' crazy So I ... open up your word and let it speak to me The

Lothlöryen - To live forever lyrics

was used to wander alone Always lost in idle thoughts When ... I saw your face came the change A new sense to life ... then I could not hide Paralyzed, breathless in that

Gloria Estefan - Live for loving you lyrics

awake I turn to you as you are softly sleeping. I think ... of what I'd like to do while you are Somewhere ... dreaming. I, I feel so happy by your side, oh why, I

Insania (swe) - To live another day lyrics

this what I had in mind, when I tried to see the sign ... The best days of my life just when away. ... With tears in my eyes,years are passing by, I'm getting

Silverstein - To live and to lose lyrics

painted lines along the way back to see you Fighting sleep and drifting in the rain, I ... couldn't get through I was thrown from my mind with no ... one there to catch me To lead me back to life Had to leave it behind and send my other

Peabo Bryson - Live for love united lyrics

you ever dream of playing for the biggest team there is on ... earth have you ever played dreaming large the time ... is now and you are the star the ball it is travelling in your direction

Paisley Brad - Live for love united lyrics

you ever dreamed of playing for the biggest team there is on ... earth? Have you ever played at dreaming large? The time is ... now and you are the star The ball is travelling in

Gromee - Live for the lights (feat. ali tennant) lyrics

live for the lights Dance for little bit That’s where the ... magic is Party till the sun appears I live for the lights ... Maybe I’ve just been a little bit stressed out And

It Lives, It Breathes - Live for the night (cover krewella) lyrics

live for the night, I live for the lights I live for the ... high ’til I’m free falling I live for the night, I live for the ... lights I live for the high ’til I’m free falling (falling, falling, falling…) ‘Til I’m free falling

Krewella - Live for the night lyrics

live for the night, I live for the lights I live for the ... high til' I'm free falling I live for the night, I live for the ... lights I live for the high til' I'm free falling (falling, falling, falling…) ‘Til I’m free falling

Pascal Obispo - Live for love united lyrics

you ever dreamed of playing for the biggest team there is on ... earth? Have you ever played at dreaming large? The time is ... now and you are the star The ball is travelling in

Blue Öyster Cult - Live for me lyrics

was a wet night And the other guy Was lubricated with a pint of Jack His ... hit Jimmy's chevy With a sound like a thunder crack ... I was working late but I felt it happen I

Enforcer - Live for the night lyrics

from the dark depths of hell you come to ... play with my life I feel your ... venomous glance cutting like a knife Take me away With ... your sinister list Seduce me and I can't resist We live for

Lit - Live for this lyrics

ve been fallin' apart at the seams But it's not as ... it seems Broken pieces around at my feet That I dance ... on In my darkest day In my darkest day I can find you We

King The Kid - Live. love. lyrics

your bedroom in your own reality you're feeling all alone ... turned off your phone so you can breathe You put your headphones on and turn it up ... you know the perfect song to sing along And you're

Silent Force - Live for the day lyrics

a wish that I can come and claim Simple reasons that are ... not hard to obtain, Thinking back on what I have not done (What little to ... show) There was a time when I know I was lost

At Vance - Live for the sacred lyrics

cry's been heard before It's evil to the core Chanting in the distant Calling ... out for more Always - hunted - wanted It's an ... everlasting chase Always - hunted - wanted Ages

Black Steel - Live for the fight lyrics

pound the path in troubled times, ... experience to gain Your body twists in pain, ... never will descend Like gazing at an hourglass with ... seconds to remain Find yourself the reasons,

Natalie Cole - Live for your love lyrics

up, stand on your own That's what they tell me You can ... make it alone But where does it say I ... have to move Far away from you To prove I'm ... strong Oh when, all it really proves Is I'm lonely

Rachael Lampa - Live for you lyrics

have spoken in the sunset You have whispered words of comfort ... the wind You know everything about me Before my life began, ... you held me in Your hand You have walked these roads before me You have known

Pixie Lott - Live for the moment lyrics

about it, it's all we can do Think about it, we cannot be moved Just like a ... fire burning brighter than the stars Oh it's in your ... heart I can see you, baby, you see me We don't ever,

Matty B Raps - Live for today lyrics

say that we reckless They say we can’t do it our own way ... They can’t promise tomorrow So let’s live for today They love to have no fun ... (no fun) We love to make stops along the way They can’t

Planet Funk - Live for you lyrics

You knew me before I was born You knew every mistake ... that I would make You chose me to walk by ... your side You even knew the path that I would take Everyday

The Rasmus - Live forever lyrics

it an angel That knocked on my door Or was ... it a wind Was I still sleeping Lost in a ... dream Or was it you We swam in the fountains Beneath ... the northern stars We cried from the laughter

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - I will live for you lyrics

always in my way The fuse and the give Just lost you ... yesterday And living for myself You opened up the hard way kid You showed me what ... truth is And how to give I will live for you

Dokken - Live to rock (rock to live) lyrics

out of breath And I feel I'm moving too slow ... Backwards and forwards I don't know which way I ... should go There's a solution To make all your

Ratt - Live for today lyrics

in the pourin rain Watchin all my years Feelin all the pain Gonna take some time For ... this heart of mine to find Sometimes you win ... sometimes you lose Its time for you to choose Live for today Don't wait till tomorrow

Toto lyricsToto - Live for today lyrics

I'm a liar when I tell you that I just don't care Babe, I ... ve got to have you but you're never ever, ... ever there Hey, the game is over, give it up right

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Live for lyrics

1: The Weeknd] Getting sober for a day Got me feeling too low ... Always try and make me slow down Tryna tell me ... how to live I'm about to lose control If they can watch me f*** it up all in one

All Time Low - To live and let go lyrics

of the past A quietly crash And the tables turn You're beautiful strange Defiantly brash Be careful now Kid, you ... re a cut above Always just a cut above the rest If

Dismember - Live for the fear (of pain) lyrics

Born without dying empty walk alone for a lifetime denied ... the spark of life forever missing a fear so vast ... Soul bleeding never healing at the end of the day

Hinder - Live for today lyrics

me the road and I will find my own You ... build your bridges and I'll burn 'em down So far away and all alone I roam I'll ... take my chances in the here and now And all you wonder

Inmoria - Will to live lyrics


Pennywise - Something to live fo lyrics

to follow Hard to swallow Don't you know that they ... re wasting your time But they need ... you And beseech you To support their bastion of ... crime Oh, the darkness is falling Yeah, can we wake up in

Play - To live and to die for lyrics

I knew just what to say I would make it go away All this pain inside I don't wanna fight I refuse to say ... goodbye It's because I'm much too proud To apologize When I know you're

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