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A Hostage Situation lyrics

Browse for A Hostage Situation song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed A Hostage Situation lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to A Hostage Situation.

Midnight Hour - Hostage acoustic lyrics

tie me up and knock me down You steal ... the words out of my mouth And it’s not fair, but I don’t ... care You tie me round your ... fingertips You tear the tape off of my lips And I just

Sia lyricsSia - Hostage lyrics

when I should shout You make me cry and you make me come ... You are the cop and I’m on the run It all ... with just one kiss I’m held hostage by your love Put me in cuffs

Jack's Mannequin - Hostage lyrics

might hurt Come back to earth, come back to earth We ... don't mean to drag you down Thin air, ... slingshot You always find somewhere to wander ... off When I need you around So you wait until the

Digital Summer - Hostage lyrics

s alright to hate me I don't mind if you leave But it's not alright for ... you to say you love me And this time I've finally had enough Cause I've tried I

Razorlight - Hostage of love lyrics

make yourself a prisoner of me You blind ... yourself so you don't have to see You turn your life ... to a power above You make yourself a hostage of love ... from me, you turn from the strain Devote yourself to the

Mike Oldfield - Hostage lyrics

can't speak, you can't sleep You daren't move, ... you're confused You'r never talk, you can't walk you can't ... feel, you're not real. If I open my eyes, just

Lacuna Coil - Hostage to the light lyrics

whistling gets louder in my ears (Whisper in my ears) The ... is blowing stronger It’s hard to keep my feet upon the ... ground ‘Cause I’m ready to fly Now this is who

Nightcore - Hostage to the light (lacuna coill) (nightcor.. lyrics

whistling gets louder in my ears (Whisper in my ears) The ... is blowing stronger It’s hard to keep my feet upon the ... ground ‘Cause I’m ready to fly Now this is who

Queensrÿche - Hostage lyrics

hostage. I'm writhing in the cold ... grasp of justice, As she turns away. Blind is ... to be but, Someone took a razor to her mask. Rusted now ... the scales you hold, The balance tipped by the weight of

Billie Eilish lyricsBillie Eilish - Hostage lyrics

wanna be alone Alone with you - does that make ... sense? I wanna steal your soul And hide you in ... my treasure chest I don't know what to do To do with your kiss

Billie Eilish lyricsBillie Eilish - Hostage lyrics

wanna be alone Alone with you - does that make ... sense? I wanna steal your soul And hide you in ... my treasure chest I don't know what to do To do with your kiss

Shriekback - Hostage lyrics

will sample you off I will take you my hostage I will ... think of some names Oh yeah, bring your hooligan gods ... Your second hand language And your dangerous games I

Grip Inc. - Hostage to heaven lyrics

with a smile, etched upon its face ... a face of red, but a heart of stone cold black servants of two masters, the ... congregation splits serving sexuals

Eve 6 - Situation infatuation lyrics

was named for a saint, 1978 It seems a little ... don't think too much on it 'Cause I'm busy making pay ... Twenty-four in a day And if you fall into temptation

The Clipse - Hostage lyrics

Yo Pharrell, get the f*** up Get ... now Huh? Yo, it's your day date and we go this nigga tied ... down, right now Yo, wait til' I get there Dawg, you ... ain't gonna make it out of here bitch F***

Jacob Banks - Hostage lyrics

s not easy to love ya I've been trying so hard And I really want to But now ... you seem so far Ev-very-time Every time ... bout them other times And girl it kills me inside

Dangerkids - Hostage lyrics

to hide no time left for a compromise do I push back harder than I have before or ... just fall if I can't decide? that danger is real, I feel it all the time so

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Situation's heavy lyrics

decisions about my life It's up to me and I start to try I can't ... keep running away Trust my instincts right or ... I'll fight this one today Here's my point of view

Shawn Chrystopher - Situation feat. dom kennedy lyrics

Inglewood gon' stand up Yep, the man tough like ... handcuffs getting jammed up Hoping off that Peter ... Pan buzz with a damn slut Had the man f*** in a tan truck

Godsmack - Situation lyrics

in my sweat drying my tears, Waiting for you-I am... ... Making me feel like I don't care ... I don't care! This situation in my head Will this situation ever end? How can I feel if

Nightshade - Situation critical lyrics

s a hunger in my soul But the ... truth is seldom told About the lire and the pain ... The dawn brings both and in His name Bridge: What's the use in never dyin' As

1990s - Situation lyrics

the girl from the deli What's she all about? You know ... she really really Really really freaks me out. I'm in too ... deep. I really need to sleep. On playback with numbers So I can't

Push Play - Situation lyrics

single time I Look into the past I Think of what we had and ... It blows my mind I just want to symbolize How fast time ... can fly Don't tell us where to

Jeff Beck - Situation lyrics

fight for the basic right to choose To live a ... t intend to lose, The time has come when we must all decide ... To end our evil ways or let the whole world ... Who would of thought That wars were fought to free our

Earth Crisis - Situation degenerates lyrics

situation degenerates. Again alcohol hits the bloodstream. ... to feed the desire. Inebriation numbs the brain. Nothing ... changes, nothing improves. Empty ... bottles and empty days. The captive is pulled deeper into an aimless maze. Wasted time passes as the walls of the vice

Joy Enriquez - Situation lyrics

1 : She don't know about, what you You've been doing with ... me I feel bad about it What would you do If you were in ... ve known right from the start When you said she was just

The Kinks - Situation vacant lyrics

and Johnny were happy Earned enough to pay the rent ... But Johnny's mother-in-law had too much ambition And this ... made Johnny very upset So to ... keep his little mama satisfied He went and bought

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - The hostage lyrics

Lady:] Hallo [Kidnapper:] Lady we've just kidnapped your husband Have $800 ... 000 ready by tomorrow night And lady no police Or you'll ... never see your husband alive again [Lady:] Hallo I

Shampoo - Me hostage lyrics

Suck me in and spit me out the way you always do Kill me one more time ... or any time you want to Lust for me boy Pure ... and evil And it's me, hostage, dangerous and drole And

Holy Moses - World chaos lyrics

music: Andy Klassen] [words: Sabina Classen] ... All pissed of about the way people let things slide A cancer of society, it makes up ... mind Cheers for freedom camouflage the hostage situation

Kmfdm - That's all lyrics

the vision map the system soon to look into ... the mind Rediscover one another from abnormal points in ... time Fascination wish a way in to depart before they

Good Charlotte - Catherine (damn this situation) (bonus track) lyrics

we think about it We could talk about it If we analyze, if ... disturbs I'm losing sleep about it I toss and turn around it We're back and forth ... about it And nothing is done Catherine, you came out of

Oliver Onions - Same situation lyrics

Situation Same Situation Same Situation Same Situation Same Situation Same Situation Same Situation Same Situation ... Same Situation Same Situation Same Situation Same Situation Same Situation Same Situation Same Situation Same

Mohombi - Dirty situation lyrics

Akon, Miss Fatty's are burning on the dancefloor ... Big time, Red one, sjoe! Situation's dirty dirty, dirty dirty ... dirty dirty Situation's dirty dirty, dirty

Lea Salonga - That situation lyrics

s so much in life That we would like to do We can ... wait for love Until we know it ... up to us Not to jump into that situation I'm too young, ... not ready yet I got so much to do

Almah - The hostage lyrics

the name of fame and destruction You recute ... your dead poetry In the name of a sacred exposure You are living anonymously In ... the name of a needed acceptance You are selling your self

Keepsake - Letter to a hostage lyrics

want to take it back, the feelings that remind ... me of why I came back. I want to kill the dream and kill ... the current law. I want to bring you down to minus

Alice Cooper - A bad situation lyrics

one foot in the grave cause I work like a slave I don ... t get no vacation I want a piece of the cake, I want a ... slice of the stake I'm sick of cheap imitations I got a pain in the

Colin Hay - No win situation lyrics

bought her a diamond ring I had to sell everything She said ... don't like the stone I said let's fly to Bali Like a ... punch from Muhammad Ali She said she'd rather go to Rome

My Darkest Days - F***ed up situation lyrics

be home right now It’s a real small town I keep looking ... over my shoulder How many people know now You got a ... family at home You’re out with me

Honor Society - No win situation lyrics

was out with the guys just the ... other night, we were playing some pool, trying to have ... a good time. Chalking my cue, lining up to ... shoot, but i felt a hand on my shoulder, turned around it was you. Started talking to me all conspicuously

Joseph Arthur - Automatic situation lyrics

who you blame Like a moth into the flame Burn ... your wings, have scars to show Always gone before ... you go It's all down from here (Automatic, ... Automatic, Automatic situation) The fall you prepared

Hoobastank - No win situation lyrics

love the way that you show me The way you ... show me you love me The way you always break me down Manipulate and control me Because you think that you owe me

The Hollies - Peculiar situation lyrics

take walks in storms on rainy nights When it's cold I ... the wine It's these things that mean so much to me Ain't ... this a peculiar situation We're lovers but we

Danko Jones - Sticky situation lyrics

your rump Not surprised you had nothing to say To your ... the night before your birthday But you got up and took ... control of the situation Got it then he wants you

Hootie & The Blowfish - Gravity of the situation lyrics

blew past the army motorcade and it's abnormal load haulage ... The gravity of the situation came on us like a bit of new ... The bubbliest bubble bath broke down on the bank The

Heart - The situation lyrics

to the city away from the land, stand in a line Where ... they stamp your hand, wind up at a dance You want to ... energize, is it just by chance People have electric eyes

Sia lyricsSia - A situation lyrics

I live here with you In, in a kind of "yes, will do ... quot; Oh what part of now don't you understand ... I'm showing you well apparent Yeah I get the bluff if

Joe Bonamassa - Current situation lyrics

t have no trial held against me baby, Before I have a ... chance to explain my side. Don't have no trial held against me baby, ... Before I have a chance to explain my side. Although there's just some

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Good situation lyrics

girl I'm gonna make her mine If it takes all ... night That girl I'm gonna make her mine If it takes all ... night Good evening sweet darling May I ask your name

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Complicated situation lyrics

s so different now A scream which fills the air And haunts the smallest children's ... sleep upon the floor Where have they gone you'll hear them ... say With smiles meant to cry As they wind a watch wrapped on a wrist And

Bowling For Soup - Sad sad situation lyrics

this is sad, sad, situation. 1…2……..3 Hitched a ... ride I was so messed up But I sure was ... glad to meet ya You took my heart like they ... towed my car And they’re both still broken

Dave Matthews Band - Typical situation lyrics

fingers we have each Nine planets around the sun repeat ... Eight ball is the last if you triumphant be Seven ... oceans pummel the shores of the sea It's a typical situation

Bob Marley - Real situation lyrics

out the real situation: Nation war against nation. ... Where did it all begin? When will it end? ... Well, it seems like: total destruction the only ... solution, And there ain't no use: no one can stop

Mötley Crüe - Same ol' situation (s.o.s.) lyrics

s got an alligator bag Top hat to match ... Dressed in black on black She's got a Philipino ... girlie She claims is her friend I tell ... you boys, you just gotta laugh Now I used to call her

For The Fallen Dreams - Complicate the situation lyrics

things in just to build frustration. Complicate the siutation ... Got my ticket, packed my bags for the station. Complicate ... the situation. Situation. I should wrap my hands around your neck. Won't forget

Paprika Korps - Sick situation lyrics

brother and sisters Let me introduce ... you Our special guest, first time on Jamaica ... These white guys are from Poland From the famous reggae ... company ''W moich oczach'' Ladies and gentelmen - PAPRIKA

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - The situation lyrics

times I pick the flower Cause I wanna know He loves me ... lot He's got to go Not talking bout the dude That's ... on the go go go The situation that we got Is so much

Krystal Meyers - The situation lyrics

finding love in the back of a car When is it too late Have they gone too far She’s having trouble drawing the line ... But she knows she wants to feel beautiful She

Save Ferris - Angry situation lyrics

ve always been runnin' from some ... thing or another But your fear has never had such a name ... You let your problems linger And always point the finger Cause' there's always someone

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