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A By Fly Em Gerol Dist Man Dis Fly Dist Gerol Fotinite My Word lyrics

Browse for A By Fly Em Gerol Dist Man Dis Fly Dist Gerol Fotinite My Word song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed A By Fly Em Gerol Dist Man Dis Fly Dist Gerol Fotinite My Word lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to A By Fly Em Gerol Dist Man Dis Fly Dist Gerol Fotinite My Word.

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Nate Dogg lyricsNate Dogg - My word lyrics

this were my world (If this were my world) My world If this were my world (If this were my world) My world If this were my world (If this were my world) My world If this were my world (If this were my world) My world If this were my world you know

Angus & Julia Stone - My word for it lyrics

lay myself upon the floor We're not all dying, babe Well, maybe I don't need this after all It was a place for me And all the books upon your shelf Tell stories of who you are But there's more to the picture son He says you'll play it on your broken gu

Emigrate - My word lyrics

you get along with me I'm gonna make you mine and make you free In the new world Breath goes in and breath goes out And it makes me scream, it makes me shout In the new world Rev it up and make it start Tear it up and take my heart In the new world I'm lost in you, I'

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - My weezy lyrics

feat. Shanell, Lil Twist, Tyga) [DJ Drama] Young Money all stars on the way Put the party in the bag now hand it over [Lil Wayne] Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait a minute See I ain't know you were gunna do this one. Ight, Now you motherf***ers happy huh? That's what

Hopsin - Fly lyrics

was taught that education is the only way to make it Then how'd I get so much money inside my savings? My teachers never saw the heights that I was f***ing aiming Did the man who invented college, go to college? Hm, okay then Am I the only one tha

Lil' Flip - Fly boy (remix) lyrics

Lil Flip:] Remix Hey Pimpin, Im Lookin At Ya Jewlry Game And I See U Like Wearin Those Lil Bitty Stones Man, Get U Some Rocks Man, Im Tha #1 Fly Boy, Im In The Building With Mike Jones, And Free My Nigga Z-Ro Cuz, Ima Fly Boy, Ima Ima Fly Boy Ima Fly Boy, Ima Ima Fly Boy Ima Fly

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - My love lyrics

I wrote you a symphony, Just to say how much you mean to me (what would you do?) If I told you you were beautiful Would you date me on the regular (tell me, would you?) Well, baby I've been around the world But I ain't seen myself another girl (like you) This ring here represen

The Pack - Fly lyrics

t nobody tell me shit I'm flyer than a bitch Man I'm flyer than my bitch So you can say I'm cocky I'm confident But don't let a nigga tell you You ain't the shit (haha) See see yous a got damn lie Some nigga tellin me I anit that fly Get a lint brush take ya c

Andre Nickatina - Fly like a bird lyrics

im a coke rap spitter a hair pin trigger a crime rhyme dealer is illa but on the rilla spit around tornado lust for the words rap it up like dope, FLY LIKE A BIRD nothing but baking soda the motorola do it well up in your face man with something to sell im like a

Brokencyde - Fly away lyrics

we can fly away Roc-rocket ship up in my driveway We superhigh we hit the skyway Cause we aint got shit to do on Friday Yeah time is tickin so we blast off She likes to shake her-shake her ass off We're way to high for you to drop it low She's never been

Lil Romeo - My cinderella lyrics

Chorus: (SINGER)] And if I ev-ever fall in love again, I will be sure that the lady is a friend. And if I ev-ever fall in love so true, I will make sure that the lady´s just like you. Oh! [NICK CANNON] What´s happenin ladies? Whats up wit my lil shorty´s. I

Phora - My story lyrics

This is for anyone who's ever had a broken dream or a f***ed up childhood. Never lose hope. See I was raised by a single mother, no father figure, no sister, never had a brother. Never had another man teach me how to be one. Yeah, momma had

Run Dmc - Word is born lyrics

Run] Let's begin, to talk!! [D.M.C.] 1990, and this is what's goin on to the break of dawn 24/7, Run-D.M.C. in effect That's ?? All those weak-rhymin, rewindin MC's [Run] That means you pause [both] My word is born [Run] Yeah, speakin on truth from the old school on do

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Fly into the sun lyrics

would not run from the holocaust I would not run from the bomb I'd welcome the chance to meet my maker and fly into the sun Fly into the sun fly into the sun I'd break up into million pieces and fly into the sun I would not run from the blazing light I would not run from its

Notorious B.i.g. - My downfall lyrics

feat. DMC) [phone rings] [phone rings] [B.I.G.]Yo [heavy breathing] [B.I.G.]Sup hello? [heavy breathing] [B.I.G.]Faith? Motherf***er[click] [phone rings] [B.I.G.]Yo Kill you motherf***er (voice speaking to Biggie is whispering throughout) [B.I.G.]Hello? Kill you motherfuc

Alabama 3 - Fly lyrics

with me come on, fly with me fly with me you'll never come down this is your captain speaking cigarette burns on the sofa whiskey on my new lineolium floor you wonder why on Wednesday's I'm so wasted, yeah I wonder why on Friday's I ain't walkin' out

Dreamtale - Fly lyrics

was a slave not a wife There was nothing in life That she could care for She had no respect There was only reject All around her Once she had a dream Of something she had never seen Of someone in a beautiful scene A figure of man in black Said there

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Fly people fly lyrics

I see the tears in your eyes The rain will fall tonight And tonight we'll go to the sky Because and we fly All together Fly to the sky Fly to the rainbow Fly people fly Fly people fly And I see the smile on your face When you look into

Shanadoo - Fly me to shanghai lyrics

fly me to Shanghai Until we feel so high So happy together - I'ts now or never Just fly me to Shanghai The Limit is the Sky So let's fly forever Futari dake tabishitai Yumeni made - Mitetea SHANGHAI Sora yori mo motto takaku Konpeitou yori am

Janis Ian - Fly too high lyrics

autonomous will likely get the best of us yet Before you disappear if you can lend me half an ear, I'll regret If I treat you like a number It's because I can't remember your name, mmm So have another cigarette and help me to forget why I came Run to

Red Circuit - My lonely heaven lyrics

for God With immaculate eyes Agreement to hate Stealing our souls The contract is signed My damage is done The scroll darkened the light I'm still awake Regret on my lips All because of your word My true intent Making it worse Swall

A Sound Of Thunder - My name is doom (the doctor is in) lyrics

save your many tears I have nothing for your life You have suffered for your craft And I have build a world from strife People say so much of me People think that I can change They say that I am mad, they say that I am cruel And cower when I say My name is D

B. B. King - On my word of honor lyrics

my word of honor All my love belongs to you Please put your faith in me You see how true I'll be On my word of honor You can trust me with your heart And I pledge mine to you It's yours my whole life through Baby, lips never kiss you

Dj Sammy - Fly on the wings of love lyrics

on the wings of love Fly baby fly Reaching the stars above Touching the sky Fly on the wings of love Fly baby fly Reaching the stars above Touching the sky In the summers night When the moon shines bright feeling love forever And the heat is on When the

Danko Jones - Word is bond lyrics

is the time, this is the place I'm gonna make it happen baby, I'm on the make And there might be a million other people tryin' to get with this man But I only got eyes for you And if you want to do it I will do it/ My word is my bond When I say I'm in love

Billie Eilish lyricsBillie Eilish - My boy lyrics

boy's being sus, he was shady enough but now he's just a shadow My boy loves his friends like I love my split ends and by that I mean He cuts'em off My boy My boy My boy Don't love me like he promise My boy My boy My boy He ain't a man and sure as hell ain't honest

Billie Eilish lyricsBillie Eilish - My boy lyrics

boy's being sus, he was shady enough but now he's just a shadow My boy loves his friends like I love my split ends and by that I mean He cuts'em off My boy My boy My boy Don't love me like he promise My boy My boy My boy He ain't a man and su

Chubby Checker - Fly lyrics

on come on and do the fly with me Hey come on everybody and do the fly with me Well if you don't know how to do it Just watch and see You've gotta shake your hands all around and around the sky And then you buzz around the floor You can do it if you really try All the girls and

David Hodges - Fly lyrics

less, getting more Hard to explain, harder to ignore Wishing this world would just slow down But in this life, in this race, you gotta keep movin to keep your place Often forgetting why you're around Times you wanna fly, fly away To fly, fly away so high

N.e.r.d lyricsN.e.r.d - Fly or die lyrics

[x3] Fly.. This is for the kids! This is only for the kids! Mummy, Daddy, I know, You love me, Bad grades, Playstation, Restriction, You took it from me, Well God forbid, Something goes wrong, You call, The police, Well guess what, I found,

No Brake - Fly lyrics

is black and white and you´re sick only disagree When you´re down and nobody can help you When you´re feeling alone When you think that nobody cares about you You´ve never felt so alone When you feel you´re not home You need to fly You need to fly away You need to

Pinkzebra - "fly away home" lyrics

ll ride with the horses. I'll swim trough the sea. I'll climbe to the mountain tops. Won't you come follow me . I'll take time to notice. All that I see. And after I've come so far. You know where I'll be. I'll fly away, fly away. Fly away, fly away home

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Fly away (butterfly reprise) lyrics

Don't be afraid to fly Spread your wings Open up the door So much more outsideDon't be afraid to fly Come spread your wings And just fly Fly, fly, just fly, ju...

Julian Plenti / Paul Banks - Fly as you might lyrics

am here but to give you my best Stand by your side while you rest 'Cause you're my girl, 'cause you're my girl I will provide for you best I've always liked you the best Fly as you might, fly as you might I will support you through this I'll hold your hand while you

The Kinks - Word of mouth lyrics

ve been trying to get a message to you, But the operator can't put me through, Because the vandals went and wrecked all the telephones. And all my enemies are spreading bad news, You won't call me, that's why I'm calling you, To put you straight about the

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Fly lyrics

days to cross the ocean Seventy nights where no one's going to hear me fall Freddie Mercury, I've sometimes wished I'd never been born at all That's right I remain unphotographed, yeah I don't exaggerate my intelligence I might turn a broom into a tree But I'l

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - My love is pink lyrics

love everybody, everybody love, love everybody, is pink love, love everybody, everybody love, love everybody, is pink Thinking about the way that I can say, Maybe there's more to me than you see baby, seventy different ways to misbehave, big numbas and I wil

Bigflo - Fly lyrics

JungKyun] bamgeorireul bichwo neowa na jiteun jomyeong arae jamsi seolle-eotdeon ma-eumi ije dasi yeolline ddeollineun nuneul matchugo eotgallin bareul matchumyeo nae gaseume ggokggok neol sumgyeodulge Ma baby [Hightop] baramedo nalji mothage neoui sone

Biohazard - Man with a promise lyrics

man with a promise smashes down my door He sees a future with me, he's gonna give me more "Give me all your trust, I'msure you won't regret Just sign the dotted line, and I'll do so the rest" He says I can't make it alone, not without him But I've always been o

Bluey Robinson - Fly lyrics

woke up today And I found out someone had gone again, someone had lost a friend What can I say I take the news too hard and hope and pray, they'll meet again some way 'Cause every morning is a new day But every night we seem to cry another tear of pain mhm So I say Don't

Mary Wells - My guy lyrics

you could say Can tear me away from my guy Nothing you could do 'Cause I'm stuck like glue to my guy I'm stickin' to my guy Like a stamp to a letter Like the birds of a feather We stick together I'm tellin' you from the start I can't be torn apart from my guy

Casbah Club - Fly away lyrics

are 200 million people I can’t find one And everywhere I turn I’m always being burned But that’s the life I love And there are so many different voices Of distinction But nothing that they say Can take the thrill away I am not afraid ’Cause I’m gonn

Ian Hunter - Man o'war lyrics

never brush my teeth and I never wash I guess I never bother with no brush I don't care about a knife and fork And don't you argue with the way that I talk And all you ladies want my autograph And have you seen my photo, have you seen my photographs....yeah I hit the city when

Me & My - Fly high goodbye lyrics

don't you spread your wings And fly away Little bird Fly away And if it´s true love, it will always stay Little bird fly away He will never treat you The way you want him to Although I know he´ll need you Like I do Fly high Fly over the mountains fly Fly

Primus - My name is mud lyrics

name is mud Not to be confused with bill or jack or pete or dennis My name is mud and it’s always been ’cause I’m the most boring sons-a-bitch you’ve ever seen I dress in blue-yes navy blue From head to toe I’m rather drab except my patent shoes I make ’

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Fly away lyrics

the world changes, you adjust So, on this joint right here we about to take flight ya'll (Oo ooo)Check it out ya'll (Oo ooo)check it out ya'll Yo Fergie what ya gonna do? (flip it out) Yeah, what we came to do, show these people how we gonna do (mix it up) Yeah

Coco And The Butterfields - Fly lyrics

forgot what this feels like so pinch me and maybe I'll fly (unless I fall for you) You're running around and about, I'm keeping my eyes (fixed on you) You're holding your head up whilst I'm selling out (and shifting my frown) The answer is lost to give him the truth to four dow

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Fly lyrics

fly little wing Fly beyond imagining The softest cloud, the whitest dove Upon the wind of heaven's love Past the planets and the stars Leave this lonely world of ours Escape the sorrow and the pain And fly again Fly, fly precious one Your endless jour

Impending Doom - My blood lyrics

son my blood you're never alone and my word is bond My son my blood you're never alone and my word is bond A fathers love can't be broken a father love will remain Til the end of the ages and beyond the grave We brought you into this life and I will lead you home

Jessica Lowndes - Fly away lyrics

my wounds until I’m useless and love is only just a state of mind bite my tongue to keep the words back and tell me something, everything’s just fine words I wish I said instead I let your thirst build up inside I wanna fly away, I just wanna fly away. I just wanna fly away,

Crystal Kay - Fly away lyrics

me high and higher You take me on your wings, and make me fly Where are you going? You never tell me where, we're heading for Search to find a dream Seek to find an answer No matter where we get to There'll always be a new day, new day, La la la la li la li la Someth

John Michael Montgomery - Fly on lyrics

found your wings Then you flew away from me Winds whisper your name Through the skies of my memory Fly on, fly on sweet angel Fly on and I will set you free Fly on (fly on), fly on sweet angel Oh and then you may fly back to me Fly on It wasn't me that he

Nipsey Hussle - Fly crippin lyrics

got a swag when I step, Blue acted the left All the girls say I'm the bit I think I know what it is It's fly crippin, fly crippin, fly crippin, fly crippin I got that... on my waist, louie suit case And I'm tattered on my neck, my chest, my face Fly crippin, fly c

Willie Nelson - Take my word lyrics

my word for what I tell you I have never lied to you Pay no mind to what they're sayin' I have never been untrue Evil tongues in town Continue to prat aloud Their evil news You'll have to take my word When I tell you I love you I love you (I love you) The power of gossip is always str

One Chance - That's my word lyrics

Intro] On Everything You know I hurt you when I lied to you So bogus Baby Naw you didn't deserve that On everything I never meant to hurt you You was the best thing that ever happened to me I'm sorry On everything [Verse 1] I know you go

Rebellion - Word is war lyrics

dwell up high I send my armies off to die I smile with glee I hold the lead you won't be free And as your children march to fight To hail the glory of my name They're taking lives they're spilling blood This is the nature of my game Kneel down and pray For paradise

Seal lyricsSeal - Fly like an eagle lyrics

keeps on slippin, Into the future Time keeps on slippin. slippin, slippin, Into the future So I wanna fly like an Eagle To the sea Fly like an Eagle let the spirit carry me I wanna fly... Fly right into the future I wanna Feed the babies Cant get enough to eat

Smash Into Pieces - My cocaine (feat. elize ryd) lyrics

need a change 'cause we are broken in a million ways I gave you my word All I spoke was only truth you heard What else could I do Forgive, forget was not enough for you No relief For my heartbeats, no You say that you will be better of without

Bowling For Soup - My hometown lyrics

..2...3...This song goes out to my good friends Especially the ones I had before the Grammy Nominations in 2003 And to all the girls from back in high school Who actually spoke to me even though I was a fat kid and a marching band geek I hope this song finds you well An

Chamillionaire - Fly as the sky (feat. lil wayne, rasaq) lyrics

Chorus: Chamillionaire] F what you heard me, See me in person You know I'm fly [3X] Even your girlfriends and all her girlfriends You know I'm fly [3X] Keep it dirty, dirty you heard me You know I'm fly [2X] You know I'm fly as the sky Fly like a birdy [2X] Fly like a [Chamill

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