A City Built Four Square Deliverance Masss Choir lyrics

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Civil War - Deliverance lyrics

Wake us save us we stand on the edge of the world I know that we're too young to die There's so much evil evil embracing our dear Mother Earth I see a crac...

Mellowdrone - Four leaf clover lyrics

should be your four leaf clover That stays real close in line Your purse or even your holster Needs love from time to time Stop looking over your shoulder The Gods would send a sign I should be your four leave clover The kind that's hard to find I think

Neurotech - Built to last lyrics

we prepared to go? Where the fire burns A place we can face ourselves Open the gates To deliverance Why should we try? We are insignificant No, no this time Not this time Lead me with your story Lead me with your life Tell me what you're thinking Tell me a

Martina Mcbride - City of love lyrics

is no Yellow brick road We´ve been travelin´ on A river of tears Washed us here We´re right where we belong We rode it out No we didn´t drown And look at what we´ve found Every street we take Is paved with truth If a mountain´s in our way

Autograph - Built for speed lyrics

s got nice wheels and a ponytail She's qualified and on the trail Just like the speed of light It's happenin' at first sight She's hungry for a male And when it comes to us She'll leave you in her dust Lady's built for speed Lady's all I need Lady's built for spe

Cloven Hoof - Deliverance lyrics

needs a plastic Jesus, somebody give me cross to hold. Gonna buy me a stairway to heaven, evangelist wants all your gold. The road to hell is paved with temptation, righteousness thou shall not kill. The innocent on the path to salvation,

Corrosion Of Conformity - Deliverance lyrics

there no one to deliver you from your ignorance? Maybe you'll look and see there be no deliverance. Turn to vulture parasites who pray on lost souls Suck the blood of hapless fools who give them control! No deliverance Pick your own deliverance No deliverance Sad domi

Method Man - Built for this lyrics

Intro: RZA] When you forge a weapon, you need three things The right metal, temperature's over 1400 degrees And someone who wants to kill Here in Jungle Village, we got all three [Intro: Method Man] Yo, Street, check me out, nigga [Method Man] Sorta like Malco

The Mission - Deliverance lyrics

in magic believe in lore legend and myth And the hand that guides in the cunning of hope In the weaving of dreams and the lady of the lake Takes my hand and leads me to the holy isle And the fairy rings and the circles of stone Forever and again Giv

Atrocity - Deliverance lyrics

minded out of the ashes see my face in the dust manic structures, human madness apocalyptic trance the battle rages from day to day endless night begins darkened landscape, left behind saturated with blood all life is lost - in misery upon

Bubba Sparxxx - Deliverance lyrics

Chorus] I've been travelin for some time (echo) With my fishin pole and my bottle of shine (echo) On these long dark dusty roads (echo) Lookin there's nowhere to go I guess I gotta hide away, far away Cause I gotta find a way, to find my way I gotta hide awa

The Classic Crime - City of orphans lyrics

left from Idaho and made her home in Capitol Hill In a 300 square foot studio above a coffee shop near the Broadway Grill And every night she walks the block to trade in her time for cheap thrills And everyone she meets is cool, but just out of reach and it kills She used to spe

Emmy The Great - City song lyrics

city called me, so I came It isn't mine to question what it said I sleep until the point when I'm awake I walk until there's nothing left to tread And everyone was looking for answer And everyone was waiting for a break I came and I was bored of it soon afte

Ancient Ceremony - Choir of immortal queens lyrics

in this Wood full of Fog Raven leads me away arriving at the abandoned Place, an Altar, wonderful Ornaments Flowers of all Colours and Beauties in Centre the Statue of a Black Goat A Number of Women counting three times four, twelve Holding all at their Hands, nude, one

Joan Armatrading - Heading back to new york city lyrics

back to New York city To do the things I never did I'm heading back to New York city To see the things I never saw Things like the ABC No Rio oh oh I'm gonna search this town both high and low I'm gonna go all the places where New Yorkers go. I'm gonna see Staten Island

Teena Marie - Square biz lyrics

.. Everybody get up Flash back, who's that dancin' to the latest Suave de bone, the greatest, ooh, he sure is moving me That's what I said though you didn't know yet Our love is was kismet, soon to be made history So don't you have no doubt, I'm gonna spell it ou

Deliverance ( Usa ) - Deliverance lyrics

around Tell me what you see People running nowhere Thinking they're free The path they're on leads to destruction Do you see? They think they're having fun But it's just a fantasy We've been sent from the Master We've been sent with a message

Heart Of A Coward - Deliverance lyrics

finally realised what this has done to me A black horizon stretches as far as the eye can see I walked away from us…left you to bear these scars I can’t imagine what it must be like inside your heart And after Severance will come Deliverance Now your existence is no longer mak

The Hives - Square one here i come lyrics

don't have no money cause I don't have a job Don't have a job cause I ain't got no skills Ain't got no skills 'cause I was not trained I was not trained 'cause I didn't go to school Didn't go to school 'cause nobody told me Nobody told me 'cause nobod

7th Reign - Deliverance lyrics

deep within myself Endless thought and empty words, surround me Feeling like I lost my way Inside this place I know I don't belong here Tell me why I must feel this way Is there nothing more that I could say Except for the one thing I could ask for Deliverance

Rob Bailey - Square up lyrics

s not my first time here (relax) Gotta keep my mind clear Plant my feet I'm here to stay I dig my heels into the f***ing ground Take a breath like it's my last It's not my first time here Fill the creases in my palms It's not my first f***ing time here F*** it I

Bright Eyes - Four winds lyrics

class, your caste, your country, sect, your name or your tribe There's people always dying trying to keep them alive There's bodies decomposing in containers tonight In an abandoned building where Squatters made a mural of a Mexican girl With fi

Opeth - Deliverance lyrics

on mist Crept up the caverns of my brain Receiving no warning From nothing to a life code Walk with me, you'll never leave Wait to see your spirit free Tell me how your heart's in need As I drown you in the sea Unwinding snares of distrust Your wrist in my face gri

The Killers - Four winds lyrics

class, your caste, your country, sect, your name or your tribe There's people always dying trying to keep them alive His body's decomposing in containers tonight In an abandoned building where A squatter's made a mural of a Mexican girl With fifteen cans of sp

Cage 9 - Four leaf clover lyrics

at life through the blink of an eye Day after day doing everything right But finding yourself at the back of the line Hostility in the back of your mind Sometimes you feel like the world is laughing Spinning around on the tip of a pin Conf

Corley Al - Square rooms (long version) (1984) lyrics

in square rooms A human without illusions Sad strains on a sad face Is that what we've come to? Is the world bold This love old Moving nowhere And it's gonna cold. The wind stops The clouds go We're all alone. Oh Oh I know I can see tho

Mark Owen - Four minute warning lyrics

minutes left to go, Is this the end then? Message on your stereo, Four minute warning, Everybody wants to know, What should we do? A few short stories, A four minute warning Sasha stands in his yellow cafe, Yes the heart of the city is here, So he tells me, Sitting on his red l

Chris Rea - Square peg, round hole lyrics

s a square peg in a round hole Misfit in a slick world Don't play the game Don't do what he's told He's a square peg in a round hole Square peg don't care The bright lights he's not there Catch the shadows see him slip away Square peg that's what they say Square peg, Suare peg

Coldworker - Deliverance of the rejected lyrics

Recluse of a world within Here I can let no one in To your eyes I am unseen Ostracized perpetually Silently I lie in wait Goaded by the games you play Any ...

Nocturnal Rites - Deliverance lyrics

like you said, The world is growing colder It’s in our eyes, we know That it’s dying No return, the weight is on Our shoulders So who do we turn to? Where do we go now? Their empty hearts, Two faced and brazen They turned their backs and t

Orphanage - Deliverance lyrics

remembering the day we took eachother's hand but in our minds we knew we would lose a friend out here we think, we gaze and look above every star for eve...

And One - Deliverance lyrics

is lying at the corner And waiting for helping hands He is lying at the corner And waiting for the deliverance For the deliverance He had nothing to hope and to say And the neon lights goes on Another night for him Without sorrows Without hopes And the nigh

Atargatis - Deliverance lyrics

wants to feel deliverance Whose deepest aim is remission Let your soul sink and fall into Just let it fall into the inner me Memories pass your mind Journey in your dreams Who wants to feel deliverance Has to walk through the twilight fires Has to give u

Entwine - Deliverance lyrics

blood and tears to deliver the pain of broken years, hollow cold despair The time is running out as the beautiful sun is going down, darkened solitude will show the way No more drops of loss, no fear Deliverance, warm embrace Confin

From First To Last - Deliverance lyrics

baby, they're are other ways And then there is us Who stumble mad through the night With the constellation Get it, get in Everybody wants some You won't be much different We need deliverance Give us deliverance Let's rip off the bandage Open our mouths like a wound We can'

Ghost - Square hammer lyrics

in the night Neath devils torn asunder You call on me to solve a crooked rhyme As I'm closing in Imposing on your slumber You call on me as bells begin to chime Are you on the square? Are you on the level? Are you ready to swear right here,

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Square one lyrics

the dice, double two, no more us No me and you, what a struggle I took a risk, another life, another kiss I start again, it keeps going, we’re best friends Not even knowing, I win the race, but then I fall I gave it up to have it all We let go

Eminem lyricsEminem - Square dance lyrics

] People!! It feels so good to be back. Ladies and gentleman, introducing the new and improved you know who [Verse 1:] Never been the type to bend or budge The wrong button to push, No friend of Bush I'm the centerpiece, your the Maltese. I am a pitbull off his l

Gerry Rafferty - City to city lyrics

the night train is waitin' to take me away And I'm still feelin' guilty cause you're wanting me to stay Well I know, how I know, it's harder on you But you said it yourself, there's nothing else we could do. When the wheels start turnin', takin' me through the night

Kelsea Ballerini - Square pegs lyrics

da da da da da da da da La da da da da da da da da What if we were all the same? Same rules, same game And we weren't allowed to change anything about anything That anybody's ever done before? Wouldn't that be boring?, yeah Always spinning on a ride

Jjamz - Square one lyrics

m just down the block What is it you want? Guess it's just my luck Now I'm having fun You want me to come You want me to come I'm back to square one Night's unraveling You're not having it Everything's been done Each thing that I have Said or do has been Taken

Beverley Knight - Square peg lyrics

know what they think of me I just don't care No one tells me to my face They'd never dare When you come from somewhere else Everything feels strange So much pressure to conform But I don't wanna change... Like a square peg in a round hole I never fit in; But I won't beg, or

Ahab - Deliverance (shouting at the dead) lyrics

large brig bearing down upon us Stout man looking down at us Leaning over the starboard bow Smiling brilliantly white teeth glow Thanks given to the Lord For the unexpected glorious deliverance There came wafting over the ocean From the strange ve

Earth Crisis - Deliverance lyrics

birth an existence of agony begins that ends with execution. Intetionally infected with diseases to then try to find cures for humans. Fractured skulls, broken bones, scalded flesh and blinded eyes. For medical research and cosmetic testing animals

Gojira - Deliverance lyrics

words are so cold to me Indisposed, don't hear your orders Destroy the greatness of soul Normalize what's in your hands Take a look from the future Get up from your dream and see Deliverance soon is coming For those who know I take a sword in my hand now I fight &a

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Square one lyrics

to find some higher ground Had some fear to get around You can't say what you don't know Later on won't work no more Last time through I hid my tracks So well I could not get back Yeah, my way was hard to find Can't sell your soul for peace of

Quarterflash - Welcome to the city lyrics

dollar tips and the lipstick cigarettes Get yourself a job with your fingertips Too many tickets for the backseat matinee Two hours later and you're looking for another face Don't ask for love Don't ask for pity Don't ask for me Welcome to the city Four hundred dollars

Quietdrive - Deliverance lyrics

believe If you're sick of everything All the time before us Doesn't taint my memory When the walls they put around us Can't stop what we believe When the love we share forgets us This dream will set us free (So please don't tell me) Deliver me, deliver me (

Method Man - Four minutes to lock down lyrics

Intro: Redman] Get it! Haha, Funk Doc in the building, bitch Ya'll already know the business, nigga, haha [Redman] Yo, let's get it, yeah, I'm with it Streets on fire, I'm frying my dinner Quick like Sugar Ray Leonard, one love Any boy get served like tennis Menace, you call

Abonos - Choir of an ancient kingdom lyrics

svoju elegiju Jadikovanje mracnim carstvima Jednom padose nikad vise Vaskrsli hor drevnog kraljevstva From the dark past, thy renewal Has brought thou to thy ancient throne Embalmed in dust of years before A thousand year curse has been sealed Singing their funeral dirge

Joan Armatrading - Square the circle lyrics

lean your back against the wall Push your hands in your pocket You look down Pacing the floor You look out the window Beyond the view Shake your body As if against the cold Your mind wanders Tell me what you're trying to say Tell me what yo

Darkest Hour - Choir of the prophecy, fulfilled lyrics

the screams can't carry far enough When the sands of time burn razor marks When the ice burns cold and I can feel no more I'll know, I'll know I've seen this all before I've felt this way before I've heard this song before Before All this sings the prophecy As t

Fades Away - Choir of failure lyrics

all the filth that remains And make me new inside, make me new inside The lions are hungry tonight Hear my cry, hear my cry I'm transfixed by your beauty Your gaze upon me Your lips whisper my name Ever so gently You promised me the world You two-faced liar The apple take

Jag Panzer - Choir of tears lyrics

my eyes from the filth and disgust Wash my soul clean of the self-centered lust Backward in time before the first sin Before the decay of a civilized man Forward in truth looking back just to know Disturb not the ebb of life's forgiving flow Learn b

Lauren Aquilina - Square one lyrics

too hard to put a smile on my face When it feels so out of place I'm being frozen by your flames Thought you were human but you're just a ghost A shield of skin and bones I promise you won't feel a thing It's not hard to let it go When there's nothing to hold on to I found h

Safri Duo - Square one lyrics

One You’re in control Is there anywhere you want to go You’re in control Is there anything you want to know The future’s for discovering The space in which we're travelling From the top of the first page To the end of the last day From the start in your own way You just wan

Becky G - Built for this lyrics

so hypnotized, open the days, mesmerized I’m tryina visualize you right now, keep me cool right now I like to be optimistic, you and me, that’s futuristic We can fly high like a spaceship, zoom right now, to the moon right now You want me all alone Yeah, I heard tha

Breakdown Of Sanity - Deliverance lyrics

was a long way, it took a long time to find a safety like this It took a long time to find a safety like this I was almost giving up all my hope But in the end the picture in my head surpassed my expectations Expectations My expectations A world so perfect, a world so f***ing

Canned Heat - Built for comfort lyrics

folk built like this, some folk built like that But the way I'm built, you shouldn't call me fat Because I'm built for comfort, I ain't built for speed But I got everything all the good girls need I don't have no diamond, and I don't have no gold But I've got a lot of lovin' a

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - Square one lyrics

in control Is there anywhere you want to go You’re in control Is there anything you want to know The future’s for discovering The space in which we're travelling From the top of the first page To the end of the last day From the start in your own way You just want Somebod

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