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Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Find me a man lyrics

just a girl That doesnt like the thought of ... being alone I need to be loved and ... held real close Im the kind of girl ... That needs to be caressed and kissed so soft, yeah

Hymn - A man walks into a bar lyrics

I am sat in a Bar and a Man walks in. A man walks into a bar in Kemp Town and says &quot ... I f***in' hate queers I tell you what If ... one came near I'd smash a glass in his f***in' face. I'd

4him - Measure of a man lyrics

world can analize and size you up and throw you ... on the scales They can i.q. you and run you through ... Their rigorous details They can do their best

4him - The measure of a man lyrics

world can analize and size you up and throw you ... on the scales They can I.Q. you and run you through ... Their rigorous details They can do their best to rate you And they'll place you on the charts And then back it up with

Big Shaq - Man's not hot lyrics

Big Shaq, the one and only Man's not hot, never hot Skrrat ... skidi-kat-kat Boom Two plus two is ... four, minus one that's three, quick maths Everyday man's on the block, smoke

The Who lyricsThe Who - A man is a man lyrics

talk about crazy affairs You talk about your life as though it mattered You get attention 'cos you block the stairs Bragging about some ... bottles you have shattered Well I met a man who

The Who lyricsThe Who - Imagine a man lyrics

a man Not a child of any revolt But a plain man ... tied up in life Imagine the sand Running out as ... he struts Parading and fading, ignoring his wife Imagine a road So long looking backwards You can't see where

Chesney Hawkes - I'm a man not a boy lyrics

say the word and I'll obey Until I feel ... like I will overload You make the rules, you make the ... rules But soon I will be on my own Now I'm going ... down my road, yeah You better think about it

The Who lyricsThe Who - A man in a purple dress lyrics

dare you wear a robe to preside How dare you ... cover your head to hide Your face from God ... How dare you smile from behind your ... beard To hide the fact your heart's afeared, And

Faith Hill - A man's home is his castle lyrics

pourin' coffee slingin' hash She said, "I wouldn't ... have come in today "But I really need the ... cash "I know I can't fool anyone 'cause dark glasses tell no lies "But make-up won't cover up a blackened eye" Oh, oh, oh

Audio Adrenaline - Will not fade lyrics

will not fade I won't let my light go ... out I will not masquerade I know who I am, and what my purpose ... is all about (chorus) For all these years I've traveled

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Only a man lyrics

you know it is hard Being a long time apart But it´s you ... that I love, don´t you see And when I go away You say, ... please stay okay I want you to stay only with me

U2 lyricsU2 - A man and a woman lyrics

sister Don't you worry about a thing today Take the heat ... the sun Little sister I know that everything is not ok ... my tongue True love never can rent But only true love can

Lord Vicar - A man called horse lyrics

and clean I rode across the ocean And took the ... steam train through the mist and wasted land Taken by ... surprise I watched the silent motion The ... strength to hunt and kill was taken from my hand Lifted

Boney M - A woman can change a man lyrics

woman can change a man If she loves him, the way ... that I'm in love with you I know it, I know that I can If it ... s the last thing, the last thing I'd ever do So you

Shakespeare's Sister - A man in uniform lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Alex Band - Will not back down lyrics

let you down but I'll make it up to you somehow In ... you'll see it's true if my will is strong And I know that as ... these days go on You'll find I'll get

Belinda Carlisle - A woman and a man lyrics

took a walk today to where the ocean meets ... the sky I thought about the way They always say ... love never dies And as the sun went down I saw a ... lovers silhouette A woman and a man in a dance I envied

Face To Face - The devil you know (god is a man) lyrics

s all right Everything is fine ... perfect life Never one immoral thought inside your mind ... What they say Does it make you feel ashamed? Isn't ... everyone the same? Does it matter that it wasn't your idea

Rumer - A man needs a maid lyrics

life is changing in so many ways I don't know who to trust anymore There's a shadow ... running through my days Like a beggar going from door to ... door. I was thinking that maybe I'd get a maid Find a place nearby for her to stay.

Buldok - A man / alone against the world lyrics

carries away all forever, cry quiets a ... grief and pain a noble man, the hero of dying times, saw the sign of destiny The ... sky was majestic in August's breeze, the silence

Dala - A man needs a maid lyrics

life is changing in so many ways I don't know who to trust anymore There's a shadow ... running through my days Like a beggar going from door to ... door I was thinking that maybe I'd get a maid Find a place nearby for her to stay

Korpiklaani - A man with a plan lyrics

I first found myself on the road, I was taught by certain ... troll? By the sea and across the lands, with calming ... drinking hand? Easily raised! Grappa grappa hey!

Montgomery Gentry - A man's job lyrics

tore me up to sign them papers that set you free Then ... seeing your boy toy strap my baby's in them car seats Made me ... wanna knock the dust off that peacemaker And go out with a

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Not listening lyrics

m not listening, not anymore The more I learn, the ... more I ignore I'm not listening, not anymore The ... more I hear, the more I ignore I'm not ... listening, not anymore, NO Cause You gotta

Beck - A man named will lyrics

evening as a moonshiner laid in his room drinking ... himself to sleep A dream came upon his eyes causing him ... to weep It was all about a man named Will, a drinker from way back when The liquor caused

Ben Taylor - Think a man would know lyrics

to the west of Lambert's Cove There is a sail ... out in the sun And I'm on board though very small I've ... come home to stop yearning Burn off the haze around the shore Turn off the

Celtic Folk - A mans a man for all that lyrics

Man's A Man For All That DGADGA Is there for honest ... poverty one who hangs his head and all that? DGADGA The coward slave we pass him by we dare be poor for all that! DGDG

Inxs - Jesus was a man (demo/outtakes) lyrics

was a man He was better than you or I And they didn't ... didn't tell him, you didn't know Hitler was a man He didn ... t know what to do anymore Everybody said

George Jones - I know a man who can lyrics

George) I can't take a heart that broken make it over again But I know a man who can And I can't take a soul, hm, and make it white, whiter than ... snow But I know a man who can. Some call Him Savior,

Rodney Atkins - A man on a tractor lyrics

woke up the same way this morning Like a stranger in my own life Tired and ... confused with too much to do Nothing left for my kids and my ... wife Oh I clung to that first cup of coffee Praying

Brad Paisley - A man don't have to die lyrics

he yelled out from the back row look here preacher man ... We all know you're new here but you need ... to understand It don't really scare us when you yell and

4him - A man you would write about lyrics

the time time began You Always chose a man To lead the ... people safely by Your Way To be a voice and echo what ... You Say Like David or Abraham Your Word is full of such

In Thy Dreams - A man of dreams lyrics

surrounds me, clouds are floating by I'm floating free in a big black ocean An ocean of ... thoughts swirling around Memories are floating ... decide I'm the king You're a man made of dreams Oh, I

Neil Patrick Harris - A man's gotta do lyrics

man's gotta do what a man's gotta do Don't plan the ... plan If you can't follow through All that ... matters Taking matters into your own hands ... My wish is your command Stand back Everyone, Nothin here

Orbs - A man of science lyrics

calculated, the words that come. ah! but the glorious ... shine of a polished tongue. have you ... been up practicing all night long? your mouth ... forms chords and arpeggiates. it sounds so sweet but

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - A man for all seasons lyrics

man for all seasons One eye on the shadows ... sun up to the moon on his back Sent the villains to Hades ... A hit with the ladies A stallion in the sack You can’t

Boston - A man i'll never be lyrics

I said what's on my mind You'd turn and ... walk away Disappearing way back in your dreams It's so hard to be unkind So easy just ... to say That everything is just the way

No Omega - A man reprieved lyrics

up grey dust i look up and see
that all kings are dead ... and that we're finally free i stare at the joy ... s eyes they tell me they also can see it in mine am i

Hellion - Will not go quietly resurrection lyrics

raise up my hands to the night sky ... Invoking the powers that be Oh, lead me to my ... ghosts of the Elders Recalling the old memories Oh, ... lead me to destiny!

Joell Ortiz - A man with a gun lyrics

Notorious B.I.G.:] I'm hard, Jehovah said I'm barred ... from the pearly gates F*** him, I didn't want ... to go to Heaven anyway But my momma got me on my ... knees with my hands gripped Talking 'bout some praise the

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - A man inside my mouth lyrics

woke up at seven and my body was vibrating i was wrapped up ... in a blanket i was grey damp and sore the bedroom was an engine and my heartbeat was ... erratic (like i think i'm at the racing like the night

Biffy Clyro - A man of his appalling posture lyrics

inspection, we'll breed that infection, release it to the ... world We'll blame it on the girls, we'll blame it on the boys, again, again, again, again Taste the

Cradle - Man is a man lyrics


George Jones - A man i always wanted to meet lyrics

was thrilled to death the day that Babe Ruth signed my baseball bat I always remember ... that, the greatest one of all When I was out in ... Hollywood John Wayne tipped his cowboy hat And

Samael - A man in your head lyrics

Up! They Try To Steal The Man In Your Head Make You Kneel ... Of Icons They Took The Place Which Wasn't Theirs Enslave You With A Power They Don't ... Have Don't Need To Be Guided

Angtoria - A child that walks in the path of a man lyrics

face that stuns me Sends my soul into ... shock A voice that numbs me Re-directs my ... I try to run before I could walk? Seems you place the blame ... truth! So you think you know what's good for me? Thats

Fall Of Troy, The - A man. a plan. a canal. panama. lyrics

turn of the century, that's turning out wrong. No matter what words they say, you ... can rest assured. The stinging wind, ... is. Pulling strings, and clipping wings, I knew

Finch - A man alone lyrics

up this morning without a face I've fooled myself again ... I've sold myself again Another wasted day counting shades ... Of gray, another fool's attempt to fall from grace A

Love - A house is not a motel lyrics

my house I've got no shackles You can come and look ... if you want to In the halls you'll see the mantles ... Where the light shines dim all around you And the

Merle Haggard - A drunk can't be a man lyrics

embarrasses his child and wife Lord, he leads a ... miserable life But still he thinks ... the bottle is his right hand Yes and he can tear down ... more Than he's ever built before A man can be a drunk sometimes

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - A man lyrics

am a man as a man I've been told Bacon is ... Born of your bellies I yearn for the cord Years I have ... groveled repentance ignored And I have been ... blamed And I have repented I'm working my way toward our union mended I

Engelbert Humperdinck - A man without love lyrics

can remember when we walked together Sharing a love ... I thought would last forever Moonlight to show ... the way so we can follow Waiting inside her eyes was my

George Jones - A drunk can't be a man lyrics

embarrasses his child and wife Lord, he leads a ... miserable life But still he thinks ... the bottle in his right hand If' he can tear down more ... than he's ever built before A man can be a drunk sometimes

The Monkees - A man without a dream lyrics

life, my soul is out of tune And I feel like I'm growing old ... for you, I just couldn't compare And the keys to my happiness, I let slip away ... Now I'm a man without a dream I've got a heart that has

Salad - A man with a box lyrics

the 1920s a man with a box came to stay In the 1930s the man with a box went away In the ... 1940s a man with a box went beserk In the 1950s ... the man with a box left for work A man

Elliott Smith - A living will lyrics

to kill wrote a living will and gave it to the man in the ... moon but i'm gonna get well soon this happy face is watching me die elevate ... me to another world all that i can do in my own is leave

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - A man lyrics

Sen Dog] Don't let nobody treat me like crap I'm pullin heads off sharp and smack em off ... francs The best in these days I smoke on these tracks ... Gonna mash your plan for holdin me back Jump up

Dgm - A man i'll never be lyrics

inside me is changing my thoughts Someone ... me suggest me the truth I can't understand well if it's me ... or a dream This voice is rising but ... Just right here, I'm sitting alone Into this cold and empty

Pj Harvey - A woman a man walked by lyrics

went to you, a woman-man A courageous friend, I thought ... But turned out so wrong was I When we were up against ... the wall He had chicken-liver balls He had

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