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3t - Croire en ces mots lyrics

told me you loved me You told me you cared You told me you ... needed me But I guess those were ... Words without meaning Tu m'as dit fais moi ... confiance Tu mentais si bien J' avais foi en ta

Forevermore - Force fed lyrics

you remember what it was like to feel alone? Dragging me through hell at my weakest hour Bury me alive and walk over my grave like I'm ... Tell me, tell me how you really feel Tell me all the

Bea Miller - Force of nature lyrics

don't know why but my hands are shaking I can see you ... coming and I stand awaiting Yeah, I get tongue tied ... in conversation It's f*cked up, sad, sick situation I

Maximum The Hormone - Force lyrics

is the growing fast Here is no justice Normality under the name of abnormal Disconnected sprout on the ... mother ground Only the strong survive What's

Smash Mouth lyricsSmash Mouth - Force field lyrics

s escape will consist of a mask I found it in a bargain ... bin Why do you ask Rosy cheeks and a smile There's ... no shame in my game of denial Don't you touch, move along

Dr. Living Dead! - Force fed lyrics

cannot see You cannot feel It's all too late Your final fate The shit you ... pulled The life you led And still the same Color red Destrcution, televised Short

Hysterica - Force of metal lyrics

see a bright eye in front of me The world is ... burning around me A path of sins, a lonely cell I'm ... on my way to the gates of hell God's warning me; ... back away! But I know now this is

Emmelie De Forest - Force of nature lyrics

long to taste forbidden fruit I turn away but everywhere I look is you Searching ... for the passion I found through you A force of nature A hurricane with just a

Exodus - Force of habit lyrics

t overcome it, it's what I do best I'll pick your pocket ... for your last red cent It's a disease, I'm stricken like ... the rest Never return anything I'm lent It wasn't

Dbsk - Force lyrics

know you're a destroyer without a gun oto mo naku ... the fight has begun Itsunomani subete Turn about to dark ... side of the world Kuufuku wo mitasu poison drop sou mishiu hodo ni nan do

Genitorturers - Force fed lyrics

down in the dirt; make it harder, make it hurt. Say more... ... Grasp. Thrust it. Say you want {me} baby, to lick your sweat. Say that you need me while

Saviour Machine - Force of the entity lyrics

to the thunder of the forces we reveal Listen to the ... voices of the children we conceal Fortress of ... the universe is tearing down the wall Breaking all dimension through the essence

Sick Of It All - Force my hand lyrics

do what you do? Is this major malfunction new Isn't it ... clear to everyone here What died deep inside Is ... benevolence now denied What about pride was it cast aside

Cannabis Corpse - Force fed shitty grass lyrics

dork he is stranded in nowhere Wondering where ... the f*** his life has led him to Always following the ... forth to him Now hes lost walking to school again They are waiting for him in an alleyway Now they ambush him for

Headhunter - Force of habit lyrics

wasn't born to follow I wanna go my own way I better stick ... to my decisions Even if it's painful ... today Look at them, they're all fakin' Winding road I

Conflict - Force and service lyrics

quiet sunny day, the scene is suburban Not ... much going off, in fact it's a boring one Ready and waiting in Bristol fashion For ... my radio to bleep and I will jump into action PC

Oasis lyricsOasis - Force of nature lyrics

I feel like a force of nature Could make you sing like ... a bird released If what you seek is a wise mans treasure You know its buried beneath your feet You know ya

Agnostic Front - Force feed lyrics

hundred years ago as enforced today, the barriers built ... then to reform undesirable prey. removed from civilization, ... reduced to depraved moles. once freedom is withdrawn the levels of hatred soar

Battlecross - Force fed lies lyrics

hail another worthless remark is made Of all that is and ... will be changed We are all not ignorant and blind We ... will never be rid of this Force-fed your lies You sow the

Elegy - Force majeure lyrics

well and favoured There's no limit to his charm This illusive adversary, ... unforeseeable consequences Absurd behaviour, a macabre like frame of ... mind Living for the moment, not a

Groove Coverage - Force of nature lyrics

a force of nature is falling down to world. Seas of tears and sadness, no one knows my ... worth. No reason for existence, to be or ... not to be... It's just a scene of madness, all the

Inquisition - Force of the floating tomb lyrics

of titans, dead black sphere Lord of skies, ... silent altar Esoteric floating tomb Like a shroud of ... the heavens In the shadows of its craters On the

Morne - Force lyrics

sun sets as we break from the chains of fear Our ... will is strong when covered by night we march against the ... invincible force, Which must be destroyed We

Pearl Jam lyricsPearl Jam - Force of nature lyrics

she’s a force of nature Contraband hiding deep inside her ... lose control She lets go A common man, he don’t stand a ... chance, no Wonderland pulling Alice in the hole No

Full Strike - Force of the world lyrics

was a time when they were strong, we were living ... in the dark. They thought that we wouldn't know, but our ... visions will never die. We were just going on and on, in a haze full of lies.

God Forbid - Force-fed lyrics

exists around us? The right to choose free ... spirit Master of fate embrace Time to judge them, aversion to believe the lies ... What are we waiting for? Preserving the

Machinae Supremacy - Force feedback lyrics

a look across this vast uncharted battlefield You still don’t know your enemy A bunch ... of pissed off freaks with infinite mad skills And a newfound taste for blood

Lenka - Force of nature lyrics

move A little closer You feel The force of nature ... We touch And something charges The air You look into my eyes And you Can't look away It's no surprise I planned

Naglfar - Force of pandemonium lyrics

disaster is spreading from nation to nation Now the great ... yellow tempest bears witness of annihilation... ... of death Worthless replicas made to adore Your scattered herd are a sign of

Rush - Force ten lyrics

times demand tough talk Demand tough hearts demand tough ... songs Demand... We can rise and fall like empires ... Flow in and out like the tide Be vain and smart, humble and dumb We can hit and miss

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Force fed broken glass lyrics

starts to rip Gouging through ... skin From the throat Blood gushes Glandular eruption ... Blistered skin secretion Internal ... punctures Blood regurgitation Gagging, choking, on

Dark Flood - Force of nature lyrics

we forget something for good The names of our children Names on the sheets of paper ... The night froze the water in furrows Cold spell ... settled in for a while Lingered here those early hours Our future in family graves Our past in lines

H2o - Force field lyrics

m staying away from your negative space You're only ... bringing me down Whenever you come around I see the look ... on your face, you're in a world of hate Don't wanna be the

Hades - Force quit lyrics

ll get over it That's bullshit Seen it for myself It wears you down and ... won't quit Forging straight ahead Stopped dead Like a deer caught in the headlights

The Left Rights - Force you to love me lyrics

is your bidding, my master? I want to shove my ... lightsaber up your Death Star trench Cover your body with ... my Sith lord stench Kiss you sweet, just like little Anakin And f*** you dirty like a

Quiet Riot - Force of habit lyrics

much coffee's gonna shatter my nerves Too much whiskey's ... gonna stutter my words A whole lotta speed gonna take ... me to fast How much longer can I last Too many women

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Ma force lyrics

Deluxe Edition Bonus Track] Au pied d'une montagne Je me suis levée J'ai dû ... mener des campagnes Pour la soulever Et j'ignorais ... pouvoir, de mes doigts, la bouger Jusqu'au moment où je

H-blockx lyricsH-blockx - Fight the force lyrics

black man drops with fear in his eyes he lies and he ... cries, but they huntdown, break him down, society has made a ... new force, but it's not new but old, cause the force thinks of a

Diana Ross - The force behind the power lyrics

the beginning of all life's beginnings Right at ... the very dawning of the sun Any and everyone had cause and ... reason For in good all good is done Now down in every

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - The calling lyrics

from beyond, from deep down below The curse is on you ... everywhere you go Darkness to bring the demons to ... rise Bewitched by the damned, mankind’s fall The final demise Force, the Force of

Agent Steel - Taken by force lyrics

in leather Pumping blood through my veins Sweet ... virgins sacrificed Screaming with pain Drifting ... through night air Life's so insane Dark scattered figures Shooting steel

Exciter - Violence and force lyrics

in fear in the ditches at the front Fighting for my ... life never knowing what's to come Shell shock, heart attack eats me to the bone ... Through the darkest Hell this battle rages

Ignitor - Violence and force (exciter cover) lyrics

in fear in the ditches at the front Fighting for my ... life never knowing what's to come Shell shock, heart attack eats me to the bone ... Through the darkest Hell this battle rages

Rawhead Rexx - Opposing force lyrics

When he's coming out his eyes are open wide An angel's face in this place Is so unusual but it is beautiful She ... gets in touch Mister nice guy's acting that so much Darkness and coldness Come

Lordi - Scare force one lyrics

you hear me? Are you ready? Clouds are taking deadly ... form Black becomes the sky Locusts start to swarm ... Skeletons are brought to life The branches of the cherry trees Impaling their prey Pestilence and war Reign destruction down

Crystal Pride - Evil force lyrics

was an evil mind dealing with our lifes There was ... an evil force Waiting in the lighted sky ... The light was turning down when sun went up I could ... not understand Why things was so unreal Evil force-I

Dragonsfire - Allied force lyrics

time has gone by But here we are back, awaiting our chance We've got ... metal, heavy metal A hungry metal heart Bound by steel, ... united we stand Now it's time, to send a

Masterboy - Feel the force (house version) lyrics

feel it gotta feel it gotta feel it gotta feel it ... Feel the force, feel the force, feel the force, feel the force.. Can you feel the force of my body Can you feel

Shriekback - Every force evolves a form lyrics

thought burns into substance Every dream turns into ... something on a T-shirt Every glance becomes a romance ... (One little word and you can't keep it in your pants)

Enthroned - Diabolic force lyrics

fallen one by this nail commences, Nazarene, mutilations, morbid death, suffering ... awaits him while he is crucified ... on the cross...Go away blessed whore... Blessed whore..

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Use the force lyrics

must believe I can do anything I can heal anyone I ... must believe I am the wind (yeah) I am the sea I am the ... wind I am the sea I am the sun I can be anyone Oh

Skindred - Ruling force lyrics

one another Together we'll be ... stronger Get you the hurts and you will reach the heights ... Every day we fight this battle Stay strong, no cease, ... no settle In a time like this we got to stand up and unite Focus nearly

Blitzkrieg - Excessive force lyrics

want to live your life your way Well that's ok, I won't ... complain Deep inside, I have to say You're full of hurt ... and full of pain Always fighting with those around you Why don't you come up with

Desaster - Victim of my force lyrics

day is gone, l waited so long The moon is round, my slaugther is on Like a shadow in demonic light l'm haunting and prowling and stalking the night Victim Of

Cavalera Conspiracy - Blunt force trauma lyrics

force trauma Fight anger with danger Blow to the ... head Destroy the liars Blunt force trauma Treatment fall Bulldozer Decimate destroy [Chorus] Blunt force trauma [x4] Chaos lover Arise the disorder Destroyer

Mastic Scum - Brute-force-methode lyrics

.. Brute force controls your mind! Streamline leads to ... madness, everything fades away Inhuman mind program, pounding nerves decay They control ... your life, they control your mind! Increased by

Noble Beast - Disintegrating force lyrics

are the hammer of radical truths Crushing your masters and gods We are the scythe that will level the field ... Slashing elitist facades We're soldiers of right,

Paradox - Second over third by force lyrics

want to piss on my back? You want to manipulate? You're ... just a hollow creature Constructed to bring hate Instructed to detest,to destroy and discreate You want to hollow me out? You want

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