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A Lazy Afternoon Lizz lyrics

Browse for A Lazy Afternoon Lizz song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed A Lazy Afternoon Lizz lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to A Lazy Afternoon Lizz.

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Tony Bennett - Lazy afternoon lyrics

s a lazy afternoon And the beetle bugs are zooming ... And the tulip trees are blooming And there's not another human in view, But us ... two It's a lazy afternoon And the farmer leaves his reaping In the meadows cows are

Hooverphonic - Sunday afternoon lyrics

sunny second in the late afternoon December has a nice ... It's four to five The warm fills the room While ... to some more 45's On Sunday afternoon And while time is

Plain White T's - Lazy day afternoon lyrics

s going on, but I don't care Leave me here, don't take ... me anywhere Why should I get up ... ve got nothing to do? Just another lazy day afternoon Beautiful day outside, but I don

Small Faces - Lazy sunday lyrics

with me neighbors But they make it very clear They've got ... no room for ravers They stop me from ... groovin' They bang on me wall They doing me crust in It

The Moody Blues - Lazy day lyrics

day, Sunday afternoon Like to get your ... feet up, watch TV Sunday roast is something good to eat ... Must be lamb today 'cause beef was last week So ... full up, bursting at the seams Soon you'll start to nod

Emma Stevens - Lazy lyrics

get the time for us anymore Rushin’ around but what’s it all for? Still ... together but we’re drifting apart Wasn’t love meant to be easy? And real life the hardest

The Lonely Island - Lazy sunday lyrics

The Lonely Island] Lazy Sunday, wake up in the late afternoon Call Parnell just to ... see how he's doin (Hello?) What up, Parns? (Yo Samberg, what ... s crackin?) You thinkin what I'm thinkin? (NARNIA!) Man

Drew Seeley - Lazy daze lyrics

stay in bed, cause I don’t wanna go to work I’d rather ... work on you Turn off your head, don’t worry about the ... things you think you gotta do Let’s hit snooze And take our time, take a break

The Kinks - Afternoon tea lyrics

time won't be the same without my Donna At night ... I lie awake and dream of Donna I think about that small cafe That's where we used to ... meet each day And then we used to sit a while

Capital Cities - Lazy lies lyrics

and tired, and you wanna see a change But you don't wanna ... change for me Be so kind to explain what's on your mind Your ... riddle of the century I'm afraid there was a lion lying in

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - Lazy boy lyrics

a lazy boy I’m a lazy boy I’m a lazy boy Never ... cared enough in time, I enjoy ... Being a lazy boy Lying in your bed ... Thinking of how A lazy boy loves you Am I gonna

David Byrne - Lazy lyrics

m Lazy when I'm loving I'm Lazy when I play I'm lazy with ... my girlfriend, a thousand times a day I'm lazy when ... I'm speakin I'm lazy when I walk I'm lazy when

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Lazy girl lyrics

a lazy girl. Yeah, yeah I’m a lazy girl. I’m a lazy girl. ... hwajang ttawin haji anhjyo bbadchin meori do sang ... gwan eobseo yo bab man meokgo tibil bwayo amu geot

Mark Salling - Afternoon delight lyrics

find my baby, gonna hold her tight gonna grab ... some afternoon delight. My motto's ... always been; when it's right, it's ... right. Why wait until the middle of a cold

Snak The Ripper - Lazy lyrics

Verse 1] Most of the day I just lay around on the rug ... Leaving a trail of drool like the ass on a ... slug Each task is enough to make me hate the next I can barely whack off let alone have

Bobby Darin - Lazy river lyrics

a lazy river by the old mill run Lazy river in the noonday sun ... Linger awhile in the shade of a tree Throw away your ... troubles dream with me Up a lazy river where the Robin's

Maria Haukaas - Lazy lyrics

get out of bed I think I’ll watch another Oprah instead I’m ... so jaded and I hate it There’s no use paying ... my bills today I’m gonna get evicted anyway I got

Rasputina - Afternoon of the faun lyrics

know my house floods at the basement In all, I'd sell it if ... the kitchen is freezing Because my furnace is not good ... If you accept my true intention To

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Lazy dynamite lyrics

Lazy Dynamite Oh Lazy Dynamite Oh Lazy Dynamite Oh Lazy Dynamite Won't You Come ... Is Right Oh Will You Fight That Feeling In Your Heart Don't ... You Know That Inside There's A Love You Can't Hide So Why

Noir Desir - Lazy lyrics

can see you're young and pretty I know it woulb be ... so easy Any way dark lady I feel lazy Those afternoons are confused I don't ... think that you really choose There's even one

Elio Pace - Lazy days lyrics

these lazy, lazy days Living these lazy, lazy days Living these lazy, lazy days These lazy days gonna last for a while Spent all day ... screaming And all night on the wire Got another shot, take my luck Wash away the pain, stench and

Simple Minds - Lazy lately lyrics

them a play Laid by the sea A lifetime of promises Translated to me It's been hard ... hard, hard It's been so hard Easy to place easy to fake When I don't know about

Donovan - Lazy daze lyrics

for a place with a real lazy pace, Lay right back, simply ... rest my mind. Living in a grass hut, swinging in a hammock, In some sleepy cove ... Swim, sit in the sun and easy dream a while. Don't

B. J. Thomas - Lazy man lyrics

s not that I don't love you, you know ... how much I do It's not that I'm afraid at all, or that I ... m feeling blue I'm not angry I'm not sick, there's ... wrong me You must understand my love I'm lazy, lazy as can be I'm a lazy, lazy man I

The Byrds - Lazy days lyrics

s a lazy day, I'm down with nothing else ... to do It's a crazy day, I've got a thing that I wanna try with you Now baby, ... don't you go away Please don't spoil my lazy day

Ne-yo - Lazy love lyrics

my lobby call was 11:30 I'm officially the ... opposite of early I gotta go downstairs Everybody waiting down there for me But I ... roll over into your curly hair And sexy body, oh so nice and curvy Reminiscing on last

Shwayze - Lazy days lyrics

days in los angeles If it ain't your parents, its the damn police We just want to get ... our kicks for free, we just want to get our kicks for free ... Well I was walking through mcarthur park

Sneddon David - Lazy lyrics

a kid in a candy store Your mama told you what to take and ... leave behind. But kid - you're ... older now. And standing on the street you're naked and you're blind. Easy

A-ha lyricsA-ha - Afternoon high lyrics

hits the corner of your eye As it bounces off the morning ... in the 70s fly by Bye Daylight hits the corners of ... your mind Steals the thought you thought no

Keith Anderson - Lazy with your love lyrics

baby... The alarm goes off and I smell the morning coffee ... I hear your shower running, here ... goes another day So I get up, pull back the ... shower curtain, Climb on in baby, let it rain Yeah, I got a

Orange Goblin - Lazy mary lyrics

new religion, a new war A new cause worth fighting for ... A new reason to rise for the day of the ... dead New jacket, new shoes A new meaning to have nothing

Architecture In Hesinki - Lazy (lazy) lyrics

he's mean talking beanstalking icey man My feet are walking over him My sneakers ... in his hand And with a picket for a knife and a ... rocket to depart in My life had barely started since you jumped all my

Louis Armstrong lyricsLouis Armstrong - Lazy river lyrics

haa haa, so, haa haa, wait on wait on Up lazy river ... the old mill run Meet the lazy river with the noon day sun ... Linger in the shade of a kind ole tree Throw away your

10cc - Lazy days lyrics

Days With Lazy Ways You get less done but ... more Out of your days How can you work yet avoid Getting ... out of your lazy ways You'll never get up if

The Kinks - Lazy old sun lyrics

old sun What have you done to summertime? ... Hiding away Behind all those misty thunder clouds ... Looking for you For you are my one reality When I'm dead and gone Your light will

Harry Nilsson - Lazy moon lyrics

Moon come out soon Make my poor heart beat warmer ... Light the way bright as day For my sweet little charmer She’s to meet me in the ... lane tonight If the sky is

Freezepop - Lazy lyrics

call woke me up at noon I thought it was much ... Pulled the covers tightly up and then I went back to sleep again Woke once more at half ... past one Getting out of bed's

Gramatik - Afternoon soul lyrics

Soul Afternoon Soul Afternono Soul Afternoon Soul ... Afternono Soul Afternoon

Gordon Lightfoot - Lazy mornin' lyrics

lazy mornin' No need to get ... down on anyone My son Coffee's in the ... kitchen Woman on the run No need to get ... bothered I'll think about Monday When Monday comes

Liza Minnelli - Lazy bones lyrics

How you 'xpect to get your day's work done? Never get your ... day's work done Sleepin' in the ... noon day sun Now, lazy bones, sleepin' in the shade How you expect to get your

Deep Purple - Lazy lyrics

re lazy just stay in bed You're lazy just stay in bed You don't want no ... money You don't want no bread If you're drowning you ... don't clutch no straw If you're drowning you don

Tone Damli - Lazy day in bed lyrics

s a quarter to nine baby come back to bed Take of ... those close And rest your pretty head I'll ... secret Something I've never said It's just a perfect day

Marilyn Monroe - Lazy lyrics

) No sorry,not tonight (that was quick!). Shhh! Yes? ... (Jim?Jack?Jeffrey?) No,it's just that I'm languid. (Well,how do ... you do?It's nice to know ya). Physically I'm in pretty

Suede lyricsSuede - Lazy lyrics

they come with their make-up on as lovely as the ... clouds, come and see them, Boys and girls and their mums and their words ... and their romances and jobs and their sons, Barking mad

The Byrds - Lazy waters lyrics

I was young I'd go down by the ... river Just about a mile from my home a million ... My eyes could see older as my ears could hear your song ... Oh to be wild again get back to your lazy waters Never

Ella Fitzgerald - Lazy lyrics

time I see a puppy upon a summers day A puppy dog at ... play My heart is filled with envy Thats because My heart is yearning to pass the time away

Letoya - Lazy lyrics

Intro: (LeToya talking)] I Don't know it's not ... you it's the ones who hurt me and I just can't afford to be ... hurt again so... [Verse 1:] Hold ... on I'm not really trying to go through this again I'm not jumping up and

Liz Phair - Lazy dreamer lyrics

fall hard, you fall deep even when you're awake you look half asleep do ... you even know what you did last summer? Wandering around ... deaf, dumb and blind with the girls all hanging around you Is that no

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Lazy day lyrics

listen to the sea, this is all what I have to be I’m ... this quiet fun The wind caresses so softly It feels ... loves me The sky is painted in smooth blue The

Toby Lightman - Lazy lyrics

night in the city, it’s really no place to be Taxicabs, ... running the red lights and buildings blocking out the ... breeze forget about the world outside our

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Lazy days lyrics

Days Calling to you Come out to play ... lies with you Now you can be sure Love is the cure ... What we're searching for Is to have A ... jolly good time Crazy days But you'll get me through

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Lazy poker blues lyrics

and my baby don't do nothing but laze around all day long Me and my ... baby don't do nothing but laze around all day long Yeah, ... when I'm with my baby Lazy pokin' going on She put

Enya - Lazy days lyrics

old day Rolling away Dreaming the day away Don't want ... to go Now that I'm in the flow Crazy amazing day One red balloon ... Floats to the moon Just let it

Jeremy Messersmith - Lazy bones lyrics

plays all night then sleeps all day Waves at the dawn ... With a stretch and a yawn He has to go to work at ... eight But he might have a cough So he's sleeping it

Jet - Lazy gun lyrics

messed up my television, yeah You get no younger from ... those colours in your hair You teach your kids how ... they're all young enough to fight You ... talk about the answer, tell them they’re all

Low - Lazy lyrics

There's not enough for two Sarah you're lazy She says it ... s not enough for two Sarah you're lazy

Andrew Bird - Lazy projector lyrics

serves us, then who owns the master How do we know who's ... projecting this reel And is it like gruel or like ... quick drying plaster Tell me how long til the

Silversun Pickups - Lazy eyes lyrics

ve been waiting I've been waiting for this moment all my ... But it's not quite right And this real It's impossible ... if possible At who's blind word So clear

Aesop Rock - Lazy eye lyrics

[Verse 1] My spirit animal comes with a pretzel bun ... Troll of the treadmill Record on the Kessel ... Run (allegedly) Edgy from elevenses ... to Megabucks Techies with the treble

Broken Bells - Lazy wonderland lyrics

m down by the fire At the oceanside Just waiting for that ... underwater world to say goodnight Don't you hear that sound From the tide and sand They'll tell us to keep

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