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The Kills - The good ones lyrics

a car to the part of the city Where the city runs out ... lights God knows, it's the way that it goes That we're ... never gonna catch any daylight My little sister's

Sleater-kinney - The size of our love lyrics

love is the size of These tumors inside us Our love ... is the size of This hospital room You're my hospital ... groom Put the ring on my finger So tight

Impaled Nazarene - The return of the nuclear gods lyrics

armageddon attack Phallic deadly missiles Warheads ready ... to strike Bloodred nuclear skies Burning horizons ... Chaos all around Skies open you realize

The High Kings - The rising of the moon lyrics

come tell me Sean O'Farrell tell me why you hurry so ... Husha buachaill hush and listen and his cheeks were all aglow I bear orders from the captain get you ready quick and soon For the pikes must be

Auroral - The hands of the moon lyrics

winterstorm inside my darkened mind blows out the fire ... The immortal flames with the northern will of the night ... Three shadows of silent wings fades to the landscape of frost Cold stare of the moon has unleashed these

The Dubliners - The rising of the moon lyrics

come tell me Sean O'Farrell, tell me why you hurry ... so Husha buachaill hush and listen and his cheeks were all a glow I bear orders from the captain, get you ready quick and soon For the pikes must be

Mandy Moore - The whole of the moon lyrics

pictured a rainbow You held it in your hands I had flashes but You saw the plan I wandered out in the world for years While you ... just stayed in your room I saw the crescent Yeah You saw the whole of the moon The whole of the moon Ooo your there in

Bleach Rock Musical - The dark of the bleeding moon lyrics

Dare to tatakau no ka Dare wo shinjiru no ka Omae nara doko he mukau no ka Dare ga teki nano ka Dare ga mikata ... nano ka Omae nara dare wo mamoru no ka Kono katana dake

Celtic Woman - The whole of the moon lyrics

pictured a rainbow You held it in your hands I had flashes But you saw the plan I wandered out in the world for years While you ... just stayed in your room I saw the crescent You saw the

Daggers - The whole of the moon lyrics

pictured a rainbow you held it in your hands I had flashes and you saw the plan I wandered out in the world for years while you ... just stayed in your room I saw the crescent you saw the

Peter, Paul And Mary - The rising of the moon lyrics

then tell me sean ofarrell Tell me why you hurry, ... so. Hush my boy now hush and listen And his eyes were all aglow. I bear orders ... from the captain Get ye ready quick and soon For the

Donovan - The voyage of the moon lyrics

moon is like a boat, my love Of lemon peel afloat, my love And with a sail of gauze, my ... love She seems to slightly pause Upon her silent way, all ... on her silent way. I see her pearly decks,

Émilie Simon - The eye of the moon lyrics

took me where the wild berry grows To a garden ... he said that nobody knows An there we lay down In the eye of the sun And my mind was gone I am undone, I am undone. He

Frozen Dawn - The order of the winter moon lyrics

the vast frozen mountains Where the horizon dies The roar of the four winds blows ... Beyond the edge of the kingdom Invincible voices of dark desires Burial chants at the gates of the fortress The Nine pray to the Dark Lady As the shades of the winter

Necronomicon - The order of the moon lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Queen - The march of the black queen lyrics

you mean it ? Do you mean it ? Do you mean it ? Why ... don't you mean it ? Why do I follow you and where do you go? Aah aah aah aah aah aah You've never

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The ballad of the harp weaver lyrics

quot;Son," said my mother When I was knee-high &quot ... You've need of clothes to cover you And not a rag ... have I. There's nothing in the house To make a boy's

Freak Kitchen - The smell of time lyrics

matter how We try and try No matter what ... still fly by We try so hard Ain't worth a dime There ... s no escape From the smell of time Smell of time

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The loom of the land lyrics

was the dirty end of winter Along the loom of the land ... When I walked with sweet Sally Hand upon hand And the ... wind it bit bitter For a boy of no means With no shoes on

Rhapsody Of Fire - The magic of the wizard's dream feat. christo.. lyrics

Iras): In those silent shades of grey I will find a place to escape the endless ... night to find a new sun I know which is my ... fate bond to Erian's old tale I'll be always there

Lux Occulta - The birth of the race lyrics

the sinister heavens I strip the arc of moon the cosmic ... sickle starts the deicidial harvest I am the wheel of ... fortune that grinds your chest the fruit

Immortal - The call of the wintermoon lyrics

Music: Demonaz, Abbath - Lyrics: Demonaz] ... Buried beneath the mountains of frost Years of silent ... sorrow grim and dark My winterwings of evil ... sleep in eternal nights In deaths cold

Rhapsody Of Fire - The march of the swordmaster lyrics

.. die... sacrifice! Along the river of bloody tears the ... mighty steel shining in my hands we march and honor our ... brothers victims of Kron's evil plan We cross the lakes of the holy woods to

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The gates of the seven seals lyrics

there in the distance, the lightning strikes the Earth ... Full moon is rising, the thunder hits the world We're ... so close to the edge of our life Running high and

Cathedral - The voyage of the homeless sapien lyrics

I. Velvet Forest Of Enchantment] Violet Dawn, Misty ... Mourn Black Tree Upon The Velvet Lawn Summer Faces - ... Poisoned Flowers Thorns Blackbird Sings A Jaded Requiem

Panychida - The myth of the eternal return lyrics

the moon grows to its completeness I ... pray to gods of old On the mighty hill I stand ... Resurrecting the world In the shine of the north star ... Where heaven meets the earth and hell Imitation of the act of gods Fire, noise, screams shall prevail Darkness grows

Big Boss - The end of the world lyrics

place to hide, no placy to cry, no place for ... future, no place for presence, no place for ... war, no place for win, no place for sun, no place for moon, ... no place for love, no place for hate, no place for

Blondie - The attack of the giant ants lyrics

ants from space snuff the human race Then they eat your face, never leave a trace La la ... la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la They shoot fire all

Besatt - The time of the wolf lyrics

trunks in the infinity Trunks are moss ... grown Branch plaited in embrace Dance of icy wind Among ... Covers up lonely wolf's track Wild and lonely wolf's track I sweep animal's cold

Borknagar - The dawn of the end lyrics

like the skull of the sun The way of the hunting moon O ... storms that reign supreme The breeze comes whisperin' soon ... Strike the flowers' last gleam In spite of desperate fight, their power Leave

Donovan - The song of the wandering aengus lyrics

wish out to the hazel wood Because a fire was ... in my head And I cut and peeled a hazel wand And ... hooked a berry with a thread And when white moths were on the wing And moth-like stars

Forgive Durden - The parable of the sower lyrics

ve woken again in an ocean of salt, Drenched from ... recurring Dreams of such horror. They haunt my ... evenings. Nightmares of a future so absurd This fanasty of events could never

7th Moon - The shine of the unknown lyrics

away exists a bewitched land where all seems to be unreal once I crossed the wide abyss took the flight to the ... Down this tunnel I can see the light in the end all is peace and calm... Now i know there's something else... I'm

Dio - The end of the world lyrics

I could sleep at night Then somehow I'd see Why ... everything's wrong Or maybe it's just me Does anybody ... know this place that I'm in Why I might be alone

Hypocrisy - The arrival of the demons lyrics

the full moon rised In the sky, it awakes Master, ... bring out the dark Forces upon me I live ... for dying And to kill Watcher, open the Gates of Death

Hypocrisy - The arrival of the demons (part 2) lyrics

the full moon rised in the sky, it awakes. Master, ... bring out the dark forces upon me I live ... for dying and to kill Watcher, open the Gates of Death Reach for the silence

Lord Belial - The hymn of the ancient misanthropic spirit o.. lyrics

hover, the moon is full above Its silvery shine ... reflects in the water below The nightfilled air surrounds me and we two are one I smell it ... my tongue, this is how I guard my home This is the hymn

Narsilion - The dream of the unicorns lyrics

the winds from the silver woods Feel her cry in ... your dreams It´s the legend of eternity... Feel the embrace of the enchanted moon Feel ... the sadness in her eyes It´s the legend of eternity...

Nekrogoblikon - The goblins of the black rain lyrics

there looking to the icy moon, Casting silhouettes tall ... upon sandy dunes. The black-clad goblins with their deadly task In the serpentine darkness, filling their flasks

Novembre - The dream of the old boats lyrics

by the shiny ship way Which flows thoughtlessly ... Down the marine mirror Of a ionic waterline There was a fresh breeze Strange peace ... Tranquility And there was the sun It was even able to warm me up No longer an enemy The sight passed me by, as

Cruel Force - The return of the darkness and evil (bathory .. lyrics

in blood Whispered by a Witch in the dawn Summon the ... darkness pure evil and death And gather the legions of scorn ... The darkness possesses you your soul

Current 93 - The teeth of the winds of the sea lyrics

her young eyes from eighty years she looks back into my ... young eyes and she is gone to where? ... where has her soul gone? body found ... yes but her very mark her sign lost it seems to

Current 93 - The ballad of the pale christ lyrics

bended knees we pray for war, a blade draws blood but often tarnishes through blazing eyes ... i see new sunsets, sky now breaking different shades of red

Dark Funeral - The secrets of the black arts lyrics

Show me the secrets enshrined The ... hidden source of eternal wisdom That dwells within the abyss Infernal majesty ... Guide me in my eternal search Lead me to the ancient

Emperor - The majesty of the nightsky lyrics

the tide, shadows flow towards the shore of light. The ... night comes whirling like a maelstrom. Warring waves of crackling clouds embrace this ... nightside landscape. The heavens bleed, through open

Evenoire - The lady of the game lyrics

our hands, chain our hearts Feet caress earth Touch the breath of trees Feel the ... high Sisters' voices fill the night Forest lives you can ... hear Mesmerizing melodies

John Hiatt - The lady of the night lyrics

the moon hangs down Like some old ... Forgotten by some lovely southern maiden Oh the stars are ... her tears And the sky a skin of years That she has most graciously given Now who am I

Silent Knight - The strike of the sword lyrics

has come, winters arrived, into the realm of darkness ride Forged out of flame, a thousand swords, its ... power calls Journey far to foreign lands, across the

Adramelech - The book of the black earth lyrics

forth, Ancient Worm: rise from the ... cold red deep As the world unnatural finally stands united. Come forth, Ancient One: heed the silent call of the words never spoken,

Amon Amarth - The arrival of the fimbul winter lyrics

bleak fimbul winter arrived Raging across the world With a ... fury that defied the memory of man Terrible wars where ... fought, the like had never been seen Men slew

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The eye of the lost lyrics

Days, They Sailed Across The Ocean, They're Called "The Children Of The Sea", ... They Are The Damned, Hunted By The Humans ... From The Palace Of The King. Circle Of Fools,

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The eyes of the lost lyrics

days They sailed across the ocean They're called the ... children of the sea They are the damned Hunted by the ... humans From the palace of the king Circle of fools You

Bal-sagoth - The hammer of the emperor lyrics

legendary fulgurates from me. My name is a ... word of power on the lips of my followers. You can't escape me. I'm inside your mind. ... Beware the Grand Arbiter of Temporal Jurisprudence, for

Barathrum - The night of the demon lord lyrics

the end of summer On the blackest of all nights, The feast of samhains waking In the ... mist of pagan rites. The sunlight now is waning As the undead walk the land.

Blackmore's Night - The temple of the king (cover of rainbow) lyrics

day in the year of the fox Came a time remembered well ... When the strong young man of the rising sun Heard the tolling ... of the great black bell One day in the year

Burning Tears - The flight of the crow lyrics

you are And what´s around you, I'm the rising moon Lighting your path To ... my sorcerers illusions, You are destined to remain In this ... rotten earth, The land there I give you Now it will

Cryptopsy - The curse of the great lyrics

Let us settle with swords The affairs of men: Violence is the answer: «Sis im blut»... ... In this soiled world We see aspects of damnation On the faces of the killed Instead of

Darkwoods My Betrothed - The conspiracy of the pagan cult lyrics

bravemen hearts Ride with the pale moon Reach for the ... source of wisdom In the glare of the guiding star ... Visions of a pure land As fires haunt The chains are

Thomas Dolby - The valley of the minds eye lyrics

chere Josephine, My dearest Josephine, Que le ... monde a change depuis ma derniere lettre. How the ... world has changed since last I wrote. Ainsi ce soir

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